Battle Frenzy
933 Fiercer Than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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933 Fiercer Than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi?

The influence of New World quickly spread to every corner of Tianjing. Some people had even called the New World a country within a country. The rules of living and the rules of the game here were completely different from the other cities in the Federation. At first, this change only occurred on the surface, as only minor changes were made to the rules. But very quickly, these changes were deeply embedded into the Federation.

Firstly, the thousands of mutated humans in the refugee camps outside the city were given greater attention and support by the new Tianjing government. Many of the mines that had been newly developed outside the city took in these mutated refugees as employees. Armies that were made up of mutated humans were also established. The government bravely gave them weapons to deal with and eliminate the rising number of mutated beasts outside Tianjing.

Wealth? Ma Dong and Emily were not people who were infatuated with riches. Their life had been filled with earth-shaking events. Now, they had new aims and ideas. They wanted to change the past old-fashioned order!

These actions caused the entire Federation to burst into an uproar. To ordinary people, the mutated humans were unbearably filthy and were the embarrassments of the human race. They represented disease and disaster, as well as violence and an uncontrollable force. At first, they even felt uneasy for the citizens of Tianjing, who were the most fervent supporters of the New World. The other people in the Federation were even waiting to see the joke that Tianjing would become from overrating their own abilities. But in reality, other than a few obstacles that they had encountered at first, when the mutated humans chose representatives with good communication abilities to consult with Tianjing, everything progressed quickly from there.

They were simply given some food, but these mutated humans displayed unprecedented enthusiasm and vigor. Furthermore, everyone realized that while they were perhaps ugly, imperfect, or even of poor intelligence, but since the deities had taken away their intellect, they were given a corresponding amount of stamina to balance it out. The mutated humans, who were typically looked down upon by ordinary humans, all had physiques that were unattainable for ordinary humans. They had extraordinary strength and were not afraid of dirt, suffering, or fatigue. They could erupt with an unimaginable passion toward their job just for a bun. Furthermore, the rebellion that the people of the Federation were most afraid of did not happen. The leader of the New World seemed to understand these mutated humans very well. He understood all their habits and even their societal structure. Thus, he was easily able to control their lifeline. From the very beginning, they had eliminated the few terrifying criminals among the mutated people. Without the instigation and guidance from these people, managing the mutated people became unusually easy. There was no violence, completely unlike the false image that many people had of them.

This was the only city in the Federation that was willing to give the mutated humans jobs… More and more mutated refugees started to migrate towards Tianjing. Thus, they brought about employment opportunities and economic development, causing them to become the topic of conversation. Many civilians who did not lead satisfactory lives in other cities also started to move to Tianjing. Gradually, Tianjing City and New World City started to work together. New World City was an ordinary first-class city, but in a short amount of time, it had started to take the shape of a strategic city in the Federation.

But this was not the end. Closely after the measures with the mutated humans came the second major move: establishing trade relations with the Empire.

Some people had come from Africa, with those from the newly rising New World City in Katchirda within the desert leading the way. Some people had even come from the other side of the Earth, from the Amazon Empire.

They had arrived through the transmission pathways. New World City did not immediately restart the plans for the Fifth Dimension that had been established by the Assassins. Instead, they used the transmission materials on the transmission arrays for Africa and the Amazon Empire. Not many people had come, but they had brought along with them many commercial opportunities. After all, transporting people was very troublesome. Not only did they have to protect their lives, they would also have to use up a large amount of energy. However, if they only used the transmission arrays to transport goods and materials, it would be much easier.

The great families in the Federation stared at them, dumbfounded.

Doing business with the people of the two empires? This was not unprecedented. In the past, there were many smugglers who sought sudden huge profits and engaged in smuggling, which violated the laws of the Federation. This time, it was similar to the international trade between the Stuart Clan and the Kaiser Empire that was in an attempt to promote relations between the Federation and that empire. But this move by Tianjing would be the first time the Federation officially had trade relations with the people of the other empires.

