Battle Frenzy
901 Soul Separation Technique
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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901 Soul Separation Technique

Tatamu carefully served its target, but the person being served was not calm. It was not Wang Zhong; it was Simba. Simba had also been soaked in the potion. It was warm and very comfortable, even slightly numbing, making Simba feel as if he was floating in the air. But he quickly came to with a shock. He quickly got rid of the enjoyment from soaking in the potion and woke up. He made a last-ditch effort to call Wang Zhong as he did not want to be mysteriously taken away by the two alien races.

"Lao Wang! Lao Wang! This is too much. Why are you still not waking up!" Simba was about to burst into tears.

Damn, it was too terrifying!

The room was very dark. He looked at the various corpses soaked in the various jars and the skins hanging on the walls… Simba felt that if he was separated from Lao Wang and he returned to his clown form, the two evil perverts would definitely skin him and hang him at the most prominent spot in the room. Why did his appearance have to be so distinct and outstanding!

"Lao Wang! If you don't wake up, I will beat you up!"

"Lao Wang, your Scarlet is in danger!"

"Okay, Lao Wang, that was fake… but your Simba is going to be skinned. This is definitely real! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo, I beg you, Brother, please wake up!"

"The headless, the abused, the obedient, and the idiot have all come to rescue us!"

Desperate times called for desperate measures. The headless was the Headless Knight, while the abused was Salamander, as he was always tied up in chains. The obedient was Alice, while the idiot was Big White. Although they were injured, other than the Headless Knight, Simba could sense the other three before Wang Zhong went into a coma. But now, Wang Zhong was unconscious and Simba could no longer feel their presence.

Even though Simba's shouts were earth-shattering, Lao Wang was calm and tranquil. He did not even respond, leaving Simba to wail in despair alone.

Several tubes were inserted in various places on Wang Zhong's body. Besides observing Wang Zhong, there were also various instruments analyzing his reactions. Tatamu noted down the numbers on the instruments while observing. This human, who had been on the verge of death, had been healed very quickly. All the numbers had returned to normal and healthy levels, but there was no sign of Wang Zhong waking up.

A tube that was used to observe his soul consciousness was attached to his head, and the results observed were very interesting. About every ten minutes, the instrument would measure approximately one 'microgram' of energy response, but… this result was even stranger than not observing anything. Even an ant with its extremely low soul consciousness would produce several hundred million micrograms of soul consciousness. Why did this human only produce one microgram of consciousness every minute? Such weak consciousness could not and should not exist.

One could say that his soul had dispersed, but it could still be observed. No matter how weak it was, it still existed. One could also say that he was normal, but such weak reactions were unheard of. What difference was there between him and a dead body? If it were not for this extremely precise instrument, even a Warlock Saint as strong as his master would not be able to sense Wang Zhong's soul consciousness.

Wang Zhong was pulled out of the jar of potion solution and was placed back on the experiment table. The injuries on his body had been healed. The potions were no longer needed, but Sauron and Tatamu could not wrap their heads around this mysterious soul consciousness.

"Shock his brain with a hundred 'volts of biocurrent'," ordered Sauron. He was an expert in souls.

Tatamu did as it was told. This laboratory had the most complete collection of experimental instruments in the entire Mizobudapi World. Its master had collected them over a span of 100 years. Sauron had even invented some of these instruments.

Two thick tubes were connected to Wang Zhong's brain. Biocurrents were different from what humans understood about electrical currents and was one way in which soul consciousness existed. Humans were rather behind in this area of research. They could not even observe biocurrents, but the Octopus people had already mastered this ability.

The two tubes constantly wriggled. Something flowed through these tubes into Wang Zhong's brain.

The 'corpse' seemed to have some reaction to the injection of energy. Either his finger had moved slightly, or his nerves had twitched. However, it was only for a moment.

"Let me try to separate his soul."

Sauron thought about it for a while and eventually decided to take action. This was very inconvenient, but to a Warlock Saint who had experimented with various organisms and souls for 100 years, he had many methods to deal with souls. Did this human only have a bit of his soul left? Sauron did not believe this. He wanted to take out the last remaining bit of his soul and see what it was made of.

The antennae on Sauron's head started to dazzle, and his powerful soul consciousness instantly filled the entire room. Beside him, Tatamu was already crawling on the floor as he trembled and shivered. He wanted to kneel like the Octopus people who knelt to show their respect and fear. This action was very cool, but it was a pity that the Polylegs had soft legs that did not allow them to kneel. Thus, he could only crawl on the ground.

