Battle Frenzy
907 The Importance of Acting Skills
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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907 The Importance of Acting Skills

Wang Zhong smiled and picked up his Nebula Sword. "How many parts of you do you think I need to cut off before you tell the truth? Or do I have to find it myself after killing you?"

Tatamu trembled uncontrollably. This guy was the devil! It initially wanted to confuse the other party with other things. That stone slab was its master's most treasured object. If the stone slab was not lost, all the other things could slowly be re-accumulated as long as there was time, but…

In the face of the sharp sword, Tatamu weighed his options and resolutely decided to betray Sauron and handed the stone slab over to Wang Zhong. It seemed that the Mizobudapi people also knew about the stone slabs, but now was not the time to enquire further.

Wang Zhong took down an octopus skin hanging on the wall and put it directly on himself.

These skins were Sauron's prized possessions. Many precious medicinal materials had been used in the preparation of these specimens. Not only were the skins preserved, but they would also still resemble a live specimen even after hundreds of years. The Octopus people were taller than humans, so the skin did not fit Wang Zhong well. However, this was not a problem for Wang Zhong. Muscle and flesh control were the basics the Tyrants had to learn. It was just that it was not useful to Wang Zhong under normal circumstances. Well, it could be said that knowledge would never be a burden; one would always have a use for them one day.

Soon, a seemingly normal 'Octopus man' appeared in the laboratory. The skin was fully supported by the bulging muscles. Although his height was slightly shorter than usual, it was normal as some of the Octopus people were born to be shorter. Perhaps the only thing that was considered a loophole was the tentacles on his head. Although the tentacles of this specimen were extremely well-preserved, it was dead after all. They were not as bright nor full of vitality as compared to normal Octopus people.

Tatamu was relieved when it saw him. Although there was no curfew in Muwei City, the city's gates would be closed at night. Ordinary people, even the Octopus people who wanted to leave the city, would be subjected to thorough investigation. As for Wang Zhong's disguise, even though it seemed flawless at first glance, but if the guards were to look closely, they would definitely see through it. He wanted to escape Muwei City looking like that? That human was too naive! Now it was better for it to pretend to be invisible. As long as this human being didn't pay attention to itself… Tatamu dared not take another breath, and it froze as though it was a wooden sculpture. It prayed silently, "You can't see me, you can't see me…"

"Okay, now get me out of the city."

Tatamu was still praying when it suddenly heard Wang Zhong speak, and it was scared out of its wits. This damned human did not forget about itself… Wait, what did he say? Get him out of the city? Why would it do that?! This was simply insulting Tatamu's IQ.

"My noble lord, you can't do this," Tataamu was trying its best to organize its words and control its tone so that it could sound as convincing as possible. "I'm just a small fry and I walk really slowly. If you bring me with you, I will surely be a burden! I sincerely hope that you can regain your freedom, my noble lord! If you want to leave successfully, you must not bring a burden like me along!"

Wang Zhong was too clear-cut. After acknowledging its reply, a long sword had appeared in his hand, and he directly hacked in the direction of Tatamu's head. Tatamu immediately got the shock of its life and reacted swiftly. It began to scream as though it was a pig being slaughtered. "I'm useful! I'm useful! I can take you out of the city!"

This was a subconscious reaction, Tatamu regretted it the moment the words left its mouth. Wasn't this digging its own grave? But the other party did not give it time to think at all just now.

The sword stopped about two or three inches in front of Tatamu's forehead. Wang Zhong had already retracted his sword in a timely manner, but the sharp sword had already cut Tatamu's forehead. A red mark appeared, and it was so painful that it wanted to cry.

"Give me a reason not to kill you, my patience is limited!"

Tatamu quickly expressed its loyalty, "I am my master's—no, the Warlock Saint Sauron's most trusted subject. Of course, now I am your loyal servant. I have stayed in this city for many years, and I'm very familiar with the guards. I can enter and exit the city whenever I want!"

Wang Zhong kept his sword and said, "Alright, let's go now. Remember, if you cooperate, we will leave the city quietly. If you dare to play any tricks, then I will directly kill you and charge out of the city myself. So, there are two paths for me. As for you, there is only one."

Tatamu's face grew completely pale. It felt that its originally bright future had completely darkened.

At this time, Wang Zhong finally had the time to experience his current state. Although his Soul Sea had always been large due to the existence of the Fate Stone, Wang Zhong's soul was like a mini boat compared to his huge Soul Sea. It was like he had a huge sea of water, but he could only utilize one scoop of it.

But now, Wang Zhong had improved by leaps and bounds. His mini boat had transformed into a cruiser, and his ability to control the entire Soul Sea has grown tremendously. The most important thing was that there was no stability previously, but now Wang Zhong could feel that he had a steady control of his Soul Sea. His divine cells had undergone a fundamental transformation, and it could be said that he had attained the highest level and realm that was pursued by the Tyrants.

This was not just a surface transformation. Whether it was the use of the life gold from the golden men or the blood of other races, it would be a far cry from this kind of fundamental transformation. Wang Zhong really embarked on a bright path.

Of course, this feeling was not only felt by Simba. Wang Zhong, who was in charge of it, could feel it more vividly. He even felt that his body had been 'opened' outward, and he could clearly sense the power from heaven and earth. He could even absorb the power into his body.

