Battle Frenzy
908 How to Deal With Countless Sword Saints
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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908 How to Deal With Countless Sword Saints

Everything went surprisingly smoothly. Simba, who was in the Soul Sea, urged Wang Zhong to run quickly, for fear of any unforeseen changes. However, Wang Zhong remained calm and led Tatamu away slowly, gradually walking out of the guard's sight.

As the captain of the guards watched Wang Zhong and Tatamu leave, he heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that the prince was not going to hold his rude behavior against him, and he had dodged a bullet.

"Captain, something is wrong," a guard next to the captain said. "How can a prince dress so plainly, and where are his bodyguards?"

"Do you think every single prince is the core of the royal family?" The captain rolled his eyes and said, "Haven't you heard? Master Warlock Saint Sauron seems to be doing some business with the royal family recently. This prince is probably a messenger. Not everyone in the royal family gets to bask in glory."

"It still doesn't seem right…" The Octopus man still wasn't convinced and said, "Isn't he holding the Sword Faction's sword? For a royal who can enter the Sword Faction, his rank shouldn't be too low right? Anyway, even if he doesn't have a bodyguard, it's impossible that he doesn't even have a mount, right?"

The captain was stunned for a while. Yes, it was not uncommon to see a royal who was down-and-out, but it was really rare to see a royal traveling without a mount. Besides, he was a prince who could join the Sword Faction. How could it be possible that he would go out without a mount? Moreover, Tatamu was Sauron's assistant. If it was supposed to send a guest off, wouldn't it stop at the city gate? Why was it leaving with him?

"Now that you said it… It really seems a little weird." The captain hesitated for a moment.

"Shall—Shall we report the situation?" The man reminded the captain.

"Report… Report my ass!" Initially, the captain was also thinking about it, but he immediately grew alert when the other Octopus man said that.

If the prince was real and he reported the situation, it would be asking for trouble. Wasn't he rude enough just now? Also, if the prince was a fake one, all the more he shouldn't report it! How was he going to do that? Say that he let a suspicious person openly leave the city? Damn, this would definitely shorten his lifespan.

The captain of the guard was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. "You guys better forget this ever happened! If anyone leaks this out, everyone will die together!"

Wang Zhong didn't know that he dodged a bullet again. After pulling Tatamu away from the guards' line of sight, he finally couldn't help but start running.

Being in such a dangerous situation, it would definitely be a lie if he said that he wasn't nervous at all. Fortunately, he managed to keep calm and escape. Now that he could no longer be seen by the city's defenses, he really began to run with all his might.

Previously, he couldn't feel it, but now that he started using his Soul Power, he immediately felt that there was an endless stream of Soul Power pouring into him. He instantly activated his Speed Circuit, and it was tidying up the messy and massive amount of Soul Power as much as possible. However, he still felt a little out of control; it was similar to how he felt when he had just reached the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage. The excessively large amount of Soul Power made it difficult to control. Simply put, the fuel tubing was too thick and too powerful, and the engine couldn't keep up.

Zoom Shadow! Zoom Shadow! Zoom Shadow!

Wang Zhong opened three Speed Circuits in one go, but he still felt that the Soul Power within him was overflowing. There was so much that he was filled with excitement.

Domination Constitution! Light Spirit! X2, X3…

Wang Zhong opened the maximum number of Circuits possible in one go. As such, countless Circuits were activated, and with this huge Soul Power consumption, he slowly found a balance. This could only be achieved by Wang Zhong as he used his Soul Core to power the Circuits. The surface of his body was now covered with dense Soul Circuits, and there were countless layers overlapping one another. Wang Zhong had never tried to open overlapping Circuits at the same time as it was too wasteful.

Simply put, if you opened two Speed Circuits at the same time, the consumption of your own Soul Power would double, but the effects might only increase by a bit, so opening a single Soul Power Circuit was the best under normal circumstances as it would be the most cost-effective. However, there was too much Soul Power flowing out of his body now. It was so much that Wang Zhong did not know where to use them, and his body even began to feel sore and swollen. As such, he might as well open as many Circuits as possible.

The consumption of his Soul Power was growing rapidly, and his body cells were becoming stronger through this process of rapid Soul Power consumption. Gradually, the white color of those dense Soul Power Circuits on the surface of his body transformed into gold, and the quantity caused a qualitative change. Unexpectedly, those overlapping circuits gradually merged together.

This was an extremely special state that Wang Zhong had never experienced before. The difficulty he felt previously in terms of controlling his own body had disappeared at this time. Instead, he had complete control over his body now, and his level of power was completely different from before. His speeding figure seemed to resemble a streak of golden lightning, zooming past in the wilderness. Gradually, he even began to feel that he had started to float. Slowly, his feet were lifted from the ground, and he stepped into the air!


A streak of golden light flashed in the darkness!

Flying was the hallmark of Heavenly Souls. Wang Zhong was shocked and happy at the same time. He was sure that he had yet to enter the Heavenly Soul Stage, but he could do the same things as Heavenly Souls!

