Battle Frenzy
921 Tianjing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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921 Tianjing

Scarlet was supposed to be the first one to receive this news. However, over the past two days, she had followed Great Teacher Sophia for an inspection. She only learned about the whole situation from the message that Oscar had sent her through Skylink. Thus, the moment she returned to the base, she impatiently rushed to the bar to clarify the situation.

"Wang Zhong… is it true?" Scarlet's voice trembled slightly, and there were tears in her eyes. She had acted very strong over the past few days, but this was so that she would not collapse. She would not allow the Wanderlust Team, who Wang Zhong had invested painstaking efforts into, to collapse. In reality, only she knew how much she had cried while hiding in her blankets.

"Relax, it's true!" Feng walked up to her and hugged her. She and Oscar were the oldest in the Wanderlust Team. Although their abilities were no match for a powerful leader like Wang Zhong and could not be compared to the new stars like Hyde, they still played the roles of an older brother and older sister in the exploration team. "According to the news, he has escaped from the control of the Octopus people. Although we still do not know where he is, he will definitely return very quickly."

Her tense nerves were suddenly loosened. Scarlet's eyes turned red, but she immediately flashed a smile. She knew that it had definitely not been as easy for Wang Zhong as the news had said. Only the gods knew what kind of near-death experiences he had gone through. She had to be even stronger!

Scarlet conveniently picked up a glass of alcohol from the table. "Brothers, a toast to Wang Zhong!"

Everyone in the bar raised their glasses. At this moment, everyone was convinced. If this had occurred once or twice, it might have been a coincidence. But now, whoever doubted Wang Zhong's strength was truly foolish. He was someone who could kill a Sword Saint single-handedly in order to save his brothers and cause chaos in the heart of enemy territory all by himself!

Yes, he was a hero!

A toast to Wang Zhong~~~~~~~~~~~ The entire bar surged with excitement.


While the base was full of joy, Wang Zhong was experiencing a rather bizarre journey.

He had experienced many types of transmissions. He had tried the low-leveled fixed transmission arrays in the Federation on Earth, the individual Pioneering Order in the Holy Land, the exploration-team Pioneering Order that could transport a large group of people, Mu Zi's coffin, and even the Octopus people's wormhole transmission. However, none of these experiences had been this comfortable and mystical. They were nothing compared to this transmission array that he was traveling through.

This transmission passageway was very large. It was over ten meters in width and height. Furthermore, he could not even see the ends of the passageway. The entire passageway was stable and transparent. Outside the transmission passageway, he could see a long, strange river rapidly flowing. The transmission passageway was like a glass pipe that had been constructed in this river.

This was the river of time that stretched from the ancient past to the future. There were many stars in the river, representing the many worlds that were born and had died. Every world would appear an infinite number of times in this long river. If your vision was powerful enough, you would be able to see the past and the future of the rapidly flowing worlds. The stars or worlds were often born in times of peace but were destroyed in times of war. There were far too many examples of this, to the point that Wang Zhong was dazzled. He felt as if he had vaguely seen the future of humans in a star that flashed by.

The future was full of powerful creatures that Wang Zhong could not imagine, as well as extravagant fleets that were much more powerful than the Holy City Army. They filled the earth and covered the skies! Wang Zhong also heard shrill wails from humans as they launched counterattacks out of fear. He also heard hearty singing amidst the sorrow and despair. Then, everything fell silent. It was as if everything that belonged to the humans perished in their sorrow…

Was this the future of humanity? How far into the future was this? Ten or twenty years? Or thousands of years in the future? Who was their enemy? The Octopus people? Or an even stronger alien race?

Wang Zhong did not know. The river of time flowed far too quickly, and the transmission passageway itself traveled very quickly. The fact that he was able to pick out the part on humans and sense their emotions was the limit of his soul and divine sense. He could not pick up on more details, but the gloom and sorrow in humanity's future left a deep impression on him.

He was indescribably uncomfortable. No matter who it was, if one had a premonition that their race would encounter and experience such a future, they could not possibly be happy. Wang Zhong hated himself for not being stronger. If he was just a bit stronger, his divine sense would be more powerful, and he might be able to pick up even more details from these broken pieces. He might be able to give a warning to humanity. Perhaps he would be able to save his entire race…

"You're finally here."

