Battle Frenzy
891 Wang Zhong or Solomon?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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891 Wang Zhong or Solomon?

The sun had risen and it was a new day. Grai immersed himself in the morning sunlight of this unfamiliar world. He had been up for the whole night. Throughout his entire life, he only made one decision for himself. That was, to avenge his family by becoming a Dandelion. After that, Grai thought that he would never need to make another choice again. But today, he still had to make a decision.

Scarlet was very curious about why Grai suddenly came to her. Scarlet was extremely worried about Wang Zhong, as he had to carry out such a dangerous mission. Actually, staying with her teacher was also considered a help to Wang Zhong. Additionally, she would also get first-hand news about everything. However, after so many days, there was still no news about the Shadow Moon Fortress.

"Senior Sister, I want to tell you something. I wanted to wait for Wang Zhong to return, but it will be too late by then," said Grai. For the first time, he felt strong and complex emotions. The Blood Race was actually notable for being calm.

"Grai, what is it? Why do you sound so serious?" Scarlet couldn't help but feel worried. Grai was the kind of guy that had a poker face all the time.

"Actually, I am a spy the Kaiser Empire planted in the Federation. My code-name is Dandelion," said Grai.

Scarlet was initially scared out of her wits as she had assumed that something had happened to Wang Zhong. "Oh… About this… **cough** How do I say this…? Whether you are from the Kaiser Empire or from the Federation, we are all humans. As for this, since you have been honest with us, I don't think it would be a problem."

After undergoing a series of big changes in Tianjing, even Scarlet no longer felt much for the Federation. More importantly, they were already at a higher level. The battle between the Empire and the Federation no longer mattered to them.

Grai shook his head and said, "In the CHF finals, I actually threw the match on purpose. If I had tried my best, maybe we would have won."

Scarlet smiled slightly and said, "But without you, we wouldn't have even been able to enter the quarter-finals. Grai, Wang Zhong won't hold it against you."

Grai was definitely taken aback. He imagined various situations, including Scarlet flaring up at him, etc. However, the result was the total opposite. Instead of blaming him, she tried to disculpate him. Looking at Scarlet's concerned expression, Grai suddenly thought of his family members. Indeed, only his true family would treat him like this.

What he had lost was already lost forever, and revenge would not bring anything back. How could he betray his current family?

"Sister Sister, I know that you and Senior Brother Wang Zhong never have the intention to hurt others, but in this world, people might not do the same even if you leave them alone. Solomon asked me to hand over the Soul Circuits technique. I think he intends to give this to the Holy Land in exchange for greater benefits, so we can't wait for Senior Wang Zhong to return. You have to tell your teacher about it now," said Grai.

This time, Scarlet was utterly stunned. After being by her teacher's side for so long, Scarlet's vision definitely improved by a lot. Naturally, she knew that Solomon's influence was great and extremely scheming.

This guy created the Dandelions, used Carolyn to enter the Holy Land, and managed to climb to his current position on his own. Now, he had already entered the sights of the higher-ups in the Holy Land. If he was to steal the credit for Wang Zhong's hard work, the consequences would be dire.

"Okay, I'm going now!" replied Scarlet. She, too, felt that it was an urgent matter.

"Senior Sister, you have to be prepared. Although I didn't tell him, according to Solomon's character, he will definitely have more than one spy. Maybe they have already gotten it, but you have to at least fight for Senior Wang Zhong. I believe he will have a way to prove that he is the true creator."

"Thank you, Grai!" Scarlet instantly went to look for her teacher. If Solomon had already begun to spread the word, it would truly be too late. Although Wang Zhong had killed a Sword Saint, his influence was a far cry from Solomon's.

As Grai watched Scarlet leave, he couldn't help but smile. Initially, he thought that this decision would cause a lot of pressure for him, but it actually turned out to be a relief. Over the years, he had always wanted to make this decision, and now, he had done it.

He didn't care whether the Dandelions would come after him. He was not afraid of death.

At the base, a group of soldiers looked at Scarlet, who was running into the camp, with deep admiration and greeted her. They were all part of Sophia's private army, and most of them were aliens whom she had recruited from other worlds. The strength of many Great Teachers was not only derived from their personal combat strength but also the quality and quantity of their followers. This was also how people measured the standard and level of Great Teachers. It could be said that every Great Teacher represented a powerful force that could conquer an ordinary civilization.

After sprinting to the inner camp at top speed, Scarlet stopped, waited until she was completely calm, took a deep breath, and lastly knocked on the door gently. "Teacher, may I come in? I have something to tell you."


The door opened, and Scarlet stepped into the room without making a sound. Although she was extremely anxious, she waited quietly by the side.

Sofia glanced at Scarlet, who walked into the door, but she did not immediately talk to Scarlet. Instead, she continued to deal with the military affairs she was in charge of. It wasn't until she had completed her work that she slowly put away the documents in her hands slowly. Her actions were elegant and pleasing to the eye, and they had a kind of indescribable beauty.

Then, she smiled at Scarlet in satisfaction. "Not bad. Your aura revealed that you were in a hurry, but you could suppress it. You seem to have mastered how to keep your cool, which is of great benefit to the practice of your Soul Quenching System. Speak your mind now. What made you so anxious?"

