Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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903 Score a Lucky Hi

"The Wanderlust Team? The team who claimed that it was their newcomer captain who invented the Soul Power Circuits?" George's eyes revealed a hint of mockery.

"Yeah, they seem rather convincing. You care about this too?"

"The Soul Power Circuits are now the biggest news in both battlefields. How could I not care? The creator will definitely enter the core of the Holy City. Maybe he will become our superior not long after. I heard that that guy Wang Zhong once killed a Sword Saint on his own, but I specifically checked the details of that mission. It's obvious that the Sword Saint had already been blown up. He merely got lucky and dealt the final blow. If it was me, I would be able to do it too," said George.

"That might not be true." Odin was the rather intellectual type of guy. "When the Wanderlust Team found the Sword Saint, he was alive and kicking. Even if he had used a bomb, not everyone can blow up a Sword Saint."

"Haha, I'm just joking. I agree with you too." George smiled and took a sip of whiskey. This kind of good stuff could only be drunk during a Holy Battle. "That Wang Zhong definitely has courage and luck. But to say that he is the creator of the Soul Power Circuits, I really don't believe it. Have you heard? There is a rumor in the southern battlefield that this thing was created by Solomon. It is said that it came from the Kaiser Empire. Also, I heard that this person has power over time and space. The real kind."

Real power over time and space meant the power that could be used in the Fifth Dimension, unlike those kinds on Earth which borrowed the power of dimensional channels.

"Yeah, that's an entire empire. How many Heavenly Soul experts do they have? How many people are working for him? Although the Soul Power Circuits seem simple when we practice it, to be honest, the more I practice it, the more surprised I become. I can feel the vastness of the power behind this cultivation system… I really don't believe it can be created by one person!"

"To be honest, now the two major battlefields are discussing this matter, and they are all eager to get the credit for their own side so they can also bask in the glory. As a soldier of the northern battlefield, I certainly hope the creator is Wang Zhong." But George shook his head and said, "But we have to examine our own conscience. Do you think Solomon, someone with great and deep roots, or Wang Zhong, someone who has nothing, is more likely to be the creator?"

"Haiz…" Odin sighed and said, "Now the southern battlefield really has it good. With a few hundred thousand additional troops, they managed to achieve all kinds of brilliant results. On the other hand, our side has been reduced to mostly defending, and we have been advancing slowly… We won't even get much credit to start with. If we lose this north-south creator struggle, it will be worse for us."

"It's not that simple. Won't that Wang Zhong be named a thief or villain who coveted other people's credit? In the end, if it is really confirmed, all of us in the northern battlefield will also lose face."

Their voices were not loud, but the bar was relatively quiet at this time, so Small Eyes could hear every single word.

She had been holding in her anger for several days, and she was definitely in the mood to vent her frustrations. At this time, she stood up and was about to scold them when Oscar reacted swiftly and pulled her back down.

"Small Eyes, don't cause trouble!" Oscar's voice was more serious than before.


The Fate Stone not only maintained a power which far exceeded that of the Warlock Saint Sauron, but this power was also vast, unmatched, and endless!

Even though he knew he couldn't be overly-agitated now, Wang Zhong couldn't help but feel a little excited…

It was like he was going to a place originally, and there was an infinite barrier between him and the place, so he was required to slowly dig in from the outside little by little. However, coincidentally, he was directly sent to where he wanted to go. Although he was trapped, immediately after that, in order to find him, an extremely powerful person in the outside world made a passage for him, bypassing this barrier. It did not stop there. This big-shot was not powerful enough, so the infinitely powerful Fate Stone came to his rescue… This was like having someone help him build a huge, complete passageway for free!

This shortcut was so good that even Wang Zhong himself couldn't believe it. How could he be so lucky?

His consciousness had started to become clearer, and under the power nourishment from the Fate Stone, he felt that he could leave and return to the outside world through that channel at any time he desired!

At this point, Wang Zhong was no longer in a hurry. The opportunity he had now was extremely rare. As long as he didn't go out, the power of the Fate Stone would continue to widen the channel and make it more stable. At the same time, because this energy had already penetrated his Soul Core, the progress of his divine cells was advancing at a tremendous pace. If he stayed one second longer, his body cells would be able to absorb more power, and he would become stronger.

Besides, he hadn't figured out what was happening outside. If he exited this place and Sauron was outside, wouldn't he be giving himself up? Anyway, now he felt that he had room for maneuver, so he had better get a hold on the situation first. However, even though his broken soul had recovered, he was deep within the microcosmic world. As long as he stayed here, Wang Zhong was not able to see the situation in the outside world, but he had other ways to do so.

Wang Zhong tried to call out to Simba. With the nourishment from the Fate Stone, although he could not see the outside world, he at least had the ability to call out to the outside world.

"Simba! Simba!"