The overflowing Soul Power from his body slowly began to come to an agreement with his body, and he no longer felt so swollen and uncomfortable. Also, his divine cells were strong enough now, and they gradually adapted to the power of this surging Soul Power. The golden light on Wang Zhong's body also gradually dissipated under his control, but his flying speed became even faster than before. He no longer had to move his legs forcibly; he could fly solely by controlling inertia and Soul Power…

Wang Zhong ran for hundreds of miles in one go, and he finally saw the edge of the wilderness. As long as he escaped from the flat wilderness, his safety would be more or less guaranteed…

There was a mountain range in front of him. The ecology of the Mizobudapi World was indeed rather bounteous. There were countless huge trees in the mountain range and some canopies which resembled large mushroom clouds. Wang Zhong immediately rushed in directly and then stopped under the cover of the forest. He was probably in the heart of the Octopus people's lands, so he definitely could not run around freely and randomly. This was also why he insisted on bringing Tatamu along with him.


Wang Zhong dropped it on the ground, but this guy rolled its eyes upwards and began to foam at its mouth. It also didn't move at all, seemingly having fainted from the high-speed run.

Wang Zhong kicked its butt directly and said, "Get up."

Tatamu didn't respond and didn't even blink. As such, Wang Zhong immediately took out his Nebula Sword and chopped off one of its tentacles.

How could the soft body of a Polyleg withstand the power of the divine sword?

"Ah!" Tatamu jumped up from the ground as though it had just undergone an electric shock, and a sharp and shrill voice rang throughout the mountain forest. With tears flowing uncontrollably, it screamed, "Murder! Murder!"

"If you scream again, I'll cut off another one."

Tatamu rolled on the ground in pain, but it was afraid, so it instantly zipped its mouth. Its facial features were all scrunched up together, but it didn't dare to make another sound.

"The rule is — I ask, you answer. If you answer wrongly or too slowly, I will cut one of your feet off." Wang Zhong roughly weighed the tentacle he had just chopped off. It seemed rather heavy. After which, he sniffed it and realized that it had a kind of cuttlefish fragrance. "Do you understand?"

"I understand! I understand!" Tatamu was in pain, and it cried non-stop while trembling.

"What is the name of the city we just escaped from? What is our location now? How far is it from Shadow Moon Fortress? Which direction is it?" asked Wang Zhong while he strung Tatamu's broken tentacle onto his Nebula Sword. With a slight swing, a small flame appeared, and he began to grill the tentacle on the spot. It wasn't just to scare Tatamu. Previously, he had been stuck in the swamp for 10 days, and he was brought here by the Warlock Saint after that. He hadn't eaten anything for half a month. Although his body could resist it, his stomach was hungry for food. He had to fill his tummy first.

"Grilled squid! Grilled squid!" Simba couldn't wait to eat it, and he jumped out immediately. He wasn't hungry, but food had always been irresistible to him. "It's so fresh, Lao Wang. Leave me half!"

Tatamu almost fainted at the sight of it. It was too cruel. How could they eat its leg in front of its face. However, it dared not pass out. That devil said that he would cut off another leg if it answered too slowly. Trembling, it said, "We're in the god's— No, no, no, this is the Octopus people's Imperial City…"

"How can the small city we just escaped from be the Octopus people's Imperial City?" Simba tried to scare it. "Lao Wang, it's lying!"

Although the city was heavily guarded, it did not look very big.

"I absolutely did not! My noble lord, I truly didn't lie!" Seeing Wang Zhong's gaze sweep over it. Tatamu's face grew pale, and it screamed: "It's Muwei City! It is the guarding fortress of the Imperial City. This entire area, which covers thousands of miles, is within the scope of the Imperial City. There are hundreds of guarding fortresses like Muwei City."

"It's talking nonsense again," Simba continued to rebut it. "There's like two or three Warlock Saints in Muwei City. If there are hundreds of fortresses, does that mean that you guys have a few hundred Warlock Saints? If the Octopus people are really so powerful, why didn't they deploy these powerful people to the battlefield? Your frontline army is losing a lot of ground."


Simba was just scaring it casually, but Tatamu started to behave as though it was a taboo topic. He merely trembled and dared not speak another word.

Wang Zhong didn't force it to speak. Instead, he just took a bite of the grilled squid leg. Steam could be seen coming out from it, and the aroma of it permeated the surroundings. "It's delicious. Take a bite, Simba, but I think this leg doesn't seem to be enough for the both of us."

Tatamu got the drift, and it immediately burst into tears, "It's a conspiracy by the Octopus people! I heard my master— No! I mean the Octopus Warlock Saint said they wanted to invade the Holy Land, but you humans are also very strong, so the Octopus people deliberately let your people discover this world, and led you humans to attack. After which, they will conceal their strength, so as to attract more human reinforcements. Then, they will make a clean sweep! Lastly, they will invade your human world! So, nine out of 10 Warlock Saints or Sword Saints are hidden! There are not only hundreds of them, there are thousands of them!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》