Battle Frenzy
934 Aiolos“s Wish
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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934 Aiolos“s Wish

"I can see that out of the three Heavenly Souls, two of them are definitely people from the Federation. The other person has a white complexion, golden hair, and blue eyes. He is dressed in a Western tailcoat and looks like an expert from the Empire. There might be some of you who doubt this, but in the sacred Holy Land, the Federation and Empire are not separated. We are all humans—"

"Someone has appeared from New World City!"

Amidst countless songs of praises and fear, a camera finally pointed in the direction of the city gate, causing a small commotion.

"It's the city lord of New World City, Ma Dong! He was the successor and spokesperson of the Assassins. Behind him are many followers of the Assassins. It can be seen that although there is no hint of fear on the new city lord's face, he seems rather dejected. In the face of three Heavenly Soul experts, these people are helpless! The All-Mouthy King, Wang Zhong, who had displayed his skills at the CHF and in the battle against the Heavenly Dragon Guards from the Zhao Family, has yet to appear! Is he afraid of the three Heavenly Souls? It looks like this will be a one-sided slaughter!"

"Wang Zhong is a legend, but he wanted to use his abilities to challenge two powerful former figures of authority all by himself. His way of thinking is far too childish. However, it is a pity for the entire New World City. Everyone knows that over the past few months, New World City has risen and attained various dazzling achievements. They have also broken down many old ways of thinking and rules in the Federation…"

The voices of the reporters continued to echo. Meanwhile, outside the city gate, Zhao Chen furrowed his eyebrows.

He had gone to great lengths and owed his master a favor to invite these two assistants so that he could defend against the possibility that Wang Zhong would come with his comrades. He had to make sure that nothing went wrong. Zhao Chen was not naive enough to think that Wang Zhong would be alone at this stage.

However, it was a pity that he could not sense the aura of an expert here.

This was good as well. Perhaps this was a signal from Wang Zhong that he was not willing to be enemies with Zhao Chen.

"He has the guts to do it but doesn't have the guts to admit it." Zhao Chen's cold voice sounded throughout the entire land. "Today, I will pay back for what Wang Zhong has done to the Zhao Family! I will eliminate the remaining Assassins and go to the Holy Land to tear that coward's body apart!"

"Die!" Zhao Chen shouted.

He did not give Ma Dong and the rest the opportunity to speak. Zhao Chen, who still had not encountered Wang Zhong, was full of rage and unhappiness. What else did he have to say to these bandits? He raised his hand slightly, and a wave of violent energy shot forth from his hand like a small sun, followed by a terrifying sound. It charged towards the city gate, where Ma Dong and the rest were waiting, like a storm, sweeping along everything in its way. It was about to destroy them in seconds and pulverize them into pieces!

The enemy did not delay any further. Ma Dong sighed silently and forced a smile. He had wanted to use his eloquence to buy them some time and fight to see whether there was another chance, but there seemed to be no opportunity to do so. The god that Gong Yi had talked about had cruelly cheated him. Luckily, he had predicted that this would happen three days ago. He had sent Emily away in advance, along with a few loyal followers of the Assassins. He could not run away. If he ran away, the enemy would not be able to find anyone in New World City and would definitely wreak havoc in the city.

As long as Emily survived and Wang Zhong was still around, there would be a chance for them to rise again and avenge him!

There was still a glimmer of hope. Ma Dong quietly closed his eyes. The ball of energy that was like a small sun was extremely blinding.

"The Assassins are done for! New World City is done for! All because of an attack from an absolute expert from the Zhao Family!"

"What a terrifying attack! I cannot look directly at it! I—" The broadcast on the Skylink still continued. But suddenly, it was silent.

The entire world suddenly seemed to turn silent in this instant. Ma Dong had also closed his eyes for a few seconds. The destruction he had imagined had not arrived, and the blinding golden light in the sky had vanished. Even the threat that the terrifying attack had brought disappeared in an instant.

A topless and muscular figure had silently appeared outside the city gate. He had lightly kicked away the terrifying ball of energy as if it was an extremely ordinary rubber ball. In an instant, the ball of energy soared into the sky and disappeared.

This was… Ma Dong suddenly opened his eyes. The burly figure did not even look at the three Heavenly Souls in the sky. Instead, he smiled at Ma Dong and said, "Are you Ma Dong? Thank goodness I rushed here in time. Heh heh, the people in the Amazon Empire are not very friendly with me. I wasted a lot of time in the transmission array."

