Battle Frenzy
922 Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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922 Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

The Yunpan Mountain had dimensional lifeforms that had almost reached level-7? Was he too ignorant and ill-informed, or had the mutated creatures on Earth evolved too quickly? This place was not suitable for such powerful creatures to live in.

Wang Zhong looked at the mutated creature that looked vaguely like a cat, which was still crawling on the ground and trembling. It was as if the creature had suddenly sensed the murderous intent from this human, but the trembling new king suppressed the fear and fright in its heart. It suddenly used the rest of its power to leap off the ground. However, it did not attack Wang Zhong. Instead, it rapidly fled into the distance.

Wang Zhong did not attack. He had experienced many things, and as a result, his outlook was completely different. Humans were no longer the humans of the past. They could no longer go back in time either. The present Earth operated under a completely new order where the strongest survived. Even when their strength reached a certain level, they would not interfere with the natural process of evolution.

In the restricted area of the Octopus people, as well as the time and space tunnel, the importance of the Golden Stone Slab had been emphasized. If he linked everything together and thought about it, the Holy Saint Teacher seemed to be asking him to gather the 11 stone slabs and to find that mysterious stone tablet. Only then would he be able to obtain the mysterious colorful stone slab. It was likely that this could be used to stop disasters.

However, Wang Zhong could not guess what state the Holy Saint Teacher was currently in. He felt a need to report this to the Sacred Teachers when he returned to the base. This was definitely something that even Great Teachers would not be able to deal with.

However, since he could return to Tianjing, Wang Zhong was not in a rush to do so. He also wanted to know how his old friends were doing.

"Let's walk through the military base outside Tianjing and go back. I wonder how Barran and the rest are doing." Wang Zhong had diverted his gaze back to the Skylink in his hands. There was a relaxed smile on his face. Everything he had seen in the river of time had strengthened his resolve to become stronger and also allowed him to treasure the old friendships he had in the past even more. If humans encountered that great catastrophe, he did not know whether he would have a chance to see these old friends again. "I wonder how the old principal is doing too. They will probably get a huge shock."

He sent a private message to Scarlet's Skylink and told her about his current situation. After that, he looked up the latest information on Tianjing. It would have been better if he did not see this information. Once he looked at the news, Wang Zhong's relaxed and gentle smile instantly turned cold and dull.

A giant title on the homepage of Tianjing's site was unusually eye-catching.

"The Heavenly Dragon Guards fight against crime. The remaining Assassins will be executed. Helen, Barran, Colby, and the rest of the accomplices who are in Tianjing have also been found guilty. Today at noon, they will be publicly executed at the public square of the municipal hall!"

Heavenly Dragon Guards? The remaining Assassins? Accomplice Barran? Publicly executed?


After experiencing the trial at the Phoenix Sacred Mountain, as well as the fights after that, Wang Zhong was much more powerful than before. Even he had not gotten fully used to his own hand strength. He did not notice that he had grabbed his Skylink with too much force until it broke into pieces.

However, Wang Zhong did not mind. He threw the broken Skylink aside. There was a vicious glint in his eyes.

The Heavenly Dragon Guards were an elite force of the Zhao Family descendants. They had captured these people in Tianjing, including Barran and the rest?

Today at noon… Wang Zhong looked up at the sky. It was already morning. He barely saw the sun in the east through the dense dark clouds and figured that it was probably 8 or 9 a.m. He was now about four to five hundred kilometers away from Tianjing. He would definitely not be able to make it on time even if he took the armored train. However, this was not a challenge for him. Heh heh, he had come at the perfect time.

Wang Zhong's eyes flashed for a split second. He activated the Soul Power in his body, and a gold rune dazzled. The gravitational force on Earth was lower than in the Mizobudapi World. Thus, there was also lesser pressure on experts when they flew. His surging strength fought off the gravitational force from the Earth's core, allowing him to easily float into the air.

Zhao Family, it's time for you to learn your lesson!


The floating figure suddenly shot into the sky like a terrifying air bullet that had exploded, producing a massive air current in his wake. A golden light rapidly flew towards Tianjing like a laser beam.


They were in an enclosed dungeon in the basement of the city hall in Tianjing city. Dozens of men and women were locked here.

They were all unkempt and messy, their bodies covered in injuries from being brutally tortured. Their hands and legs were restrained by Soul Power shackles that were used specifically to restrict Casted Souls. Electromagnetic threads stuck out of the shackles and were pierced into the bodies of their wearers, sealing their meridians. If they dared to activate their Soul Power, the electromagnetic threads would expand during the process and pierce through their blood vessels, putting them in excruciating pain that was too much to bear.

