Battle Frenzy
929 Heavenly Power
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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929 Heavenly Power

Zhao Ba had been very peaceful, but at that moment, he suddenly floated in midair. The surroundings changed immediately. Sand and stones were flying around!

Heavenly Souls could draw on the power of the heaven and the earth. However, drawing on this power like Zha Muzha was only the elementary level of using this energy. Veteran Heavenly Souls like Zhao Ba could control the power of the heaven and the earth more carefully and with greater a sense of purpose!

Arnold and the rest, who thought that Wang Zhong would definitely win, were stunned. They could see the power of the heaven and the earth. Compared to Zha Muzha, who simply gave off waves of pressure, this visual display allowed everyone to sense the power of a deity. It was impossible to resist! This caused everyone to tremble in fear. All they wanted to do was to pay homage to this deity and beg him for forgiveness!

Wang Zhong's expression gradually grew more serious. Zhao Ba's strength was not surprising to him. After all, he was a former 4-star Great Teacher in the Holy City. Even though he was gradually growing old and was restricted by the environment on Earth, once he showed his prowess, he would not be a pushover who could be toyed with.

The golden Soul Power Circuit rapidly revolved around Wang Zhong as his divine cells reached their peak. The Nebula Sword in his hand dazzled and communicated with Wang Zhong's intentions. The fact that he could sense the surging power of the universe in this terrifying, earth-shaking situation caused his confidence to reach an unprecedented peak. He was like a battle lunatic. He even looked forward to whether Zhao Ba would be able to shake his power and have a satisfying battle with him when he was at his peak!

This would allow him to comprehend and witness an even wider world!

At the same time, a group of people from the Mo Family were quietly watching everything that was happening. In reality, not only was the Mo Family watching the battle, the other great families had done the same. Someone had finally challenged the structure of the Federation. This was the reason why Wang Zhong, who was first in the CHF, did not go to the Dimensional Blessed Lands. Instead, he had gone to the cursed lands. It was common knowledge that those who were not bound to families could not rise. In the end, he survived and returned alive.

Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen watched the battle quietly. Mo Wen did not care about these; instead, he cared about Wang Zhong's strength. This rise in strength was swift and violent. Furthermore, the Holy Battle had led to this. Perhaps the decision that he and Mo Xingchen made was wrong. The protection and help from their family could allow their strength to rise steadily. But how much would their strength increase? It could be seen that they would not surpass the members of their own family, let alone open up a new world.

Wang Zhong had courage!

He was no match for Wang Zhong in this aspect. He had to go to the Holy Battle!

At that moment, large, dark clouds rapidly started to form over the battlefield. Air currents formed with Zhao Ba at the center. The vast power of the heaven and the earth formed a terrifying air current and formed around Zhao Ba as if his body was a furnace. They were going to transform this area!

Not only did air currents flow through the area.

Bang! Rumble… There was the sound of thunder among the dark clouds in the sky as lightning clouds gathered. A terrifying and massive lightning bolt shot out from the dark clouds and hit Zhao Ba!


His body suddenly emitted the dazzling shine of lightning. Countless electric currents traveled along his body, while countless sounds of thunder could be heard from his joints!

Furthermore, the thunderbolt had stimulated his flesh and excited every single cell in his body. This caused the excited cells to grow more intense, rapidly divide, and transform!

The wrinkled skin on his face, body, and hands rapidly turned pale and rosy from the nutrients in this power. His skin even regained its elasticity and became extremely bright! His gradually aging muscles also swelled from the electric current. They were now powerful and full of vitality!

He had regained his youth!

In an instant, the old Zhao Ba who looked like he had one foot in the grave was gone. Instead, the figure floating in midair was replaced by a handsome man who looked like he was in his early thirties!

He had long, flowing jet-black hair, as well as a sharp and grave gaze. The loose robes on his body had grown tighter as they were filled by his swelling muscles. He seemed extremely strong and muscular. The impression of a veteran Heavenly Soul was gone. His entire body was full of power. The Soul Power that violently surged out his body, his power, the explosive force in his muscles… Visually, he was above Wang Zhong in all sorts of aspects!

