Battle Frenzy
898 Invisible Show-off
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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898 Invisible Show-off

Some had smiles on their faces, while others had expressions full of longing. Several of them had peaceful expressions, but there was something common among all of them. There was no fear!

The new troops from the Shadow Moon Fortress were rapidly rushing over. The twenty or so griffin riders in the lead no longer had to rush. While they waited for backup to come, they constantly came out of Shadow Moon Fortress and attacked the human formations in the distance.

"If you want to kill us, you Octopus people will have to pay a price!" Hyde roared. Wang Zhong, I'll return the favor in the next life. He even knew that Wang Zhong might already be dead. The Warlock Saint… To be honest, they could not even run away from him, let alone face him alone like Wang Zhong.

Everything had seemed very hopeful, but it had all come crashing down. Everyone would die here. He was the one who had hurt everyone; they should have immediately decided to return to the base. However, he did not regret this. He was a dimensional human, but he had truly let his brothers in the Wanderlust Team down.

"Come! You hideous beasts!"

Everyone was prepared to die as scapegoats. In front of them, the Octopus people and the taurens were equally frantic. There was no room for any pity or leeway in a battle between different species.

But right at this moment, there was the long, drawn-out sound of a conch from the north side of the Shadow Moon Fortress.

Buu buu buuuu…

The sound of the conch came very suddenly. It was melodious and mighty as it resounded throughout the entire wilderness. This sound was far too familiar. The rather unique sound penetrated through the air and continued for a long time. Everyone had heard this sound before when the south gate collapsed.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Not only were Hyde and the rest dumbfounded, even the griffin riders who were lingering in the air — as well as the support troops that were rushing over and were about to kill their enemies — were dumbstruck.

The Octopus people and the taurens froze as if they had heard a call that they could not defy. There were unwillingness and dissatisfaction in their eyes, but most of them were afraid and did not dare to oppose the call.

This was an alarm that the Warlock Saint had sounded. This alarm was the highest-level call in the Shadow Moon Fortress. Once the conch was sounded, any tauren or Octopus person who heard the call had to put everything down and immediately provide support. If not, all of them would die, including their families.

Even though a large piece of fatty meat was just right in front of their mouths, even though they could kill all these humans in a matter of minutes, these Octopus people and taurens hesitated for barely a moment. After just a short delay, all of them changed directions, disengaging from Hyde and the rest. They ran wildly towards the north gate without looking back.

The human soldiers, who were already prepared to die, were all stunned. This…

Hyde and Noraba panted heavily. This was the first time their lives felt this clear. They might actually survive this battle. Even Vladimir, who was half alive, could not believe this.

All of them only had one thought: did the Warlock Saint still need backup troops for a one-on-one fight with Wang Zhong?

Not only had the troops from the north gate rushed over, the troops from the south gate were also doing the same.

Mu Zi could no longer continue supporting the smoke and put it away, his face extremely pale. At that moment, he had used up most of his Soul Power. Evidently, the enemy knew that Mu Zi had the ability to conceal himself. The taurens and Octopus people that attacked from all sides, as well as the shadow ghosts in all directions, were to prevent Mu Zi from using his abilities to conceal himself and run away with Napier.

They had been encircled. Although Mu Zi had frightening close-combat techniques and the invincible Life and Death Coffin and did not allow his enemies to take advantage of him, he was unable to escape from being surrounded. Wherever they ran, their enemies would follow them and constantly trap them in the center. Their enemies wanted to exhaust them to death.

While the two of them were racking their brains to come up with an escape plan, they heard the sound of the conch coming from the north of the Shadow Moon Fortress. All the troops that were surrounding them instantly retreated and swarmed towards the source of the sound, leaving Mu Zi and Napier in disbelief. They looked at each other with incredulity.

The Warlock Saint had chased Wang Zhong in that direction. The two of them quickly thought of a possibility.

Lao Wang was going to defy the heavens. Was it too much for the Warlock Saint to challenge him alone, such that he had to call for assistance? What exactly was Lao Wang doing there? Was he going to beat the Warlock Saint's ass?

They would not know the answer until some time later, but there was no doubt that Lao Wang had definitely done something earth-shaking again. However, with Mu Zi and Napier's fatigue, they could not go to check on what was happening on Wang Zhong's side.

