Battle Frenzy
927 Fighting a Higher Level
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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927 Fighting a Higher Level

On Earth, he was definitely a legendary figure. Even though everyone knew that the Zhao Family would definitely have a Heavenly Soul expert on guard, but when they personally went to their palace and saw the legendary Heavenly Soul expert appear in front of their eyes, their shock was unimaginable.

It was evident that this dark-skinned person was from the Zhao Family. He was simply a helper who had been invited. He was the white ray of light who had swept past and caught Zhao Wuxin. At that moment, Zhao Wuxin slowly got up.

He was almost seventy years old, but his body emitted a layer of Soul Power with a golden shine, and it flowed into his surroundings, forming shockwaves. There was a divine light surging in his eyes. Almost no signs of old age could be seen on his face. Instead, he was extremely dignified. He turned to the spot where a dust cloud had formed from the crash. Without even having to look, he used his divine sense and knew that the measly Heroic Soul had not been injured from the crash and that his aura had not weakened. On the contrary, this Heroic Soul grew even more excited as two experts had appeared at the same time. He was gradually growing stronger.

This Heroic Soul had strong defenses, but he was weak in attack.

Zhao Ba silently made a preliminary deduction. Since the Heroic Soul was not able to kill Zhao Wuxin in a few seconds, he was weak in attack. However, since he was able to defend against Zha Muzha, his defenses were very strong. It was no wonder that this Heroic Soul was rather well-known in the Holy City. He had his own talents and was able to endure an attack from a Heavenly Soul expert without being injured. This was indeed unusual.

Meanwhile, everyone around them was shocked.

Two great Heavenly Souls! There were two great Heavenly Souls!

Not only had they gathered thousands of troops, they had even activated two great Heavenly Souls. They did not seem as if they were facing a mere Heroic Soul. It seemed more like two great families were about to go to war! They had thought that if a Heroic Soul like Wang Zhong caused trouble, it would be extremely exciting if the hidden Heavenly Soul from the Zhao Family appeared. Who knew that two of them would appear?

Meanwhile, in the cabin, Arnold and the rest were shocked by the thousands of troops that had appeared and broke out in a cold sweat. At this moment, their mouths fell wide open. No matter how confident Wang Zhong appeared, when they saw the two god-like figures, their adoration for their idol was suppressed in a matter of minutes.

"Do—do we want to secretly run away?" A new member blurted out in a trembling voice. The aura that the two Heavenly Soul experts emitted was enough to shake the train tracks. Staying in this thick cabin did not seem to bring them any sense of security. Although they were not the target of the Heavenly Souls outside, the feeling of being engulfed by absolute dread made them terrified.

The cabin was silent, and no one replied to him. They did not disagree with him, but they could not run away now! There were thousands of fully armored Zhao Family soldiers outside, as well as two great Heavenly Souls. They did not even dare to poke their heads out of the cabin to take a look, let alone run away. They were afraid that they would be considered as Wang Zhong's accomplices and be shredded into pieces!

Even Arnold and Anlor, who were the bravest here, could not help but shudder. Earlier, Arnold had personally asked Wang Zhong whether a Heavenly Soul expert would appear. That seemed to have been within Wang Zhong's expectations. However, two Heavenly Soul experts had appeared at the same time. He did not know whether Wang Zhong would have a way to deal with them… the Zhao Family was simply shameless. In order to deal with a junior Heroic Soul, not only had they sent their Heavenly Soul expert, they had even looked for a helper. Furthermore, they had asked for help from a dark-skinned Tutankhamun from the Empire…

That's right. Where was Wang Zhong?

The appearance of the Heavenly Soul experts was extremely shocking. To the people on Earth, they were legendary figures. No matter what era it was, seeing a Heavenly Soul expert was enough for one to excitedly boast about for the rest of their lives. Moreover, they had seen two at the same time. As a result, they almost forgot about the young enemy of the Zhao Family who had just attracted the attention of the entire Federation.

