Battle Frenzy
895 The Ultimate Stage of Cellular Cosmology
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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895 The Ultimate Stage of Cellular Cosmology

Fortunately, the silt still had a certain degree of aura isolation effect. Although it could not completely prevent Wang Zhong from being found by the Warlock Saint's divine sense, it could affect the Warlock Saint's accuracy. Also, the Warlock Saint no longer acted as brazenly as before. Although he could improve the accuracy of locking onto Wang Zhong's position if he flew lower, he might also encounter Wang Zhong's counterattack. The strike from the Headless Knight just now was truly too powerful, and he couldn't get it out of his head. Furthermore, it had a kind of mysterious power that Sauron couldn't understand. Wang Zhong was now a threat to him.

Sauron's fear and cautiousness gave Wang Zhong a lifeline.

Of course, it was absolutely impossible for Sauron to let Wang Zhong off. Even if it was troublesome, Sauron was determined to force Wang Zhong out, even if he accidentally killed him!

He began to send all kinds of missiles, wind blades, and meteorites into the thick silt layer. The entire swamp, which was hundreds of meters, had to bear the wrath of the Warlock Saint. Some of it had already begun to affect Wang Zhong, but he didn't dare to move an inch. Any overly obvious Soul Power reaction would expose his location to the Warlock Saint, and once the enemy had determined his position, he would meet his end.

"Lao Wang, what do we do? What do we do?" Simba was extremely worried. "We can't go on like this. We can't escape! I told you not to provoke the Warlock Saint, but you don't ever listen! We did have a trump card, but his card was more powerful than ours."

Of course, Wang Zhong also knew that. For this battle against the Warlock Saint, he wasn't planning to depend on luck. Previously when he said those words to Hyde and the others, it wasn't to play the hero or to show off. Since they were in a Holy Battle, they were bound to face danger, and survival was not guaranteed. It was one of the risks of this operation, and it existed with a large probability. Although every single practitioner talked about their so-called pursuit in the Holy Saint Teacher's footsteps for eternal life and to completely get rid of the shackles of fate, the only one who managed to do it in human history was solely the Holy Saint Teacher.

As for other people, even if they had reached the level of Sacred Teachers, they were not really immortal. Even if they managed to live more than a few hundred years, or even more than a thousand, they would eventually meet their end. Mu Zi and Wang Zhong had one thing in common. Their deaths had never been a considerable factor for their judgment. In fact, when he decided to save the people trapped in Shadow Moon Fortress, he already made his decision. He would never give up as long as there was a slight chance. Now, his plan had basically succeeded. He believed in Mu Zi's strength and ability. The final step was for him to survive this.

Laura had a very accurate description for Wang Zhong: Wang Zhong was like a burning ball of ice. He was very attractive, but it was definitely not an easy thing to like him. He had too much to bear. Of course, this was also part of his charm. Perfection definitely did not exist.

Now that it had come to this, he would definitely meet his maker if he exited the silt. However, he would eventually be found by the Warlock Saint if he continued to hide here.

Die? Wang Zhong didn't want to, not at all. He was not afraid of death, but there were still too many things he had yet to fulfill, and he still had too many concerns. His life had just begun, but in such a world, strength and survival were contradictory topics. Now, there was only one way to hide from the Warlock Sain's divine sense. He had to put his life on the line and take a risk!

Cellular Cosmology!

The tracking ability of the other party's divine sense was dependent on one's Soul Power. As long as he could spread out his Soul Power to its maximum possible state, he could hide from the other party's tracking ability. Once he was able to spread his consciousness to the most diffused state, he would be no different from a corpse, judging by his Soul Power. Ever since he came to the Holy Land, Wang Zhong's greatest achievement was Cellular Cosmology. Even the Soul Power Circuits were merely a derivative of it. All this time, he had no progress in Cellular Cosmology because he was lacking in determination.

What would happen if he spread out his soul completely? It would most likely be death and despair.

At first, he didn't want to take such a huge risk in pursuit of more power, but in order to live, in order to see Scarlet again, he had to!

All his Soul Power began to diffuse in an instant. Originally, it was just the Soul Power in his Soul Sea and meridians that began to spread to every corner of his limbs and bones. Immediately following that, they began to differentiate and entered a more detailed microscopic world. Now, there were more target points for the Soul Power to forcibly diffuse further.

Imagine you had an army of one million people. If they were gathered together, anyone could see your mighty army even if they were high in the sky. However, after you took over ten cities, and stationed each city with 100,000 troops, it would seem less obvious. If you continued to take over 100 cities and stationed only 10,000 troops in each city, it would get even less obvious. Then you disperse them further… So, his body was still the same size, and his Soul Power was still the same amount, but as the range he spread his Soul Power over got larger, the less visible it was in the sky.

He was already very familiar with this step when he was in the Holy City. It only took four or five seconds for Wang Zhong to feel the first pull from his Soul Core.

That was the natural reaction produced by the Soul Core after over-diffusing his Soul Power, and he was supposed to re-condense his Soul Power. However, he had just entered this diffusion process, so pulling them back immediately would mean that it was all for nothing.


Wang Zhong forcibly manipulated his will, cut off the summoning from his Soul Core, and continued to sink his consciousness and diffuse his Soul Power.

He was also familiar with this stage. The diffusion process continued to accelerate and he arrived at the second stage after 10 seconds. By this stage, his consciousness had begun to become a little blurred, which Wang Zhong had once experienced during his experiment in the Holy City, and it was his limit. The feeling he got from the second summoning from the Soul Core was like a warning that he shouldn't go further.

Previously, in the Holy City, when he had arrived at this step, Wang Zhong would have basically lost his mind and will, but now, it was only a slight blur of his consciousness. It seemed that after entering the Holy Battle, he had not only become stronger, his soul consciousness had also broken through to a higher level after a series of life-and-death battles.

At this time, Wang Zhong was barely able to sustain his current state, but he could still clearly sense that although the lock-on effect of Sauron's divine sense was slightly reduced, it had yet to disappear. Obviously, he wasn't able to deceive the other party completely at his current state.

The Warlock Saint in the air had stopped attacking because the lock-on effect of his divine sense was actually weakening, and the other party seemed to be disappearing. This was not due to a change in distance. Instead, it seemed like the other party's soul was dissipating… Was he dying?

That was impossible. Sauron didn't believe it. The human wasn't a rookie. This situation began to occur in just a few seconds, so it was not the result of an injury. If it was, the injury would first cause a quick rebound at the moment of injury. His Soul Power would surge for a moment and then rapidly decline. However, the other party's Soul Power steadily weakened over a short period of time. If he was an amateur in terms of the soul, he would have been fooled by the human.

Sauron, who was in mid-air, revealed a smirk and tried to re-focus on his target. He had never seen someone who could completely conceal his Soul Power.

"Lao Wang, you can't keep this up any longer!" Simba reminded him anxiously. "Although you can still control it now, this is already the limit of your Soul Core's ability to pull you back. If you keep this up, you might not be able to ever come back from it!"

He wouldn't ever be able to come back? Wang Zhong didn't know if that was true. However, if he was caught by the Warlock Saint, then he truly wouldn't be able to come back from it.

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    《Battle Frenzy》