Battle Frenzy
923 Eliminate the Zhao Family!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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923 Eliminate the Zhao Family!

They had protested, fought, and worked hard. They had tried everything, but it was all useless. Even after the parents of Helen and Barran, as well as thousands of citizens in Tianjing, wrote letters pleading for mercy, there was no response after these letters were delivered to the higher-ups in the Federation. On the contrary, Helen and Barran's parents were also apprehended. They were now standing behind Barran and the rest. Their hands and feet were also spread, waiting to be executed as accomplices.

To Zhao Wuji, the emotions of the citizens were not worth his attention. He simply waved his hand slightly. The small man with a mustache, who was in charge of executing orders for him, nodded his head. He shouted loudly at the surrounding crowd with a cocky tone, "According to the Heavenly Dragon Guards' Commander-in-Chief, Lord Zhao Wuji, the remaining Assassins who will now be executed are Barran, Helen, Qian Duoduo, and the others. Everyone, take a good look! To anyone who dares to help the remaining Assassins hide their whereabouts, you will suffer the same fate! Kneel down!"

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

The guards used their hands and legs to push or kick the 10 people, forcing them to kneel on the ground. Their Soul Power was restricted, and they could not fight back. They immediately knelt on the ground in a straight row. However, only Barran, who was in the center, stood with his legs fully straightened as if his legs were filled with steel.

The small man with a mustache furrowed his eyebrows.

"You'd better kneel down!" Two guards who were in charge of controlling Barran started to sweat. They raised their legs and fiercely kicked Barran's knees, but it was as if they were kicking a sturdy steel pillar.

He could not use his Soul Power, but this did not mean that Barran, a heavy soldier who had displayed his skills in the CHF, could not fight back. His body was equally strong. These ordinary guards would not be able to easily bring him under control just by relying on their physical strength. He had been a Captain for one year in Tianjing Academy. He was no longer a newbie who could only mutter behind Wang Zhong and Ma Dong. He was intimidating in his own way. He looked at the two guards like a fierce tiger, causing the two guards to take a step back in shock. He coldly said, "If you want to kill me, then kill me!"

"Men should have respect for themselves and not easily kneel to others. We can kneel to the heaven and to the earth, but how can we kneel to these bastards from the Zhao Family! How ludicrous!" Someone among the captives started to laugh out loud. It was Hymin's father.

"That's right. If you want to kill us, then kill us! What nonsense is this! Sons of the Zhao Family, once you kill us, someone will take revenge on you!"

Someone in the crowd also responded. The quiet public square instantly livened up as if a fuse had been lit. Amidst these emotions, some people started to resist the guards who were maintaining order at the public hall. The scene turned extremely noisy.

"Captain Barran is good! He is not the shame of Tianjing!"

"Why are you pushing me! You lackey for the Zhao Family!"

"Are you a Tianjing guard or a lackey of the Zhao Family? You're wasting the taxes that the citizens of Tianjing have paid!"

Some of the guards were ashamed as their relatives were among the people shouting in the crowd. They lost control of the situation. The small man with a mustache and Chairman Rex both started to sweat. They were minor figures here. Even though Rex was the Chairman of Tianjing and seemed to have a lot of authority, he was only protected by the law and his identity. He was helpless when faced with an excited and furious crowd. He did not dare to issue any mandatory orders either.

Zhao Wuji simply laughed coldly and snapped his fingers.

Bang bang! Crack crack…

There were two low sounds, followed by the sound of bone cracking that echoed clearly through the chattering. Barran felt that his knees had been severely injured. He instantly lost all feeling in his two legs and collapsed to the floor with a plop.

At the same time, Zhao Wuji clapped.

Behind him, dozens of Heavenly Dragon Guards walked out to the line. The people who were causing an uproar were immediately punched and kicked. These were a group of Heroic Soul soldiers. Although they were few in number, ordinary people were no match for them. The protesters standing at the very front were immediately badly battered and fell to the ground.

The people sighed mournfully or shouted in anger, but they could not fight back against absolute power. The smell of blood and mournful wails filled the air, causing the noisy crowd to quickly quiet down. Not only were the ordinary people quiet, even Barran and the rest, who were filled with grief and rage, fell silent. It was satisfying to shout, but if they incited the emotions of the ordinary people, it would be of no use besides causing them to die in vain.

Absolute strength represented absolute authority.

"If there are any other protesters, they will be killed without hesitation!" Zhao Wuji's cold voice sounded throughout the public square. "Don't think that the law excuses the masses. This is the consequence of opposing the Zhao Family. No one will save you!"