The figure that had been flying around while engulfed in a golden light had now fallen deep into the platform opposite the station. Almost half of the platform had caved in. The broken steel and iron was mixed with the collapsed roof and formed a pile of debris. There was dust everywhere. There was a large bloodstain among the broken bricks and tiles, causing the smell of blood to fill the air. One could even see broken limbs among the bricks and tiles. On the other hand, the Heavenly Dragon Guards, who had been standing in a row, had scattered in all directions, leaving the site of collapse empty.

Was he dead?!

As expected, the attacks of Heavenly Soul experts were extraordinary. They quickly killed their enemy in one strike!

After a brief silence, the officials from the Zhao Family who had been scared by Wang Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. They flashed a relaxed expression.

A mere Heroic Soul had dared to challenge the Zhao Family! He truly did not care about life and death! If they had not been apprehensive about his supporters from the Holy Land, the Zhao Family would never have allowed this sort of rubbish to happen! However, it was a pity that Zhao Wuxin had been attacked by this fellow. Although his injuries did not seem to be life-threatening, his face was pale. His injuries were definitely not minor. He had been unlucky.

"A junior who has no sense of propriety. If you dare to challenge the Zhao Family again, even death will be too good for you!"

"The leader of the Zhao Family laments the times and pities the people. Please spare his life. However, he had suffered from violent treachery from a junior who has plotted against him. The Assassins will bear the full debt for this!"

"Also! The criminals he saved at Tianjing all deserve to die!"

The people from the Zhao Family had just started to chatter when they heard a rumbling sound from the magnificent and bloody pile of debris.

The pile of broken bricks and tiles tumbled away as a figure slowly stood up.

"A wanderer from Tutankhamun?"

Wang Zhong's light laughter interrupted the mocking from the Zhao Family. The young man slowly straightened his body. Several corpses of the Heavenly Dragon Guards tumbled out from the pile of broken bricks and tiles that he had pushed away. Their limbs were broken. They had been completely smashed into pieces and looked like minced meat. They were the soldiers from the Zhao Family who could not escape in time. On the other hand, besides some dust, not even one bloodstain was seen on the standing figure!

There was no sign of nervousness on Wang Zhong's face. He was not shocked that two Heavenly Soul experts had appeared at the same time. He did not even seem to be injured from the attack. Instead, his expression was calm.

He had wanted to test the strength of the dark-skinned Heavenly Soul. However, no matter whether it was in terms of attacking strength or in speed, he did not match up to the Sword Saints of the Mizobudapi World, let alone a Semi-Heavenly Soul like him. There was no need to talk about his techniques.

But he could understand that the Heavenly Soul experts on Earth were severely limited, no matter whether they were spending their retirement in the Federation or were wanderers from the Empire. Furthermore, they were not just restricted in terms of strength. Putting everyone else aside, the Heavenly Souls' greatest advantage was their ability to draw on the power of the heaven and the earth for their strength. However, the power of the heaven and the earth was relatively weak on Earth. As a result, they could only train until this level. They would only be able to advance further if they went to the Fifth Dimension to train. Thus, one could imagine how much strength they displayed in a fight.

It could be said that Heavenly Soul experts on Earth could only use 80% of their strength. There was insufficient power in the heaven and the earth here for them to immediately absorb and release. However, for a Heroic Soul like him who depended on his own Soul Sea, he did not encounter any of these restrictions. When one rose, the other fell. It was no wonder that there were many legends of Heroic Souls skipping levels and challenging Heavenly Souls. All of these had happened on Earth, like with Mu Zi and other legendary figures…

Wang Zhong laughed and observed the black person who was standing on the golden sword. "Save your time. I think the two of you can go to heaven together."

The surroundings fell silent. Everyone was shocked by Wang Zhong's wild arrogance. In the cabin, Ma Dong and Emily were equally dumbstruck. They were extremely confident in Wang Zhong, but when they saw the two great Heavenly Souls, they were afraid. Most importantly, Wang Zhong could get injured or killed. After all, troops and marksmen were all around them. They had only reached this stage, but the two of them believed that Wang Zhong had a way, most likely a secret technique from the Holy Land.

As for the rest, their first reaction was: intimidating, too intimidating! When Wang Zhong saw the two great Heavenly Soul experts, not only was he not afraid, he even dared to say that they would go to heaven together. He was the one who had been sent flying, but he still dared to say that his enemies were not particularly good! Was he ignorant? Did he not care about his life, or did he have a trump card to deal with these Heavenly Souls?

