Battle Frenzy
887 Challenge
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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887 Challenge

"This period of accumulation is very long, but there are benefits to this," Simba said. "The more energy you accumulate, the better your judgment will become. Your success rate will also increase. With the level of your judgment abilities when you saved Barran, you might not be able to use them on Heroic Soul soldiers. But now, not only can you judge Heroic Soul soldiers, you can even skip levels and judge Heavenly Soul experts! Of course, if you skip levels, your judgment abilities will become weaker. If you skip too many levels, it is possible that your judgment will not work." Simba explained this to Wang Zhong and then hesitated. He looked at Wang Zhong with pity. "So, Lao Wang, if you want to use the power of the Fate Roulette to judge that Warlock Saint, I think that there is a very low rate of success. That Warlock Saint is very powerful. With the gap between your abilities, the chance of you succeeding is 1 in 10,000. What's the point…? Do you want to reconsider? I think you should use this opportunity to judge my recovered figure!"

Wang Zhong was still thinking about how he could use the Fate Roulette. He asked, "Why are you trying to recover your figure? Isn't this rather good? You are very cute."

"Damn, there's no use being cute!" Simba was agitated, and his face turned red. "I am going to chase Teacher Lan Daier and need to recover my incredibly charming male figure!"

"Is that so…?" Wang Zhong thought about it for a while. "What do you think about asking Napier to chase Teacher Lan Daier?"

"How dare he!" When Simba heard this, he started to panic and jumped eight feet high. It was bad enough that Wang Zhong was ambiguous; now, Napier had to join in. Simba could not even bear to think of this. "He has no right! He is so ugly, like a ghost!"

"Yes, I also think that when Teacher Lan Daier sees his clown face, he will kick his nose."

"That's right, that's right! Just like a clown. Hmph, he is suitable as a clown. Let me tell you…" When Simba heard this, he felt more comfortable. But before he could finish speaking, he looked at Wang Zhong's spurious expression.

Simba instantly realized and closed his mouth. He looked at Wang Zhong with resentment.

Lao Wang's plans were too thorough. Simba wanted to return to his village.

Wang Zhong smiled. "I'm serious. You are cute as you are now. I will only use my judgment as a last resort. If recovering your body is very important to you, I will think about it seriously. But this mission concerns the lives of many comrades, and I want to do my best to help them."

Simba shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "Sigh, what you say makes sense. I am not in a hurry to recover my body either. Furthermore, I feel that the success rate of your judgment will not be very high. Forget it. It is best if that ability can help you to save people. Just don't think about judging Warlock Saints. You're just looking for death then. We have to comply to fate. It is impossible to defy the heavens and change our fate."

Recovering his body was simply an excuse. Simba just did not want Wang Zhong to take risks. Even with the help of the Fate Roulette, it was still very dangerous.

If Wang Zhong wanted to use the Fate Roulette to determine whether the Warlock Saint was dead or alive, just as Simba had said, the chances of him succeeding would be 1 in 10,000 or even lower, to the point that it was ineffective. The Fate Roulette seemed invincible, but in reality, it had many restrictions — including the accumulation of energy, how the judgment was carried out, its strength, the odds, and so on. If it was used properly, it could save a desperate situation. But if it was used poorly, it would be a waste.

Wang Zhong had vetoed many of his own ideas. On the other hand, Simba's ideas were bold and imaginative, to the point that Wang Zhong could not even consider them. Wang Zhong pondered very deeply about this. He wanted to maintain a steady success rate and make sure that the Fate Roulette worked during the manhunt for the Warlock Saint. This was definitely not an easy task.

Other than thinking about his own great-escape plan, Wang Zhong had spent most of his free time over the past few days examining and deliberating over his rescue plan.

On the second night, Mu Zi had already sneaked out to check and realized that the enemy had not set up any defenses in the sewers. Although their disappearance had been very strange, they had managed to leave the city very quickly. Furthermore, Salamander and the Headless Knight had shifted the enemy's attention to a place that was very far away from the manhole. The two of them had truly 'disappeared'. The Octopus people had seen people disappear right in front of their eyes. If Wang Zhong and the rest suddenly appeared outside the city gates, the Octopus people would not bother to investigate this. After all, they felt that these cunning humans had shameful methods. Thus, they fortified the defenses on the city wall and significantly increased the number of patrols but never thought about blocking off the sewers.

This was the best route that they could take. They would forcibly attack them to allow Hyde and Noraba to quietly slip into the city. The sewers were definitely their first choice as they had not been blocked off and gave them a peace of mind. At least the first step of their plan was settled. However, there were still many problems ahead of them. How would Wang Zhong lure the Warlock Saint out? Where would Napier and Mu Zi launch their attacks from? How would Hyde and Noraba sneak into the prison and safely shift dozens of people? Furthermore, they had to prepare before the war.

Mu Zi had to recover and be at his best condition, while Hyde and Noraba had to familiarize themselves with the Speed Circuit. On the other hand, Napier had to be familiar with operating the rune cannon. Various tasks piled up like a mountain. Every single second in the cavern was spent doing something, but it was still orderly.

