Battle Frenzy
939 Team Leader
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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939 Team Leader

The leader of the Phantom Squadron, "Phantom King" Morad, the leader of the Red Spiders, "Red Widow" Faith Kelly, the leader of the Seekers, "Wolf King" Alexander, the leader of the Blue Devil Squadron, "Blue Fatty" Adaman, and the leader of the Upside Down Squadron, "Strongest on Earth 135" Small Felix, were present. They were five of the top 10 exploration teams in the Holy City. They were also the five strongest team leaders who had been allocated to the north battlefield in the Holy Battle.

Other than Morad, who had followed the Holy City Army here, the other four team leaders had just come from the Holy City. The power and tenacity of the Octopus people had exceeded the expectations of the Holy City. Reinforcements from various levels of power continued to stream in. As for these big names, Wang Zhong had already heard of them. They had achieved the level of Dimensional Devourer in the Dimensional Hostel and were extremely mysterious within the Exploration Team Department. They were the subject of various legends where they defeated Heavenly Souls. Even many extremely famous Teachers would not be able to compare with this group of people in terms of strength. However, they were not Teachers as they did not care about the meager benefits they would obtain from becoming Teachers. They had set their goals above the levels of Great Teacher and even Sacred Teacher. They were absolute Semi-Heavenly Souls and the strongest Heroic Souls. They were also the top elites among the Heroic Souls who had the highest priority and were most valued by the higher-ups in the Holy City.

Among the Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers, there were some who were more adept, but this did not mean that they were proficient in battle. However, the combat level of these Semi-Heavenly Souls was definitely frightening. It would not be difficult for them to become Great Teachers. Once they advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would strive to become the strongest Heavenly Souls. They might only face some difficulties in becoming Sacred Teachers.

The five of them were rather curious when they saw Wang Zhong arrive and cast sidelong glances at him. Wang Zhong had never seen the five of them. In reality, within the entire Exploration Team Department, very few people had seen these mysterious team leaders, even among the veteran Holy Disciples. However, this did not mean that they did not recognize Wang Zhong. After all, he was the new star among the Holy Disciples who was reaching the peak of his power. In particular, he had saved Hyde and the other dimensional humans. As a result, Wolf King Alexander was rather familiar with him. He smiled and nodded at Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong also smiled and nodded. Even though the five of them were deliberately suppressing their aura, he could sense Semi-Heavenly Soul auras radiating from their bodies. Every single action they took was secretly and completely natural. It was evident that not only had their strength reached the Semi-Heavenly Soul, they were also close to reaching the Heavenly Soul Stage in terms of their knowledge on training.

They were all experts, absolute experts!

Wang Zhong was rather excited. Many of the Heroic Soul experts in the Holy City had fatal flaws due to various shortcomings in their training, but this rule did not seem to apply to the cream of the experts here. If he was able to discover the Soul Power Circuit, the others could definitely be lucky as well. This luck did not only apply to Wang Zhong.

They continued to observe one another as if they had been waiting for Wang Zhong in particular. However, the moment he stepped into the hall, Sacred Teacher Leyson's voice sounded throughout the hall.

His voice was rather harmonious and amiable. Although it was slightly old, it was not powerless. Instead, it gave everyone a steady and dignified sense of security. "Heh heh, everyone is here. No need to stand up. No need to be so tense either. Just sit anywhere."

In the face of Sacred Teacher Leyson, who was celebrated for his powerful combat level even among the rest of the Sacred Teachers, even conceited and arrogant fellows did not dare to be careless and impolite. There were many seats in the hall. They respectfully received his orders and sat on both sides.

A virtual projection was slowly shown in the middle of the hall. It was completely different from the massive virtual image of Leyson that Wang Zhong had seen during the landing battle. He saw a rather skinny figure, but Wang Zhong immediately felt that this figure and the voice were rather familiar.

Damn… What the hell was going on? Sacred Teacher Leyson was… Uncle Zhang?

As the appearance of the holographic image grew clearer, there was no doubt in Wang Zhong's heart.

This old man who looked harmonious and amiable was Uncle Zhang who he had often seen at the secret realm in the Holy City, right?

Even Wang Zhong, who had never been shocked by anything, could not help but gape slightly. At first, he had doubts about Uncle Zhang's identity, but after countless observations and probing, he finally determined that Uncle Zhang was simply a retired and idle Great Teacher. However, one could not blame Wang Zhong for not having the foresight. It was just that Leyson had controlled his strength so exquisitely that Wang Zhong could not find any gaps. Furthermore, which Sacred Teacher was so free as to fish with a mere Heroic Soul every week? This was simply unthinkable.

