Battle Frenzy
928 Killing in All Directions
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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928 Killing in All Directions

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

In a flash, they heard the sound of several successive attacks! Thousands of sword images wildly charged downward, attacking the rotating Nebula Sword. However, not a single sword image managed to pierce through. Instead, they were smashed to pieces by the rotating sword glow! Some of the golden sword glow spluttered into the environment, hitting the crossbeams on the platform. In an instant, there was a massive collapse, accompanied by a crashing sound.

The entire station trembled, and everyone wailed mournfully! The aftereffects of their attacks were enough to reduce this station to rubble!

Zha Muzha was shocked and furious. He was in a killing frenzy. Although he did not dare to say that he was invincible in the entire Tutankhamun, he would be a worthy opponent to anyone there. He had a good reputation as a Sword God in Tutankhamun and was unbeatable with his powerful attacks! He had thought that he would definitely be able to take out this mere Heroic Soul in one attack, but now, he realized that his attack had not even pierced through his enemy's defenses. This was… No!

His pupils suddenly constricted.

The spinning sword images suddenly changed. They turned from flat images into three-dimensional objects. A terrifying Sword Qi was emitted from the rotating sword formation.

"Shadow Dance…"

A low voice reverberated in the nebula, like a chant of death.

Closely after that, the nebula blossomed, forming a boundless sky of sword images!

"Nebula Lotus!"

Wang Zhong had adapted the Assassin Family's Flaming Lotus Dance. However, instead of using the power of flames, he made use of the energy within the Nebula Sword. As a result, the attack was more powerful and spread over a wider area. The visual effects were also completely different. At his level, he no longer had to adhere to typical attacking methods. Once he adapted his attacks from the Casted Soul Stage, he would be able to release an explosive and terrifying power!

The anger in Zha Muzha's eyes turned into fright. The nebula that exploded from the ground was like a blossoming lotus that attacked wildly. It was like a miracle in Emily's eyes!


The sky full of golden sword images overlapped with the nebula sword images and clashed. Two figures flashed past!

The light dispersed and sword images appeared. Everything came to a stop at this moment. The two figures that fell from the sky changed positions and landed softly on the two sides of the platform.

The entire station instantly fell silent. It was as if the whole world was frozen in time. Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the two figures.

A blue strand of hair fell from Wang Zhong's forehead and slowly fell to the ground, but there was no sign of discomfort on his face. Instead, he seemed slightly amused. He did not even turn to look at his enemy who was regarded as invincible by others. He simply looked straight ahead at Zhao Ba, who was still dumbfounded.

At the same time, he raised his left hand and snapped his fingers, producing a clear pa sound.

Pfft pfft pfft…

Zha Muzha, who was standing still, seemed to collapse into pieces from this sound. Blood violently spurted out from countless places all over his body, forming dozens of wounds. Violent Sword Qi energy also spewed out from his body.


His entire body exploded into pieces with a loud boom as if his corpse had been sliced apart. He was instantly cut into dozens of pieces. Even his head had been split into seven or eight pieces! The Sword Qi that surged from his body spurted into the sky, shooting out of the broken ceiling of the station.

Bang! Rumble…

Countless broken pieces of the ceiling collapsed violently to the ground, instantly burying Zha Muzha's broken body. His remains could no longer be found!

There was silence, complete silence! The entire station was dead silent. The area was completely quiet!

Zhao Ba did not have the chance to even think of saving Zha Muzha. He could not believe that an authentic Heavenly Soul like Zha Muzha could not compete with a mere Heroic Soul! Even if he could not compete with him, it was fine. However, not only had Zha Muzha been able to initiate a powerful attack, he had also been forcefully killed in just a matter of seconds, not even giving Zhao Ba the chance to save him. More accurately, he had forgotten to help him in his shock!

Even Zhao Ba, who was used to witnessing great storms, could not help but be stunned by this. He was completely speechless as Wang Zhong gazed at him.

If even Zhao Ba was this shocked, one could imagine the reactions of the others.

