Battle Frenzy
894 Worn-ou
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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894 Worn-ou

"HOHOHO, fate is like a mallet. Let's hit it happily together!"

A ray of light suddenly flashed in the Soul Sea, and the Fate Roulette instantly got activated!

Wang Zhong immediately felt that there was a moment of stagnation in the whole world, and two streaks of light — one white, one black — flashed in that instant. The power of fate was inescapable. Even the body of the Warlock Saint who was not far away was also frozen by this judgment. During the judgment period, it seemed like time was still, and nothing would change. Wang Zhong also had to wait for the judgment. As for Sauron, his eyes obviously revealed strong curiosity as this was peculiar even for him. Ordinary people usually wouldn't be able to feel it even if they were judged, but as a Warlock Saint, he was especially familiar with spatial power; thus, this moment was deeply etched into his memory.

The black and white colors representing the Fate Needle began to rotate and alternate. With that, countless amounts of information poured into Wang Zhong's mind madly. At the same time, the two judgments also appeared in front of Wang Zhong according to his wishes.

Wang Zhong was really impressed with the peak power of the Headless Knight, so his judgment was to restore the Headless Knight to his peak power for a single blow. After all, it was unrealistic to directly judge the Warlock Saint; whereas, the nature of the Headless Knight's soul was definitely very powerful. Currently, the Headless Knight was only limited by Wang Zhong's power. As such, the probability of a successful judgment was rather large, and Wang Zhong was confident of this!

He didn't have to wait long. The rotation of black and white colors stopped at the moment when Wang Zhong made his choice.


The judgment was made, and only light was left in the Soul Sea. The world frozen in thought was instantly restored to its original state, and the clown pointer on the Fate Roulette revealed a very excited expression: lucky!

In the face of Wang Zhong's pathetic sea of flaming phoenixes and the hidden Heroic Crosswheel Slash, Sauron merely sneered. He was fed up with these 'broken birds', and now that he had successfully trapped Wang Zhong, these broken birds could no longer get in his way.

A huge arcane arc-shaped shield had condensed in front of Sauron, and he completely disregarded the human's attacks.

However, this feeling merely lasted for a moment. Immediately following that, a huge wave of terror came at him.

A black figure came into view. It was the Headless Knight on a battle steed, and he was radiating an extremely thick death aura. The knight was thrusting a spear fiercely toward his arcane shield!

It was not that he didn't notice this black figure hidden in the various light streaks. After all, the contrast between light and dark was very big. However, he felt that the Headless Knight at that time probably only had the power of two to three fiery phoenixes; thus, it was nothing to be afraid of at all.

Unexpectedly, he had changed. That surge in power was too sudden. The power and momentum of the other party suddenly rose in an instant! It was definitely not a simple secret technique that doubled the degree of attack; it was a comprehensive jump in overall strength, realm, and level!

This creature without a head actually had the same level of power as him, and he was extremely terrifying, enough to make the Warlock Saint grow fearful. If it was a normal confrontation and he was mentally prepared for it, it wouldn't be a problem. However, it was like he saw a piece of firewood flying towards him, making him let his guard down, but when it made contact with him, it suddenly became a sharp sword! And its aim was to pierce through him and kill him!

This really made Sauron break out in a cold sweat.

Almost subconsciously, he immediately gave up trying to trap Wang Zhong, stretched out both arms, and diverted all his power into arcane defense, madly enhancing the power of the arcane arc shield in front of him.

Sauron's rank among the Mizobudapi Warlock Saints was actually very high, and with his strength, he wouldn't need to be afraid of the Headless Knight even if he was at his peak. However, this attack was too sudden and unexpected; thus, it was difficult for him to react in time.

It was as though the arcane arc-shaped shield, which had just been instantly enhanced to the maximum, was hit by a comet.


The black figure collided with the blue shield, and a terrifying air current was produced. Those phoenixes and Heroic Crosswheel Slashes, as well as the surrounding space and airflow, were all blasted away!

A huge and frightening force field appeared; the entire space seemed to have come to a stand-still. Sauron and the Headless Knight seemed to have caused a collapse in space where various natural laws became unbalanced and various elements became chaotic. The collapse spread over such a large range that Wang Zhong felt that his whole body was getting lifted up as though he was at light as a feather.

He could see that half of the Headless Knight's spear tip had managed to pierce the arcane arc-shaped shield, but the shield had yet to be penetrated. This stalemate lasted for only a second or two. After which, a seemingly endless black airflow began to come out from the Headless Knight's hands, body, and neck, pouring into his spear, and his power surged again!