However, although this was surprising, this also made sense. Wang Zhong now understood why his 'luck' had been so good.

Back then, Great Teacher Kenso, who had never met him before, had given him the position of second-class apprentice. Later on, the Wanderlust Team was in the Holy City Army's favor, even though they were a small team with only 10 people, pushing aside many other 4th rank exploration teams who had come to participate in the Holy Battle. After that, even when he killed someone in the base, he was found not guilty… so it was not that he had been lucky. It was because he had behind-the-scenes support!

This time, the exploration team leaders had not been called for a particularly major occasion. As reinforcements who had been specially invited, they would be praised and encouraged in advance. Sacred Teacher Leyson would personally introduce the current war situation, as well as the goals and the strategies of the higher-ups. Then, he would encourage them to treasure this rare war opportunity and attempt to break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage while training.

Wang Zhong listened to this. Their mission was not to obtain the greatest number of achievements in the Holy Battle. Instead, their aim was to train and use the transcendental energy that the Mizobudapi had accumulated to break through.

Just like how powerful Heavenly Souls would find it more difficult to evolve to a higher power, it would be much more difficult for powerful Heroic Souls to break through the barriers of the Heroic Soul Stage and advance. It was simple. The stronger you were, the more stable your realm was, but while this stability provided you with powerful strength, it would also be like a strong shackle that tied you down. It would be difficult for you to break through.

Of course, if they were able to break through such difficulties and advance, they would definitely be more powerful than ordinary Great Teachers. They would also be experts who were most likely to overcome the Heavenly Calamity and become Sacred Teachers. Thus, not only did these team leaders have special positions among the Holy Disciples, they were also even more valued by the higher-ups in the Holy City compared to ordinary Great Teachers.

All the team leaders sat up straight. On the surface, they were respectfully listening to him. However, they were secretly observing one another. They wanted to see whether their enemies, whom they had not seen for a long time, had progressed. Had they managed to shake their enemies off, or had their enemies surpassed them…? To them, the other team leaders were their greatest competitors.

The situation in the Holy Land caused the competition between humans to continue. Peace would only breed weakness, and they would not be able to survive in the Dimensional World.

Of course, Wang Zhong would not let this chance slip by. Since he was here, this meant that these people were also as powerful as him.

Phantom King Morad seemed rather gloomy. He was the hardest individual to see through. The black cloak was not an ordinary item; it was hazy and obstructed one's view. As a result, his entire face was concealed by the cloak and could not be seen clearly. Not only was his face blocked, even the aura from Morad's body was concealed by the cloak. It was somewhat different from Simba's clown mask but had the same effect.

Red Widow Faith Kelly from the Red Spiders was extremely bewitching even though she had deliberately suppressed her bewitching aura in front of Sacred Teacher Leyson. She sat up straight and did not act coquettishly. She even dressed more formally, but even a casual gaze from her was enough to express her amorous feelings. Every single action she took was naturally captivating, even when she was breathing, causing people to be unable to control their feelings. Even Wang Zhong silently felt that he did not dare to look too much at her. However, this was not because he felt that he would be bewitched by her. Instead, he could feel her terrifying demeanor that could spread through the air and cause male hormones to surge rapidly. This was a sinister invasion of power. This was no longer a psychological desire; this was a physiological desire. This… was very uncomfortable. The others had to pay attention to this.

Wolf King Alexander seemed more normal. He was a mature man who seemed to be around thirty years old. He had golden hair and light blue eyes and was tall. He was the absolute leader among the core members of the dimensional humans. He was truly a legendary figure. He had marched through the Holy City unhindered with his Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit technique and maintained a winning streak as a Heroic Soul. He had even directly challenged a 6-star Great Teacher and defeated him!

Wolf King Alexander was also once deemed the number one Heroic Soul in the Holy City. At the same time, he had a bright personality and had leadership abilities. He was the pride of the dimensional humans. In the few days since Wang Zhong had returned, he had heard Hyde talk about his reverence and respect for Alexander more than once during their conversations.

The leader of the Blue Devil Squadron, Blue Fatty Adaman, was chubby, just like what his name suggested. He was always brimming with smiles. He even had another nickname, Smiling Buddha. Wang Zhong could not feel a strong sense of pressure from him. It was said that no matter what Adaman encountered, he would always calmly face it with a smile. Perhaps he had never encountered any difficulties. Most importantly, his speed was shocking.