Zha Muzha was a Heavenly Soul expert, an absolutely legendary figure on the Earth who was thought of as a god who could not be defeated. However, he was now dead. Furthermore, he had been killed within seconds! Was Wang Zhong still human? Was he still the Heroic Soul that everyone knew? He was simply a monster! He was a super monster who had started to kill in all directions after returning to Earth from the Fifth Dimension. It was enough for him to be written in history books!

"I said that I would send both of you to heaven together," Wang Zhong slowly spoke. There was no hint of any fluctuation of emotion in his voice as if he had simply killed an insignificant ant. "Look, you're the only one left."

He was arrogant! Even more arrogant than before!

But everyone else present, including those who were secretly watching through Skylink, did not dare to think that he was too aggressive and wildly arrogant!

Ma Dong violently punched the table. He had to endure as it was not time yet. It was not the end yet. He even suspected that Wang Zhong did not kill Zhao Wuxin as he wanted to leave him to them!

They had the upper hand now and were excited. Their enemies were the ones who had to be worried! When they sensed Zha Muzha's terrifying sword intent, they clenched their fists so tightly that their hands hurt; their nails had dug into their flesh. However, this was not because they did not trust Wang Zhong. With their level and outlook, a Heavenly Soul expert was like a taboo to them. From a young age, they esteemed Heavenly Souls as deities. When they dared to accompany Wang Zhong and challenge a 'god', they were already prepared to die with Wang Zhong. However, they never expected that Wang Zhong…

"Damn! Damn, damn, damn! He was a Heavenly Soul! A Heavenly Soul expert, a god-like presence!"

"He was slaughtered just like that?! His corpse split into pieces?!"

"Idol is too strong! He is invincible!"

"How amazing! Idol, I want to have your children! — No, my younger sister wants to have your children!" Arnold, Anlor, and the rest of the people in the cabin did not dare to speak and almost wet their pants from their shock at Zha Muzha's Sword Qi. But now, they could not help but shout wildly. They had suppressed their emotions from the shock. Now, they could not help but vent their feelings.

Arnold and Anlor were experienced. Wang Zhong was not a Heavenly Soul, but he could rely on his own energy to reach the amount of energy that a Heavenly Soul could utilize. What did this mean?

On the other hand, outside the cabin, the throng of people from the Zhao Family were frightened.

This Heroic Soul had exceeded their expectations. They still had a veteran Heavenly Soul who had not appeared, but now, even a Heavenly Soul expert did not seem to have a chance at winning. They had thought that they would certainly win this battle. However, did a variable that the Zhao Family completely could not accept appear during this battle?

The golden rune fused with the light from the nebula and slowly disappeared. However, the sense of oppression that the young man exerted on everyone did not seem to subside. On the contrary, it had become even more frightening.

"…Ha, hahahaha!" After a long silence, Zhao Ba was not angry. Instead, he laughed and applauded. "You showed your enemy that you were weak to catch him off guard. Furthermore, you deliberately did not kill Zhao Wuxin in seconds so that I would lower my guard, right?"

"You're thinking too much." Wang Zhong laughed. "Someone else is in charge of taking Zhao Wuxin's life. I just don't want to do it for them?"

"Someone from the Assassins? The one called Ma Dong, and the little girl?" Zhao Ba's voice slowly grew calm. Wang Zhong could feel Soul Power gradually accumulating in Zhao Ba's body. Although it was slow, it was very stable as if a powerful force was storing up power…

After all, he was a Heavenly Soul from the Federation. People always felt that the Empire was stronger than the Federation, but in reality, it was just in terms of average cultivation and their toughness in battle. In terms of high cultivation, the Heavenly Souls from the Federation were all born in the Holy City and had experienced broader horizons. They also had a rich outlook and good training conditions. They were on a completely different level compared to the wanderers from Tutankhamun or the Empire.

However, Wang Zhong simply smiled. There was no hint of fear on his face. "Do you have any last words?"

