Battle Frenzy
930 Creating Something Out of Nothing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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930 Creating Something Out of Nothing

Wang Zhong sighed silently. Experts among the Mizobudapi commanded respect from the world. They had scruples when they used the power of the heaven and the earth. They were more willing to integrate the power with their bodies and know their limits when using the power, just like how Sword Saints paid attention to their sword techniques and suppressed their power when attacking. On the other hand, human Heavenly Soul experts focused on using external power to their fullest extent. Frankly speaking, humans wanted to become gods and would go to any lengths to do so. The Octopus-people Warlock Saints were very similar to humans in this aspect.

At that moment, Zhao Ba's strength was on a completely different level from Zha Muzha. Wang Zhong felt that Zhao Ba's strength and the pressure that Zhao Ba put on Wang Zhong was even stronger than Sword Saint Heinrich.

He had power and speed! His attacks displayed the obscurities in the rules of the world, as well as the unique force of lightning.

Every single attack from Zhao Ba was as rapid as lightning. More accurately, his attacks were made out of lightning! They contained incredibly dense power. Every attack had at least two hundred thousand Grassos of force. However, there was something more troublesome. The lightning force contained in each attack brought about powerful numbing effects. Every time he came into contact with the sharp thunderbolts, he felt as if half of his body was paralyzed!

It was useless to rely just on his Soul Power Circuit. In this situation, it seemed to be a battle of their innate power. The difference in their realms meant that Wang Zhong had lost the advantage in this fight. However, his divine cells showed their ability to defy the heavens. The numbing effects from the thunderbolts passed through his body. Although he felt a numbing sensation, his divine cells were not paralyzed. It was as if his divine cells had recovered from the lightning strike the moment he realized that he felt numb. The numbing effects were brought to a minimum, almost to the point that they were ineffective. The power of the heaven and the earth was great, but the power of the divine cells was equally boundless.

Wang Zhong even felt that he would become a god when his inner and outer universe unified. However, this was not his aim. It was too crazy.

Zhao Ba was very powerful! As expected of a 4-star Great Teacher from the Holy City. He did not manage to reach the peak and evolve to a higher power. Instead, he returned to Earth to spend his retirement, downhearted. However, once he was angered and had a free hand to wrestle with his life, there was no doubt that veteran Heavenly Souls like him were very terrifying.

But how long could he keep up this terrifying power for? He had forcibly regained his youthfulness. Wang Zhong did not believe that he would be able to sustain this state.

Defend! Wang Zhong only had one word in his mind.

In terms of aura, attacking force, techniques, and experience, Zhao Ba might be above Wang Zhong. However, in terms of endurance, even 10 Zhao Ba's were no match for Wang Zhong.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying force struck the ground as if Zeus had descended to Earth. In a flash, 100 strikes had landed in succession. The ground underneath Wang Zhong's feet had started to crack from being stepped on. He was like a nail that was about to be pounded into the ground from the attacks overhead!

However, there was no gap in the defense by the Nebula Sword. The sword had completely resisted this violent rain of 100 strikes!

However, Zhao Ba did not seem shocked. When Wang Zhong battled Zha Muzha, he had witnessed the defensive abilities of the Nebula Sword. This was an ordinary 100-strike attack, with each strike containing 200,000 Grassos of power. To other Heroic Souls, this difference in power was something they definitely would never be able to surpass. However, to Wang Zhong, this did not seem to be enough!

He looked at this area with some reluctance to leave. Zhao Ba knew that his time would soon be up.

It was as if the 100-strike attack had allowed him to regain the feeling he had felt when he was younger. Craziness suddenly appeared in his pupils.

A mere Heroic Soul and a mere child had dared to turn savage in front of him!


Suddenly, there was a brief pause in the rapid attacks. The dense dark clouds in the sky rapidly gathered. The vast power of the heaven and the earth flowed downwards and immediately gathered above Zhao Ba's head.

It was as if time had stopped, and the entire world was frozen at this moment. All signs of life and everything else in this area turned small and weak in the face of the terrifying energy that gathered. They even started to vanish as if only the heaven and the earth were left! What quickly followed was…


A bolt of lightning that was as thick as a pillar suddenly struck from the dark clouds, which had gathered infinite amounts of power from the heaven and the earth. This bolt of lightning was completely different from the previous attacks. It could even be said that this was not a bolt of lightning! It was black but shone and emitted light. When it shot out from the lightning rifle with a howl, it faintly changed in shape!


A terrifying howl sounded from within the black lightning pillar, blocking out the sounds of thunder, wind, and everything else in this area. The whole area trembled, causing the ground to shake and produce a buzzing noise amidst the wild howl!

