Battle Frenzy
899 Dig Him Out!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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899 Dig Him Out!

Reynolds's idea was very simple. He was a man, and there was no pain that a beautiful woman could not heal. If one woman was not enough, how about two… But after being slapped by Sister Hong, he never brought up this idea again.

Due to Emily's abilities, her body had stopped maturing, and she looked like a cute little loli. However, her experiences over the past few years had made her calmer and taught her to treasure everyone dear to her. Her loved ones were more important than taking revenge.

There was a runic array that Mu Zi had personally placed in the secret room on the third floor. It could cut off any spies from the outside world and strengthen the signal connection with the Dimensional World.

Today, they would communicate with the Holy Land and exchange information as part of their routine. At this moment, the array had finished recharging. The signal array at the center had started to revolve.

Ma Dong, Emily, Gong Yi, Sister Hong, and Reynolds quietly waited for the people on the other side to appear.

Soon after, the communication array emitted a white ray of light. Immediately after that, Scarlet's silhouette appeared.

"Ma Dong, Emily! It's so great to see you." When Scarlet saw Ma Dong, she was pleasantly surprised. "Wang Zhong will be very happy to know that you're fine."

Ma Dong smiled. He had heard from Sister Hong that Wang Zhong and Scarlet were dating. To be honest, Emily was rather jealous about this. She knew that this was inevitable, and she had never believed that Laura stood a chance against Scarlet.

After all, brother Wang Zhong was never interested in chest size.

Scarlet greeted Gong Yi and the rest. Then she said, "Wang Zhong cannot participate today as he is on a mission. But Ma Dong, it's so great to have you around."

Scarlet paused slightly. Once she was sure that everyone was ready, she continued speaking. "Firstly, Wang Zhong has obtained the title of Holy Land Teacher."

When Gong Yi and the rest heard this, they were dizzy and wondered whether they had heard her wrongly. They understood the situation in the Holy Land rather well. They also knew what the identity of Teacher meant.

"Secondly, as a Teacher, Wang Zhong has the authority to recruit followers, including a Holy Land dimensional merchant. Ma Dong, you can come to the Holy Land. As a dimensional merchant, no one will dare to capture you, not even the Federation. As for Emily, you can join the Wanderlust Team as well. The Holy Land is very important in your progress. I believe that Wang Zhong will be extremely happy when he sees all of you!"

Of course, all this would have to wait until Wang Zhong returned. A dead Teacher did not have any value or deterrent power, but Scarlet and Ma Dong both believed that Wang Zhong would definitely return!

When they thought about how they would meet Wang Zhong very soon, Ma Dong and Emily felt that time brought great changes. Indeed, far too many things had happened.

At that moment, there was a massive hole in the marsh area, as if a meteorite had fallen. A large hole that had a radius of several thousand meters and was a few dozen meters deep had been formed in the ground!

Countless taurens, Octopus people, horned hounds, and shadow ghosts walked up and down the hole. They continued to dig underground, transport the sludge, and look through the dirt. Even the pets that were doted on in the Mizobudapi world, like the griffins and the two-headed dragons, had become porters. They transported large mounds of sludge or soil out, to be dumped elsewhere.

They were actually going to dig a thousand meters into the ground. In the sky, Sauron continued to hover in the air without moving. The energy barrier had been sustained for 10 days. All the manpower in the entire Shadow Moon Fortress had been dedicated to searching through the marsh. Thousands of people were involved, including soldiers, ordinary civilians, as well as the young and the old. The Warlock Saint's order was equivalent to a command from a god. To these taurens, there was nothing they could not do for the Warlock Saint.

But even then, if they wanted to search through this massive place completely and dig hundreds of meters underground, they did not have enough manpower to do so. They could not locate Wang Zhong's whereabouts.

In this situation, Wang Zhong had either escaped or died underground, but based on his judgment, the Warlock Saint did not believe that Wang Zhong could have escaped. He had never let his guard down. Furthermore, the human could not have used spatial power. Even if he was able to use spatial power, it would not have escaped the Warlock Saint's senses.

Thus, Wang Zhong had died here. But where was his body?

Had he encountered a ghost?!

Sauron grew more and more impatient. He did not doubt his own judgment; instead, he was quite sure that the human was in this area. However, he had received a reminder from the Mizobudapi Parliament that according to reports from their spies, the humans were going to mobilize a powerful force that might attack the Shadow Moon Fortress.

He could imagine that those who had escaped had probably reported the details of the Shadow Moon Fortress to their higher-ups. The situation would be very different from when the humans did not understand what was happening in the Shadow Moon Fortress. The humans would face an exposed Warlock Saint, as well as thousands of guards whose combat level they were aware of. Having such detailed information was like being fed a fragrant cake. Furthermore, even Sauron felt that Wang Zhong was full of mysteries. Wang Zhong was definitely the son of someone powerful. It was natural that the humans would send troops over.