"Oh really?"

Just as Zhao Wuji finished speaking, an even colder and more threatening voice suddenly sounded in the distance.

Zhao Wuji furrowed his eyebrows slightly. This challenge was different from the angry chattering on the ground, making him feel slightly threatened.

Who was that? Who dared to threaten him with such a tone?!

He looked up. He saw a golden light streaking across the sky and flying towards him.

What was that?

Zhao Wuji squinted. The golden light was very blinding, causing him to stretch out his hand and shield his eyes from the light. However, before he could fully shield his eyes, the golden light had arrived in front of him.


No one had seen where this golden light had come from or what it was. They simply felt the ground tremble. A fierce blast caused countless people in front of the municipal hall flying. People collapsed all around.

The members of parliament, guards, and Heavenly Dragon Guards swayed from the blast. When they recovered from the shock, they saw a young man standing where Zhao Wuji was originally standing. Underneath his feet was a mutilated corpse, wearing the Commander-in-Chief's bright uniform that was now shredded. Flesh was mixed in with dirt, making it seem like a dyeing factory had splattered colorful paint everywhere.

"Commander… Commander-in-Chief?!" The small man with a mustache, who had been sent flying by the blast, was shocked. Was that mutilated corpse Commander-in-Chief Zhao Wuji? He—he—he was dead?!

The first ones to react were the dozens of Heavenly Dragon Guards. As elite soldiers who had been trained by the Zhao Family and had pledged their undying loyalty to them, they were not afraid of anything. When they saw that Zhao Wuji was dead, their first reaction was to fight their enemy with all their might. Those who had guns took out their guns, while those who had knives drew their knives. They leaped from the ground, but before they could start their counterattack, the young man in the center raised his hand. A golden light immediately shot out and engulfed his surroundings.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The ordinary people saw that the extremely powerful Heavenly Dragon Guards had frozen. They stood where they were without moving. It was extremely strange.

Everyone was dumbstruck and could not recover from their shock. Someone swallowed their saliva silently. There was a soft gulp.


Several dozen heads tumbled down their shoulders. The public square was littered with corpses everywhere.

Silence filled the surroundings. The small man with a mustache, who had fallen to the ground, was the only person from the Zhao Family who was still alive. Zhao Wuji was his uncle and his greatest support in climbing up the ranks. But now, Zhao Wuji had died in front of his eyes. His enemy was standing right in front of him, but he could not think of any way to avenge Zhao Wuji.

He could not even stand up, let alone take revenge. His legs trembled continuously as if he was down with malaria. He pointed at the young man and wanted to say something, but his fingers and mouth were shaking. He could not say anything.

Beside him, Chairman Rex said in a trembling voice, "Who—who are you? You actually dare to—"


The golden light flashed without any hesitation. No one saw what exactly the young man had done. He was engulfed by a golden light, making him as blinding as a god that people could not look closely at. However, Chairman Rex, who had spoken too much, was beheaded. His head tumbled down and rolled next to the small man with a mustache.

The young man looked at the small man. He slowly said in a cold tone, "Go back and tell the leader of the Zhao Family to wash his head and wait. I will personally go to the Heavenly Dragon City in five days to take his head!"


The small man with a mustache blanked out. He felt his pants growing warm and wet. A foul smell filled the air. He had wet his pants.

"Go away!" The young man kicked the small man with a mustache. The small man heard the sound of his bones cracking from the back. Right after, he was sent flying into the sky. He flew past a large group of people and landed hundreds of meters away.

Barran and the rest were stunned. They were sure that they would definitely die, but where had this person appeared from? He dared to directly kill Zhao Wuji and Chairman Rex and even announced that he would go to the Heavenly Dragon City for the head of the Zhao Family's leader. Who was he? He was extremely intimidating and strong. The Commander-in-Chief of the Heavenly Dragon Guards was probably a Semi-Heavenly Soul, but he could not even fight back. Furthermore, this person's voice sounded very familiar!

The golden light shone again. The young man attacked for the last time and accurately controlled the light.

Crash bang bang…

Barran and the others saw that the shackles on their hands and legs had been completely broken and fell to the ground. However, they were not injured at all. The dozens of people who had been haphazardly gathered together were instantly released. To Barran and the rest, this kind of power was terrifying and beyond their imagination.

The young man's intimidating aura dispersed as the golden light slowly vanished, clearly revealing his appearance.

There was a gentle smile on the young man's face. He was a completely different person from the frightening god of war who had killed his enemies decisively, causing people to tremble in fear and not be able to look at him directly.