The thick and black thunderbolt transformed into the phantom of a massive dragon. It charged towards the ground like a black flood dragon. There was anger in its eyes as it shot out flames. It was about to reduce everything that blocked its way into pieces!

Heavenly Soul's Ultimate —— Perception Changes with the Soul, Creating Something Out of Nothing!

Abstruse Lightning —— Black Dragon Perishing Kill!

Just the wind pressure that faced Wang Zhong made him feel as if he had been hit with a direct attack that contained 100,000 Grassos of force. What about the terrifying attack itself? This was the mystery of the Heavenly Soul Stage. Wang Zhong's gaze was full of excitement and a desire to challenge. This kind of opportunity only came once in a blue moon. Being able to experience for himself was no doubt a valuable chance for him at his current stage. Life or death was not what an explorer would first consider.

In the distance, Ma Dong, Emily, and the others could not help but blank out. They were unable to recover from their shock after witnessing the unparalleled attack. On the other hand, the families who were hiding in various places within the Federation and secretly observing the situation were full of different expressions.

Even as they declined, the Zhao Family was still able to maintain its position in the 10 Great Families and not fall. This was not simply because they had a Great Teacher in the Holy Land. Zhao Ba, who had stayed behind on Earth to look after the family, had defeated countless experts from the Federation with the Black Dragon Perishing Kill. As a result, the veteran Heavenly Souls from the 10 Great Families were all afraid of him. Even though Zhao Ba was now old, no one dared to provoke him as they were afraid of his terrifying combat prowess. They were even more afraid that he would risk his life!

As long as Zhao Ba was not dead, he was the core deterrent to the rest of the great families.

The various great families had complex emotions. Some of them were happy and secretly rejoiced. With Zhao Ba's current body condition, forcibly recovering his youth might only serve to shorten his lifespan. However, since he had used the terrifying killing technique, the Black Dragon Perishing Kill, he was definitely driving himself to his own death.

No matter what the results of this battle was, the expert that people had the most misgivings about would completely collapse. There was one less worry and one fewer strong enemy among the various great families on Earth. Was this not a cause for happiness and celebration? But while they were happy, there was also deep dread. If Wang Zhong was able to survive today… The various great families would not lose the threat of Zhao Ba. Instead, they would gain an even more frightening enemy that was much stronger than Zhao Ba. This enemy had a boundless future and could undergo immeasurable growth!

Kill him! It was best if they perished together! Not a single great family would want to face this kind of enemy!

"Kill!" Zhao Ba's attacks had reached their peak. His murderous intent soared. His peak Heavenly Soul technique that contained infinite power of the heaven and the earth had reached Wang Zhong. It was the ultimate attack that contained 500,000 Grassos of power. This was not an attack that any Heroic Soul would be able to defend themselves against. It would destroy the heavens and decapitate the earth!

Of course, Wang Zhong was unable to defend himself. He was rather clear that his body had reached its limit when he directly faced attacks with 200,000 Grassos of power from Zhao Ba. However, Wang Zhong did not appear shaken by the fatal killing technique that he was about to face. Humans were powerful because of their knowledge about battles. Zhao Ba prevailed in terms of pure power, but it was not impossible for Wang Zhong to break through.

For humans, their attacks overlapped in terms of aura, enormity, deterrent power, and density. However, once their attacks reached a large scale, one would be able to uncover its form. On the other hand, such a structure did not exist among the Octopus people. It was evident that they had suffered from this in their long history. As a result, Warlock Saints paid special attention to this in their techniques. They did not strive to make their attacks attractive. Instead, they strove to make them impossible to break down.

Unknowingly, the clown mask had appeared on Wang Zhong's face. The distribution of energy from the terrifying black dragon was completely exposed to Wang Zhong. On the whole, the technique was impregnable. But once it was broken down, this did not seem to be the case.

Of course, being able to see the distribution was one thing, but breaking through was another. At the same time, when faced with such massive amounts of power, he would have to bear the full brunt of it if he was careless. However, no one in the entire Holy Battle had Wang Zhong's experiences. Although he had narrowly escaped death many times, the experience that he had obtained was not something that other people could compare with.

Wang Zhong's gaze was as calm as water. He did not feel any fear or terror in his body under the pressure of a massive, life-threatening attack. On the contrary, he constantly approached his peak from his excitement. His divine cells and Fate Soul Sea provided him with an endless stream of energy. Furthermore, he used the clown mask to thoroughly learn and observe the attack. Wang Zhong also held the all-conquering Nebula Sword in his hands. The legendary treasure of the Octopus people was not unworthy of its name in Wang Zhong's hands.

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    《Battle Frenzy》