"…" Ma Dong's mouth was wide open and forgot to answer. Was… he the god that Gong Yi was talking about? He had easily resolved the attack from a Heavenly Soul expert. He seemed very strong, but they were facing three Heavenly Souls. The god also seemed very young. Would they be alright?

"Who is that? You dare to obstruct me! What is your name?" Zhao Chen could sense the calm aura that the fellow radiated. Although he was unlike ordinary Heavenly Soul experts who desperately exerted pressure into their surroundings, this ordinary peace gave him a terrifying sense of pressure. This person was very strong!

At the same time, the two Heavenly Soul experts behind him immediately realized this. They prepared their Soul Power and were ready to attack.

"Is the person who is about to die worthy to ask for my name?" Aiolos laughed.

"How courageous!"

Zhao Chen surged with rage. Although he could sense that his enemy was very powerful, he was no more than an aboriginal Heavenly Soul from Earth. Even if his body was full of energy, he would not know how to make use of it. But he dared to be this arrogant towards him, who had come from the Holy City! He flicked his wrist and was about to teach a lesson to this arrogant fellow. But he never expected that his enemy moved even faster than he could speak!


A pure, golden light swept past and streaked across the sky like a thunderbolt. Even on this clear day, this strike was extremely dazzling and eye-catching. The next second, the golden figure had appeared behind the three Heavenly Souls.

Aiolos's left fist was covered in blood, with red and white substances all over his hand. He slowly turned around. Beside Zhao Chen, the Heavenly Soul expert from the Empire suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground like an iron weight! His entire head had exploded into pieces.

He had killed the Heavenly Soul expert in seconds. Seconds! A super expert who exuded the Soul Power of a Heavenly Soul could not even see Aiolos's fist. He had not even prepared to fight back, to defend himself, before he was killed with a crash! Furthermore, Aiolos was very relaxed. There was not even a drop of sweat!

The entire Federation fell dead silent in an instant. Meanwhile, at the city gate, Ma Dong's mouth was so wide that you could fit a large duck egg into his mouth.

This, this, this, this… this was truly a god! Damn, Gong Yi was absolutely right. He was not just fiercer than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi; he was boundlessly fierce! Even when faced with three enemies, he could easily kill one Heavenly Soul. He did not even give the other two people the chance to react. Such frightening experts did still exist in this world after all!

Aiolos's expression was still the same. He smiled sluggishly as if the three Heavenly Soul experts in front of him were no different from ants. They did not even ignite his desire to battle. He had simply come to help someone clear their pile of trash!

"I was still wondering what kind of expert would come. Even you guys want to touch my brother's territory?" He calmly looked at Zhao Chen and the other Heavenly Soul as if he was looking at two dead people. "Next!"

Zhao Chen was stunned.

The tough training and experiences in the Holy City allowed him to be a cut above the others, at least in terms of outlook.

When this fellow appeared, he had realized that this fellow was very powerful but did not think that he would be this powerful. He did not even clearly see how this fellow had attacked and killed the Heavenly Soul wanderer from the Empire!

The difference between their strength was far too large. Zhao Chen was simply terribly vexed. If he had known that Wang Zhong had such a powerful ally with him, even if he was scolded for being ungrateful, he would not appear. This fellow was going to break through the bottleneck of the Heavenly Soul stage. Furthermore, he was a first-class being. How did this person have relations with Wang Zhong and care about this mundane matter???

Damn it!

His pride as a Heavenly Soul and the honor of the Zhao Family instantly vanished completely. It was replaced with absolute despair and fear.

Zhao Chen knew that he was done for.

He had never expected this exceptional war, let alone this violent upheaval. There were several flashes of light in the sky. The powerful aura disappeared one after another and fell from the sky.

The help that the fairy-tale secret realm had brought to Aiolos was beyond Wang Zhong and Mu Zi's imagination. Even his best brothers did not know what Aiolos had experienced there, let alone how much they had helped Aiolos. Only Aiolos himself knew how that series of secret realms had helped him, a former pure strength-type soldier, to comprehend his true strength. He could not evolve to a higher power!

However, he still had something weighing on his mind. If he did not resolve it, it would be equivalent to seeking death. After all, he was the prince of the Pampas Empire. How could he part with his bloodline so easily? Aiolos was not walking on a ruthless path.