"Retreat! Go back to the gathering point!"


In the north area of the wilderness…

The massive elemental formation was like a giant eggshell that shrouded an area with a radius of several thousand meters and did not disperse. Furthermore, the divine sense that went deep underground did not relax, even for a moment.

Sauron levitated in the air. He would not be lured away by his enemy again. His enemy's trick could only be executed once. Sauron had absolute confidence in his judgment. No matter whether Wang Zhong was actually dead or whether he had used some method to block Sauron's divine sense, he was sure that Wang Zhong was still within this area that he controlled.

The Octopus people and taurens who had rushed over from all directions had gotten into their positions. These few thousand soldiers made up the entire combat force in the Shadow Moon Fortress. Sauron had also obtained information on the situation at the fortress from his subordinate. A baldy had brought a human along with him to make a feint attack, while two other humans sneaked into the city prison to save the prisoners. This was not too different from what Sauron had originally predicted. Every single step and plan that these humans executed were all part of his calculations.

With the strength of the guards in the city, the humans would not have been able to succeed. However, the sudden sound of the conch he had activated gave them a chance to survive. These people were rather lucky.

But all this did not matter. Sauron did not care either. These humans were specimens that he had used up and were not even worth mentioning compared to the criminal Wang Zhong. He focused all his attention on the marsh. Wang Zhong was his true objective.


Sauron shouted a command. "Even if you have to dig up the entire marsh or dig a thousand meters underground, get that human out for me!"

The Octopus people and the taurens had received their orders.

The quagmire was nothing! They dug up the sludge and closely looked through it. Then, the sludge was brought away in vehicles to be dumped elsewhere.

Construction sites were nothing compared to this! Every inch was dug up and sifted through!

No matter whether they were mighty Great Swordsmen or low-leveled tauren soldiers, the few thousand Mizobudapi were all fiercely digging up the ground and sifting the sludge. Hundreds of horned hounds covered the area around the marsh, while several dozen shadow ghosts that could not be seen with the naked eye were scattered everywhere. They distinguished between scents and felt for souls as they kept a lookout on every single corner of the marsh. Even the ants on the ground and the worms that appeared from the piles of dirt could not escape their vision!

The Warlock Saint controlled the entire situation from the skies. His divine sense had spread throughout the wilderness, keeping a lookout in places that he could not directly see.

No matter whether Wang Zhong was dead or alive, he could only dream of being able to escape!

There was darkness. The darkness was vast and empty.

But even the darkness would reach an end. This time, the distribution of his Soul Power was different from when Wang Zhong had tried it out in the Holy City. In the past, if he had distributed his Soul Power to this extent, he would have completely lost his spiritual consciousness. He would black out and fall asleep. Of course, he would be pulled back by his Soul Core when he was unconscious.

Wang Zhong had stopped here in his observations on Cellular Cosmology. He had to constantly strengthen the ability of his Soul Core to recall his Soul Power. This way, he could distribute his Soul Power and cause his spiritual consciousness to fall while ensuring that the Soul Core would still be able to pull him back after he passed out. Hence, as long as his Soul Core was strong enough to the point that it could safely pull him back into the Microcosmic Universe, his training could be considered successful.

This was supposed to be a step-by-step process, but he had broken through his limits when he forcibly stopped the second Soul Core recall.

The Soul Core could not react at all. Wang Zhong had also lost his ability to control the Soul Power that had been distributed. Thus, he completely lost control of his body, his Soul Power, and even his spirit. He fell deeper and deeper into a state of inertia. However, because he had encountered several life-and-death situations during the Holy Battle, his spirit was much stronger than before. He could still remain conscious even under these situations.

Gradually, he felt himself entering a strange state. Muddled, he slowly opened his eyes.

His surroundings were quiet, but luckily, the darkness had vanished. He had returned to this mysterious universe. He knew that his consciousness was not stable enough, so he could not be too intense or excited. He had to remain calm. After all, overthinking would not bring him any benefits. Wang Zhong felt everything in his surroundings and tried to find a way out.