However, there was no doubt that he was not injured even after taking a blow from these Heavenly Soul experts. This was the reality.

The uproar in the surroundings immediately fell silent. The people from the Zhao Family who were busy chattering also shut their mouths. Inside the cabin, Ma Dong, Emily, Arnold, and the rest unconsciously clenched their fists tightly.

No matter whether they were inside or outside the cabin, everyone was momentarily unable to make an accurate judgment. Everything that had happened in a short span of less than twenty seconds had overturned their beliefs. They did not dare to imagine or rashly arrive at a conclusion. Besides shock, there was only more shock.

Zha Muzha's expression turned slightly cold. He had sensed that Wang Zhong was not injured. During the previous attack, Wang Zhong had dodged the tip of his sword in the blink of an eye. He had simply been sent flying. Even though the fact that he was unscathed from the attack proved his shocking defenses, the fact that he dared to say such words made him extremely intimidating.

Go to heaven together? This caused even a dignified Heavenly Soul like him to be unable to control his expression.

At first, he had only planned to help Zhao Ba, but he could have still changed his plans. But since he had already attacked, he definitely could not go back empty-handed. In addition, Wang Zhong had incited his anger. The Soul Power that he emitted grew thicker, causing the terrifying pressure in the surroundings to instantly turn into air currents that he absorbed. "Young one, you're asking for death!"

Behind him, Zhao Ba's eyes were bright and piercing. He emitted a divine light as he stood with his arms crossed. He did not intend to immediately attack. However, this did not mean that he looked down on Wang Zhong. Instead, he had intended to ask Zha Muzha to attack with him and defeat this Heroic Soul. After living for almost two hundred years, Zhao Ba would never give anyone he considered his enemy a chance. He knew very clearly that in this world, only victors could write their stories. The fact that Wang Zhong had come prepared and was not afraid of Heavenly Souls meant that he definitely had some support or tricks up his sleeve. The strength that he had displayed just now was not enough to explain everything.

But now, they had a preliminary estimation of Wang Zhong's strength. He was strong in defense but weak in attack. No matter what trump cards he held, he should not be a threat to Zha Muzha for now. Furthermore, Zha Muzha was evidently very angry at Wang Zhong and wanted to attack him alone to take revenge. The wanderers from the Empire thought highly of themselves. Their image was extremely important to them, especially if someone had asked them for help. No matter what, Zhao Ba had to let him recover his image. At the same time, he could observe the Heroic Soul once again. It would not be too late for him to attack once the Heroic Soul used up his tricks.

Boundless power from the earth and the heaven accumulated as Zha Muzha's aura rose. His gaze suddenly grew sharper. He was about to kill this intimidating fellow.


A golden light exploded in an instance. Almost no one could clearly see what he was doing. As he sensed the air current and the power of the heaven and the earth flowing, the golden Soul Power that was emitted from Zha Muzha's body shone like a small sun. Immediately after, the light shot straight ahead. One could feel the sharpness of the golden light that threatened to pierce through everything as if it was going to form a massive cavern in this place. The beam of light approached Wang Zhong in an instant.


There was the clear sound of an explosion, like the sound of spears clashing. The sound reverberated throughout the platform. It was so sharp that many people could not help but cover their ears.

But this powerful and sharp attack by his sword did not cut Wang Zhong into pieces like they had expected. On the contrary, he did not even take a step back!

It was as if the scene had frozen in time. Zha Muzha's body was fixed in the sky, the golden sword in his hand suspended in midair. He was being stopped by something.

It was sword versus sword and Soul Power versus Soul Power!

A sword that dazzled like a nebula had stopped him. At the same time, a dazzling golden Soul Power suddenly surged from Wang Zhong's body, just like the Soul Power Zha Muzha emitted that was unique to Heavenly Souls.

Divine Circuit!

