Battle Frenzy
889 Mu Zi“s Strength
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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889 Mu Zi“s Strength

"There, there, that scared me. How fierce!" Napier stuck out his tongue. "That used up a lot of energy. My god, that used up ten energy crystals worth over twenty thousand Holy Coins. All that money gone just like that!"

"How many pieces are left?"

"Thirteen pieces." Napier took out the empty energy crystals from the horse cannon.

"Save them." Mu Zi had recovered from his shock and glared in the direction of the city gate. Although the tauren soldiers that had gathered were dispersed, that was only the first wave of enemies. The true war was just about to begin.

"I got it!" Napier was excited. This was a very powerful weapon. Although it burned so much money that it gave him a headache, it was very satisfying to use it to attack. It was just a pity that they did not have an endless supply of resources. Furthermore, with that full-strength attack, the lifespan of the horse cannon was also shortened. At that moment, the body of the cannon was scalding, to the point that Napier almost could not continue to hold on to it.

The horse cannon had to recover after such a high-energy attack. Even a high-quality weapon needed a cooldown period, lest it exploded. Mu Zi would have to rely on his own strength.

The enemy would not give you time to breathe.

The south gate had been destroyed, and over half of the soldiers had been injured. This exceeded the estimates that the Shadow Moon Fortress had expected. The guards rang the ear-piercing alarm without any hesitation. The alarm reverberated above the Shadow Moon Fortress. It was a level-one combat alert that called for the other guards to provide support. The first ones to arrive were the griffin legions in the air. They had been rushing over but finally appeared in Mu Zi and Napier's field of vision over ten seconds after the south gate had collapsed.

The Octopus people soldiers and the tauren soldiers riding the griffins were different. There were strong and weak tauren soldiers, but all the Octopus people in the griffin legion were the top elites who were at least Great Swordsmen. The moment they appeared, streaks of Sword Qi flew through the air, aimed straight at them.

"Brother Mu Zi, I'm counting on you!" Napier diligently dealt with the horse cannon and did his best to make preparations for the next attack on their opponents.

Mu Zi laughed and protected Napier behind him. The Life and Death Coffin in his hand was like a massive shield. He swept the coffin in front of him and immediately blocked the streaks of Sword Qi that flew at him.

"Kill!" In a flash, the seven or eight griffin riders in the vanguard had arrived within close-combat distance.

A griffin rider that was in the lead carried a giant sword in his hand and slashed downward. The Sword Qi that was produced was an indication that he was a Great Swordsman. When he raised his hand, it was as if he was preparing for a sword technique that could not be stopped. When he slashed the sword, not only was he extremely fast, he also locked on to Mu Zi and did not allow him to dodge. He was about to kill Mu Zi.

But this did not seem to have any effect on Mu Zi. He turned his body slightly and easily dodged the attack. Then, he twisted his hand and pulled on the tail of the griffin, causing the rider to spin 360 degrees!


The giant griffin that weighed two to three tonnes was like a chick in Mu Zi's hands. It screamed in panic and was sent flying along with its rider. They continued to spin in the air. It felt as if the world was revolving all over the place, making it impossible for them to orientate themselves.

The riders behind were shocked and did not dare to advance by themselves. They moved slightly and formed a seven-man combined attack formation. Sword attacks started to rain from the sky. Among the rain of Sword Qi were assaults by the seven griffin riders. The griffin riders were like venomous snakes hiding among the wave of sword attacks, waiting to deliver a fatal blow.

There was nowhere to hide from the flood of attacks. Even Napier, who was hiding behind Mu Zi, was frightened. However, Mu Zi did not panic and stood where he was with no intention of moving. He did not do anything except move his eyes. Neither the misleading Sword Qi or the hidden fatal attacks could escape him.

What shocking abilities! Kill him! All seven griffin riders had the same thought, but when the flood of attacks reached the human, the human finally moved.

He simply threw the massive Life and Death Coffin into the air.


Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

There were seven explosions. Not only had the attacks from the seven griffin riders been stopped, all their swords were also destroyed. The Mizobudapi people had developed a unique civilization centered around the sword. One could imagine how important the sword was to them, especially at the ranks of Great Swordsman and above. The swords in their hands were unique treasures that could cut through iron as if it were mud. However, when their swords touched the Life and Death Coffin, it was as if they were weak ice crystals that had crashed into a sharp rock. They instantly broke into pieces without leaving even a mark on the Life and Death Coffin!

