Battle Frenzy
902 Glory and Betrayal
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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902 Glory and Betrayal

"I'm going to rest for a while. Watch him!" Sauron scoffed and then vanished.

The Polyleg instantly fell on all eights with its head facing the floor. It was not going to look at the things it was not supposed to look at. Tatamu knew that its master's Soul Separation Technique had failed. This terrifying technique was supposed to be able to draw out the souls of level-8 dimensional creatures. This…

At this time, Wang Zhong actually hoped that the Warlock Saint was more powerful and would continue to call to him. Such an expert in soul control might be difficult to find even in the Holy Land. He could only watch the passage gradually disappear right in front of him. It was extremely difficult to control his desire to enter the passageway, but Wang Zhong restrained himself. He knew this situation very well. If the passageway was to disappear with him in it, then he would really become a zombie.

At this time, a bout of energy penetrated through the hole. It was as though a gleam of sunlight suddenly appeared in a dark, gloomy sky. The golden light pierced through the thick haze violently. This force was extremely powerful, even more powerful than that call. This energy was very familiar; it came from the Fate Stone!

Wang Zhong's consciousness froze for a moment, but then his shock turned into surprise.

He and Simba seemed to have forgotten about the Fate Stone. Previously in Tianjing, when Wang Zhong entered the Fifth Dimension for the first time, the Fate Stone had reorganized his broken soul countless times and made him 'rise from the dead'. This was the Fate Stone's forte. Now that Wang Zhong's soul had diffused to its maximum possible state, wasn't it similar to his previous situation which the Fate Stone once got him out of?

However, the Fate Stone never did take the initiative to aid him. It seemed that it would only 'care' about Wang Zhong at the junction of life and death. The Fate Stone did not react to the Warlock Saint's Soul Separation Technique as it was deemed as 'friendly behavior', but when this 'friendly behavior' suddenly gave up halfway, the Fate Stone finally was made aware of the danger its bearer was in.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As one who always knew when to grab onto opportunities, Wang Zhong used the power of the Fate Stone to stabilize this passage while he borrowed its power to transform his cells!

The pieces of Wang Zhong's scattered soul began to resonate at the same time. Countless little dots began to absorb the light from the Fate Stone to nourish his entire body. At the same time, he stabilized the passageway formed by the Warlock Saint. This meant that Wang Zhong had built a permanent bridge between his soul and the energy of his cells.

Perhaps Wang Zhong's soul was not strong enough now, but this was just like infrastructure. He had built a god-like passage. In the future, he just had to focus on strengthening his soul.

Visible to the naked eye, every rotating energy structure was absorbing golden light into themselves, and they were constantly transforming. Their golden characteristics were becoming clearer and clearer. This was probably the legendary… divine cells!

The ultimate goal of Cellular Cosmology! And the key to becoming a god!


Both the northern and southern battlefields had put a temporary halt to their attacks on the Mizobudapi World. One reason was to solidify their defense line, and another important reason was the appearance of the Soul Circuits.

Both bases were sparing no effort in promoting this. Not only the major participating exploration teams, even the original Holy City Army and the troops from the Federation and the Empire could get their hands on this technique. Under such battle circumstances, it was simply unimaginable how the Holy City could delay their attacking speed for a cultivation technique that had appeared out of nowhere. It just showed how highly the Holy City thought of this technique. Of course, this so-called 'unimaginable' disappeared after these people personally came into contact with the Soul Circuits. There was no longer any doubt from them as well.

It was a simple and convenient technique, and the effects could be seen within a short span of time. Once mastered, as long as one could form a Circuit in the body, it could at least increase the person's original combat power by 30%. Furthermore, this was only the most conservative and guaranteed estimate. By virtue of the Circuit system, everyone's combat efficiency might be doubled or even higher. What's more terrifying was its universality; almost everyone could practice it and master it! Just half a month of practice could bring great benefits and help to all Heroic Souls. It was like everyone's worldview was turned upside down!

Everyone was full of praise for the Soul Circuits. Whether it was the higher-ups or the normal Holy Disciples, their attitude towards it was surprisingly uniform, and all of them thought that the inventor was a genius! Additionally, this invention was comparable to the creations of several historical figures in the Holy City's history! After all, the mainstay force among the human race was made up of Heroic Souls, which represented almost 50% of the humans here. To increase the combat power of this 50% by at least 20% to 30% was actually very terrifying if one thought about it. It was said that people in the Holy City had come up with a slogan: Humans are about to become a level-four civilization. This made everyone in this era feel inspired.

Power was the only thing that could ensure the survival of the Holy Land, so their desire for power was beyond imagination. As such, the unknown creator's status among the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, especially those who were in the frontlines, skyrocketed to an unimaginable height. Everyone could feel the help he brought to them.

It was said that the creator was a Heroic Soul Holy Disciple and an extremely rare super-genius. It was just that the Holy Land had yet to explicitly state the name of the person. This actually sparked many speculations. Some believed that it was to protect that person, while others said that there was a controversy involved…

The northern and southern battlefields were the first to come into contact with this, and both sides responded differently.

In the northern base, Wang Zhong was rumored to be the creator. It first started from the Wanderlust Team. It was said that Wang Zhong was able to kill a Sword Saint due to his Soul Circuits. Otherwise, that bomb he had with him was far from enough to kill one.

