Battle Frenzy
911 Seeking Life in Dangerous Times
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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911 Seeking Life in Dangerous Times


Wang Zhong was in the middle of a perfect formation and a converging attack that would usually kill the target in the blink of an eye!

Wang Zhong's eyes flashed, and he activated his Soul Power to shield his body. He was planning to receive that attack head-on. Suddenly, he lifted his palms which were facing the ground and blasted the energy that had condensed in his palms forward.

With stronger and more abundant Soul Power and the overall improvement of his Soul Power Circuits, the speed of his attack had become several times faster! Almost instantly, a dozen phoenixes were released from Wang Zhong's hands. They behaved like precise tracking missiles and instantly hit the dozen scattered griffins who were attempting to trap Wang Zhong. It seemed that his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven had improved once again, incorporating many tracking features of long-range combat skills. This breakthrough had laid a solid foundation for him.

It was indeed true that the effect of this attack on Warlock Saints would usually be a mere tickle. However, that was in the past, and his current opponent was a Warlock Saint. Now, Lao Wang was a changed person!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of 'fireworks' exploded in the air, and countless screams could be heard. Whether it was the griffins or the Great Swordsmen in the air, all of them turned into balls of fire, struggling in the air. After a few seconds of struggling, they finally fell from the sky. All of them had good combat abilities and strong defensive methods, but they had never experienced this kind of hybrid attack.

The three riders on the two-headed dragon were also taken aback. They didn't expect that the other party's attack would be so fast and accurate, and the other party had actually rushed directly into the sea of fire spat out by the two-headed dragon!

Instantly, they lost their target, and the Warlock had no idea where to release his arcane missiles. With this momentary hesitation, a golden light had already shot out from the flames.


Awo awo awooo!!

The golden light came at them at an extremely fast speed. The two-headed dragon was a level-7 creature after all, so it realized the incoming danger immediately. It wanted to fly higher in the air, but its own flames blocked its sight. As such, it was already too late when it caught sight of the golden light.


The hard and rough dragon skin became as fragile as paper in the face of this attack. The golden crosswheel directly cut open a huge wound in the abdomen of the two-headed dragon, and its blood spurted out wildly. This two-headed dragon was also extremely unlucky as the attack managed to hit its vital spot. With that, it immediately screamed in pain.


The golden light Wang Zhong transformed into did not stop charging forward. Wang Zhong's mind was filled with all the attack techniques used by the Sword Saint he faced previously. It had to be admitted that the humans had to learn from the Octopus people in this aspect. Imitating their method of becoming one with their swords, the golden light flashed, and the Nebula Sword directly cut through the abdomen of the two-headed dragon. Only after he had flown out to a far distance did the bloody internal organs of the two-headed dragon begin falling toward the ground. After which, the dragon roared in pain and fell from the sky. As it was a level-7 creature, it wasn't that easy to take its life, but it had definitely lost its fighting power.

The three riders on the back of the dragon were thrown in confusion. While they tried to appease the angry and wailing two-headed dragon, the Warlock performed a healing spell for it. At the same time, the tentacles on the top of their heads shone brightly, transmitting information in their own unique way, sending warnings to the nearby reinforcements.

This human was too terrifying! With the combat power of a whole flying squadron, including a leader like the powerful two-headed dragon, they could not even block the opponent for a single second! Other than the two-headed dragon, the others were all directly killed. This guy was definitely not what a team of Great Swordsmen or Great Warlocks could handle! If they wanted to intercept him, unless there was a Sword or Warlock Saint, at least four or five teams were needed.

The signals from this team quickly spread to all the reinforcements. Wang Zhong could see the enemies that had bypassed the previous interception had already directly taken the initiative to make way, but there were greater forces converging, preparing to come for him. At the same time, three or four more powerful consciousnesses had begun to track his position. One of them was rather familiar: it was Sauron, the Warlock Saint who had taken him captive before. Although the other auras were slightly weaker than Sauron's, they were not to be considered weak either.

"F*ck! Lao Wang, I can feel that there are at least five or six Sword Saints or Warlock Saints behind us. There may even be more. We're done for!" Simba continued to ramble and nag at Wang Zhong, "What did I say? I told you not to bite off more than you can chew! We are in their lair! Even if the Holy Saint Teacher comes, he wouldn't be able to escape unscathed!"

Wang Zhong was speechless as well.

Did they have to go so far to catch him? He was merely a Heroic Soul! It had only been a few minutes, yet there were already five to six Sword or Warlock Saints on his tail, not to mention the large number of trained flying beasts everywhere on this flat grassland. Fortunately, none of the powerful experts were chasing him from the east, which was where he was heading. Most of them were coming from the west and south directions.

What exactly was in the east?

"We can't go! We can't go!" Tatamu, who had fainted just now from being scared by Wang Zhong, finally woke up. It was awakened by the 'roasting' just now. The flame of the two-headed dragon could not cause any harm to Wang Zhong, who was extremely fire-resistant, but Tatamu couldn't withstand it. If it wasn't for Wang Zhong who shielded it as it still had some use, it would have become a barbeque squid the moment it entered the sea of fire spurted out by the two-headed dragon.