At the same time, when the Life and Death Coffin was hurled into the air, it was as if a massive mountain was sweeping past, sending the seven riders and their griffins flying. They vomited blood as they were launched dozens of kilometers away.

A single strike to fell all strikes!

Mu Zi was generally not adept in close combat, but it also depended on who his opponent was. If he were to fight Aiolos at close quarters, Mu Zi would be no match for him.

There were still a few griffin riders in the sky, but when they saw Mu Zi's power, they could not help but gasp in astonishment. They stopped their griffins and did not dare to advance, leaving them hovering in mid-air. This human was far too powerful and was very strong at combat. The box in his hand was like a mountain. They should leave a barbarian to deal with a barbarian.

Not only were the griffin riders shocked, even Napier, who was dealing with the horse cannon behind, was also stunned. He could not help but laugh out loud as his confidence immediately swelled. He had always thought that Mu Zi was a Warlock as he had used his death aura to protect and conceal them. Although there had been a battle in the city, Napier had never personally seen Mu Zi use his techniques in a battle. Even if Napier was beaten to death, he would never have believed that this small and thin Tutankhamun man could fight as fiercely as a demon! No wonder Wang Zhong was willing to let him and Napier directly attack their enemies. No wonder Wang Zhong said that no one in the Shadow Moon Fortress would be able to stop Mu Zi except for the Warlock Saint. Mu Zi was amazing. Wouldn't you be afraid of a Warlock who could also engage in close combat?

The griffin riders were hesitant to move forward and sounded their war horns. After some delay, a new wave of tauren soldiers had taken their positions outside the city gate.

Although they had called for help, the other gates were too far from the south gate. Other than the griffin riders in the sky, who could quickly fly over and take their positions, support troops from the other directions would need time to arrive. Thus, this wave of tauren soldiers had rushed over from the campsites near the south gate. The Shadow Moon Fortress had a complete army system where only the city lord had the authority to sound the level-1 combat alert. However, it could also be activated when a city gate had fallen. Once it was sounded, it was the highest level of alert. All the nearby tauren soldiers had to put down everything and immediately provide assistance. If not, it would be considered shirking their responsibility, and their entire family would be killed!

At that moment, the taurens had again gathered into their formations. Fifty taurens formed the vanguard. They protected the seven or eight Warlock Octopus people behind them who were in charge of empowering buffs and long-range assaults.

This formation fully displayed the strength of Heroic Souls. It was completely different from the formation that Mu Zi, Wang Zhong, and the rest had encountered in the alley. Firstly, when Wang Zhong attacked their weak points, their formation was in a mess even before they started to attack. That formation could not show its power. Furthermore, the narrow alley was not suitable for them to execute a group formation.

At that moment, Mu Zi and Napier could only hear: da da da da! Bang bang bang bang!

The neat and urgent steps sounded as if only one person was running. The chemistry among the entire formation was perfect. This was the special skill of all tauren soldiers. Even the coordination of their steps was perfect. They charged towards Mu Zi and Napier as an unstoppable force! The taurens were naturally adept at brutal attacks. With their formations and the protection of Warlocks, their attacking power was unparalleled. Even the ground started to tremble as they ran. They were a formation of over twenty people, but they were like one body, making it seem like the shadow of a massive wild cow was forming above them, threatening to brutally trample everything in front of them!

Following closely behind them were another four formations. Two to three hundred Mizobudapi charged wildly as they roared. They were going to turn these two courageous humans into dust!

This was definitely not a force that one person could withstand, unless that person was as strong as Aiolos.

Napier's horse cannon had not cooled down fully, but Mu Zi did not choose to match up to the force charging at them. Instead, he placed the Life and Death Coffin in front of him. A dark light shone, and the door of the coffin opened, A gray smoke wafted out from the Life and Death Coffin and filled the surrounding air.

Wu wu wu wu wu wu…

Something was fishy!