"I really don't want to fight someone like you. You also know that this will shorten my lifespan." Zhao Ba laughed. "You are indeed very powerful. I admit that you have the right to establish yourself on Earth. I would even say that you have the right to support the Assassins. Among all of the Heroic Souls I know, you are number one."

Everyone present was shocked. The biggest boss in the Zhao Family, Zhao Ba, was an old Heavenly Soul who had lived for almost two hundred years. However, he had admitted defeat! He had admitted defeat to a mere Heroic Soul!

Wang Zhong calmly looked at him. Zhao Ba continued, "There is a saying — better to make friends than to make enemies. I don't believe that you came to take revenge. Someone like you should not have such a narrow outlook. You want to support the Assassins, right? But if a family wants to rise, to gain a firm foothold in the Federation, do you really think that support from the Holy City alone is enough? They can only provide status. You still need strength and networks on Earth, as well as support from various stakeholders. Therefore, I think we can discuss this."

Wang Zhong still declined to comment but did not stop him. As a result, Zhao Ba seemed to see a glimmer of hope.

"With your backing, the Zhao Family is willing to make peace with the Assassins. We can appear on behalf of the Assassins and take back what once belonged to them," Zhao Ba slowly spoke. "Furthermore, we can give some support in terms of finances and manpower so that the Assassins can quickly return to their status as a first-rate family or even stand at the peak of all first-rate families. Not only will the Assassins enjoy this, you will as well!"


Zhao Ba smiled. "After staying in the Holy City for almost a year, you should be more familiar with the rules there. It is difficult to do anything if you were alone in the Holy City. Of course, I am not saying that geniuses like you will be restricted as a result, but each person only has a limited amount of power. It would be better with the help of more people. Don't forget that the Zhao Family also has prestige in the Holy City. We have countless networks, a secret realm, and even a Great Teacher on guard. If you build good relations with the Zhao Family, you will receive full support from the Zhao Family in the Holy Land as well. No matter whether it is in terms of training resources or manpower, you will be able to obtain them more easily. However, if you choose to be enemies with the Zhao Family, even if you survive today, you will be the target of rage from a peak Great Teacher as well as thousands of disciples from the Zhao Family who are participating in the Holy Battle. Do you want both sides to lose or to win?"

Zhao Ba's voice was steady and powerful, but the members of the Zhao Family behind him were terrified. Since he had mentioned that they would compromise, did this mean that they could no longer stop this person?

The Zhao Family of the past was one of the 10 Great Families. They were extremely impressive, even in the Holy Land. Although they did not dare to proclaim that they were almighty, they were considered one of the legitimate bloodlines that everyone had to look up to.

But what about now? Zhao Ba, the top person in the Zhao Family who was once a four-star Great Teacher in the Holy Land, had actually degraded himself to ask for peace from a Heroic Soul?

Meanwhile in the cabin, Arnold, Anlor, and the rest were standing with their mouths wide open. A Heavenly Soul expert was speaking in a meek and submissive tone to a Heroic Soul. If this had happened in the past, no one would dare to believe this. This was unthinkable, even more unthinkable than Wang Zhong killing a Heavenly Soul. A Heavenly Soul was a god who was seated high above! Everything that had happened here had overturned their understanding. In the past, they only felt a slight sense of pity if they could not go to the Holy Land. But now, the hearts of these young people were filled with a sense of mystery that could not be described with words.

They would definitely do well at this year's CHF! They had to go to the Holy City!

Arnold and the rest — especially the newbies who had just joined the Mad Beast Battle Squadron — could not help but clench their fists and vowed in their hearts! To them, this was a chance to see another world and another domain!

However, they never expected that the embarrassing request for peace would be met with a respectful reply from the Heroic Soul.

Wang Zhong simply smiled calmly. He was not sure whether Zhao Ba was buying time to accumulate his energy, but at the same time, Wang Zhong was also recovering. It seemed easy for him to kill Zha Muzha in seconds. However, in reality, the explosion, especially when he was resisting the Heavenly Soul's attack, exhausted a lot of Wang Zhong's energy.

