Battle Frenzy
893 Final Trump Card
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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893 Final Trump Card

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even though the Warlock Saint had missed, his response was extremely fast, and an arcane arc-shaped shield instantly condensed in front of him. The four attacks didn't even manage to scratch the surface of the arc-shaped shield. However, there was a slight problem. Defense techniques like the arc-shaped shield would spread out with a wide surface area, which would inevitably bring about wind resistance during high-speed flights and affect speed. As such, his previous speed boost which accelerated his speed was instantly slowed down with the air resistance working against him. Additionally, when Wang Zhong released his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven, he blasted himself forward by quite a fair distance. Before, the distance between them was merely tens of meters, but at this time, the distance was back to a few hundred meters again.

Did he really think this would work?

Sauron sneered. To him, increasing his speed was as simple as eating and drinking. As he rescinded his arcane arc-shaped shield, it was merely a delay of one or two seconds. Immediately after that, the speeding figure in the air zoomed forward once again.

A Warlock Saint flying at full speed was definitely extremely fast. Even though Wang Zhong managed to pull away from the Warlock Saint by hundreds of meters, the Warlock Saint closed in on him again within seconds. As such, Wang Zhong repeated the same trick again and released two fire phoenixes behind his back without turning around. With the recoil force from releasing the phoenixes, he could get a speed boost again. His two palms behind his back were like rocket thrusters, and the fiery phoenixes resembled two streaks of fire which fuelled the thrust power. With that, Wang Zhong dashed forward at top speed once again!

As he ran away, the fiery phoenixes intercepted the Warlock Saint!

"Haha, I'll give you a piece of advice, don't try to use the same trick twice in front of a Warlock Saint!"

Sauron chuckled, this time he did not intend to give the other party a chance to slow him down. Even though he was flying at high speed, he swerved his body in time and avoided the two phoenixes beautifully. He grew conceited, but it only lasted for half a second. These two phoenixes seemed to have come alive. They did not charge at him in a straight line, instead, they seemed to have locked onto him as the target. As Sauron changed direction, they too changed direction! As such, they continued to approach him at top speed, seemingly about to crash into him in the next instant.

Under normal circumstances, it would be possible to dodge such an attack. However, Sauron was flying at a high speed. How difficult was it to change direction in such a small area? Previously, he could change direction while maintaining his speed because he had time to plan his reaction in advance, but now, how would it be possible to do the same within such a short time? He was only stunned momentarily, but the two phoenixes were already right in front of him!

There was no other choice. With that, his arcane shield appeared again, just in time to block the attacks.


The phoenixes crashed into his shield one after another, and their energies dissipated. Although they didn't hurt Sauron in the slightest, his expression had darkened. His speed boost was hindered, and his speed decreased by quite a fair bit. That human who was within his reach just now had managed to widen the distance between them again!

More importantly, he himself just said that one shouldn't use the same trick twice in front of him, but in the end… he had to swallow his words immediately! He couldn't believe that a human as low-class as a pile of beast shit was playing tricks in front of him. The worst thing was that he used the same trick twice and managed to succeed!

His Soul Power surged wildly!

Sauron's speed suddenly increased. He truly got serious, and his speed increase was unprecedented! In just a few breaths, that human was within his grasp again!

Then Sauron saw that the human stretched out his hands, and flames began to condense on his palms again.


The two phoenixes blasted the weak human forward again and rushed towards him. This time, Sauron was truly enraged. This low-class human was testing his patience again and again!

He wanted to ignore these two phoenixes. With his current speed, it would only take him a few seconds to catch up with that despicable human! However, that was not feasible. He was a Warlock Saint, and not a Sword Saint… Although these two phoenix attacks were not strong, with Wang Zhong's Soul Power Circuits fully activated, his attack could definitely reach around forty thousand Grassos or so. Sword Saints could rely on their Sword Defense to shield their body to resist this kind of attack, but Warlock Saints could not. Sauron felt that if he was to not shield himself and absorb the attack with his body, although he would not suffer any serious injuries, it would definitely hurt a lot. Additionally, with these fiery phoenixes' momentum, they were definitely capable of slowing him down as well from the force of their direct impact.

He also wanted to destroy these two phoenixes in advance. Honestly speaking, as a Warlock Saint, it was not at all difficult to do that, but it also wasn't as simple as throwing a wind blade either. This fiery phoenix technique had a strange absorption ability, and they could not be destroyed directly by wind blades. If he randomly threw another attack at the phoenixes' way, they would just absorb his attack's power. However, if he used a slightly more powerful method, he feared that he would accidentally kill his precious test subject.

He couldn't dodge the attack, and blocking it would be equivalent to wasting time. After weighing his options, he ended up having no choice but to activate his arcane shield again. Although the arcane shield only appeared for a split second to block the phoenix attacks under Sauron's meticulous and precise control, his momentum was inevitably disrupted a little.

The human in front pulled away once again.

"Are you at your wits' end? You only know one technique?!" Sauron was truly enraged, and he sped up again.

However, Wang Zhong, who was running with all his might, didn't even turn around. He merely stretched his hands backward again, and flaming runes began to appear on his arms. He also specially warned the Warlock Saint that he was going to attack.