Scarlet nodded and said, "Teacher, Wang Zhong has created a technique called the Circuits. They can increase the combat power of the Heroic Soul soldiers by at least thirty percent in a very short time."

Created a new technique? When Sophia heard this, she was a little unhappy. How could a Heroic Soul try to create a new technique? Wasn't that playing a fool? At this stage of being a Heroic Soul, power accumulation was the most important thing. All the techniques were basically useless to them.

However, she still smiled and signaled Scarlet to continue.

However, in a second, the smile on her face seemed to have frozen, and her expression was replaced by pure shock!

A rune began to flash on Scarlet's body, and she saw with her own eyes that the rune quickly established a fine Soul Power channel in Scarlet's body…

Boom! Scarlet completed the process of forming a Zoom Shadow Circuit and demonstrated the effects to Sophia. "Teacher, the Circuit I formed just now, is called Zoom Shadow. It allows Heroic Soul soldiers to activate their combat technique at an extremely fast speed."

Almost immediately, Sofia had caught onto the key point. The Circuits could allow Heroic Soul soldiers to regain the ability to use various combat techniques!

The biggest feature of the Heroic Soul Stage was the deep accumulation of Soul Power. At the same time, this was also a shortcoming. Before advancing to the Heavenly Soul Stage, their overly large and slow Soul Power restricted the use of various combat techniques. As such, the most common combat style of Heroic Souls was to release a huge amount of Soul Power straightaway during battle. As for the elites, at best, they would release their Dharma Idols to fight their enemies head-on. These fighting styles were most definitely not pleasing to the eye.

It was not that the combat skills of the Casted Soul Stage were no good, but that Heroic Souls were not able to wield them.

And now, all Heroic Souls could use powerful combat techniques once again with the help of the Soul Circuits.

The significance of this, as well as the contribution to the Holy Land, was no less than what a Sacred Teacher could provide!

"Tell me more details."

"Yes, Teacher. These are the Circuits created by Wang Zhong. There are currently three basic Circuits — Zoom Shadow, Domination Constitution, and Light Spirit. They can assist us in speed, strength, and agility respectively when we try to use a combat technique…"

Scarlet was completely honest with her teacher and did not hold anything back. At present, it seemed that the effects of the three major Circuits were only for the Heroic Soul Stage, and it wouldn't have much effect on Teachers. As for a Great Teacher like Sofia who had already developed her own fighting style and system, it would be superfluous.

As she listened to Scarlet's explanation, Sofia grew more and more shocked. This was more than a magnificent idea. This was more like creating a new sect. Heroic Soul soldiers were the mainstay force of the Holy Land, and they were the majority of the Holy City Army and exploration teams. If their combat effectiveness could be greatly improved, this would be extremely crucial to the Holy Battle.

"This technique will be very important to the Holy Land. Scarlet, what does Wang Zhong want to do with it?" asked Sofia as she smiled.

"Wang Zhong wants to hand it over to the Holy Land and promote it in the name of Holy Land, but he is not in the camp now because of his mission."

"Oh, he's willing to share it? This will be a great contribution." Sofia smiled, satisfied with that answer.

"Yes, Teacher, but now something unforeseen has occurred…"

Scarlet immediately told Sophia about the Dandelions. "Wang Zhong trusts us. That's why he taught us the Circuits selflessly. Now, I'm worried that Solomon may have obtained the Circuits' construction method. Teacher, please don't allow this despicable man to get his way."

When Sofia heard the name 'Solomon', the smile on her face disappeared. At this time, she looked at Scarlet calmly and slowly said, "You never fail to find trouble for me. We belong to the northern battle zone and are under Sacred Teacher Leyson's jurisdiction. Solomon has made great contributions to the southern battle zone, and he is now one of the seeds of the Holy Land cultivation sequence. This means that the Holy Land plans to train him to become a leader. Once we start a dispute over this matter, it will no longer be a simple matter. It will inevitably involve the power struggle between the higher-ups."

"I'm sorry, Teacher," said Scarlet with her head down.

Sofia sighed and said, "Well, I guess you are more mature this time. You didn't talk about fairness and justice. I will report this to Sacred Teacher Leyson, but the end result is out of my control. You should focus on the Soul Quenching System I taught you. Although the Circuits are useful, it can only be an aid to you. I hope I didn't misjudge you.

Scarlet quickly nodded and said, "Teacher, you can rest assured. I'll not let you down, and I'll do you proud."

Sofia nodded and was very satisfied with Scarlet's attitude. She had grasped Scarlet's weakness, coaxing her was better than getting all tough on her.

A day later, some breaking news was released in both the northern and southern battle zones!

A brand-new, highly-efficient and practical combat technique had been created for the Heroic Souls.

The Soul Power Circuit!

In addition, the Holy Land took the initiative to offer it to all the Heroic Soul soldiers who were participating in the Holy Battle on the first day.

No merit points were required, and whether one was from the Federation or the Empire did not matter. As long as they were Heroic Souls, they could obtain the cultivation method of the Soul Power Circuit from the Holy Land.

It was said that this technique was created by a Holy Disciple, but because they were in the midst of a Holy Battle, they were not going to announce the creator's name temporarily in order to protect the person.

For ordinary soldiers, all they cared about was immersing themselves in the practice of this new combat technique. On the other hand, the higher-ups were involved in an intense struggle.

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    《Battle Frenzy》