A warm voice suddenly sounded from the passageway. Immediately after, he sensed an unimaginably vast aura! This aura was very powerful and sacred, to the point that even someone as arrogant as Wang Zhong could not help but want to worship it. The aura was so powerful that it could affect the river of time, allowing the voice to travel through boundless time and space and pierce through the transmission passageway to reach Wang Zhong!

"Who was that?!" Wang Zhong was shocked and opened his eyes amidst his sorrow.

There was a lofty giant standing outside the transmission pathway and standing in the river of time. He was smiling and waving to Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong immediately recognized the giant with just one glance. He had seen this giant many times. He was very familiar.

Holy Saint Teacher! A massive statue of him had been standing at the gate of the Holy City for several hundred years. Anyone who lived in the Holy City would definitely recognize this familiar figure!

"I have been waiting for you for a very long time," said Holy Saint Teacher Adalia.

Wang Zhong was pleasantly surprised. He guided and enlightened the humans with his foresight. Everything that the humans had were built upon the Sacred Teacher's great contributions. Any human who understood history would not be able to contain their reverence and adoration toward the Holy Saint Teacher. In particular, Wang Zhong had only been able to escape with the Sacred Teacher's guidance. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Sacred Teacher was an idol among humans.

"Are you Senior Adalia?"

The Sacred Teacher smiled but did not say anything. He simply looked at Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong did not know what secret technique the Sacred Teacher had used to leave behind this image. The Sacred Teacher probably could not speak freely. Although he had greeted Wang Zhong, it was evidently not directed at him. He could only wait for someone to use his Pioneering Order and send this message to them.

As expected, the Sacred Teacher did not reply. His left hand moved, and 11 Golden Stone Slabs appeared. Then, they were embedded into a stone tablet. After that, a 12th Golden Stone Slab appeared, along with a colorful stone tablet.

At that moment, the Holy Saint Teacher pointed at Wang Zhong. Then, his massive figure gradually faded before vanishing completely along with everything in his surroundings. Wang Zhong felt faint as time slipped by. He felt that the transmission pathway was slowly deviating away from the river of time and entered a distant void. They headed toward their final destination, a cerulean planet that was now engulfed by a layer of gray fog — Earth.

Roar roar roar~!

With a roar, a huge monster collapsed on the ground with a crash. It was a mutated mammoth with ugly fangs that stretched over four to five meters wide. The purple crystal on its forehead was proof of its past respected and supreme stats. It was a level-6 mutant creature that was once one of the overlords on Earth. But now, its strong limbs were powerless. Its massive body flopped to the ground like a pile of rubbish.

Countless mutated creatures in its surroundings witnessed this scene. They had yielded under the mammoth's despotic power and lived in fear of the mammoth. But when they saw the mammoth collapse, these creatures did not cheer and jump for joy. Instead, they were even more afraid. They crawled in the distance and trembled, not even daring to breathe.

A rather small creature appeared on the body of the massive mammoth. It was only as large as a house cat, but its sharp fangs were a full 50 centimeters long, even longer than its own body. With red bloodstains on its fangs and a pair of sharp, scarlet eyes, it seemed extremely fierce and tough. It used its sharp claws to easily dig out the purple crystal from the mammoth's forehead and stuffed it into its mouth.


The incomparably solid purple crystal was easily bitten into pieces by the creature as if it was a bean. Limitless dimensional energy surged out of the broken purple crystal. The energy was so powerful and boundless that it leaked out through the creature's teeth and filled the air while dazzling with electricity. However, the creature had absorbed most of the energy. The same purple crystal on its forehead started to change and grow darker in color, slowly turning from purple to black. It started to emit an aura that was even more powerful and tyrannical than the mammoth's. Its aura filled the air and spread over dozens of kilometers!

It could feel itself going through the final crucial step of evolution. Once it completed this step, it would advance to become a great level-7 creature!