Simba was currently very busy. With a begrudging expression, he was going on and on about his bad luck. He was cursing heaven and earth, cursing Sauron's future kid to be born without a d*ck… Hold on, do the Octopus people have d*cks? Hmm… Then, he changed it. He cursed this shameless octopus monster to choke to death while he was eating tonight!

Simba was enraged. The moment he thought about how he would be cut off from Wang Zhong's face by Sauron sooner or later and then be subjected to endless inhumane experiments, he couldn't help but want to scold everything. Since he still had a little bit of freedom now, he had to at least curse Sauron till he was happy. He was in the midst of cursing at Sauron when he suddenly heard someone calling his name. His first reaction was to think that he had been discovered by Sauron. Previously, when the other party searched for Wang Zhong's soul, he had almost exposed himself.

"Stupid octopus monster, I'm not afraid of you!" shouted Simba, seemingly outwardly fierce but inwardly shaking.

"What a good-for-nothing." Wang Zhong laughed loudly when he heard Simba. "If you want to scare others, you have to play the part!"

"Huh?!" Simba's ears suddenly shot upright, and his sad expression was replaced by a strange one. After that, he was overwhelmed with joy. "Lao—Lao Wang?!"

"It's me."

"F*ck! Lao Wang, you heartless jerk! You scared me to death!" Simba began jumping in his Soul Sea. He was crying and laughing at the same time as though he was crazy.

This was really a reunion after a long separation. Simba never thought that 10 days would actually feel so long. It turned out that Lao Wang was very important to him.

"Where are you? Have you regained consciousness? Why aren't you waking up…?" After Simba calmed down, he had a series of questions.

Wang Zhong briefly explained how he felt Sauron summoning him, and how the Fate Stone eventually intervened, etc., to Simba. After listening, Simba was extremely excited. "Your luck is really impossible. I can't believe you survived this. Anyway, it's a blessing in disguise. The power of the Fate Stone actually helped to transform your body. Ha ha, it seems that you really mastered this ridiculous Cellular Cosmology!"

"Haha, I call them divine cells. They seem really useful. If I wasn't trapped here, I'd want to try them out. Speaking of it, I have Sauron to thank for this. If it wasn't for him, the Fate Stone probably wouldn't have even realized that I was about to die."

"It's heaven's will! See, this is destiny!" Simba's nose grew sharper. "What did I say? With me around, no matter what happens, I'll turn ill luck into good luck!"

"This has nothing to do with you…"

"What do you mean?" Simba grew anxious. "If it weren't for the two idiots coveting my body… This mask I've transformed into, do you think he will use this trick to try to wake you up? Hmph, hmph, hmph. The great thing about me is that you can't feel it even though I have helped you!"

"Sure, all the credit belongs to you." Wang Zhong laughed. "What's going on outside? Tell me about it."

After establishing contact with Wang Zhong, Simba also recovered some of his IQ. The past few days had been really scary for him. He quickly explained what happened during these past few days.

"Here is the Warlock Saint's lair. I don't know where we are, but we're definitely not in Shadow Moon Fortress," said Simba while he tried to recall the conversation between Sauron and Tatamu. Some information could be drawn from their conversations. "That old guy seems to be planning to hand you over to the royal family for money. Are you wanted by them? But it looks like he wants to bargain with the royal family. On the other hand, he also wants to study your soul, so he hasn't handed you over to them. But Lao Wang, let me tell you, you better hurry up, we have to escape as soon as possible."

Of course, Wang Zhong knew that they were probably at the heart of the Octopus people's land. If he fell into the hands of the royal family, he would definitely die. Now, he still stood a chance against one Warlock Saint. Of course, it was still too dangerous for him to act immediately, and he needed to wait for an opportunity. This was also the reason why he did not dare to release his soul.

"The Warlock Saint is not in the laboratory right now, but just now I heard him tell the eight-claw monster that he wanted to take a break. I think that he is still within the compound. You can't come out now. Once you do, he will sense it immediately."

Seeing Wang Zhong awake, Simba was both happy and worried. It was great that he was still alive, but their current situation really didn't look good.

Simba's information was incomplete, but many useful things could be drawn from it. This was a huge city of the Octopus people. The Shadow Moon Fortress was considered the frontlines and far from this place. According to Simba, he sensed a lot of powerful auras here. Maybe they were in one of the main cities of the Octopus people, or maybe they were in the Octopus people's Imperial City. After all, the Warlock Saint wanted to hand him over to the royal family, and he also wanted to negotiate for a higher price. As such, they had to be near to the Imperial City.

This was truly a headache for Wang Zhong. In such a place, he would definitely stand out as a human among all the Mizobudapi people, who had relatively large body frames. It was impossible for him to sneak out. As for forcibly breaking out, that was out of the question. Not to mention the other terrifying auras Simba sensed in the city. The Warlock Saint in the yard alone was an impossible barrier for Wang Zhong to bypass.

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    《Battle Frenzy》