In the past, the Federation had restricted trade with the three empires to prevent them from developing. However, the New World did not care about this. Just like how they had tortured the 10 Great Families, there were no rules in the eyes of these people. However, they had seized the opportunity well. The Federation Parliament had actually given their tacit approval! Even if they restricted the empires, ever since Solomon had caught the attention of the higher-ups in the Holy Land, these restrictions were no longer effective as the old structure had been broken through. However, the Parliament and the 10 Great Families were still focused on the results of the Holy Land. They were waiting for the final decision and for the dust to settle. Thus, they did not realize that they could make their move. In the end, these fellows who ignored the rules had gotten one step ahead.

The Parliament had given their approval, but they also wanted to see the reactions from the 10 Great Families. The series of tricks and reforms that the New World had carried out affected the interests of the 10 Great Families at their roots. Although their methods were rather distasteful, these were all things that the Parliament had wanted to do but never completed. They were happy that a new disrupter had appeared to act as their explorers. On the other hand, under great pressure and unhappy about these events, the 10 Great Families finally started to voice out their complaints again and again.

Skylink was full of voices from the media who wanted to speak favorably of the 10 Great Families. Some of them condemned the New World for destroying the existing rules and structure in the Federation. The leaders of the 10 Great Families, or rather the 9 Great Families, had also started to publicly reprimand the New World for their distasteful reforms on the Skylink. They said that the New World would bring about turmoil in human society and would be the root of social upheaval. However, they were all talk, no action. Although they complained heavily, no one was willing to be the first to stand out and fight a life-and-death struggle with the New World.

The 10 Great Families shifted the responsibility around, while secretly instigating the other families. Everyone else was observing and waiting. They were waiting for someone to not be able to endure this group of wildly arrogant and ignorant disruptors. Finally, after a full three months, a voice finally sounded out.

The Zhao Family!

The remaining Great Teacher from the Holy City had returned from his tour of the Dimensional World.

He had delayed this for a very long time. He said that he did not immediately receive the news as he was traveling in the Dimensional World, but everyone knew that this was simply an excuse. The elimination of the Zhao Family was a major affair. As the only remaining Heavenly Soul expert, how could he not know about this just because he was out traveling? Did he not bring his Skylink along? Who would believe him?!

There was only one truth. He had used this time to completely prepare himself. Perhaps he had secretly dealt with or clarified Wang Zhong's network and power in the Holy City. Perhaps he had gone to prepare a super soul weapon that could kill Wang Zhong… No matter what, the Zhao Family was finally back to deliver the most powerful counterattack. The day that he returned to Earth, the Heavenly Soul Great Teacher from the Zhao Family had spoken. He would destroy Tianjing in three days!

He was determined to win!

He gave a time span of three days as he knew that Wang Zhong was at the Holy Battle and could not return in time. No one would save the New World.

He had given time for the ordinary people to watch. Zhao Chen was not afraid of Wang Zhong, but he did not want to fight Wang Zhong either. He had chosen this timing to settle his grievances. He was about to take revenge for the Zhao Family. That was all!

He was a Heavenly Soul Great Teacher who had prepared for three months just to kill him. He was younger and more powerful than Zhao Ba and had no defects in his body. Would Wang Zhong return to face the challenge and accept his death? Or would he give up on New World City, which had just developed?

The people of the Federation, who did not know the details of the situation, were observing, guessing, and discussing.

Frankly speaking, when Wang Zhong had killed Zhao Ba, many experts felt that there had been many coincidences. He was able to break through Zhao Ba's black dragon attack, not only because Wang Zhong had strong interpretation and analysis skills towards his attacks, but more so because Zhao Ba could no longer endure. It was said that many Heavenly Souls died due to the backlash from their own attacks.

But now, the Heavenly Soul from the Holy City who had returned fully prepared was also a 4-star Great Teacher, but his body and age were more optimal than Zhao Ba's. He was well-prepared and had a deeper understanding of Wang Zhong. He had also prepared himself for a long time. As a Great Teacher in the Holy City, was it possible that he did not have any assistants? More than one Heavenly Soul had come to Tianjing. Perhaps there were two, or even more! If Wang Zhong dared to come back, 80% to 90% of experts would believe that he would definitely die!