However, even though Wang Zhong had already shielded it, the protection wasn't enough to keep it totally safe. Tatamu's body was burnt all over, and it woke up in pain. It could even smell the aroma of grilled squid! However, before it could cry over its predicament, it discovered the direction Wang Zhong was flying towards. When it saw the red light in the east, it was so scared that it began screaming at Wang Zhong in spite of its pain.

"What is that place?" Wang Zhong's speed remained constant. There were more and more flying beasts participating in the interception in front of him. He had to rush over before the other party completed their large-scale gathering. The Sword or Warlock Saints behind him were too close to him, and their speeds were almost the same as his. If he was stalled for a minute or two by the converging forces, they would catch up to him immediately.

"Pilroni Mountain! That's the Pilroni Sacred Mountain!" Tatamu was so scared that its face turned pale. "It's the Octopus people's forbidden place! My noble human lord, you mustn't go there!"

It was the illusionary space where the Phoenix God underwent his transformation before his ascension to the heavens. This was also where the Octopus people paid respects to their ancestors, and where they buried the treasures and even the remains of the ancestors from previous dynasties. Under normal circumstances, even the Octopus people would be forbidden to step foot in this place. If Wang Zhong really went up the mountain, Tatamu wasn't sure what would happen to him, but it knew what would be the consequences for it. Entering the Sacred Mountain without permission, even if it was being held hostage, could only mean that death would be awaiting it. For the Octopus people, there was absolutely no place for any alien blasphemy!

Sacred Mountain? Forbidden place?

"Good place." Wang Zhong felt that this was really a great thing. Not only did he not slow down, he even accelerated a bit.

More and more Sword Saints and Warlock Saints began to join the chase, and Wang Zhong could sense them in his perception. Currently, there were already seven to eight as though he was a fish luring cats to chase him! Wang Zhong knew that these Sword Saints and Warlock Saints were all definitely eyeing the so-called bounty rewards from the royal family. It was the same for Sauron. Knowing that the target was Wang Zhong, none of them would allow him to slip through their fingers.

Fortunately, all of these Saints had joined the chase rather late, and their speed was not faster than Wang Zhong's. For the time being, there was no imminent threat. However, there were more and more ordinary soldiers chasing and intercepting him. Figures could be seen running and flying on the prairie. There were people and flying creatures everywhere! Relying on the special maneuverability of these flying creatures as well as the fact that their guarding fortresses were closer to him, they were slowly becoming a huge threat to Wang Zhong.

Although the individual squads no longer dared to come closer on their own, they could gather together to form a huge squad. When their numbers hit around 50-60, they would dare to fight against Wang Zhong.


Wang Zhong had already charged through three waves of intercepting troops with the aid of his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven. As he bombarded them, he felt extremely good as it seemed that his divine cells had near-infinite Soul Power. Wang Zhong felt that his current body and his level of Soul Power seemed to have surpassed the level of his battle techniques. The consumption of Soul Power was a far cry from the speed of recovery. How did he feel now that his Soul Power could not be depleted?

Kill kill kill! Boom boom boom! The more Wang Zhong fought, the better the state he was in and the better his grasp and control over his new power. The satisfaction gained from utilizing this kind of power was definitely unattainable for the weak.

The corpses on the ground carpeted the field, and it was a tragic scene. Another two-headed dragon had met its end at Wang Zhong's hands. Its wails and screams echoed through the grassland, and the Octopus people finally realized that this human was unstoppable. At least, he couldn't be stopped by any flying creature, Great Swordsman, or Great Warlock. How could this human be a normal Heroic Soul?! He was simply a killing machine! Moreover, the last remaining force between the Sacred Mountain and Wang Zhong had been destroyed, and it was impossible to reorganize a strong interception in such a short time. However, a huge frost snake above Wang Zhong was still closely tailing him. At the same time, it continued to release its frost rain in order to slow down Wang Zhong's speed. A powerful level-7 creature, once undefeatable in the eyes of humans on Earth, behaved like a terrified 'daughter-in-law'. It hovered high in the air and didn't dare to close in on Wang Zhong. It could be said that unless it was a level-7 creature with a special physique or special ability, it wouldn't pose any threat to Wang Zhong. Although the practice of Cellular Cosmology was extremely toilsome, the benefits brought by this breakthrough were beyond imagination. Even though Wang Zhong was in danger of being killed, he was very pleased and proud of himself.

That frost rain had little effect on Wang Zhong as this guy was not afraid of fire and water at all! He could basically ignore the flames of two-headed dragons, and he could also negate the low temperature caused by this snake. His divine cells could further unlock the potential of his Great 5 Elements Constitution. It could be said that the door to a treasure mountain had been opened for him, and the only thing he had to do now was to get out of this place alive.

As the golden light zoomed past in the air, the Sacred Mountain in front was getting clearer in his view. He could see a bright red covering the whole mountain as though it was an active volcano. However, there was no crater. The entire mountain appeared to burn non-stop day and night and at terrifyingly high temperatures which could be felt across dozens of miles. Wang Zhong could feel those heat waves rushing toward his face. It probably wasn't just the Octopus people who disallowed others to profane this mountain. Even if there were no rules banning others from entering, ordinary people wouldn't be able to get close at all.

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    《Battle Frenzy》