Battle Frenzy
896 Microcosmic Universe
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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896 Microcosmic Universe

Wang Zhong gritted his teeth and cut off the second summoning from his Soul Core again with his consciousness that he barely still had control over. Lastly, he tried his best to sink his consciousness deeper. Man proposes, and God disposes. At times, one had to rely on a little luck!

And a little destiny!


There was a blast from his soul. He had reached a limit beyond the limit, and his consciousness became completely blank in an instant. Time, space, memories, etc., collapsed into countless fragments.

Everything became meaningless. After that blast, Wang Zhong felt a sense of weightlessness. Slowly, the feeling of weightlessness became clear. After a while, Wang Zhong's 'consciousness' came back again.

Wang Zhong felt that he was deep within the universe, but it was unlike the outer-space scene he had seen in the Federation's database. It was far more beautiful and seemed far more mysterious here. He saw something that resembled a core. Wang Zhong wasn't sure about the microcosmic level he had entered. Was this the cellular level or the atomic level? He could see that the core-like thing was surrounded by some moving planet-like things, with strong attraction and orderly movement between them. They were constantly moving, and the forces between them attracted and repelled each other at the same time. Wang Zhong could feel that the power contained here was enough to destroy the world.

This was the Microcosmic Universe.

He really managed to enter it.

This was what Wang Zhong had yearned for day and night and the core essential foundation of Cellular Cosmology as mentioned in the divine book, which had never been successfully mastered by any other human. Wang Zhong couldn't help but want to reach out and grasp it, but he couldn't feel his 'hand' suddenly. Not to mention his hands, even his ability to feel suddenly dissipated after that bout of extreme excitement.

The colorful core was gone; the mysterious objects in the sky were gone, and the surroundings suddenly fell into a seemingly endless darkness.

His mind could still move, but it did so with much difficulty. However, he could no longer see anything nor feel anything anymore.

Previously, he could still feel his consciousness sinking and his Soul Power diffusing under his command, but now, those feelings had completely disappeared. Wang Zhong knew that this was because he had completely lost control over the diffusion of his Soul Power. Although he could still think and sense his weak consciousness, this situation was probably worse than him being directly comatose when he was back in the Holy City. Now, he was completely isolated from the outside world.

He was done for…

At this time, the Warlock Saint's expression had transformed from anger to pure shock!

He vanished! That human had disappeared without a trace once again, right in front of him! What's more was that the human had done it even though he was supposedly at a dead-end! It was absolutely impossible! His elemental formation was definitely more than just an attack. The barriers of his formation were deeper than a few hundred meters below the ground, and all the exits had been sealed. Even if the human really had the ability to break out of his formation, it was impossible that he didn't sense it.

Or was the human bombed to death by him? Was his soul completely gone?

Sauron could feel the weakening of the human's soul consciousness until it disappeared. It was very similar to his conjecture, but if he really thought that way, he was afraid that it would give the human a chance to escape again.

Buu buu buuuu…

Sauron immediately took out his magical conch and sounded it loudly. That was the highest-level order in the Shadow Moon Fortress. It had been sounded before: when the south gate collapsed and the defenders requested every single Mizobudapi in the fortress to back them up. But the level of this sound was even higher. This was an order sent out by Sauron, the highest-level commander of the Shadow Moon Fortress.

He continued to sustain his huge elemental formation and continued to use his divine sense to scan the entire quagmire swamp.

Sauron's eyes revealed a hint of callousness and determination. Even if he had truly killed the human inside the quagmire swamp, he had to see his corpse! Even if his body was blown to pieces!

He had an infinite curiosity about this peculiar human being. It was highly possible that this human held the secrets of the Holy Land.


The battle at the south gate was still ongoing.

Some of the taurens who were at the front had managed to rush through the dense fog and were already very close to Mu Zi and Napier, so they were completely surrounded. Fortunately, none of them could see in the fog, and those taurens' perception was relatively weak, so they couldn't directly attack Napier and Mu Zi. They couldn't even lock-on to their positions at all. They were merely charging and slashing about wildly. However, even so, it still caused a lot of trouble for Mu Zi and Napier.

Napier had put away his horse cannon and changed his weapon to his new soul dagger to cover Mu Zi's back. Putting aside those taurens' terrifying strength, their melee combat powers were actually rather weak. With the taurens not having a clear target nor a sense of direction, Napier was able to hold them off for a while, but Mu Zi…

At this time, Mu Zi's face was already extremely pale, and the enemy continued to send in more reinforcements. Now, the number of taurens in his fog had increased to around 700-800, and this was already Mu Zi's limit.

Whether it was the gray fog itself or those spirits in the gray fog, all of them had the closest kind of soul connection with Mu Zi, their summoner. Mu Zi's soul had to withstand every loss or injury by the second. Even though the taurens' attacks were powered by arcane spells, the individual damage dealt to these spirits and the gray fog was not that huge, but the problem was that the attacks were numerous. Every single second, at least a few hundred of them would manage to deal some damage. As such, Mu Zi would feel every single one of these attacks on his soul.

Previously, Mu Zi had already taken a dose of soul-healing medicine. This thing invented by humans in the Holy Land was indeed very useful. It could quickly heal the soul and Soul Sea injuries, and replenish one's Soul Power. However, for Mu Zi, who was constantly increasing his Soul Power consumption, this bit of recovery was undoubtedly a drop in the bucket.

Mu Zi was very strong and also very good at dealing with large groups. He could contain the entire Shadow Moon Fortress's military forces on his own. This was probably unachievable for any of the Heroic Souls who were currently in the Mizobudapi World, including Wang Zhong. However, Mu Zi's invincibility laid in his maneuverability, which meant he could advance and retreat whenever he wanted. This kind of situation where he was pinned down at one spot was the most unbearable for him.

Now, this was already the limit, and he was a spent force…

He had to hold on! It was almost half an hour; he had to fight for a few more minutes!

Mu Zi and Napier both gritted their teeth and counted the time by the second. Unfortunately, their sacrifices were destined not to achieve their aim.

The operation of Hyde and the others went smoothly in the sewer, but when they came out of the moat, there was a problem. The moat at the east gate was relatively wider, and they specially chose to carry out the plan in the afternoon when a large shadow would be cast under the huge city wall. The shrub forest was also not far from the east gate. Therefore, they initially had an opportunity to quickly escape while the defenders were attracted to the battle at the south gate. Hyde had also previously calculated the time it would take to run to the shrub forest; it would probably take around four to five minutes for everyone, including the injured. However, it seemed that heaven was not on their side.

Originally, these four to five minutes were already the most dangerous time for them. For such a large group of people, only one person on the city wall had to look down, and they would all be spotted. It might have been because they hadn't seen the sun for so long or that some people were feeling overly excited about their escape; thus, there were many hiccups along the way. Many of those who were piggybacking their comrades actually fell down quite a few times. Other than wasting more time, their actions also attracted the attention of the guards on the city wall.

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    《Battle Frenzy》