When they saw this face, Barran, Helen, Colby, Lily, and the rest immediately felt tears in their eyes. This face was all too familiar to them. Not only was this face familiar to them, but all the citizens of Tianjing who were present also knew this face. They had seen this heroic figure lead the Tianjing squadron through many difficulties during the CHF. Back then, the videos of every battle were things for the people of Tianjing to boast about. Every detail of the battle that involved the Tianjing squadron was repeatedly deliberated, worshiped, and learned by the people of Tianjing. They had watched the battles countless times.

Wang Zhong!

The crowd, which had just quietened down, instantly surged with excitement. Who didn't recognize this young man? He had not changed at all from the videos. Time had no effect on his face. However, everyone had thought that Wang Zhong would never return again.

Wang Zhong helped Barran up. His Soul Power surged into Barran, and the energy from his divine cells healed Barran's wounds. "I'm back."

At that moment, Barran was so moved that he could not speak. He could not control the tears that flowed. He was like a child. "Senior."

Wang Zhong smiled. Barran had grown even taller and was now two heads taller than Wang Zhong. He had also grown more robust. Wang Zhong lightly patted Barran's back. "Relax. This time, I will absolve all your debts!"


Information spread very quickly through Skylink. The news that Wang Zhong had appeared in Tianjing, killed Zhao Wuji, and threatened to take the head of the Zhao Family's leader in five days quickly spread throughout the Federation.

This was major news. Who was the Zhao Family? The Zhao Family was one of the 10 Great Families in the Federation. One hundred years had passed, but no one was able to move the 10 Great Families from their position in the Federation. In fact, it was impossible to move them, let alone kill them and cause the world to turn upside down!

This was too aggressive, too intimidating, and too outrageous. This was simply unthinkable. At the same time, videos of Wang Zhong killing Zhao Wuji and the Heavenly Dragon Guards within seconds started to spread on Skylink. It was very satisfying. As expected of the All-Mouthy King who brought a miracle to the Federation and had returned from the legendary Holy Land, he was this relentless!

Everyone, from the civilians to the higher-ups, was stirred, but not many people dared to comment on Skylink. After the CHF, the conflict between Wang Zhong, the Assassins, the Zhao Family, and the Gui Family caused a storm in the Federation. Some used this chance to verbally assault the Zhao Family, the Gui Family, and the Federation on Skylink without restraint. Eventually, some of them were captured, while others disappeared. In the end, it was of no use.

The other great families kept silent as they knew the truth. The present Wang Zhong was not a rookie at the CHF that they could make use of. Similarly, the higher-ups in the great families were observing the situation in the Holy Land. The current Wang Zhong could be said to be one of the most valued people in the Holy Land. He had entered the core of the Holy Land. Under normal circumstances, he would become a Great Teacher in the future. He could potentially advance even further.

The restrictions and rules in the Federation were useless. In reality, no matter whether the Zhao Family eliminated Wang Zhong, or Wang Zhong eliminated the Zhao Family, it was beneficial to the great families.

When the rules were the same, the rest relied on strength. The weak were the prey of the strong, and the victor would emerge as king. However, Wang Zhong was an individual facing a well-established family. After all, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had not advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. He was being rash and too impatient.

As one of the 10 Great Families, even if they had weakened, they would definitely have a Heavenly Soul expert guarding their gates. This was Zhao Ba.

He was a guard for the Zhao Family. He was an old monster and a Heavenly Soul Stage soldier who had lived for over a hundred years. It was said that he had taken good care of himself and could put up a fight. He could even be considered the stabilizing force of the Zhao Family.

The footage was being played in a vast meeting hall. In the video, Wang Zhong emitted a golden light as he stepped on the clouds and descended from the sky. The scene where he killed Zhao Wuji in seconds was extremely blinding. An old man with white hair and a robust middle-aged man with a beard were watching the footage. Beside them, the leader of the Zhao Family, Zhao Wuxin, was respectfully accompanying them.

The robust bearded man did not seem like someone from the Federation. Instead, he looked like he was from Tutankhamun. His skin was dark, and there was a short braid on his hair. He only gave the final verdict when the video ended. He furrowed his eyebrows and spoke in poor Federation language, "Indeed, he is not a Heavenly Soul. Even though he flew here, he did not use the laws created by the power of the heaven and the earth. Instead, he forcefully used his Soul Power to create an air current to support him. However, if he is able to do this, he is probably a peak Heroic Soul. After all, he returned from the fierce Holy Battle. He probably has a powerful weapon in possession. He seems slightly troublesome."

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    《Battle Frenzy》