This was the peak condition of the 4-star Great Teacher when he was younger!

Zhao Ba waved his hand slightly, and the dark clouds responded to this motion. A massive thunderbolt charged towards the ground.

Zhao Ba raised his hand high in the air and clenched his fist, catching the thunderbolt with his hand! Soul Power immediately surged into his body, stabilizing the violent thunderbolt, and shaping it. A massive lightning rifle that was two meters long materialized in his hands!

"Die!" Zhao Ba shouted.

He no longer had to utter any nonsense. His eyes were filled with anger, and his murderous intent rose to the sky. The lightning rifle in his hand trembled slightly and pointed in Wang Zhong's direction. Then, he spread his hands out. The rifle produced an electric current that swept his body along. His body rapidly charged downwards like a terrifying thunderbolt. He was as fast and as frightening as lightning!


The attack was very fast. No matter whether it was Arnold, Emily, the people standing behind the Zhao Family, or the officials from the Zhao Family who considered themselves experts on Earth, they could not keep up with the speed of the thunderbolt at that moment. Not even their consciousness could keep up! To them, this was not a battle between two people. Instead, the natural powers of the heaven and the earth broke out, howled, and wreaked havoc! It was like a violent, stormy night. If you were in the center of the vast lightning and thunder, would you be able to sense the fight? You would only be able to tremble in fear from the power of the heaven and the earth!

Immediately, there was a massive explosion on the ground. The explosion was met with a golden starlight that stopped the thunderbolt. In fact, it pushed back the thunderbolt slightly. But it was not the end. There was a second strike, then a third, then a fourth…

It was as if the lightning rifle was filled with infinite lightning power. The attacks were as quick as lightning!

Countless thunderbolts flashed past in the sky and crashed towards the ground. Every single strike threatened to destroy the heavens and decimate the earth, causing the ground to tremble!

In the face of such power, Wang Zhong showed no intention of attacking. Zhao Ba was much more powerful than the other Heavenly Soul he had killed. After all, he was a 4-star Heavenly Soul. In this battle, Wang Zhong could only defend himself. However, if he was able to guard himself, Zhao Ba would be done for. Although he was old, he had still forcibly used this much power. Only death awaited him.

The problem was, would Wang Zhong be able to stop a super attack from a Heavenly Soul?

Bang! Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble…

Everyone could feel the ground trembling underneath their feet. The ground cracked in all directions from the terrifying collision with the golden starlight that stopped the lightning in the center, causing many deep fissures to appear. The train tracks, which were made out of iron, were immediately split apart from the massive pulling force exerted by the fissures! The cabins at the front and rear of the train fell into the fissures. The passengers inside these cabins shouted and wailed mournfully.

Bang bang bang bang…

Several dozen figures broke out from the windows of the train cabins. They were Ma Dong, Emily, Arnold, and the others, as well as some travelers who had come to watch the battle. After all, only a small number of people had fallen after their train cabin collapsed. Those who had dared to come and watch the battle were not actually ordinary people. Casted Souls, and even Heroic Souls, were weak and as insignificant as ants on this battlefield, but it was a piece of cake for them to break out through the window.

Dozens of figures rapidly gathered at one side in chaos and quickly distanced themselves from the heart of the battle, where the two people were fighting. There was only shock in their eyes.

They were too powerful. The destructive power of Heavenly Souls was beyond their imagination. They had just attacked, but the aftermath of their attacks was able to destroy this piece of land. The train station no longer stood. There were only ruins left!

At that moment, the violent attacks in the center of the battlefield continued. The lightning in the sky did not seem to come to a stop. No one could clearly see the actions of the two people. All they could see were the flashes of lightning that filled the sky and golden nebulae. The intense collisions between the two of them threatened to rip the heaven and the earth apart! It could be seen that the nebula, which was putting up a defense, had been completely suppressed. The attacks from the lightning rifle were too violent and turbulent. There was no gap between attacks as the nebula was pushed into the ground.

What a tyrannical move!

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    《Battle Frenzy》