The howls reverberated in the gray smoke. A cold wind blew past. Even the scorching sun was instantly blocked out by the spreading smoke, causing the sky to darken significantly.

The smoke instantly spread over a large area, covering a radius of a few hundred meters. The tauren soldiers had never seen this strange scene and were shocked. But since they had gotten into formation, they charged forward with confidence and gusto. Furthermore, once they charged in formation, their enemy would not be able to defeat them easily. They threw all concerns aside and ran into the smoke.


The first tauren to run into the smoke opened his eyes and saw an extremely pale face. The face was extremely terrifying. There were bloodstains on his glasses, nose, mouth, and ears. It opened its bloodshot eyes and flew over while screaming. It completely ignored the prowess of the formations. The tauren was very courageous and was not afraid. He subconsciously slashed at the face with the sword in his hand.


The sword missed and passed through the face of the ghost, leaving the ghost unharmed. The ghost surged forth and bit the tauren's neck.

It was not a critical attack, but there was an instant numbing sensation. Blood flowed from the tauren's neck and spread all over his body, paralyzing him. He shivered and froze where he was. His comrade, who had not fully understood what was happening, immediately rushed over and trampled over him.

His body was poisonous!

"It's an energy body!"

"Physical attacks are useless!"

"It's poisonous!"

It was obvious that the Mizobudapi people were rather knowledgeable, but this knowledge was of no use. The taurens in the front suffered considerably. They shouted in shock, and their formation came to a stop. Everyone in front quickly stopped in their tracks and tried to escape from the smoke, but the formations behind them could not stop in time. They crashed into the taurens in front and were instantly thrown into confusion. Five groups of 100 taurens each had started off aggressively, but at that moment, the surroundings were filled with mournful wails and angry cursing.

"Damn…" Napier suddenly felt frustrated. Even the horse cannon was trash. Was he really needed here? Mu Zi could deal with this by himself, right? Mu Zi was far too fierce! Not only could he fight at close quarters like a demon, he could even execute a terrifying large-scale attack. He was invincible! Where had Wang Zhong met him? In hell?!

"Prepare the horse cannon!" Mu Zi was not relaxed as he prompted Napier. Although this group attack was very useful, the defenses and vitality of the taurens were terrifying, and he could not use this attack to efficiently kill them. Furthermore, the taurens were beings with high intelligence and many abilities. Once they recovered from their shock, they might be able to uncover the secret behind this attack. Furthermore, sustaining this attack would exhaust Mu Zi greatly. He could not continue this forever.

As expected, the moment he finished his sentence, he heard explosions from the city wall.

The explosions had come from the heavy artillery used by the Mizobudapi people. Previously, before they entered the city, they had seen the cannons placed on the city walls in the distance. They had a strange shape, unlike the straight cannons that humans used. Instead, their cannons were like strange jars that emitted a green light and could even wriggle.

Several green balls of energy were launched into the air like projectiles, forming perfect arcs in the sky. They accurately landed in Mu Zi's smoke.

Bang Bang Bang!

There were several explosions among the smoke. The resentful and shrill howls of the ghosts could be heard. The areas of the smoke that had been struck were instantly cleared. Mu Zi's body swayed, and his face turned slightly pale. This attack seemed to have some purification effects. The smoke that he controlled was connected to his Soul Power and spirit. When the smoke was damaged, his body and spirit would be injured as well. He continued to open the Life and Death Coffin and released even more smoke to replenish the existing smoke and allow the ghosts to recover from their injuries; this was to maintain a powerful combat level to draw out his target.

Luckily, the horse cannon had caused most of the city wall to collapse. Many jar cannons had fallen or were trapped among the debris. The few jar cannons left would not be able to completely break through Mu Zi's smoke. However, although they were small in number, they recharged very quickly.

In an instant, several green jar cannons had lit up once again, causing the city wall to emit a dazzling green light. When the Octopus people on the city wall saw that this was effective, they were very excited. At the same time, Napier's horse cannon had fully cooled down.

"Attack their jar cannons!"

"Got it!" Even without Mu Zi's prompt, Napier could see what was happening. He had already positioned the horse cannon to aim at a jar cannon, which was quickly accumulating energy on the city wall.

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    《Battle Frenzy》