At the same time, some people also used the Night Vision Telescope to observe any changes outside. They patiently waited for an opportunity.

At first, there were troops on patrol everywhere in the wilderness. Then, the number of patrolling troops gradually decreased. After that, the high-spirited and excited guards on the city wall slowly started to calm down. When they started to show some fatigue from being excited for too long, Wang Zhong knew that their chance had come.

It was summer in Mizobudapi. The weather was very hot, and the days in the Mizobudapi World were very long. The year was mainly made up of two seasons, summer and winter. Spring and autumn were relatively short. In winter, the weather was extremely cold, with average temperatures reaching 60-70 degrees Celsius below 0. On the other hand, it was extremely hot in summer, with temperatures hovering over 50 degrees Celsius in the day.

It was now noon, and the sun overhead was especially bright. A warm current rose from the ground. It was the hottest period of the day. The exhausted guards on the Shadow Moon Fortress were also sweating profusely. Most of them were forcing themselves to maintain their posture. They used the roofs to hide from the harsh rays of light and chatted amongst themselves.

They had annihilated and achieved victory against many human exploration teams. This caused the taurens in the Shadow Moon Fortress to feel rather good about themselves. However, a few days ago, they had been attacked by a few human bandits who threw them into confusion. Even the Warlock Saint was embarrassed. Everyone in the Shadow Moon Fortress felt that this was a huge disgrace.

"Humans are cowards." The leader of the tauren guards on the city wall was talking to his comrades. He had a proud expression on his face as he pointed down. "They only dare to be sneaky. None of them have guts!"

"If any of them dares to walk straight up to the city gate, I will go down and challenge them by myself. All of you had better not help! Hmph, killing them will be as easy as crushing beans!"

"All hail our captain!"

As they spoke, they suddenly saw someone walking over in the distance.

It was obviously a human. He walked to the moat outside the city gate and stood still with a strange mask in his hand. Based on his physique, he looked very similar to the human who had caused complete chaos in the fortress.

The taurens particularly loved to fight. They started to clamor over their leader, who had threatened to challenge the human. "Leader, get rid of that human! We will support you!"

The tauren leader coughed twice. This human was impressive. Previously, he had worked with another dark-skinned human. The two of them had instantly killed a few dozen Mizobudapi in their team. This tauren had been the leader of that team. He thought about challenging this human one-on-one and decided to give up. He shouted, "Don't make an uproar! Humans are too cunning! If a human suddenly comes over, they definitely have something up their sleeves. Let's see what he does first!"

This was the north gate of the Shadow Moon Fortress. At that moment, the guards on the city wall had all been distracted by Wang Zhong. As the tauren leader shouted, they craned their necks and looked around.

Wang Zhong looked up at the sturdy fortress. Compared to a few days ago, the spirits of the guards on the city wall had died down significantly. After hunting down people and remaining high-spirited for several days, it was evident that their excitement was only periodic. Furthermore, it was noon, the hottest period of the day. It was easy for them to grow lifeless. Thus, he had deliberately chosen this moment.

He could hear the taurens talking on the city wall from where he was standing. Of course, he did not wear the clown mask in order to conceal his identity. On the one hand, he was about to fight the Warlock Saint. Even if he was fully prepared, he could not be careless at all. He had to use all his strength from the very beginning. Furthermore, without the clown mask, he could not connect with Simba. How would he be able to understand and speak the language of the Mizobudapi people?

All the guards stared at him, not knowing what this cunning human wanted to do. Suddenly, they heard the human sigh.

"Where is Sauron?" Wang Zhong's voice was like the low rumble of thunder. He was full of energy and was very mighty. Not only could the Shadow Moon Fortress hear him, he could even be heard halfway across the wilderness. "Get him to come out and accept his death!"

His thunderous roar echoed throughout the surroundings. His voice was like a thunderbolt in clear weather. The chattering on the city wall had ceased. There was only silence in this hot afternoon.

The taurens were simple. Evidently, they had not pondered why this human could speak the language of the Mizobudapi people. However, he had shouted the name of the Warlock Saint and hurled vulgar words. How disrespectful!

In the world of the Mizobudapi people, social classes were very strict. Each race had a rigid hierarchy. In particular, the Octopus people were the most respected, and the Warlock Saint was one of these Octopus people. To these taurens, the Warlock Saint was no different from a deity whom they worshiped. This human had dared to call the Warlock Saint by his name! The very thought of this scared the taurens to no end.

Everyone on the city wall instantly gaped. They kept quiet out of fear and completely could not react. It was not only the taurens who were shocked; even the Octopus people riding griffins in the air had the same reactions. However, the griffins they rode could not understand what Wang Zhong had said. They were simply shocked by his sudden thunderous roar and started falling from the sky. For a moment, the skies were in utter chaos.

"How brave!"

Before the rest could react, a low, cold laughter echoed in the air. Then, there was a ray of golden light. A dazzling light flew from the center of the fortress and appeared outside the city gates in a flash.

Warlock Saint, Sauron!

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    《Battle Frenzy》