Battle Frenzy
892 Battling the Warlock Saint Again
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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892 Battling the Warlock Saint Again

Both Sacred Teacher Timo and Sacred Teacher Leyson could not ignore this great contribution, but it was obviously not important enough for them to openly fall out with each other, especially during a Holy Battle.

The best choice was to put a hold on the argument and popularize the technique to all Holy Disciples. As for the truth, it would definitely come out after Wang Zhong's return.


"Let's go! We can't wait any longer. Those who have the strength piggyback those who still can't move! Let them rest along the way!"

After consuming the soul-healing medicine just now, there were only a handful of people who still couldn't move at all. Thus, a few dimensional people who had already regained their strength each piggybacked a person on their backs and followed Hyde's lead.

Previously, Hyde had already briefly informed them about the situation. Although everyone was not particularly clear about the situation outside, it seemed that they only had three other people? There were three Heroic Souls, yet one led the Warlock Saint away, while the other two were laying frontal siege to the city? Even if one thought about it with his butt, one could definitely feel that the situation was not particularly optimistic.

As soon as they rushed out of the prison tower, everyone could hear the loud battle sounds coming from the south gate. There were several military formations charging and defending themselves. Fortunately, the griffins that were hovering in the sky were almost all concentrated at the south gate. At this time, although dozens of people rushing out together were conspicuous, they were not discovered by the defenders immediately.

Hyde stayed at the rear, while Noraba led the others into the sewers, and their entire journey was exceptionally smooth. When the last person in front of him had entered the sewer, Hyde ignited the Holy Land's signal fire on the ground. It was a special kind of smoke signal, which could be used in many kinds of dimensional environments and could transform into different shapes to express different meanings.

At this time, outside the south gate, the taurens' charging formations had become more and more powerful. After a while, they slowly adapted to the changes and finally learned how to fight and destroy the angry ghosts. Additionally, the Warlocks supporting them from behind coordinated with them perfectly, and the 'jar cannon' on the city wall would bomb at Mu Zi and Napier from time to time. All these were expending Mu Zi's power and energy at a rapid pace, and the other party had gradually become more and more accustomed to their attacks. On the other hand, Napier's horse cannon had gradually lost its deterrent power, and he couldn't use it on the taurens. The taurens' formations were already within Mu Zi's range of gray mist, so if he attacked them, it was equivalent to hitting Mu Zi. The horse cannon did not have the ability to differentiate between the enemy and themselves.

As such, it could only be used to bomb the city wall. However, a huge part of the city wall had already collapsed, so there was not much left to bomb. The only thing Napier wanted to do was to destroy the last jar cannon, but the enemy had learned from experience and began to evade the attacks. Even when they couldn't react in time, there was no lack of people willing to sacrifice their own lives to block the cannon fire. Thus, the powerful horse cannon ended up only killing a few griffins and was of no help to Mu Zi at all.

Napier was also anxious, but there was nothing much he could do. He sent out a few clones of himself to help out in the battle inside the gray fog. Basically, Mu Zi still had to handle the situation by himself.

Mu Zi's energy loss was getting greater and greater by the minute, and his efficiency of killing the enemy was falling sharply. From the start till now, there were a total of about three hundred taurens participating in the battle. In the first wave, Mu Zi managed to kill around 30-40 instantly with his gray fog, but after that, it became more and more difficult to kill the enemy. Now, the enemy had completely adapted to the fog, and even Mu Zi grew a little helpless against them. It was not that he was completely unable to kill them but that he had to expend a lot more energy to deal with them. Now, he had to make sure that both sides remained in a deadlock within his range of gray fog. It was no longer possible for him to focus on killing a few enemies, and he switched from offense to comprehensive defense.

This was not like those secret realms he had attacked. The enemy was a superior race that had already existed long before the humans evolved. The means and power they possessed were completely different from those brainless creatures in secret realms. Moreover, the number of taurens joining the battle was still increasing. Obviously, the manpower they mobilized from the other three gates was finally in place. Such containment would inevitably become more and more difficult for Mu Zi.

Mu Zi, who was now in an arduous battle, had always been paying attention in the direction of the south gate's prison. When he finally saw the smoke signal, he knew that Hyde and Noraba had succeeded in saving the others, and this made Napier and himself invigorated.

Seeing the signal was equivalent to seeing a goal and the endpoint. As long as they stalled the enemy for another half-hour, Hyde and the others would be able to bypass the empty east gate from the sewer and finally escape! The road in the sewer and the retreat route outside had all been measured by Mu Zi and Hyde personally. He also took into account the speed of the wounded and added in some buffer time. Having done enough preparation work, he was very sure of his calculations.

Mu Zi's expression changed as he forcibly opened the coffin a little wider. He used all his might to pull it open, and more fog poured out, together with stronger angry ghosts. This made up for his decreasing combat power and energy, and he even managed to slowly regain the upper hand, all in an attempt to attract more enemy troops.

Hold on! Half an hour more!


As the battle outside the city gate ravaged, a chase ensued in the wilderness.

One was chasing in the sky, while the other was fleeing on the ground. The speed of the two figures was extremely fast. Within a short time, they were already halfway through the wilderness.

It was often easy to make a plan but extremely difficult to carry it out.