What should Wang Zhong do? What should the New World do? The great families smiled. The mutated humans who were starting to show signs of proper behavior, the people from the Empire who had received benefits from their business with the Federation, and the new city which had recently started to develop rapidly were all worried. As the leader of New World City, Ma Dong was so worried that his hair turned white. He had not been able to contact Wang Zhong for the past few days. He heard that Wang Zhong was involved in a new mission at the Holy Land and could not be contacted.

Without Wang Zhong, frankly speaking, the New World did not have the strength to challenge a Heavenly Soul expert. The other families did not dare to attack Tianjing at this moment as they were afraid that Wang Zhong would retaliate. But this fellow of the Zhao Family was not afraid. The Zhao Family had been eliminated by Wang Zhong and had nothing left; he was alone. It was said that 'he who was down, need fear no fall'. A solitary Heavenly Soul who wanted to take revenge was the most terrifying. He did not have to fear anything…

Gong Yi's face appeared on the Skylink. Ma Dong said, "Lao Wang said that if we cannot resolve anything, we can come and look for you. If you have any miracles, hurry up and tell me!"

"Relax. Although Wang Zhong and Mu Zi cannot go there for now, we have an even fiercer god!" On the other side, Gong Yi's smile was very bright.

Ma Dong was dumbfounded and furrowed his eyebrows so hard that three lines appeared on his forehead. "A god… who is even fiercer than Lao Wang and Mu Zi? Lao Gong, are you playing a trick on me? Our opponent is a 4-star Great Teacher from the Holy City. This is not a joke. This is a pressing matter!"

"Ha ha ha, you can be 120% relaxed. A 4-star Great Teacher is nothing. It would be best if more of them can come at the same time. The god will conveniently help you settle everything in one shot!"

"…Damn! Are you serious?" It was not that he did not trust Gong Yi. However, this was simply unthinkable. How many of such people were there? How many experts in this world could settle several Heavenly Soul experts in one shot? What kind of god were they? Furthermore, that person was on the same side as him. How could he not know about this?

Gong Yi kept him in suspense and laughed mysteriously. "Relax, I will let the god know. The god will definitely help you on behalf of Wang Zhong! Two days later, right? Just prepare to welcome the god!"

After hanging up from the call with Gong Yi, Ma Dong was baffled and could not wrap his head around this. A god that was even fiercer than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi? He did not know that such people existed on Earth. He seemed to have heard about this from Lao Wang. He was someone who Lao Wang and Mu Zi had met while they were traveling in the Fifth Dimension. He might also be amazing, but if one were to say that he was fiercer than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, Ma Dong felt that this was not reliable. If not, why had Lao Wang dragged Mu Zi to help him in the Holy Battle, but not that person?

But Gong Yi did not quite understand the strength of a Heavenly Soul. It was probably because he did not know how powerful Wang Zhong — the current Wang Zhong — was and used the ordinary Heavenly Soul Wang Zhong as a benchmark… but they had no choice. After all, they could not contact Wang Zhong. No matter whether the bizarre god that Gong Yi had boasted about was actually impressive or not, he was the only hope for the New World.

He would prepare to welcome him… Ma Dong scratched his head. He did not know what the god liked and had forgotten to ask. Did he like beautiful women or delicacies? He did not have any Soul Power crystals that Heavenly Soul experts from the Empire would value. Ah, this was a great headache.

Two days flashed past. Tianjing and New World City…

Everyone in the Federation had focused their gaze here. Unlike the battle between the Zhao Family and Wang Zhong, which had been secretly recorded, there was a public live broadcast on Skylink. Hundreds of Skylink devices and media teams from dozens of families were present. Of course, they were hiding in a safe place far away as they reported on the Zhao Family's battle for revenge.

Stern guards were standing on the city walls of New World City, which were a full 20 meters tall. Hundreds of soldiers from the New World Army stood on the city wall or at the city gate with calm expressions as they carried out their sentry duty. Suddenly, the gate was opened. However, unlike the usual stream of people who walked back and forth, the gate was completely deserted. The entire Federation knew that the battle of revenge would occur outside the gates of New World City. Even civilians who were not afraid of death did not dare to strut in and out of the city.

