Battle Frenzy
910 Getting Chased by Everyone
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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910 Getting Chased by Everyone

Wang Zhong could hear the wind whispering in his ears, and the scenery on both sides flashed past his line of sight. This was called 'Multiple Circuits'. These identical basic Circuits would undergo wonderful transformations after continuous superposition. This kind of control and instinctive change could only be mastered by Wang Zhong, who already had a firm grasp on his Soul Core and his divine cells. This was what made the creator so different from those who learned the Soul Power Circuits later. Also, once the founder got the gist of it, there would be no limits to his improvement.

Wang Zhong had already concealed the golden light radiating off his body as he ran inside the forest. His divine sense could extend out to cover ten or more miles under the condition of extreme diffusion. Of course, his perception during this state would be very vague. He could only barely discern some extremely powerful bioenergetic reactions, but he could not get a clear view. But for now, it was enough. Those soldiers who were rather near him were chasing him at top speed, and they didn't bother to conceal their whereabouts. As such, they seemed rather clear in his perception.

Wang Zhong's ideal plan was to hide in the dense jungle and lead them on a wild goose chase. In order not to make any sounds as much as possible, he even slowed down by a certain speed and tried his best to disperse his scent. As he ran, he used his Soul Power to blow away his scent, but it seemed to have no effect. It might be because the other party used other investigative methods. It was as though they had locked onto him as the target. No matter how he tried to cover his tracks, he couldn't get rid of them.

It seemed that it was difficult to hide in the jungle. After giving it a thorough scan, Wang Zhong felt that the soldiers chasing him from the two directions had been doing so at an extremely fast speed. They could fully keep up with him without anyone falling behind. Then, he felt that soldiers began to chase him from the northern direction as well. There should be guarding fortresses nearby in these three directions; except for the east side where there was no movement at all.

It was rather strange. Whatever, he should just choose to run in this direction.

He had just decided on a direction when he suddenly sensed a powerful consciousness appearing in the north. It wasn't only Wang Zhong who sensed the other party, the other party obviously also sensed him. It felt exactly the same as the time when Heinrich and Sauron used their divine sense to lock onto him.

A powerful figure finally appeared? Was it a Sword Saint or a Warlock Saint?

Wang Zhong's heart skipped a beat. The powerful divine sense had locked onto him, and the speed of that person's movement suddenly increased, seemingly flying towards him at top speed. At the same time, the other party's power shot into the sky, acting like a signal to those who were pursuing him from the other directions. At that moment, Wang Zhong felt that around five to six powerful forces had locked onto him. This was really… It was as though he suddenly knocked over a hornet's nest.

At this juncture of life and death, he definitely couldn't allow that powerful guy to block his path. Otherwise, whether he could survive the other parties would not matter anymore. Once he was tied down, the enemy would continue to deploy more troops to come after him; then there would really be no chance to escape.

Now that it had come to this, he just had to charge ahead!

Wang Zhong instantly accelerated and freed himself from his deliberate Soul Power concealment which suppressed his speed. With that, he shot forward instantly, as though he was a bolt of lightning. The soldiers who were chasing him from the south and west directions were immediately shaken off by him in the blink of an eye. However, while this intense outburst made him faster, it also made his location more obvious. It didn't matter though. Anyway, the other party could lock onto him, so he needed to depend on his speed to get out of this! There were no soldiers or blockades in the east. Wang Zhong did not know what that meant; it might be a trap, or perhaps there was a great danger or horror awaiting him, but that was his only way as well.

The world of the Mizobudapi was really strange. It had mountains, wilderness, grasslands, and even gobi deserts and swamps. So many completely different terrains could actually coexist harmoniously within thousands of miles of this area. He didn't know whether they were artificial or natural as it didn't match the geographical sense back on Earth. The speedy figure zoomed through the dense woods and immediately crossed the mountain range. In front of him was a large flat grassland. The field of vision on this grassland was extremely wide, and he could see a large dark red area in the east. It looked like a mountain range, but it also looked like a dark red sky.

It was difficult to imagine what kind of area it was to be able to keep such a wide area lit up in the dark night.

The Sword Saint or Warlock Saint behind him was still using his divine sense to lock onto Wang Zhong, but at this time, it was no longer necessary for Wang Zhong to perceive it via his own divine sense. With his naked eye, he could already see that there were many soldiers who had recently joined the pursuit, and they had begun to chase him from the north and northwest side. The other powerful auras seemed a little far away, and there were no powerful ones at the level of Sword Saints or Warlock Saints among the soldiers who were pursuing him, but all of them were not weak. Wang Zhong felt that they were at least at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage. What's more was that they were riding all sorts of different mounts.

There were huge flying dragons with two heads. When spread out, their wings would have a width of four to five meters, and their sharp claws shone in the dark. Flames could be seen coming out from their noses and mouths, and their heavy breathing could be heard from miles away. One of them could carry at least three warriors on its back, and one of the three would be in charge of navigating, holding an antenna-like thing in his hand, seemingly some kind of detector. Wang Zhong could feel that there was a wave of energy radiating from that 'antenna', which could lock onto him. It was now no wonder that the other party could easily find his position. In addition, there would be a Great Swordsman and a Warlock on the back of a dragon. The two-headed dragons were soaring through the air at an extremely fast speed. Although they were carrying three tall Octopus men, they were even faster than those Sword or Warlock Saints!

There were also snake-like monsters with white silver crowns on their heads. They had huge bodies that were more than a dozen meters long and also carried a complete squad of soldiers. As they flew in the air, they exuded bursts of frosty air. Wherever they passed, even the ground tens of meters away would be covered with a thick layer of frost! This was probably already a level-7 creature. Any one of these creatures would be a BOSS-level existence to Heroic Souls. There were also other flying creatures such as griffins and black crows, which he had seen during the landing battle. However, as they were flying together with the big guys, they seemed tiny and exuded weak auras.

These flying legions that were chasing him were truly too fast, even faster than Sword and Warlock Saints. Additionally, when they noticed the direction Wang Zhong was heading, they seemed to have realized where Wang Zhong wanted to go. As such, all of them tried their best to block his path.

They didn't want him to go in that direction? Then all the more he was going to do it!

Wang Zhong had made up his mind. Although he did not know what lay ahead, as long as he could make the enemy nervous and annoyed, it would definitely be beneficial to him.


Wang Zhong didn't even bother to conceal the golden light on his body anymore. The golden light formed by the superimposed Soul Circuits began to shine in the darkness, and it was extremely dazzling and eye-catching. There was already a team in front of him in position to intercept him. It was made up of a two-headed dragon and around seventeen griffins and black crows.

Their movements were extremely fast. When they saw Wang Zhong directly charging at them, the whole team immediately got into formation. Wang Zhong lowered his center of gravity slightly, reducing the height of his flight while speeding up. At the same time, he stretched his hands backward slightly with his palms facing the ground, and energy began to condense in his palms.

"Capture him!"



It was a mixture of Octopus people shouting and those flying creatures roaring. In that instant, ten or more griffins and black crows perfectly dispersed and detoured in an instant. And in the center, on top of the huge two-headed dragon head, there was light radiating from an arcane spell. At the same time, the two-headed dragon was flapping its wings and hovering right in front of Wang Zhong. With a loud roar, it opened its mouth, and a blazing heat wave with an ultra-high temperature suddenly burst out towards Wang Zhong.

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    《Battle Frenzy》