The sturdy arcane arc-shaped shield was forcibly broken by this terrifying force! When it broke into countless fragments, the black figure in the sky, which resembled a god of death, came charging towards Sauron!


As Sauron sensed that terrifying threat incoming, he was absolutely shocked. How could this thing exist? It was such a powerful lifeform. Where the f*ck did this thing suddenly come from?!

Sauron's fate hung in the balance. He mustered up all his strength to block the incoming attack with his staff. The moment of life and death was finally experienced. Sauron's staff blocked it with all his strength. Even though his melee combat ability was crap, his luck was excellent. It just happened that the tip of the staff made contact with the spear tip.

This staff was a magical instrument that Sauron had acquired after thousands of hardships, and it managed to withstand the power of the terrifying blow without falling apart. However, the huge impact pushed his entire body downward at top speed as though he was a cannonball! But at the same time, the staff also shone with a dazzling red light. After which, a terrifying red beam of light fired from the staff like a laser cannon, headed toward the Headless Knight!

After all, this strength was only temporarily endowed by the power of the Fate Roulette, and it could not last long. After that terrifying explosion, the Headless Knight had already been weakened. As such, after being hit by this powerful attack, he didn't even have the chance to shatter. Instead, he instantly turned into dust.

Wang Zhong witnessed the entire process with his own eyes. The Warlock Saint could actually respond so swiftly and managed to counter the surprise attack. It had to be admitted that a Warlock Saint was really a terrifying existence. When Wang Zhong had successfully made that judgment, he had been a little hopeful. He hoped that such an unexpected sneak attack might be able to injure the Warlock Saint.

However, Wang Zhong couldn't afford to gamble with his life on the line. After the Headless Knight launched his attack, he mustered up all his remaining strength to run, as far as possible. Fortunately, the swamp was already right in front of him, and the Warlock Saint was now in a weakened state. His speed was probably affected as well.

Without a second thought, Wang Zhong boosted himself forward with the help of two Phoenix Rises To Ninth Heaven again and ran towards the swamp without looking back. Even though the other party was blasted to a spot deep below the ground, Wang Zhong could feel that his aura remained full of life. However, it should be able to stall him for ten seconds or so, and this was considered a life-saving time for Wang Zhong. As long as he could escape from the scope of the Warlock Saint's divine sense, there was still a chance for him to escape.

But this time, Wang Zhong made a wrong guess. In the beginning, the Warlock Saint could tolerate Wang Zhong because he not only wanted to catch Wang Zhong alive, he also wanted Wang Zhong to be in good shape. This was a great Warlock's love for rare materials, just like how people would treat their beloved antique collection. However, if this antique was not only disobedient and even managed to injure the owner, things would be entirely different.

A terrifying bout of anger began to shroud the sky, and this high-temperature aura filled the entire area within hundreds of meters.

Terrifying clouds started to condense in the sky, and in an instant, it was like the 'hell mode' had been turned on. That terrifying oppression transformed into actual attacks, and that entire sky of fire began to rain down wildly in the form of flaming meteorites!

Bang~ Rumble rumble rumble~

It was like the skies were falling, and the earth was opening up! Huge meteorites smashed into the ground, and within a second, the entire ground appeared like a broken honeycomb. At the same time, the sky of fire seemed like it could engulf the entire world!

Without the slightest delay or pause, Sauron's anger had filled the entire sky. That previous shot was so scary that he almost met his end at the hands of a mere human Heroic Soul just now! The other party actually had the ability to kill him?! Also, he was such a scheming and ruthless rat! He was not going to show this human any further kindness. Even if he really didn't manage to control his strength and accidentally killed the human, he would have no regrets!

After releasing a big move, he quickly rose into the air. With his divine sense, he realized that the human was actually still running — running wildly in the meteorite rain!

"Run faster! That Octopus man is crazy!" Simba yelled non-stop. He was so scared that even his mask turned white. This attack was extremely powerful and earth-shattering. It was hard to imagine that this was an attack that was launched in a few seconds.

Simba didn't need to remind him. Wang Zhong was already running the fastest he could at this moment. He could only wish that he had another pair of legs. With the help of the clown mask, he had a 270-degree field of view. The high temperature from the surrounding fire seemed to still be bearable. After all, he had survived the Sovereign of Flames's sea of fire. Although his manipulation of the fire element was far from those powers, when it came to fire resistance, his was definitely high enough. It was truly difficult to directly kill Wang Zhong with high temperatures.