Everyone huddled up in the room with a dazed expression on their faces. Most of their eyes were empty and lifeless. There was even a six-month-old child who was being carried by a young woman with disheveled hair. The baby's powerful cries injected some life into this spiritless dungeon, drawing the attention of many people in the room.

"Good baby. Don't cry, baby. Mommy's here…" The shoulders of the young woman who was carrying the baby trembled continuously. Her low voice was rather hoarse. She had not drunk any water for days. Countless wounds appeared on her once-plump, but now-dry lips. Her past beauty was now gone.

"Senior Lily, is your child hungry?" Hymin was beside the young woman. The shackles on her hands and feet were especially heavy and large. After all, she was one of the most talented ability users in Tianjing. Thus, her guards were extremely cautious with her. She wanted to stretch out her other hand to play with the child, but she could not even raise it. She was once one of the top-three beautiful women in the Tianjing Academy, but now, she was as unkempt and shabbily dressed as the rest in the dungeon. Her glory days were now a thing of the past.

The young woman was Lily. When she heard what Hymin had said, she simply sighed. She definitely knew that her child was hungry, but they had been locked up here for almost a month. Their meals were unstable, and she did not have any breast milk to feed her child.

"It's all my fault that I was useless!" At the side, Colby fiercely slapped himself. His eyes were full of dejection and remorse.

After the CHF had ended, he and Lily had participated in the recruit test organized by the Federation's mechanized battalion with their status as core members of the runner-up squadron. They hoped that they would be able to stay in the mechanized battalion. However, they lacked the strength and the training was too tough. After they willingly gave up, they were eliminated. After that, he returned to Tianjing with Lily. They got married and had a child. In addition, he became a teacher at the Tianjing Academy. This was the life that Colby and Lily had imagined. If not, they would not have easily given up on the mechanized battalion. But now… if they had endured for a bit longer, they would have remained in the mechanized battalion and would not be in their current predicament.


There was a massive noise on the side. An iron tower-like man aggressively punched the wall. He was burly and had a shocking amount of divine strength. His Soul Power naturally activated. There was a buzzing sound in the dungeon as a large cloud of dust fell from above. At the same time, the electromagnetic shackles on his hands and legs reacted. A sharp electromagnetic spike suddenly extended from the shackles, piercing through his wrists and ankles. Blood immediately spurted forth as large drops of sweat appeared on the man's forehead. However, he continued to endure.

"The abominable Zhao Family!" He cursed furiously, full of discontent. "This group of bastards is not even willing to let a child off!"

When the lifeless people in the dungeon heard him roar, many of them started to curse in a low tone. There were a few remaining members of the Assassins here, but most of them were ordinary members who were of no importance to the Assassin family. As for the rest of the people here, they had made friends with Ma Dong and Wang Zhong in Tianjing: for example, the sponsor Qian Duoduo from the Prodigy Society, as well as the backbone members of the Prodigy Society when Ma Dong and Wang Zhong were still around.

What about the chiefs of the remaining Assassins? The Zhao Family could not capture them. It was precisely because they could not capture the leaders of the Assassins that they resorted to such desperate measures. They captured these people to be publicly executed so that they could draw Ma Dong, who had been hiding in the shadows, out. Of course, the Zhao Family knew that the probability of success was very low, but so what? Even if they could not draw out Ma Dong, they could kill these people as an example to others. They would send a warning to those who were still helping the Assassins to hide. They wanted them to live in fear and even prompt them to actively provide information on the Assassins in their fright.

Helen grabbed Barran's hand and comforted him. "Don't be so pessimistic. Headmaster Greene is currently running about. I heard that Scarlet and Wang Zhong are doing well in the Holy Land. Perhaps Headmaster Greene will eventually find a way to ask them for help."

"That is too naive," a chubby man weakly said. "Headmaster Greene has some status in the Federation, but he does not have any power to influence anything. Those on top might treat him politely, but they will definitely not punish the Zhao Family just for him. Furthermore, there was a notice. We will be executed in thirty minutes. Heh heh. This time, we are— done for."

The chubby man was Qian Duoduo. He did not have any shackles on his hands and feet that were used to restrict Casted Souls. He was not a soldier, but he was no longer as fat as before. It was obvious that he had slimmed down significantly. He was one of the first few people to be captured in this wide-scale manhunt. Back then, Ma Dong had looked for him after being released from prison. The fact that he had passed Ma Dong a warning note had been exposed. Thus, this was not unexpected.