Sauron closed his eyes as his body lifted off the ground, causing him to levitate. His antennae emitted fluorescent light and touched Wang Zhong's body like dense silk threads. The strength of his soul and the light emitted was much stronger than that of a Sword Saint. A massive arcane array was formed and expanded toward the fortress, causing many living creatures who came into contact with it to grow weak and limp.

Warlock Intent —— Soul Separation Technique!

Halos of energy passed through the air. A mysterious sound pierced through the soul as if it was calling for it.

Come… come… come…

In the lonely world of energy structures, Wang Zhong's solitary soul was wandering about. He was not sure how long he had spent in this world, and time seemed to have lost its meaning. He did not have any points of reference to tell the time or any sense of long and short periods of time. There was only endless loneliness and emptiness.

Wang Zhong, who was bored to death, had observed the mysterious energy structure enough times. Any minor changes in the energy structure would not escape his eyes. His consciousness could even enter and leave the energy structure freely without any mishaps. To be honest, an ordinary person would have collapsed from this solitude, but Wang Zhong had experienced the most solitude. In the past, he did not have any hope. Now that he had goals and hopes, he was even tougher. He believed that as long as he survived, a day would come when he would escape. As for the current state of his body, he believed that Simba would find a way. If he was really unlucky, death would also be a form of release.

He understood the meaning of Cellular Cosmology. At this point, he had created his own version of Cellular Cosmology. The ideas that the mad author had proposed were fundamentally correct. Humans were mysterious creatures with shocking potential. They had qualities of gods, but never displayed these qualities and became a low-leveled civilization.

But their highly adaptable souls and their bodies that contained boundless energy were separated. Thus, humans had never been able to display their true strength. The purpose of Cellular Cosmology was to combine the soul and the body into one or, at the least, to achieve resonance between the two.

In reality, this idea was correct, but the current level of resonance was very low. Now, Wang Zhong had truly understood that when the soul was strong enough, it could enter the cells and emit divine power. One could imagine how much energy would be produced.

Of course, this was the most ideal situation, but it was still very difficult to achieve in reality. However, as long as he could control 10% to 20% of his cells, he would see a significant improvement. Not only would this be shocking during the Heroic Soul Stage, but it would be even more frightening once he advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. The greatest burden during the Heavenly Soul Stage was the backlash accumulated when his body used the power of heaven and earth. Once he could control his cell energy, this backlash would be nothing.

It was a pity that Lao Wang had a problem: how would he survive until the Heavenly Soul Stage? To be honest, he wanted to communicate with the outside world very badly. He also hoped that Simba would think of a way. But after such a long time, there was no movement at all.

Perhaps the gods had heard Wang Zhong's begging and sent a signal. The extremely light 'sound of the wind' made Wang Zhong very excited. It was the voice of a living creature speaking the Mizobudapi language. Although he did not have the support of the clown mask in the microcosmic world and could not translate what he heard, all these were not important. He did not care what they were talking about. Most importantly, there was an exchange between him and the outside world. He had not been completely isolated.

The next second, Wang Zhong knew that he might have been captured, and the person calling him was probably the Warlock Saint. But even if this was the case, Wang Zhong wanted to get out. There would only be hope if he got out!

He tried to calm himself down as much as he could. His soul consciousness was too weak and thin. If he was too excited, he did not know whether his consciousness would immediately disperse. Wang Zhong observed his surroundings and tried to sense the origins of this sound, but other than the boundless energy structures, he could only see a vast expanse of white. There seemed to be no way for the sound to be transmitted.

But the voice did not give up. Instead, it grew louder and clearer as it pierced through his surroundings.

Eventually, he saw 'wind' among the vast expanse of white beyond the energy structures. After all, this world was not solid. Furthermore, the source of the wind would lead to an exit. The sealed-off world had been forcibly disturbed by the outside world, forming a path.

Was that a path leading to the outside world?!

Wang Zhong suppressed the excitement in his heart. He instinctively wanted to go through the path and return to the outside world, but his consciousness was too spread out to the point that Wang Zhong was worried that it would completely disperse before he escaped. The return journey was equally dangerous!

He waited for the path to become clearer!

But the sound seemed to have reached its limits. The path did not grow clearer, and the sound also gradually came to a stop. It was as if the outside world had given up.

The Warlock Saint, who was in the air, was dripping with sweat. Only a few people among the Mizobudapi could control souls to this extent. There might be people who were stronger at combat at him, but in terms of controlling souls, he was the best. He believed that the soul was the source of everything. He had never encountered anyone who could challenge his secret technique. During those few moments, he could even sense the presence of the human. However, his soul was spread out in a neat manner. Every part of his soul formed one integral whole. The Warlock Saint had never seen this strange situation.

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    《Battle Frenzy》