The Heavenly Souls on Earth were restricted in their power. Zhao Ba was not very strong, but he was still a Heavenly Soul. It would not be as easy to kill him as they had expected. If other Heroic Souls were in his place, even if they had an extremely powerful combat level like Wang Zhong, they would have exhausted all their power from that battle. However, Wang Zhong had divine cells, the Great 5 Elements Constitution, and the terrifying Fate Soul Sea!

Now that he was not exhausted and distracted by a fight, his boundless energy was recovering under these peaceful conditions. Energy continuously surged out of every single one of his cells. His recovery speed was shocking.

Zhao Ba was old. Thus, he was lucky this time. He did not want to risk his life, and at the same time, he did not think that Wang Zhong would recover this quickly. From his point of view, he definitely saw that Wang Zhong had been attacked. After all, Heavenly Souls were not killed this easily. However, the shock that he experienced was beyond what words could describe. Thus, he did not pay attention.

He felt his body recovering as his divine cells extinguished the strange energy that had entered his body. The sword in Wang Zhong's hand moved slightly. "Zhao Ba, haven't you realized? The Zhao Family has no right to do so."

"Heh heh, do you really think that you will definitely win?" Zhao Ba's tone did not change. Since he could not convince Wang Zhong, he had something else up his sleeve. "The two remaining members of the Assassins that you care about are on the train, right?"

He looked coldly at the train cabin behind Wang Zhong. He immediately fixed his gaze on where Ma Dong and Emily were.

Clamor clamor…

There was the sound of multiple rifle bolts being pulled in succession. The thousand Zhao Family soldiers standing on the platform all aimed their rifles at the cabin that Zhao Ba was looking at.

There were alarmed cries from the train. The ordinary passengers in the cabins near the one Ma Dong and the others were in could not help but scream in alarm. There was the chaotic sound of footsteps from the cabin. They were distancing themselves in panic. One thousand rifles were pointed in their direction. If they were going to become innocent bystanders caught in a crossfire, they would be dead for sure.

On the other hand, Ma Dong and Emily stood at the window of the cabin. They showed no signs of hiding. They held hands and intertwined their fingers. However, there was no fear on their faces. Their expressions were as calm as water.

"You are not afraid of firepower from Earth, but what about them?" Zhao Ba laughed coldly.

"Kill the two remaining Assassins!"

"Kill them!" Behind Zhao Ba, members of the Zhao Family shouted wildly.

Although the soldiers from the Zhao Family were not strong individually, they were well-trained. During crucial times, they strictly followed the orders from the leader of the family during crucial times. Gunfire immediately filled the air. This amount of power was not enough to threaten Wang Zhong, but what about the others?

Killing the people that Wang Zhong cared about would cause a shift in his mentality. He would finally have a chance. As for the innocent people, Zhao Ba laughed coldly. For humans, being alive was the original sin.

Without any warning, a thousand guns fired in an instant!

Rune pistols, rune cannons, and even the Barrett guns that were hiding in the darkness fired. In addition, various kinds of frigid or blazing arrows shot at the cabin from all directions. They were about to turn the cabin into a honeycomb from all their attacks!


Bang bang bang bang bang…

There was a series of bullets hitting something as if they had hit an extremely strong, transparent, and solid material. The bullets, arrows, and cannons were neatly suspended in midair, forming a dense layer.

A golden dome had engulfed the entire armored train. All the bullets and energy bursts were stopped by the protective layer. This ward was not very useful to Wang Zhong during battles in the Mizobudapi World, but on Earth, it was a defensive killing tool. Wang Zhong, Ma Dong, and the others were not naive children. They had considered various perspectives.