Before deciding on this plan, Wang Zhong had made various estimates and predictions after analyzing his previous encounter with the Warlock Saint and had come up with several ways to escape. As long as the other party wanted to catch him alive, it would be almost impossible to catch up with him. However, there was clearly something wrong with this assumption.

Initially, he considered Sauron's arrogance as his biggest means to escape. But how could he have seen this only from one point of view? Previously when they managed to escape, he felt that his speed was comparable to that of the Warlock Saint, so why didn't he consider that it was Sauron's arrogance that caused him to develop this misconception?

In just ten minutes or so, Wang Zhong finally realized this. He had already activated all three major Circuit systems and mustered up all his strength to run, yet Sauron, who was on his tail, seemed like he was just taking a stroll in the park, seemingly conserving his energy. It was the same as before, as though he was walking a dog and playing with his prey.

The previous time, Wang Zhong did not reveal his true strength, but now, it was clear that the Warlock Saint had held back as well, and definitely more than Wang Zhong.

Sauron's divine sense remained firmly locked onto Wang Zhong. He truly didn't believe that anything could escape from him a second time. Of course, he could hear the battle sounds coming from the Shadow Moon Fortress in the distance, and he could also guess who was attacking the fortress. Most importantly, he understood what these humans were planning. That little baldy who was with Wang Zhong previously was rather powerful. Since he wasn't here with Wang Zhong, he was probably attracting the attention of the defenders via a frontal siege. Then, someone else would sneak into the prison tower to rescue the others.

Sauron's lips curled a little, revealing a smirk.

So what? They were merely a few broken test subjects that were on the verge of death. Even if all of them managed to escape, Sauron wouldn't feel anything at all.

Most importantly, this person had decided to use himself as bait to lead him out of the city, but what this person did not know was that he had also used the prisoners in the dungeon as bait! Did they really think that he didn't know about the sewer? He was always in the city, and his divine sense was extremely sharp. What's more was that all the investigations carried out by the guards had pointed to the location of the sewer, and Sauron had also sensed the little baldy checking out the sewer with someone else several times. However, Sauron decided to let them be and did not send troops to guard there. That was to let them assume that this route was feasible. In order to not let the humans see through his tricks, he didn't even give any additional orders to the defenders in the city. Otherwise, without bait, how could he get this guy named Wang Zhong to walk into his trap automatically?

How could these humans attempt to fool him with the same trick twice? The Warlock Saint didn't know whether to mock the intelligence of these human beings or to comment that these humans thought too highly of themselves. However, he was in a good mood. If human beings weren't so stupid, then he might have missed the chance to get the reward for Wang Zhong. As for the situation at the Shadow Moon Fortress, Sauron didn't really care much about it. Also, he trusted that the defenders could handle it by themselves. If they couldn't even handle a few pathetic humans, what was the point of having them? If the taurens were really that useless, then they deserved to die!

Every action the other party took, as well as their intentions, was within his own predictions. He wanted to escape? How was he going to do it? With his pathetic speed that he thought so highly of? Haha. Now, he wanted to see if there was any room for improvement in this little guy's speed.

In terms of speed, Warlock Saints were certainly not as good as Sword Saints. However, with such a long history, how could a Warlock Saint not master a few secret techniques for instantaneous speed boosts! Shouldn't that be obvious?!

With a strange spell, the Warlock Saint's power began to surge. At the same time, Wang Zhong could sense that this did not bode well for him. All of a sudden, the Warlock Saint's flight speed increased greatly. Originally, he and Wang Zhong were a few hundred meters away from each other, but now, he was closing in on Wang Zhong!

At the same time, he raised his hand from afar, and flames began condensing in mid-air. After which, the flames formed a huge flaming palm, and it came at Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong could feel the threat coming from behind. He was already running at maximum speed, with his Zoom Shadow, Domination Constitution, and Light Spirit. He had already activated the three major Circuits, but he still couldn't pull away from the other party. Now, the other party was even beginning to catch up with him.

At this moment, he did not bother to turn back. While his feet didn't stop, he stretched out his hands to the back, and two bouts of runic energy accumulated in his Soul Sea, waiting to be released at the right moment. Flames began to condense as runic arrays began to form on Wang Zhong's palms, and he instantly released the attack!

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven!

The strong recoil force brought by the energy jet pushed Wang Zhong forward like a cannonball, and he instantly advanced forward by hundreds of meters! At the same time, the two fiery phoenixes screeched wildly and charged towards that fire palm in mid-air.

Sauron had clearly held back during his attack once again as he didn't want to accidentally kill Wang Zhong. This fire palm he condensed was also mainly to capture Wang Zhong alive, so its attack power wasn't that great. At this time, the two fiery phoenixes actually penetrated the fire palm and absorbed its flame power instantly. It was a unique ability of Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven. As the phoenixes emerged from the fire palm, they unexpectedly became more powerful. The angle they came from was also very tricky, and they flew towards the Sauron's face at top speed.

Sauron chuckled and released two wind blades smoothly. The sharp power immediately cut the two phoenixes into four, supposedly destroying the phoenixes. However, even after being cut into four halves, their attack power did not subside.

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    《Battle Frenzy》