"Don't hope that we will be saved. Even if Wang Zhong and Scarlet have some sort of authority in the Holy Land, they will be too late to help. Just pray that the gun will be accurate when we are executed so that we will be spared any more suffering." There was no fear in Qian Duoduo's eyes. Instead, there was playfulness and excitement in his eyes. "Perhaps Wang Zhong will be able to take revenge for us one day!"

"That's right! We will not die in vain. Senior Wang Zhong and the Assassins will definitely uproot the Zhao Family and turn those bastards into minced meat!"

"Senior Wang Zhong will definitely be able to do it!"

The people in the dungeon started to respond. Then, they heard the door open. A small, boorish guy with a mustache walked in with a large group of people.

The guy seemed to have heard the angry shouts from these people. He simply smiled. "Why are you making a terrible racket? Are you expecting a mere remaining member of the Assassins, a mere Heroic Soul, to take revenge for you? Heh heh heh heh, what an ignorant pile of trash. You can pursue these unrealistic dreams on your way to the underworld. Time to send you on your way!"

There was a middle-aged man standing in the center of the public square in the Tianjing municipal hall. He had a clean face, and his swept-back hair was glossy. He stood right in front of the municipal hall, surrounded by the Chairman of Tianjing as well as the members of Parliament, like how the moon was surrounded by stars. They eagerly fawned on the middle-aged man.

Zhao Wuji was third-in-charge of the Zhao Family and the eldest son of the Zhao Family leader. He was in charge of the elite Heavenly Dragon Guards from the Zhao Family as well as punishments issued by the Zhao Family. He had spent many years controlling massive amounts of authority. Thus, he was not afraid of any threats against him. Zhao Wuji was definitely one of the top figures, even in the Federation.

This time, it was his idea to kill these people as a warning to the rest. In reality, he wanted to punish Greene the most as he had helped the Assassins many times. However, this was rejected by the higher-ups in his family. After all, Scarlet had the support of a Great Teacher in the Holy City. The Zhao Family definitely did not want to throw their image away for these types of people unless they were truly desperate. In the end, they had captured a large group of hopeless soldiers. There was some regret on Zhao Wuji's face, but he could not do anything. The Zhao Family was brilliant in the past, but now, they did not even have any Great Teachers in the Holy City. They could not even reach Great Teacher Sophia's level; this was definitely not a good sign for them. Now, they did not even dare to kill a person because he was a relative of Sophia's disciple. The Zhao Family truly was… changing with every generation.

Zhao Wuji sighed softly. In front of him, there were 10 marksmen in charge of the executions. They were wiping the Barrett guns in their hands. They would hit the captive's head in one shot, killing them without any pain. This was a form of humanity when the Federation executed people.

Among the people in the public square, many of them had expressions of grief and indignation. Almost everyone in Tianjing had received various forms of welfare after the Tianjing Academy achieved good results in the CHF. They remembered the wonderful sight when the Tianjing Academy returned in glory. They remembered how excited and honored Tianjing was when the various rewards were given out. Back then, Barran, Helen, Lily, and the rest were heroes to Tianjing City. But in the blink of an eye, these Tianjing heroes had become prisoners who were about to be publicly executed.

Even the ordinary Tianjing citizens felt that their beliefs had been trampled on, let alone the close friends of these people. Furthermore, as a result of the Zhao Family coming to Tianjing to hunt down the remaining Assassins, people started to discriminate against those who held different views, reaping benefits for the Zhao Family amidst the chaos. Thus, many people were now involved. Barran and the rest were simply the tip of the iceberg. There were many more people who had been wrongly put to death as a result. It was as if everyone had suddenly realized that the dark era was not over. To major figures like the Zhao Family, there was no difference between ordinary citizens and the mutated humans in migrant camps outside the city.

Equality among Federation citizens? Legal systems and laws? Don't be naive. These were all empty talk in the face of true power. Not only did the Tianjing City government not punish the Zhao Family for their actions, they even protected them in the name of 'fairness'. They found various flaws and holes in the rules and regulations. The law would always only be applicable to the weak.

Several dozen captives waiting to be executed were brought to the center of the public square. The first wave of "leaders", which consisted of 10 people including Barran, Helen, Colby, Lily, and Qian Duoduo, would be the first batch to be executed. The powerful guards pushed them to the front and forced them to line up. The chattering crowd immediately turned quiet.

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    《Battle Frenzy》