In the southern base, Solomon was rumored to be the creator. He was now one of the two most popular Holy Disciples in the Holy City, and he was the captain of the Kaiser Corps. The only one comparable to him was Carolyn. Although there were many top-ranked powerful exploration teams, none of them had the kind of influence Solomon had.

The Kaiser Corps led by Solomon had injured a Sword Saint once, and it was before Wang Zhong killed one. Also, in their most recent mission, they too managed to kill a Sword Saint. This showed how strong Solomon was. He took the fight to the Sword Saint, while Wang Zhong merely picked up somebody else's kill or took advantage of the moment to do it. Furthermore, Solomon had 100,000 troops from the Kaiser Empire to back him up, overpowering Wang Zhong completely in terms of momentum. After all, he was the mysterious prince of the Empire. Some people even said that this was a secret cultivation method of the Empire or the work of the Heavenly Souls experts in the Empire, specially dedicated to the Holy Land.

Of course, due to the fact that it was wartime and there were two major battlefields, this dispute did not gain any momentum. It was merely widely discussed in each battlefield.

The practice and discussion of the Circuits in the northern battlefield base grew heated, but the condition of the Wanderlust Team was in rapid decline.

It was because the Wanderlust Team began to spread that Wang Zhong was the creator of the Soul Power Circuits. Although they said so, many people obviously felt that their information was not reliable. Furthermore, it was rumored in the southern battlefield that Solomon was the true creator, placing the Wanderlust Team in an awkward position. Although they had once created a miracle, most people were unhappy with them. One reason was that after they managed to achieve that miracle, it was followed up by all kinds of eye-catching rewards. The second one was Wang Zhong's domineering actions in the bar previously when he killed Hale.

In general, both the Wanderlust Team and Wang Zhong were not popular figures in the Holy Land, and no one seemed to favor them. It was so much so that even the neutralists stayed far away from them.

Now, the fate of Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, who were their mainstay force, was still unknown. Not to mention all the controversy, if he was dead, nothing would matter anymore. Wang Zhong should be the youngest person to become a Teacher, and all this would only turn into glory after Wang Zhong's return. Now, the Wanderlust Team could only endure and wait.

However, before Wang Zhong could return, two members had already left the Wanderlust Team, leaving the originally subdued Wanderlust Team in further chaos.

The first to leave was Grai. He had been out on a mission for many days, and the Wanderlust Team managed to sense that something wasn't right. Scarlet knew that Grai would most probably not come back. Grai was too serious a person and cared too much. Scarlet believed that Wang Zhong would not be angry, but Grai himself couldn't stand it. He felt that he had betrayed both Solomon and Wang Zhong. He was nothing, a failure in life, so what else could he do?

The second to disappear was Asher, and it was a bombshell because he was the one who betrayed the Wanderlust Team and leaked the Circuits to Solomon.

Asher left a letter to Small Eyes, saying that it was because he could not resist the temptation and that he was tired of this kind of life. He had to risk his life every day, but his day would never come. He saw that he had no more room for improvement, so when the other party provided him with sufficient opportunities and wealth, he chose to sell them out.

Asher was very determined to leave, and this dealt a heavy blow to Small Eyes. She couldn't believe that her comrade who shared joys and sorrow with her, her lover, would do this. It was as though everything in the past was just a joke. Or maybe Asher minded her alien blood.

As such, three of them were drowning their sorrows with alcohol in the bar. Oscar was really worried. He had all kinds of worries. He was worried about Wang Zhong, worried about Grai, worried about Mu Zi and Napier, worried about the future of the Wanderlust Team, and at the same time, he was worried about the young girl beside him who was downing alcohol non-stop. "Don't drink so much. Ignore that scum. It is always good to see clearly early."

Small Eyes was indeed Small Eyes after all. If she was any other woman, after being betrayed by her lover, she would have cried her eyes out. However, this tough girl did not drop a single tear, at least not in front of Oscar and Feng. "How dare that bastard dare to lie to me! If I catch him one day, I will personally chop him into minced meat! I'll chop him up, add some salt, and feed him to the dogs!"

"Okay, okay, you're drunk."

"My ass." Small Eyes was speaking extremely loudly as she continued to hold on to a wine bottle. The light music in the bar could not cover her voice at all. "Vice-Captain. Just give me an order. When do you want to go for a mission? What? What do you mean there's only three of us? Why should we be afraid? We have already mastered Wang Zhong's Soul Power Circuits, let's just do it! You should go and accept a mission now! If I stay here any longer, I'm going to go crazy!"

The last few sentences were extremely loud, and it attracted a lot of attention. On a bar not far away, the two men also glanced over here. One of them was George, the captain of the NG Squadron, and the other was Odin, the captain of the Zoom Squadron. Both of their teams were originally level-four exploration teams, and they had been rather close to each other since they were in the Holy City. Due to the increased difficulties of the recent missions, both teams suffered huge losses. As such, both of them were discussing the details of their merger when they heard Small Eyes' loud and booming voice.

"They really have no class." George frowned and said, "How can there still be people alive in this kind of low-class team?"

"They are from the Wanderlust Team," Odin said with a smile. He knew Oscar; he had interacted with Oscar before in the Holy City.

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    《Battle Frenzy》