Battle Frenzy
931 Things Are About to Change in the Federation
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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931 Things Are About to Change in the Federation

The black dragon possessed an unparalleled power as it flew towards the ground with a howl. It looked like it was about to lock onto its target, and dodging its attack would be absolutely impractical. This was a common characteristic among Heavenly Soul combat techniques. Once they used this kind of technique, they were risking their lives.

Everyone thought that Wang Zhong was going to put his life on the line and defend himself, just like he had done in the beginning, but he soared into the sky like a golden ray of light. No matter whether they were observers on-site or the families watching the battle through Skylink, disbelief appeared on their faces.

Even for veteran Heavenly Souls, when faced with such an aggressive, full-powered attack, their best option was to defend themselves. Wang Zhong would win as long as he defended himself and would become a legend. However, he had actually chosen to fight back???

What gave him the right?

At this moment, the surviving Heroic Souls stood near Zhao Ba. This was an instinctual action. They felt as if their pride had been offended. A mere Semi-Heavenly Soul…

Only Mo Wen clenched his fist tightly. He was the same kind of person as Wang Zhong. Defense? That would only mean death. During times like this, he definitely had to attack if he wanted a chance to win. But the problem was, what gave Wang Zhong the right? What would Wang Zhong use to withstand such an attack?

He… could not think of anything!

Wang Zhong soared to the sky with a golden trail of light behind him and charged directly towards the black dragon. Zhao Ba, who was in the air, showed a hint of disdain. The Nebula Sword in Wang Zhong's hand produced a nebula illusion in midair. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong's entire body suddenly rotated and accelerated as he revolved around the black dragon. The Nebula Sword rapidly attacked the dragon, like a golden earthworm that was trying to engulf the massive dragon. However, in the short span of a few seconds, the golden earthworm continued to swell and soared into the sky as a massive golden dragon.

Imperial Sword Flow — Imperial Sword Heavenly Dragon Flash!

This was an accumulation of Wang Zhong's understanding of combat techniques, from the Casted Soul Stage to the Heroic Soul Stage and even to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage. The attack contained all the knowledge from humans and the Mizobudapi. He had achieved comprehension from comparing the knowledge from the two species. This was truly the quintessence of knowledge.

Wang Zhong, who revolved around the black dragon as he attacked it, continued to strike at the flaws in the Heavenly Soul combat technique. He would not be able to break through with one attack. Instead, he had to constantly launch a combination of attacks as he spiraled around the dragon. In a flash, he had launched hundreds of attacks with his sword. At the same time, he had to endure the burns from the black dragon. Wang Zhong continuously repeated his Divine Circuit in midair, displaying the full power of his divine cells and the Fate Soul Sea.

This process was not easy. It could be said that this was Wang Zhong's most brilliant display of his skills.

However, not many people on Earth could understand this realm and confidence.

Zhao Ba's expression was extremely ugly. Unknowingly, his wrinkles had reappeared on his face as he rapidly grew older. He was the only one who was able to experience what Wang Zhong was about to do. This was a combat pattern that no human had ever executed before. When Heavenly Souls risked their lives during an attack, it was their final attack. However, Wang Zhong had used some other method to break through this.

This was absolute despair.

The golden dragon gradually wound itself around the black dragon. As one rose, the other fell. Suddenly, Zhao Ba was calm. He understood that his earlier power was extremely amusing. The gap in their power had clouded his vision. He was simply a footnote in a legendary tale.


In an instant, the two of them clashed, and a shock wave spread into the surroundings. The ground, which had already crumbled and cracked from the battle between them, was met with the impact of a massive meteorite.

The surface of the ground instantly transformed from the crash. In the face of such a terrifying impact, it was as weak as paper and as delicate as water. A frightening crater appeared in the ground and was so deep that one could not see the bottom. At the same time, a terrifying air current rose from the surface of the ground. It was as if the ground within the radius of a few kilometers had been stripped. The ground rose and fell, spreading throughout the land like a wave with a rumble!

In the distance, Ma Dong, Emily, Arnold, and even the people from the Zhao Family could not stand steadily in the face of this terrifying wave and were sent flying. Luckily, they were far away from the center of the attacks, and the power of the attacks was concentrated there. They were only sent flying because of the churning ground.

Ma Dong, Emily, and the rest could not help but shout in panic, and they flew through the sky. On the other side of the Skylink, several veterans shook their heads, while the leaders of the families laughed. There was no doubt that this was the best result.

After all, this was a direct attack. No matter how powerful your Soul Power was or how high-leveled you were, even a Heavenly Soul expert would not be able to survive such a terrifying attack head-on, let alone a Heroic Soul. The only exception was a super expert or a true deity who had successfully evolved to a higher power and cast away their old self — one who would be able to kill a Heavenly Soul expert that was more powerful than them and eliminate the black dragon, which was Zhao Ba's special skill!

However, they were not happy for long. A golden ray of light shot out from the center of the energy field in the air. The sword glow from the Nebula Sword in Wang Zhong's hands pierced through the energy field that surrounded him. He floated in the air, but his heart was surging. This attack had verified his opinion. His battle system was to win from a position of weakness, and he had used this to destroy Zhao Ba's black dragon. On the other hand, Zhao Ba's body completely collapsed from this power.

At that moment, Wang Zhong could not help but look up at the sky and give a long, loud cry. His voice reverberated through the sky.

The emotions of countless people fluctuated and churned like a stormy sea. The Zhao Family had fallen. Zhao Ba and Zha Muzha had faced a Heroic Soul but could not compete with him and died. A young man who had been banished by the Federation had returned with such power and momentum.

Things were about to change in the Federation.

His howl echoed and reverberated throughout the land and reached the ears of all the observers in the Federation. This sound was like the blowing of a war horn that made a vow to the great families in the Federation. A new king was about to rise!

In the distance, tears streamed down Ma Dong and Emily's cheeks. Countless scenes ran through their minds.

The destruction of the Assassins, the destitute and frustrating dead ends, the fighting for food with mutated humans outside Tianjing City, the assassination journey that was full of danger, the rise and fall of various races, the gaze that was full of hate, hope, and determination, death, partings…

All the scenes of the past were memories that stirred their hearts.

The two of them tightly held hands. The Zhao Family was about to collapse. The Zhao Family was about to be destroyed! On the other hand, the Assassins could finally return to the Federation. They would become the decision-makers in history, not sacrificial victims!

"De—demon! Heresy! Betrayer!" The burning smell of gunpowder smoke filled the air above the scorched ground. A trembling and frenzied voice suddenly sounded, "We will not let him off. This demon killed our ancestor and wants to kill all of us! We will avenge our ancestor! Kill him!!"

Zhao Wuxin's strained roar echoed above the scorched ground.

The Heavenly Dragon Guards were scattered, but only a majority of them were dispersed. The Zhao Family had trained guards for hundreds of years and were excellent in training and brainwashing them. Even though they had landed themselves in this situation, there were still around one hundred loyal soldiers from the Zhao Family that gathered around Zhao Wuxin. When Zhao Ba had fallen, they had not recovered from their shock until Zhao Wuxin's fierce shout.

In an instant, the remaining soldiers got into a killing formation and charged towards Wang Zhong. They were like dozens of mosquitoes charging towards a raging fire, delivering a final swansong for the great Zhao Family before its fall!

At the same time, Zhao Wuxin charged in the completely opposite direction from the soldiers.

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    《Battle Frenzy》