The news had arrived two days ago, and the humans were still preparing then. Even if everything proceeded smoothly, the humans could only have set off yesterday. But even then, they would take a few days to reach the Shadow Moon Fortress.

Sauron had decided. Even if the thousands of people in the Shadow Moon Fortress were trapped here and could not escape, even if the taurens were sacrificed, he would search for Wang Zhong until the very last second!

"Look through everything! Hurry up! Find the corpse of that human! I will give whoever finds his body ten thousand crystals and remove your identity as a pariah! I will also take you in as my disciple!"

The moment he finished speaking, the fatigued taurens and Octopus people who had been digging for 10 days instantly snapped out of their dejection. They grew excited as if they were on steroids.

In the Mizobudapi World, other than the Octopus people, all the other races were considered pariahs. Once you reached the age of 18, all pariahs would be forced to serve the Octopus people as soldiers, odd-job men, or even slaves. Of course, you could avoid this, but you had to pay a huge sum of wealth as compensation. This was something that only influential officials could do. Not only would removing their status as pariahs eliminate the need for this compensation, but they would also be released from their identity as lowly beings and become part of the Octopus people. You could run wild everywhere in the Mizobudapi World and enjoy various privileges in front of the other pariahs!

In the past, this was something that only alien-race families who had made great contributions to the Octopus people for several generations could achieve. But now, they could achieve this just by finding a human! Furthermore, there were other rewards, including the 10,000 crystals and becoming Sauron's disciple! All these rewards were enough for everyone in the Shadow Moon Fortress to go crazy, including the taurens who wanted to escape their identity as pariahs and the Octopus people who were greedy for the other rewards.

Roars instantly erupted from this hole in the marsh. Everyone was filled with vigor, and the marsh was buzzing with activity.

At that moment, not too far away from the roars, Wang Zhong lay three to four meters underground while wearing the clown mask. He was unmoving, much like a corpse. However, the only thing that made him different from a corpse was the internal temperature that his body was maintaining. His heart was still beating, even though it was beating very slowly.

Wang Zhong had been in a coma for 10 days. Although he was in a coma, Simba was awake. Simba continuously called Wang Zhong and tried to use his spirit to connect with Wang Zhong's spirit in order to wake him up. However, it was futile. It could not even sense Wang Zhong's spirit. Furthermore, their only lethal weapon, the Fate Roulette, had been used up during the battle against the Warlock Saint. Once the accumulated energy had been used up, it would be even more difficult to accumulate energy in the future. He should have firmly told Wang Zhong about this.

Simba completely could not understand Wang Zhong's current condition. He thought that Wang Zhong was dead, yet he still maintained his body temperature. He thought that Wang Zhong had entered a vegetative state as his spirit was dispersed, but his Soul Core was still there. The Soul Core was attached to the spirit and was a projection of his spirit in his body. If his spirit had truly dispersed, the Soul Core would no longer exist. It was simple. If a person was gone, would their shadow still be there?

It could not understand or wake Wang Zhong up. All Simba could do was remain anxious.

Over the past 10 days, besides maintaining Wang Zhong's natural body system, Simba was also constantly observing the outside world. At first, he sensed that the enemy had given up on attacking and thought that they had missed Wang Zhong. They were only several dozen meters deep in the marsh. How could they have missed Wang Zhong?

But the Warlock Saint stayed true to his words! He brought a group of taurens and Octopus people to look for him. Inch by inch, they managed to dig a hole in this massive marsh for 10 days without giving in. How much hatred and resentment did this Warlock Saint have?

Simba rejoiced at first but slowly grew uneasy. Now, he was almost in despair. He no longer had to rely on his divine sense. The layer of sludge was growing thinner and thinner. He could already hear the shouts of the taurens.

Finally, crash!

A shovel hit Simba, who had turned into a mask. Closely after, a female tauren shouted in disbelief. This had come all too suddenly, and she was so excited that she was about to faint.

"Wakalodada, wakalodada!"

How unlucky! Simba was suddenly very depressed. He had already been hit by a shovel; why did he have to understand Mizobudapi speech? The stupid female tauren had been shouting, "I dig up that idiot!" — The dumb taurens treated them with disdain. Furthermore, a single female tauren had found them. Simba wanted to shout angrily, "You're the idiot. All you taurens are idiots!"

Loud cheers could be heard outside. Soon after, a powerful hand dug into the marsh and grabbed Wang Zhong's leg, pulling his entire body out of the marsh.

Hua hua hua…

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    《Battle Frenzy》