To the creatures on Earth, a level-7 creature was definitely a supreme overlord. Human Heroic Souls would find it difficult to contend with these creatures, while the guns and cannons in the Federation would lose their effectiveness. Even the despicable human Heroic Soul experts would not rashly capture level-7 creatures. After all, to the Heroic Souls on Earth, it was not even worth exhausting their sparse vitality to exterminate the creatures. Thus, to mutated creatures, reaching level-7 meant that they had achieved absolute freedom. They would no longer face any threats on Earth. They were not afraid of anything!

Roar roar roar!

It let out a joyful and carefree roar that sounded like the roar of a lion. As for the weaker mutated creatures that were kneeling on the ground, blood started to flow out of their orifices from the impact of this roar. All the creatures submitted themselves in fear and trembled from the terrifying aura of their king! A new king had been born. It was stronger and more brutal than their old king. Their new king would be invincible!

But at this moment, the joyful and carefree roars of the king suddenly stopped. Its terrifying aura that forced the surrounding creatures into submission also subsided. It looked up at the sky.

There was a shooting star in the sky that was charging in their direction. This shooting star traveled very quickly. More accurately, it was nothing like a shooting star. It was more like a beam of light that shot down from the vast universe. The moment the new king discovered the beam of light, it had already landed in front of its eyes. It was like a large laser beam that pierced through the sky, producing massive sound waves. It landed on the mutated mammoth that had just collapsed.


The corpse of the mammoth instantly evaporated when it was hit by the beam of light. The new king, who had been extremely intimidating, spared no effort in fleeing. However, it was still affected by the beam of light. Its rear legs had disappeared, leaving a smooth cut as if it had been cut by a laser.

A deep crater appeared in the ground as dust filled the air. A terrifying sound wave burst through the surroundings as if a fierce wind had blown through. Countless trees on all sides snapped apart. It looked like crop circles were expanding throughout the forest, forming massive circles of broken trees that spanned a radius of over ten kilometers. The mutated creatures that had been crawling on the ground were all sent flying. Mournful wails, alarmed cries, and blood-curdling screams continuously echoed through the air, but these sounds could not be transmitted as they were overwhelmed by the powerful sound waves. The only creature that was able to stand at its original spot was the new king, who had not fully advanced to level-7.

At that moment, it was no longer as awe-inspiring and intimidating as before. In its fear and panic, it dug its front legs into the ground and held out against the violent blast. It looked at the central source of the blast with unparalleled fear.

At the center, dust filled the air, and the light was blindingly bright. A humanoid creature slowly stood up in the light.

This creature did not seem to be very powerful to the new king. He did not have the life-threatening aura that higher-leveled creatures possessed. However, when the human's two sharp eyes slowly turned to glance at it, the new king who was about to advance to level-7 felt a life-threatening danger.

Wu wu wu wu~

The powerful overlord creature of the Earth instantly turned into a meek and submissive cat from this glance. It crawled on the ground and did not dare to move. It whimpered and wailed as it begged for mercy.

"Almost a level-7?" It was the human Wang Zhong, who had completed the transmission process. At that moment, there was a hint of doubt in his eyes as he furrowed his eyebrows slightly. As far as he knew, there were not many level-7 creatures on Earth. It was only possible for them to appear in the deep sea that humans were still unable to explore or in several restricted regions on Earth.

He had been transported to such a place! This was slightly inconvenient. The Pioneering Order that the Holy Saint Teacher had left behind in the phoenix carcass was probably the ancient random transmission order, which was the basis from which the modern Pioneering Order was developed. There was no limit on how far it could transport people, but there were several downsides. It exhausted a massive amount of energy. Furthermore, the destination of a long-distance transmission might not be completely accurate. The place that Wang Zhong had the most vivid memories of was Tianjing.

He took out his Skylink and turned it on. To his surprise, he was able to connect to the Federation signal. Furthermore, the signal was extremely clear. He opened the map, took a look, and immediately sighed with relief. It was Yunpan Mountain. As a citizen of Tianjing who grew up there, Wang Zhong definitely knew about Yunpan Mountain. It was the most famous mountain in Tianjing and was about four to five hundred kilometers away from Tianjing City. If he traveled over one hundred meters east of Yunpan Mountain, he would be able to see the armored trains that passed through the Federation. It would not be difficult to travel there.

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    《Battle Frenzy》