Meanwhile, in the open space far away from the city, there were many media reporters from various places in the Federation. They faced the cameras and spared no effort in broadcasting the situation.

"Fellow friends on Skylink, we are now outside the gates of New World City. We are risking our lives to bring you the entire live progress of the battle of the century!" A beautiful female reporter was excitedly shouting towards the camera. "Everyone knows about what had happened in the Heavenly Dragon City as well as the rise of New World City…"

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am standing here, nervous and uneasy. The Heavenly Soul expert who has existed in legends within the Federation has made very few public appearances, let alone agreed to a broadcast of him in battle. This is a historic first step! This is a valuable chance for us, the many ordinary civilians in the Federation, to understand the higher combat levels that humans can achieve! Today, every single scene will become a historic moment. I am extremely honored to be able to stand here and deliver a live broadcast for everyone!"

"My friends of the Earth's Federation…"

The eloquent and rousing voices of countless reporters could be heard through various channels of Skylink. Heavenly Soul, what a taboo phrase. Holy Land, what a sacred and mysterious place. This was the first time the Federation had made such information public. Furthermore, as the Skylink became more common, it could transmit more information and attract more attention. It was not something that any event in the history of the Federation could compare to.

The entire Federation was bubbling with excitement. However, Ma Dong, who was standing beside the transmission array in New World City, paced up and down continuously with his hands behind his back. He was waiting extremely anxiously.

The god who Gong Yi had talked about had not yet appeared. He had repeatedly confirmed this with Gong Yi last night that the god had received the news. He would definitely reach here in time to help him and would arrive at the transmission array in New World City from the Amazon Empire. However, he had not seen the god himself. Ma Dong could not be at ease.

8:45 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 9:00 a.m…


A terrifying explosion sounded outside the city.

Beep beep beep…

It was the sound of the city alarm.

"City lord, city lord! An enemy attack!"

"City lord, there are three of them! They are all Heavenly Soul experts and are now outside the city. Where is the god? Is he not here yet?" A member of Assassin anxiously rushed in to report to him.

Ma Dong's expression suddenly changed from anxiety to lifelessness. The god was not here, but the enemy was here. Moreover… there were three of them!

They were done for… Putting aside the fact that the fabled 'god' had not arrived, even if he was here, what could he do? There were three Heavenly Soul experts, and one of them was a Great Teacher from the Holy City who had suffered grievance and learned from the previous incident. This time, even if Wang Zhong personally came, he would not be able to save this desperate situation. Would the newly risen New World City only exist briefly and be completely destroyed by an even stronger power?

Ma Dong did not give in. His fingernails dug into his palm, but he knew that the situation was probably beyond hope.

"Listen up, the remaining members of the Assassins!"

Without waiting for Ma Dong to do anything, a terrifying voice had sounded outside the city like a sudden crash of thunder. The voice was arrogant and majestic and carried an aura that could not be defied. The voice echoed throughout the entire New World City, causing even the extremely thick city walls to tremble and produce a buzzing sound.

"I will give you one minute for all of you to come out and accept your death! If not, I will slaughter the entire city and kill your entire family! No one will be spared!"

Hum hum hum hum hum… A massive ringing sound seemed to engulf the entire world, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

"My god, three Heavenly Soul experts! They are god-like beings. Three of them have appeared at the same time!" The reporters on Skylink were going crazy. The cameras pointed at the three terrifying experts who flew past and stopped outside of the New World City gate.

They flew naturally in the sky and stood in midair while emitting a golden light. They looked like deities. They were powerful, sacred, and majestic. The aura they radiated spread over a radius of several dozen kilometers. The moment everyone saw them, they had an uncontrollable impulse to pay homage.

"I'm sorry. My legs cannot help but turn to jelly. But even if I am kneeling down, I will broadcast this for everyone. I will definitely not step back!" A reporter could not help but kneel down. Their accomplishments in their careers allowed them to endure the extreme fear in their hearts. "They represent the final form that humans will evolve to. They are god-like beings!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》