Battle Frenzy
920 Earth-Shaking
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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920 Earth-Shaking

Sauron was dumbfounded. This was simply unthinkable as they were in the phoenix remains. Other than by using the passageway token that the royal family had received from the Phoenix God, this space should be completely sealed off. No one should be able to use spatial power; even Warlock Gods were unable to do so! However, a spatial pathway had opened up. Furthermore, the speed at which the pathway opened up and the sheer power contained within it stunned Sauron. This was a primordial and powerful process that could not be reversed.

How could such power be possible!

Naturally, Sauron was unhappy. He fired an arcane beam at the human, but when the beam approached the transmission array, it was rebounded by the powerful energy from the transmission array. It was obvious that the power of the transmission array was not something he could disrupt. This made Sauron recall a very old legend he had heard before he became a Warlock Saint.

While Sauron was dumbfounded, Wang Zhong grabbed Simba and Tatamu firmly and dragged them into the white pillar of light.

Tatamu was very touched. Its master had not forgotten about it even in the face of death. Was this something the old Sauron would do? Was this something that any of its previous owners would do? Tatamu pledged that it would definitely stay loyal to its master. It would help its master vanquish the plans of the Octopus people and be remembered for centuries along with its owner…

"Great Master, Tatamu…" It was very touched and could not help but shout without restraint. But before it could finish expressing its emotions and loyalty…


The blinding white light suddenly turned into a beam of light that shot toward the sky. It was as if the beam of light had pierced through this space, pierced through the carcass of the Phoenix God, and even pierced through the entire world. Then, the light instantly disappeared. Tatamu felt dizzy and lightheaded as it was rejected by the spatial power. Perhaps the spatial power could only be used by humans or had special restrictions that did not allow Tatamu to join them. Furthermore, in the last moment before the transmission pathway was fully activated, Sauron and the three Sword Saints had recklessly attacked the pathway, but even the powerful attacks from four experts were unable to pierce through the transmission pathway…

Tatamu landed on the ground and rolled away. The warm hand that its owner had used to grab it was gone. Even the sacred and powerful white light that engulfed it had disappeared. Instead, it was met with the icy-cold floor and the icy-cold expression of its former owner, Sauron.

A very warm smile was immediately plastered on its face. "Great—Great Master…"

Sauron's expression was as peaceful as water, but murderous intent surged in his heart. This human was trying to play 'catch me' with him. In the second before the human disappeared in the transmission pathway, Sauron could clearly see his disdainful and mocking gaze through the white light, as well as a finger pointing at him. He did not need to think much to realize that the human meant no good.

"You have finally come to save Tatamu! Tatamu was guilty as Tatamu had deliberately attracted you to the treasure vault. Tatamu was afraid that you would go to the altar and destroy the corpses of the deities and our ancestors." Tatamu lost its voice while crying out loud. It immediately leaped over and hugged Sauron's leg. Its life was truly difficult. It thought that it could finally leave, but… it was truly sad. Its nose dripped as it cried. "But Tatamu never expected that he would escape. Tatamu wanted to stop him. But… boo hoo hoo hoo, Tatamu has let down Master. Tatamu should die for Tatamu's sins!"


Sauron kicked Tatamu and sent Tatamu flying high into the sky before it slammed into the wall on the left. One of its legs had broken. Tatamu almost fainted.

To be honest, when its human owner said that he wanted to grill its leg and eat it, it was rather afraid. However, once it turned obedient, Tatamu felt that its human master treated it rather well. Furthermore, he was also very tolerant. Its human master was an angel compared to the unpredictable Sauron.

"If you didn't say that, I would have killed you with a kick!" Sauron shouted in a cold tone. He had actually believed Tatamu. However, he could not be blamed either. He did not have any time to spend on a slave. Octopus people were naturally conceited, and Sauron was thorough proof of this.

Tatamu was very obedient. Although its injuries were painful, from the look of things, it would be able to survive. Even it felt that this was unimaginable.

"Human…" There was evil hatred in Sauron's eyes. "I will definitely kill you!"


