Battle Frenzy
909 Food
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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909 Food

Thousands of Sword and Warlock Saints… Wang Zhong couldn't help but shudder when he heard this. What kind of power was that? In the information previously released by the Holy Land, it was said there were only around a hundred Sword and Warlock Saints in the Mizobudapi World; this meant that it was at least a tenfold increase! It had to be noted that even in the Holy Land, there were only a few hundred Heavenly Souls who were registered as Great Teachers, and this time only 32 came. What's more, with such a large number of Sword and Warlock Saints, how many high-level experts were there among them? If what this Polyleg said was true, then the Holy City Army was definitely in trouble.

Initially, he was only planning to get directions from him. Who would have expected that Simba would scare him into giving up such an important piece of information?

"How do you know this?" Wang Zhong asked as he was somewhat skeptical. After all, this guy was only a servant of the Octopus people.

"Everyone in the Imperial City knows this… Only you humans are kept in the dark. All the information you have is intentionally given to you by the Octopus people." Tatamu was rather despondent. Just now it was too terrified, and it actually spat out this information without even having been asked about it! Humans were really too insidious and deceitful. It had betrayed its gods; what consequences will it have to suffer? Tatamu dared not think further. "I'm just saying what I know. Some are from Master Sauron— No, no, I mean I heard it from the Octopus Warlock Saint. This is definitely the most conservative estimate…"

Wang Zhong nodded, but he did not intend to dig deeper on this issue. One the one hand, this eight-claw monster certainly did not know the details. On the other hand, he was still in danger. The most important and urgent thing to do was to leave right now. "Tell me about this Imperial City. Where is it located in the Mizobudapi World? How many defense troops do they have? Tell me about the nearby terrain, and how far is it from the Shadow Moon Fortress?"

"Speak the truth!" Simba's entire mouth was greasy, and it was obvious that he wanted more. He couldn't keep his eyes off Tatamu's body.

Tatamu shuddered and desperately shrunk his remaining seven legs under its stomach and quickly said, "My noble lord, according to the map, we are exactly at the central location of the Mizobudapi World. We are about tens of thousands of miles away from the frontlines — that is, the Shadow Moon Fortress. Of course, the defenses are also very tight. In addition to the 120 guarding fortresses surrounding the Imperial City, there are hundreds of thousands of elite troops, but I don't know the exact location of the army. But I heard people say that the Imperial City is about thousands of kilometers in diameter, and the entire place is under martial law. All the passageways that can be passed through are guarded by the army. My noble lord, if you want to escape, I'm afraid you'd need a detailed map!"

"You lived here for so many years, yet you still don't know the way?" asked Wang Zhong.

"How dare you not know! If you don't know, we'll eat another leg!" Simba made a vicious comment as he drooled.

Tatamu began to cry again. This small one was more ruthless than the big one. He was too unreasonable. It already cooperated!

"My lord, I'm not lying! The territory of the Imperial City is too large, and there are many prohibitions. A servant like Tatamu is not qualified to move around unless my master gives the order. Tatamu has been around for more than a hundred years, but I have only come out of Muwei City three times! And I only stayed within the vicinity to settle some matters for my master. Tatamu is absolutely not lying! Tatamu can swear!"

"Lao Wang?" Simba felt that it wasn't lying.

Wang Zhong remained silent. He could judge whether this scaredy-cat was lying. It should be telling the truth. This was a little troublesome. Initially, he expected this guy to know the way, but now, it seemed that he wouldn't be able to find his way out even with its help. Although he had made great progress, he was afraid that he still did not have the ability to break out of this Imperial City by force.

It was a pity that he didn't find a map of the Imperial City in the Warlock Saint's laboratory. Perhaps he should go to another city and impersonate an Octopus man to get a map?

Before Wang Zhong could arrive at a decision, he suddenly heard a loud warning sound coming from above.

Wu~ wu~ wu~ wu~

It was a kind of horn sound, and a look of happiness flashed across Tatamu's face. This was the alarm signifying an ongoing search. Before it left the laboratory, it had activated a secret mechanism in the laboratory and called for Sauron. It seemed that his master had returned to the laboratory in Muwei City and realized that Wang Zhong had taken it hostage and escaped. Sauron was definitely searching for Wang Zhong now.

Had he been found out? There was no doubt about it, and Wang Zhong immediately grew alert. Although he had already run out of the range of Muwei City, there were definitely other fortresses nearby. This alarm obviously would be sounded in the entire Imperial City. Wang Zhong instantly caught a whiff of danger.

"Nobody saw us run here. Also, there are so many trees here. It shouldn't be easy for them to spot us as long as we hide properly, right?" Simba immediately came up with an idea. "Lao Wang, should we just hide first?"

"Oh no!" Wang Zhong's face suddenly changed. "We can't do that now. They can smell us!"

After the battle at the Shadow Moon Fortress, Wang Zhong could still remember the horned hounds which belonged to the Mizubudapi people. Their sense of smell was too sharp. He totally forgot about this when he ran all the way here previously, and he did not use Soul Power to disperse his scent in the air as he ran. The other party would probably find their way over here soon, following his scent.

Sure enough, it was only a moment of delay, and Wang Zhong could already sense dozens of energy reactions coming from the west and south sides. This should be a search team temporarily drawn from different guarding fortresses, so all of them came from different directions. However, their speed was extremely fast, and Wang Zhong felt that they were even faster than the griffin legions he saw in the Shadow Moon Fortress! Additionally, their direction and goal were rather clear, and they were coming straight to where they were now.

"My noble lord, you must have been exposed. It is not appropriate for you to stay here anymore," Tatamu said firmly. "You should go! I will stall for you. I can point them in the wrong direction, I swear!"

Before it could finish speaking, Wang Zhong had already put Simba back in his Soul Sea. He also didn't have time to finish listening to its nonsense, and he threw it directly onto his shoulder.

"Eh! Eh!" Tatamu could no longer remain calm. "My noble lord, you will slow yourself down if you carry me, Tatamu…"

"Shut up!" Wang Zhong's had already started to run. Now there were people coming from the west and south sides. There were two directions left, and he chose the east. After all, the north side would lead him back to Muwei City.

Tatamu immediately burst into tears again. "My noble human lord, I have already told you everything I know. I am worthless to you…"

"Who said so? You are my food."

"Fo…" Tatamu was stunned. It could feel blood rushing to its head, and its heart skipped a beat. Due to the shock and the huge wind pressure, it eventually fainted.

"Haha, it fainted from shock!" Simba laughed in his Soul Sea and said, "Lao Wang, how thoughtful of you! This eight-claw monster is delicious. We can also bring it to Teacher Lan Daier! It will be my welcome gift to her!

"Pfft. You are such a glutton. Do you really think it's food?" Wang Zhong was just trying to scare Tatamu. Fortunately, it had fainted, or else, it would ramble non-stop into his ears. "This guy knows a lot about the Octopus people, including what it said just now about the few thousand Sword and Warlock Saints. Whether it is true or false, he will definitely be useful to us!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》