Buzz buzz buzz~

The swords that clashed produced an ear-piercing sound of resonance. When they clashed, the Sword Qi formed shock waves that spread throughout their surroundings. However, these shock waves were stopped by the wild flow of Heavenly Soul Soul Power, forming a circular wave of air pressure that rapidly expanded into the surroundings, destroying everything that came into contact with the wave of air pressure!


The standstill only lasted for a short three seconds. It was as if the wave of air pressure could not support the surging energy from the two people and burst out with a boom. Intense air currents shot up into the sky, like an upside-down waterfall of air, producing a massive hole in the ceiling of the platform that was made out of steel.

Ta ta ta!

The two shadows dispersed. They took three small steps back and stood straight in a relaxed manner.

They were evenly matched!

There was a bright dazzle in Zha Muzha's eyes. He was in disbelief. Although he was not at a disadvantage, his strength did not differ much from his enemy's. This was simply unthinkable!

Heroic Soul youngster? Opposite him, golden Soul Power surged from Wang Zhong's body, and an imposing pressure filled the surroundings. Besides the fact that he did not absorb the power of the heaven and the earth, he was nothing like a Heavenly Soul. If one said that he was a Heavenly Soul, Zha Muzha would not doubt this statement at all.

The relaxed expression on his face immediately grew tense. It was now serious and full of caution. At the same time, there was greed and madness in his expression!

No matter how much Heavenly Souls were restricted by the environment on Earth and lacked structure, they still had their sense of judgment. He was shocked by the strength that this young Heroic Soul possessed. However, other than the young man's strength, the strange sword in his hands had helped him to easily resist his power! The sword emitted a faint starlight. When he clashed with Wang Zhong, he sensed the energy of an entire universe closing in on him. This kind of energy caused Zha Muzha to go crazy!

After all, he was a Heavenly Soul. After reaching this stage, he would be able to freely travel to the Fifth Dimension. Thus, although he was not in the Holy Land, he had heard about the major incidents in the Holy Land. He was no stranger to the hottest topic among the humans in the Holy Land, the Mizobudapi World.

From the rumors, he had heard that there were countless unusual divine swords in the Mizobudapi World. He had also heard that a Heroic Soul soldier called Wang Zhong had just returned from Mizobudapi territory. There was no doubt that the sword in his hands was a divine sword from the Mizobudapi.

It was no wonder that he was this confident. This divine sword had given him the courage to oppose the Zhao Family! Furthermore, he was also a sword user. If he was able to obtain this legendary divine sword from the Mizobudapi World…

Helping from the sidelines, assisting the Zhao Family, and even the generous rewards that the Zhao Family had promised him were nothing compared to this divine sword!

Murderous intent immediately surged from Zha Muzha's body. The power of the heaven and the earth that flowed from his surroundings grew even stronger. It was just like a storm surging towards him! The golden sword in his hands exploded with a golden light, forming golden Sword Qi that filled the air. They materialized and instantly formed thousands of sword images that were suspended in mid-air!

Kill Wang Zhong and take his treasure!

Humm humm humm humm…

They immediately heard the sound of the sword resounding through the air. It was a very sharp noise!

A few Heroic Soul soldiers who were standing near him were within range of the sword images. Although they did not come into contact with the sword images, they were cut apart by the sword intent. Their bodies were sliced into pieces, and flesh flew everywhere! Not only were these bodies affected, even the platform he was standing on, the crossbeams at the end of the platform, and the massive pillars on the platform collapsed with a crash by the invisible sword intent, producing a massive pile of debris!

The countless Heroic Soul soldiers standing on the platform all felt this terrifying force. They were so shocked that they started squeezing towards the exits on both sides in an attempt to escape, leaving behind a large empty space. However, those who were stuck in the cabin and observing the situation did not dare to jump out from the cabin and escape. They could only tremble in fear inside the cabin. They felt as if one attack from the sword intent in the air was enough to pierce through the entire armored train from start to end!