As time dragged on, the chances that Wang Zhong would be able to return safely grew lower. Two days ago, the spies that had been sent to the Shadow Moon Fortress to collect information had reported that there was no one in the fortress. Furthermore, according to the few taurens that they had captured, they found out that Wang Zhong had been found and taken away by Warlock Saint Sauron. This was equivalent to pronouncing Wang Zhong as dead. Furthermore, his death had probably been very cruel.

But the Wanderlust Team was not knocked down by this piece of news. Scarlet was the first person to not believe this. It was not that she did not believe that the information obtained was true. After all, her teacher had personally sent experts to obtain the information, and it had been confirmed by her teacher several times. She just did not believe that Wang Zhong had died just like that.

Perhaps this trust was blind and unfounded, but Scarlet believed that Wang Zhong was still alive. Even if the entire world said that Wang Zhong was dead, she would not believe that he was dead until she saw Wang Zhong's corpse.

After the news spread, she was the one who comforted the rest of the Wanderlust Team. She took over some of the missions that the Wanderlust Team was in charge of. The Wanderlust Team was one of the things that Wang Zhong valued most. Now that Wang Zhong was not around, Scarlet would do everything she could to protect it. She would never allow what had happened to Mario to occur again.

Even when faced with adverse circumstances, where their leader's whereabouts were unknown, the Wanderlust Team quietly but rapidly rose. Of course, this was not just because of the help from Scarlet or Oscar's wisdom. It was because of the kind support they had received from the dimensional humans, Vladimir, and the others.

It was as if they returned all the favors they owed Wang Zhong to the Wanderlust Team and Scarlet. The typically low-key and reserved dimensional humans were unusually active. The Seekers had also given a lot of support. They established a group of experts and sent them to even deeper areas to obtain follow-up information on Wang Zhong. At the same time, they kindly helped the Wanderlust Team to complete several big missions. The authorities released the people who Wang Zhong had saved, and they officially joined the Wanderlust Team along with Hyde, Vladimir, and the others.

The Wanderlust Team became more prosperous as the days passed. Although they could not be compared to the 10 great exploration teams, in terms of overall strength, they were stronger than ordinary exploration teams. Furthermore, Wang Zhong's name had become a taboo word among the exploration teams in the north base. No Holy Disciple dared to mention his name as it would be disrespectful, and they would get themselves in trouble. A group of dimensional humans would also run over and chat with you while issuing you a warning. The ones who humiliated you were the polite ones. On the other hand, if you encountered the most impolite dimensional humans, such as Hyde, they would threaten to attack you without another word. They did not care about whether they would be punished for doing so. They did not even mind sacrificing their lives to kill you. After all, you had shown disrespect. Anyone who was not afraid of dying and being attacked was free to mention Wang Zhong's name to their heart's content!

The dimensional humans were very stubborn about this. Even a large exploration team like the Phantom Squadron was not willing to provoke them. It was said that the Phantom King, Morad, had even banned his exploration-team members from provoking the dimensional humans about this matter. However, there was no need to do so. The dimensional humans were a unique race in the Holy Land. Although they were low-key, veteran Holy Disciples knew that they were a force to be dealt with when provoked.

Even the Phantom Squadron and other ordinary exploration teams had done the same. If they encountered any conflicts with the Wanderlust Team over any missions, they would usually choose to give in to them. On the one hand, Wang Zhong was like a hero in the Dimensional Hostel, and it would not be embarrassing to honor him. Furthermore, they could not afford to offend the "crazy" dimensional humans. They were willing to risk their lives over anything that had to do with Wang Zhong or the Wanderlust Team, causing everyone else to be apprehensive. Moreover, the dimensional humans were repaying the favor to Wang Zhong, but Wang Zhong was dead. How long would these deeds last for? A month? Two months? Once this passed, the dimensional humans would still be dimensional humans, and the Wanderlust Team would still be the old Wanderlust Team. There was no need to fight them during this emotional peak. After all, compromise would make it easier to solve this conflict.

However, as for who the creator of the Soul Power Circuit was, it seemed like the north had lost all hope. Wang Zhong was dead; who else could validate it?

The Exploration Team Department gradually grew quiet. The hurricane that Wang Zhong had caused also slowly seemed to be taking its curtain call. But at this moment, a surprising piece of news pulled open the curtains once again. This was a 360-degree turn. All the lights shone on this new appearance!