The sound of gunfire grew sporadic as the Heroic Soul soldiers were stunned. They had never seen this kind of expert. They thought that their attacks were powerful, but it was like child's play in the face of an expert. No wonder it was said that once one reached the Heavenly Soul Stage, the number of enemies was no longer a problem… The sound of gunfire completely stopped. Wang Zhong waved his hand slightly as if he had done something insignificant. The bullets, arrows, and cannonballs in the air all fell to the ground with a pitter-patter as if they had lost their firepower. There was a clanking sound in the quiet station.

The station was dead silent. Immediately after that, Wang Zhong waved his hand, and a fiery red rune appeared in his hand.


Without even looking, 10 fiery red beams of light shot out of Wang Zhong's hand and charged toward the crowd of Heroic Soul soldiers from the Zhao Family around him. He did not want to kill too many people. However, none of them were innocent. The Zhao Family had gone on a rampage in recent years. One could easily imagine what these guards did.

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven —— Fire!

The 10 fiery beams of light soared like a phoenix. Then, they rapidly turned into fiery phoenixes with wings outstretched. They flashed past the sky with a whistle while burning with fiery energy.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!!!

No one could resist this attack. Ten fiery beams of light soared into the sky. Fierce energy violently dispersed into the surroundings. It was as if the station was being baptized by a level-20 hurricane of flames!

The platform, the ceiling, the pillars… everything was instantly flattened by this violent burst of fiery light. On the other hand, the fiery phoenix had not reached the limits of its power. Its power continued to spread in all directions, flattening the station in an instant and turning it into a pile of ashes. Only the lonely railway tracks at the center of the station continued to stand among the pile of ashes!

Before Wang Zhong could even blink, at least 60% to 70% of the 1,000 Heroic Soul soldiers around him had instantly died in the flames. They did not even have the chance to shout. The remaining 30% to 40% of soldiers were either injured or had gone crazy. They had been sent flying meters away by the aftermath of the flames and crashed to the ground!

Hu hu hu…

The fiery light slowly dispersed. A cooling autumn wind blew through the train station, which had been turned into ashes. The ashes swirled in the wind, causing the air to be filled with a strong burning smell.

Arnold and the rest were used to seeing deaths. Ma Dong and Emily had also experienced countless earthshaking events. However, they were dumbfounded by this threatening attack. They felt a ringing sound in their heads.

The power of a Great Family, armies, and weapons were nothing in the face of such absolute power! A Heavenly Soul could represent such power. More accurately, a Heavenly Soul himself was a terrifying power! After so many years, many people aspired to become a Heavenly Soul expert, but how many people knew the true power of a Heavenly Soul?


Some people could not help but swallow their saliva. The only place, other than the armored train, that had not been hit was behind Zhao Ba. The officials and a few members of the Zhao Family who had been invited as 'witnesses' no longer had the absurd glory of the Zhao Family. Even the most loyal people who had been furious when the Zhao Family was humiliated could not help but feel a chill down their spine. Their lips were dry, and their bodies were trembling from the cool autumn wind.


"Ah ah ah ah ah! I saw the phoenix! I'm dead!"

"Run for your lives!" Not too far away, the Heroic Soul soldiers from the Zhao Family finally could not suppress the fear in their hearts and shouted loudly. Many people were terrified and were scared senseless. Other than those who were severely injured and could not move, many soldiers fearfully threw away the guns in their hands and ran in all directions!

Loyalty? Well-trained? Bravery? The people who had invented these words were definitely fools. In the face of such overwhelming power, a meaningless death was not a return to glory. If you were at that place during that moment, there would only be fear and a desire to live in your heart!

"Wang Zhong!"

Zhao Ba could no longer suppress the rage in his heart. His eyes were filled with anger. He fiercely shouted in rage!


The moment he finished speaking, a terrifying energy suddenly spread into the surroundings as if he was responding to Wang Zhong's threat!

He had finished accumulating energy in his body. He no longer had a possibility of returning alive from this battle. He only hoped that he would be able to perish with Wang Zhong. If it was possible for him to rewind time, he would be willing to pay the price for slaughtering the entire Tianjing!

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