"Watch me!"


Again?! Did that human really think that he couldn't do anything to him? How dared the human use his low-class technique on him over and over again?! It was only tens of thousands of Grassos! It was a miracle that he still hadn't killed him; this human being was simply shameless!

The veins on Sauron's forehead began popping out, and he almost couldn't help but want to release a killer move to destroy this despicable human! However, the bounty on his head and the tantalizing soul of this man eventually made him dispel this idea.

Dead wanted criminals were not as valuable as live ones, and his soul would be gone if he was dead! He valued both the reward and his soul equally.

He had to put up with it!

He activated his arcane shield to block the attacks, slowed down and then sped up, caught up with the human again… An endless loop was staged in the wilderness. Sauron followed closely behind, and he quickly adjusted his mindset.

The other party miscalculated his own speed, but he had also miscalculated the other party's means and the other party's shamelessness! The strength of this human was indeed unworthy of being mentioned, and he was not a threat at all. But then again, it was not so easy to catch him alive either. However, he was merely a human Heroic Soul after all. How long could his Soul Power last? Also, how much stamina could he have to last him all the way through this wilderness? There was no need to worry at all. The moment the human ran out of energy, he would be able to capture him alive without putting in any effort. He had to thoroughly examine the structure of this strange human to see if his body had universality.

However, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes… Half an hour had passed, and the human would release a double phoenix attack every 20 to 30 seconds to increase the distance between them. He even maintained the same running speed all the way. Not to mention seeing him in a state of fatigue, Sauron even felt that he was becoming more and more energetic!

Sauron knew a lot about human Heroics Souls. It was impossible for a human soldier at the Heroic Soul Stage to have so much Soul Power and physical strength! What was happening?

Sauron was puzzled, completely puzzled, and his patience had slowly worn away throughout this half-hour chase. Now, both of them had already arrived at the edge of the wilderness, which had a radius of a few hundred miles, and there was a huge swamp ahead of them. The human's intention and goal had now become clear. He wanted to run into the swamp.

Most of this northern area was swampy terrain, and Sauron naturally was familiar with the marshland. Inside, there were various types of silt, various reed marshes, and many different swarms of poisonous insects. Even though he was a Warlock Saint, he dared not say that he could easily smooth out all the obstacles by himself. If the human really managed to run inside, then he would need to deal with many unknown factors.

He couldn't drag this out any longer!

Two phoenixes rushed towards Sauron's face again, but this time, his body suddenly flashed, and he vanished from his original position.

In the next second, he had teleported a distance of nearly a hundred meters and appeared in front of Wang Zhong!

This was spatial power, which could only be used by Warlock Saints. This was not the kind of power that the Casted Souls used back on Earth. That kind of power back on Earth was just a kind of pseudo-space movement through dimensional channels which could only be used in four-dimensional worlds. As for this kind of teleportation ability in the Fifth Dimension, it was considered the legitimate spatial power. Only a handful of Sword Saints were able to wield this power, and only Warlock Saints could fully control it.

It was just that Sauron didn't expect that he would need to use such high-level dimensional power to deal with this kind of small fry. That human should thank his lucky stars for being able to witness such power.

Wang Zhong sensed that his fire phoenixes, which had a 100% success rate so far, had missed their targets, and he was rather surprised. The next instant, the Warlock Saint had appeared about a dozen meters in front of him. Wang Zhong couldn't come to an instant stop during this high-speed sprint, so he had no choice but to continue running towards the Warlock Saint. In front of him, dozens of dark flame patterns had begun to spread densely on the ground, and they quickly extended toward the area near his feet. This was undoubtedly a technique to capture him. Once he stepped on it, he would be caught alive!

In that instant, Wang Zhong was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat. He knew that the Warlock Saint definitely had a few tricks up his sleeves, but he didn't expect it to be so powerful. Wang Zhong's own strength still limited his imagination. However, he wouldn't ever allow himself to be seized without putting up a fight. He began to release his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven wildly, amounting to 10 phoenixes! The phoenixes acted as a 'rocket launcher', forcibly preventing himself from rushing forward and, at the same time, pushing himself backward. Meanwhile, each fiery phoenix was followed by a streak of shining golden light.

Wang Zhong did not deliberately hide the Laforgue's Heroic Crosswheel Slash. Firstly, this sudden outburst was already his maximum limit, so it was difficult to take into account the technique's concealment. Secondly, his final trump card to deal with the Warlock Saint was not the Laforgue's Heroic Crosswheel Slash.

In these endless flames and streaks of golden light, there was also a dark figure.

The Headless Knight!

"Simba!" yelled Wang Zhong.

Life or death, success or failure, depended solely on this. Originally, Wang Zhong intended to use this at the most critical juncture in the swamp to escape. Unexpectedly, he was forced to use it ahead of time. Simba had already readied himself long ago as he expected that this would happen. That Warlock Saint was obviously toying with them. How could Wang Zhong possibly predict the actions of such a powerful expert?

However, Wang Zhong had Simba, the mighty Fate Trickster!

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    《Battle Frenzy》