After all, the fabled Heavenly Calamity was about to occur. With his abilities, it was very likely that he would cause a large Heavenly Calamity!

When Heroic Souls advanced into Heavenly Souls, they would have to go against a fire calamity. In order to do so, they would have to rely on their own energy. On the other hand, when Heavenly Souls tried to defy the heavens, change their fate, and free themselves from rules, they would face an elimination from the powers of the heaven and the earth. The more powerful their endowments were, the more powerful the Heavenly Calamity they encountered would be.

Thus, even for Aiolos, if he was 50% confident that he would succeed, this would already be an enormous amount of confidence. However, if he failed to evolve to a higher power, the Pampas Empire, who secretly had the ability to challenge the Amazon Empire, would lose their most important pillar of support. The tribe would face great difficulties in order to survive, let alone fight for supremacy in South America with the Amazon Empire. After all, the territory that the Pampas Empire occupied was far too barren. Furthermore, they did not have support from the Federation.

Before the Heavenly Calamity occurred, he had to deal with the tribes properly.

Killed in seconds! The enemy was killed in three seconds!

The three Heavenly Souls could not put forth any resistance. They did not even have the strength to force Aiolos out. Even amidst his fear and shock, Zhao Chen was ready to risk his life and fall along with the New World. The destructive attack that he had fired at New World City was easily resolved by Aiolos.

The war had ended in the short span of half a minute. The Skylink media teams in charge of broadcasting were stunned. The reporters muttered and could not say anything much. It was as if they had watched a false battle between Heavenly Souls. They did not see any of the major scenes they had expected. They were at a complete loss for words.

Meanwhile, the experts from the 10 Great Families and the remaining Heavenly Souls on Earth who were observing through Skylink were silent from their absolute shock.

If Wang Zhong's appearance made them feel a sense of a threat that could challenge them, Aiolos's appearance was like a warning of their death.

He was far too terrifying. Only Heavenly Soul experts were able to sense what these casual three punches meant. These attacks were far more frightening than an earth-shattering attack between Aiolos, and Zhao Chen and the others.

Such a strong expert was behind Tianjing. This, this, this, this… this was much more frightening than Wang Zhong secretly having the support of a Sacred Teacher in the Holy City! After all, having the support of a Sacred Teacher from the Holy City was only a guess. However, a being that was almost as powerful as a Sacred Teacher was right in front of their eyes!

They pondered. How many resources would they have to offer up to get such a mighty presence to attack for them?

"Tianjing cannot be provoked!"

"Let's retreat. Call back all the scouts near Tianjing. There's no use…"

"Give them the mines. We won't fight for them anymore…"

"Agree to the trade agreements that the New World proposed previously!"

While the entire Federation was still silent, the leaders of the 9 Great Families had secretly issued various orders that they had no choice but to carry out. If they were only faced with Wang Zhong, the 10 Great Families still had ways to deal with him, but this man who called Wang Zhong his brother caused them to lose all courage to even resist him.

The war had begun with a vigorous start but ended silently. The corpses of the three Heavenly Souls were left lying in the wilderness. No one even came to pick up their corpses…

The audience, who was waiting for an exciting battle, felt that something was wrong. However, in New World City, Ma Dong was beaming from ear to ear.

Of course, he knew what Aiolos's appearance in today's battle meant. The god who Gong Yi had talked about far exceeded his expectations. Wang Zhong was still the same old Wang Zhong. Even his brother was this amazing!

"Elder Brother! You are Wang Zhong's elder brother, so you are my elder brother!" In the city lord's palace, Aiolos had received the most respected position and was welcomed like an emperor. Ma Dong's bootlicking abilities had come in handy. He did so when he had to without any ambiguity or embarrassment. Moreover, he was genuine this time. This man was handsome and strong. If he was a woman, he would be dying to sleep with him immediately and pledge to marry him. Calling him elder brother was nothing much. "My thanks are not enough to repay you. Elder Brother, just let me know if you want me to do anything!"

Aiolos smiled. He did not choose to immediately leave after helping out. There was something he wanted to talk about with Ma Dong. "I am the prince of the Pampas Empire, but I am not competent at my job. In my pursuit of strength, I have strayed further and further away. I hope that you will be able to help my tribe."

The final thing he had to do before he evolved to a higher level, and what caused him to worry most, was definitely the stability and prosperity of his tribe.

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