This was not the level of cells that he had wanted to reach. In fact, the cell structure here was completely different from what he had observed through the Micro Mirror. Energy bodies were all around him. They revolved around one another and existed together.

The energy bodies formed a tight cycle. Between the energy bodies was a frightening energy structure that pulled on, pinned down, and balanced the energy bodies. It felt as if a terrifying might would be released if the force was destroyed.

These energy structures were like the nuclear force in the old civilizations. He had heard from Simba that the old civilizations had conducted an in-depth analysis of 'nuclear power'. It was also said that the ultimate weapons of the old civilizations could destroy the material world. However, the weapons had a low level of power and were restricted in the Fifth Dimension. Thus, they were not used here. However, they had made use of these energy structures.

Everything he saw and felt were rather similar to what he had learned in theory, yet different. He did not just see things in the physical world. He saw the energy realm, or more accurately, the spiritual realm.

This was the microcosmic spirit universe.

Wang Zhong realized that he had skipped the first stage he had learned in Cellular Cosmology, the microscopic world, and jumped into the next microcosmic level! This seemed like a great improvement, but after sensing the current situation he was in, Wang Zhong understood that it was not. Instead, this was a journey towards death.

The greatest problem with Cellular Cosmology was that it was based on suppositions. The author was a silly but amusing person, and the escape methods he had listed were all useless. Wang Zhong felt as if he was stuck in a shell.

He had dispersed his consciousness and Soul Power too far. At that moment, he felt like an observer with no substance. So what if he could see the energy core? He could not even touch it, let alone make use of it!

His consciousness would either be completely trapped here or disperse very quickly. It might even be imprisoned here forever. He was unable to do anything or even sense the outside world.

The Warlock Saint was probably still digging through the ground. He might have dug three meters underground in an attempt to dig out his corpse. After all, he was a wanted criminal. His corpse was probably very valuable, but he could not do anything about that now.

Wang Zhong wanted to laugh, but he realized that he did not even have the ability to laugh. How was he supposed to laugh without a face?

With his current state, he had turned into a vegetable.


Katchirda, Earth.

The lush Blissful Oasis was increasingly popular among aristocrats. Feelings cannot keep people around, but benefits can. As Sister Hong executed her plan, this place became a sacred place in the desert that was full of lust. It was no longer a simple money-squandering den. The women here made a living as performers and did not sell their bodies, but this caused many tycoons in the desert to scramble to the Blissful Oasis.

Ma Dong's arrival had a great impact on everyone, especially the fact that the Dandelions' plans had been exposed. This was not something that could be done overnight. He had persevered and infiltrated two generations of Dandelion spies.

This world was far too terrifying. Their influence was like a young shoot in an oasis; it was far from enough. This time, the Kaiser Empire and Stuart City were also involved. It was as if they were going to fight against the entire universe. This would not do.

There was too much hatred. If they retaliated against all these hatreds, the world would be destroyed. Gong Yi and the rest were very aware of this fact. Their direct enemies were still the Zhao Family, followed by the Guis. As for Milami, Gong Yi and the rest did not have much hate towards her although they were still unsure about this. Ma Dong would eventually work it out. Even if they wanted to take revenge, they needed to have enough strength.

If not, more people would be involved.

After being dejected for some time, Ma Dong did not continue to sink into degradation. He did not seem to have changed much from before, except for the fact that his gaze had grown deeper. To be honest, when he encountered Milami at Martial Emperor City, he had already forgiven Milami. He had just been too stubborn to admit his mistakes and did not say anything to Milami. This caused him a lot of pain as he would never be able to talk to Milami again.

She had died for him. Thus, he had to live seriously and wonderfully. Taking revenge was just one thing he would do in his life. After experiencing so many things, he had grown from that young man who blindly took revenge and lived for hatred.

Everyone was concerned about him, but Ma Dong simply smiled and did not admit the pain in his heart. "I have to suppress the pain in my heart. This life is not just mine to live. She chose to die so that I could live. Thus, I have to live well. Not only do I have to survive, but I also have to live a wonderful life so that I can be worthy of her."

The plainer the love, the more deeply ingrained it was. Sister Hong understood this best. Although Milami was dead, she had been able to experience such love in her life. Her life was not wasted!

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    《Battle Frenzy》