The more terrifying thing was those meteorites, which were falling down like rain from random directions. They came in various sizes, but even the smallest ones, which were the size of a fist, had the power of around ten thousand Grassos. When they fell to the ground, deep holes were formed! As for the big ones… Wang Zhong didn't even dare to think about it. Anyway, it was definitely not a number that he could resist. Even if he got scraped by one of them, he would probably be severely injured.

He fled in the meteorite rain and kept changing his direction. His Varied Frequency Steps which he integrated with the Light Spirit Circuit once allowed him to gain the upper hand during his battle with the Sword Saint Heinrich, but under this huge wave of meteorite rain, he was rendered a little helpless.

They were too many, too fast, and too dense. Compared to the Warlock Saint, the Sword Saint he met previously was acceptable.


A meteorite the size of a head slammed into Wang Zhong's back, and his swift speed was instantly reduced to a stagger as a terrifying inertia pressed down on him.


Even though he had the Domination Constitution, he instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. This hit had about at least forty thousand Grassos of power. If he was a normal Heroic Soul, he would have been smashed to bits. However, Wang Zhong forcibly endured the pain and used the spot that was hit as a 'pivot point'. Instantly, that huge wave of pressure was converted into forward momentum.


He was already not far from the edge, and at this time, he zoomed forward with that propulsive force!

A large swamp quickly appeared in front of him, but before Wang Zhong could take a breath, scarier energy fluctuations were beginning to form from all directions.

It was an unprecedentedly huge elemental array condensing in the air. Although the Mizobudapi people did not understand human runes, their elemental patterns had the same effect as runes. The edge of this elemental array was mainly composed of wind and fire. Wang Zhong could recognize some of the wind and fire structural lines, and in the center of the elemental array, there was a huge hexagram. Wang Zhong knew what was happening. This was what Mizobudapi Warlocks commonly used — arcane spells!

From that giant elemental array, a bout of terrifying energy exploded, with Wang Zhong at its center. It was like a giant hood covering the swamp, extending up to thousands of kilometers. At the same time, at the highest point of the hood, countless patterns began to appear; attacks began to condense, and they rained down on Wang Zhong one after another.

Arcane missiles the size of tables, a shower of blazing flames, and sharp wind blades flying at top speed, filled up the entire space in an instant, and they did not leave Wang Zhong the slightest place to escape!

The Warlock Saint in the distance hadn't even had time to arrive at this spot, and he had already released a series of big moves, seemingly bent on taking Wang Zhong's life.

"Lao—Lao Wang…" Simba's mouth was wide open, and his voice was already hoarse from screaming. He was scared out of his wits. Why was the Warlock Saint doing this?! Wasn't the chase just now rather enjoyable? Why was he behaving like there was irreconcilable hatred between them?!

Without thinking twice, Wang Zhong sped into the swamp quagmire directly.

This swamp quagmire was extremely deep, with a depth of up to hundreds of meters. Wang Zhong and the Wanderlust Team already had a taste of it in the Black Boulder Swamp. At that time, when the Wanderlust Team encountered large-scale poisonous insect attacks in the swamp, they always concealed themselves in the quagmire to hide from the insects. These swamp silts had strong isolation effects, and if he dove deep into the silt, he might be able to hide from the other party's divine sense.

If he could deceive the other party, maybe Sauron would think that he had run away like the previous time. Previously, Sauron had fallen for this trick and lost him and Mu Zi. He hoped that it would be the same this time…

However, things were not moving in the desired direction.

In this world, many things would not go according to plan because there existed many unknown variables and changes, not to mention that Wang Zhong did not have a deep understanding of his enemy, contrary to his belief. Even though the swamp silts were able to isolate the auras of the Wanderlust Team and prevent them from being found by the poisonous insects or dangerous creatures in the swamp, this did not mean that he could hide from a Warlock Saint's divine sense.

Also, not every quagmire in the swamp had a depth of hundreds of meters. Wang Zhong's luck seemed to have run out. The quagmire he had just jumped into seemed very large and was as big as a lake, but it was not deep enough. The moment Wang Zhong entered the quagmire, he forcibly increased his weight, and he sank directly to the bottom. However, it was only tens of meters deep, and he definitely was not rid of the divine sense exploration that was hovering around him. As such, the attacks followed him into the quagmire!

The arcane missiles, meteorite rain, etc., followed closely behind him. Although some of the attacks' power was dissolved by the mud, it still posed a great threat to Wang Zhong. The most terrifying attacks were the wind blades. Those sharp wind blades could cut through all obstacles directly, and the silt couldn't weaken the wind blades at all. Currently, several wind blades had already passed Wang Zhong in succession, and if they were a little more slanted, they would definitely have succeeded in taking Wang Zhong's life.

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    《Battle Frenzy》