This was a terrifying trick. When he attacked, the skies would fall and the earth would open up! Even Zhao Ba furrowed his eyebrows and took half a step back. Of course, it was not because he was afraid of the Sword Qi. After all, he understood Zha Muzha's thoughts very well. He was definitely interested in Wang Zhong's divine sword after seeing it. He unleashed a wide-scale killing technique without any hesitation. Did he want to step in…? To be honest, when Zhao Ba saw Wang Zhong's sword, he was also interested. However, trouble would arise if two Heavenly Souls started to fight among themselves over the sword. Furthermore, killing this youngster was much more urgent. As for that divine sword… Heh heh, he would use Zha Muzha to kill the youngster before thinking about it!

When Zha Muzha sensed that Zhao Ba had intentionally stepped back, it was as if he had taken a reassurance pill. His aura surged even further, and he exerted all his strength. Not only would he kill Wang Zhong, but he would also use this opportunity to frighten Zhao Ba. He would not simply believe that someone like Zhao Ba would allow him to easily take home his winnings. "Fellow, on this day next year, it will be the anniversary of your death!"

There was resonance from the sword images that filled the sky as if they were responding to Zha Muzha's voice and murderous intent. One could feel the invisible sword intent that filled the surroundings gathering without any hesitation. Immediately after, there was a rain of swords!

Kshatriya Turbulent Sword Rain!

Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz~

In an instant, there was a rain of golden light as sword images flashed through the sky. Golden sword beams gathered in the air. They made a turn in the sky and rapidly charged downward towards Wang Zhong like a crazy wave of locusts! It was about to tear apart everything in its way, destroy them, and smash them into bits!

The frightening Heavenly Soul had displayed massive force that was enough to destroy mountains and seas. Even an entire army could only tremble in the face of such power. Who could stop him?

Almost everyone in the platform trembled under such terrifying power. However, Wang Zhong, who was in the center of the attacks, maintained a steady expression.

Zoom Shadow, Domination Constitution, Light Spirit.

In an instant, his body, which had been engulfed in an ordinary golden light, seemed to have activated a taboo energy. Circuit lines instantly appeared on the surface of his skin, with golden Soul Power wildly flowing through, causing the golden light that engulfed his body to be even more dazzling. At the same time, his divine cells were also activated by this surging circuit energy. They were excited!

Wang Zhong was slightly skinny, but his muscles immediately rippled and swelled. The explosive power in his body instantly rose by a level. Divine light surged in his eyes. His divine sense, senses, reaction speed, and vision were all enhanced!

The journey to the phoenix remains had allowed him to advance rapidly. Even during the battle against Pievrov, the advancement of his Soul Power Circuit and divine cells had not reached their limit. When he achieved a thorough mastery of all these advancements and fused them into a united whole, these small steps would have huge effects on him. They would become instinctual to him. Only then would he reach his limit!

He could clearly see every single sword image that was speeding through the sky like raindrops. Not even the invisible sword intent that his enemy had concealed in the sword images could escape his eyes!

This was a powerful threat, but it was from a native wanderer on Earth. Humans were lacking in their understanding of the sword in comparison to Sword Saints in the Mizobudapi World. They were overly obsessed with realms and had overlooked strength on the battlefield.

Wang Zhong's Soul Power instantly and efficiently flowed into his sword. His body swayed slightly.

He lightly waved the Nebula Sword. Then, he instantly spun!

Everyone thought that Wang Zhong had disappeared in that instant. It was as if the entire world had come to a pause. Furthermore, even Zha Muzha's frightening golden sword glow turned dim in the spot where Wang Zhong had disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by an intoxicating and shocking universe.

At first, the universe was dark, but suddenly, a new star exploded in the depths of the darkness, forming powerful light rays and countless stars. They revolved around the core that had exploded with light. The stars gathered and rotated, forming a massive rotating nebula!

The shocking illusion left a very deep impression in everyone's hearts. Immediately after, the nebula exploded! The illusion disappeared, and boundless sword intent burst forth!

Tyrannical Nebula Slash!

Unlike the Mizobudapi, who completely integrated themselves with the sword intent and became one with the sword, Wang Zhong had made several changes. He sensed the vast nebula and universe within the Nebula Sword and integrated himself with the attack. He became the core that the sword integrated with. He had switched the roles of sword and human. It was difficult to say which occupied a higher position. After all, they had their own unique points.

The spinning Nebula Sword had reached its peak. At the same time, the attack from the sky landed.

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