The last person was Small Felix from the Upside Down Squadron. He was called Strongest on Earth 135, but Wang Zhong felt that 135 was an exaggeration. He looked like he was at most 1.2 meters tall. If one were to say that he was 135 centimeters, it would be because of the pair of elevator shoes on his feet. He sat on a broad chair, and his legs dangled in the air. His hands could not even reach the armrests on the side, but he did not look like the naive and cute type. There was a large head on top of his small body that made up one-third of his body. Furthermore, the whisker-like mustache on his face was hilarious in comparison to his dwarf-ish 1.2 meter-tall body. He was a short midget uncle, but his bright eyes left a deep impression on Wang Zhong. He felt as if a massive amount of energy was contained in those eyes. It was said that he was adept in eye techniques…

It could be seen that Sacred Teacher Leyson was still undergoing closed-door cultivation after the landing battle. This had gone on for a few months. He had torn apart the powerful Mizobudapi World's Will by force and had to resist the natural healing of that world, keeping the gap open for a full one to two hours. Even to a Sacred Teacher, this exhaustion was unbelievable.

His explanations had been very simple. The others left, but the Sacred Teacher only asked Wang Zhong to stay behind. Morad and the rest were rather surprised. In terms of contributions, all of them had made great ones, right? But was Wang Zhong worth wasting the Sacred Teacher's time?

This Wang Zhong… They had glanced at him several times with deep interest. They remembered him.

The five of them left, and the room immediately fell silent. The holographic image of Sacred Teacher Leyson did not speak immediately. Instead, he smiled and looked at Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong also looked at him. They looked at each other for a long time before bursting out in laughter.

"It's been half a year since we last saw each other. I'm starting to miss your grilled fish and that Samsara wine." Uncle Zhang burst out laughing. He did not intend to deny his identity and did not act like a Sacred Teacher. He was just like the ordinary old man who Wang Zhong had met by the lake. There was only one word to describe the way they talked: distasteful.

"I still have some Samsara wine. I'll bring some for you next time." Wang Zhong was also laughing. Talking to Uncle Zhang like this was very comfortable. Earlier, when he was at the Holy City, he was able to deal with all the doubts and criticisms with relative indifference. This was not simply because he had a good mentality, but after all, he was still young. A large part had been because he had met Uncle Zhang.

He did not feel as lonely in the Holy Land because of the influence of this harmonious and amiable old man.

"Great. It's been almost half a year since I last tasted it. My neck is getting itchy." Uncle Zhang laughed and said, "Actually I didn't intend to meet you so early. I wanted to see when you would be able to guess. However, that girl Lan Daier told me that you had something important to personally report to me. This piqued my curiosity."

Sacred Teacher Leyson was still Uncle Zhang. All taboos were now lifted. However, when they talked about official matters, Wang Zhong got rid of his merry expression and narrated everything he had experienced in the territory of the Octopus people. If he were talking to another Sacred Teacher, he would definitely explain the important points in a simple manner, but with Uncle Zhang, Wang Zhong was not afraid. He had too many questions throughout the entire process.

Wang Zhong started from how he had been brought to Muwei City by Warlock Saint Sauron, including how he had escaped. Then, he talked about the big chase and how he had entered the phoenix remains, as well as everything he saw in the phoenix remains, and the scenes that the Holy Saint Teacher had left behind. He also talked about his guesses on what the Octopus people were planning. He talked tirelessly. Although his tone was calm, he could not conceal the profound effect the entire process had on him.

Uncle Zhang listened to him very seriously. Occasionally, he would interrupt Wang Zhong and ask him about some details that he was concerned about. Once he finished listening to Wang Zhong, he remained silent for a very long time.

Evidently, the higher-ups in the Holy Land were not completely ignorant about the Octopus people. Wang Zhong even felt that Uncle Zhang knew all these.

"You don't need to tell anyone else about the Octopus people. The aims of this war are not as simple as they seem," said Uncle Zhang in a serious tone. He did not explain further.

Wang Zhong nodded his head. If only the higher-ups knew about this, then they would definitely have other plans. He was self-aware. He knew that Uncle Zhang was treating him like one of them and was not using a vague reason to brush him off.

Why did Uncle Zhang like Wang Zhong so much? Not only was he destined for great things, but he was also very interesting. He did not have the habit of getting to the root of things. "You are incredible. This adventure is very rare. What you have encountered is probably the soul symbol of the Holy Saint Teacher. This is good luck."

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    《Battle Frenzy》