It had been two or three months since they entered the Mizobudapi World, and humans had gradually started to master the language of the Octopus people. The news about Wang Zhong was discovered from an interrogation with a captive who had been captured at the frontlines.

It was said that two or three days ago, the Imperial City of the Octopus people had been turned upside down by a human Heroic Soul. Over ten Saints among the Octopus people had been sent to chase after the human, but it seemed like the human had not been caught as the reward for his capture had been increased again… to 10 times its original amount! Furthermore, this human was called Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong was now well-known among the Mizobudapi. The high reward even piqued the interest of several Saints.

Wang Zhong? He had been chased by dozens of Saints in the Imperial City but eventually managed to escape, causing the Octopus people to increase the reward for capturing him?

When the news was sent over from the north battlefront, the Exploration Team Department doubted the reliability of this piece of information. However, their doubt was quickly dispelled, as similar information had been obtained from the south battlefront. Furthermore, they had obtained the information in exactly the same way. The two battlefields had obtained identical information at the same time. In addition, they had discovered the bounty posters in some small cities that they had attacked. Moreover, the entire Exploration Team Department had already confirmed that Wang Zhong had been found by Warlock Saint Sauron and was taken away. Thus, there was no doubt that this was true.

However, this was rather shocking. Even some of the Teachers and Great Teachers in the base could only stand in shock when they heard this piece of news…

Wang Zhong had been chased by over ten Saints in the heart of the Octopus people's territory. With this situation and the danger involved, all the Heavenly Soul Stage Great Teachers in the base did not dare to say that they would definitely be able to flee, let alone a mere Heroic Soul! But that fellow had managed to escape? Furthermore, he had played 'catch me' with his enemies at their headquarters until they were helpless. What kind of inconceivable situation was this? This was a fantasy story! When the Holy Disciples in the lower levels of the Exploration Team Department heard this, they went crazy.

"Is this fellow really living in the same dimension as us?"

"We are all Heroic Souls, but his achievements are too shocking…"

"How is this possible! How is this possible! He is only a Heroic Soul. Over ten saints, my god!"

"It is said that Wang Zhong invented the Soul Power Circuit. We cannot use common sense to judge him."

"Hmph, do you finally believe us? The Soul Power Circuit was invented by our Wang Zhong! Solomon from the south battlefield is a shameless piece of shit who stole the achievements of others!"

"Speak cautiously." Hyde interrupted him with a smile. After all, they were in a bar with a lot of people. The more people there were, the more they would talk. He did not want to cause Wang Zhong any trouble from this gossip. "We'll have to see when he returns. We dimensional humans should be prepared to get thoroughly drunk with him."

"Hyde, you and your moral integrity! What are we waiting for? I'm going to get completely drunk tonight!" Small Eyes had lifted up her wine glass and put her other hand at her waist as she stepped on the table. She had never been modest towards Hyde and the rest. Even if they were big shots, once they joined the Wanderlust Team, she was ahead of all of them. Today was a very important day to the Wanderlust Team. Their leader was alive! This was good news. "All you men, come and serve me!"

Ever since she was betrayed by Asher, Small Eyes became even bolder and more unrestrained. Beside her, Vladimir, Noraba, Oscar, and the others buzzed with excitement, while Hyde laughed bitterly. Ever since he had joined the Wanderlust Team, he was scared by how much Small Eyes could drink. The people in the Wanderlust Team were alcoholics who drank without any consideration for their lives. If he said that he would not drink with her, she would immediately mention Wang Zhong's name as if he would be letting Wang Zhong down if he did not drink this cup of alcohol.

He pinched his nose and finished drinking his cup with much difficulty. However, he was immediately served another cup. "Drinking alcohol is like drinking poison. Are you a man? When Leader comes back, he will look down on you!"

Dimensional humans had self-discipline, as opposed to the Tyrants, who seemed heroic but were naturals when it came to drinking. When Feng saw that Hyde could no longer take any more alcohol, he laughed and helped him out. But before he could mediate the situation, the door of the bar was urgently pushed open. Scarlet appeared at the entrance.

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    《Battle Frenzy》