Was this the power of a Heavenly Soul? Only Heavenly Souls could tap into the power of heaven and earth!

However, it seemed to be different from what he had heard. According to Aiolos, Heavenly Souls actually used themselves as transits, absorbing the power of heaven and earth as a means of attack and defense. It could be said that they were containers. The difference in the type of containers symbolized the different powers of Heavenly Souls. However, his situation was rather different; the intensity of absorption and the proactiveness were very different. This energy would nourish the divine cells, but not as external energy. However, there was no doubt that he had taken a big step forward. It was very likely that this was the legendary 'Semi-Heavenly Soul'!

There might be a fierce battle waiting for him outside the city. While Wang Zhong moved towards the city gate as he held Tatamu hostage, he tried to internalize and familiarize himself with the changes in his body as quickly as possible. Although he still couldn't defeat a Warlock Saint, but if he came across a Sword Saint, Wang Zhong felt that even if he couldn't win, he would definitely be able to run away. He would not be forced into a corner like before. If he managed to encounter a slightly weaker one, it might even be possible to kill him in a head-on battle.

This section of the road in the city was rather calm. At this time, it was already dark. The Octopus people obviously didn't like the nightlife very much. The pedestrians on the streets of the city had already decreased.

It could be seen that it was indeed the central region of the Octopus people. The residents were mostly Octopus people. Although he could also see other races frequently, they mostly followed behind the Octopus people as slaves. The combination of a Polyleg and an Octopus person was extremely common on the streets, and it wouldn't attract any attention at all.

The Octopus defenders who were guarding the gate really knew Tatamu. When they saw it come over, they greeted it with smiles.

Although the Polylegs were only slaves, Tatamu was the most trusted slave of the Warlock Saint Sauron after all. Even if the Octopus soldiers who were guarding the gates did not need to get into the good books of a slave, they were definitely not willing to offend it. At this time, the captain of the guards smiled and asked, "Tatamu, why are you leaving at this late hour? Did Lord Sauron give you another job to do?"

Tatamu wanted to cry. The captain was overly-enthusiastic; he actually thought of an excuse for it to leave the city. How was it supposed to stall and warn him?

As such, it had no choice but to agree with the captain. At this time the captain suddenly looked at Wang Zhong. This fellow Octopus man looked a little weird to him, but he couldn't point it out. As such, this made him a little wary and he asked, "Who are you?"

Tatame immediately grew overjoyed when it heard that. It seemed that the captain was a little sharp after all. As long as he stared at the human longer, he would definitely see through the disguise! Also, this would not be its fault. If it was the Octopus guard who saw through his trick, the human wouldn't be able to pin the blame on it, and there should be no reason for the human to kill it immediately to vent his frustrations.

However, before it could finish immersing in its joy, a streak of golden light flashed before its eyes.

"The audacity of you." The human spoke fluently in the Mizobudapi language. "Get out of my sight!"

Wang Zhong tilted his body slightly and revealed the Nebula Sword. The Octopus people's understanding of swords was extremely deep, as though it was in their nature. Ordinary Mizobudapi might not be able to spot the differences, but they could quickly see the subtle differences. What's more was that the sword was such an outstanding one. It was a streamlined, golden long sword, and there was a nebula symbol on the sword. That was the emblem of the Sword Faction, and the phoenix symbol at the end of the sword represented the identity of a member of the royal family.

This was a member of the royal family, and he was also one of the best; otherwise, it would be impossible to enter the Sword Faction! The captain clearly never considered that it might be someone else impersonating a royal after stealing the royal's sword. There was a simple reason for this. For the Octopus people, a sword represented one's identity. If it was a stolen sword, the sword would never recognize the thief as its owner, and the thief would never be able to wield it. However, this person in front of him was obviously recognized by the Nebula Sword. The entire sword was shining with golden light, so there was no possibility of fraud. In addition, Tatamu, a trusted servant of Sauron, was next to him. The other party was no doubt a royal. Recently, Lord Sauron seemed to have plans to do a trade with the royal family.

He actually stopped a royal. The captain's legs turned to jelly just thinking about it. He quickly stepped aside and didn't even dare to raise his head. He bowed ninety degrees and knelt down to show his respect. Not only him, but the entire group of guards behind him also knelt down on one knee, pressed their hands to their chests, and said, "Your Royal Highness, please forgive us…"

"Open your eyes and look clearly! How dare you guys block the way of his Royal Highness!? Are you tired of living!" Seeing that the situation was not good, Tatamu mustered up its courage and shouted out the key point. This was its last chance.

However, Tatamu obviously overestimated the courage of this captain. The captain was still regretting his actions. He actually disrespected a prince. Was this going to cause any trouble for himself? He didn't have the time to notice Tatamu's rude tone and assumed that it was helping himself out. As such, he quickly laughed and replied, "Yes, yes, Brother Tatamu is absolutely right. I was too reckless. Please forgive me, Your Highness."

After he apologized, he shouted at the other guards. "Make way! Make way! How many lives do you guys have, to block the way of his royal highness!"

"Open the city gate," said Wang Zhong emotionlessly.

The captain actually did it without even further prompting. With the sound of the city gate creaking open, Tatamu felt like its luck had really run out.

What an idiot. It already hinted to him in such an obvious way. How could this idiot not realize it at all? No wonder he could only be a guard for his entire life!

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    《Battle Frenzy》