Battle Frenzy
940 Wolf King
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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940 Wolf King

"Is the Holy Saint Teacher still alive?" Wang Zhong asked curiously.

"That is another realm. Our understanding of the Dimensional World is still too shallow. We cannot simply use life and death to define it. If there is anything else you want to know, please ask," said Uncle Zhang with a smile. He was not the terrifying Sacred Teacher Leyson, like what the outside world believed. He seemed more like a neighborhood grandfather.

Wang Zhong knew that this was a rare opportunity. "Who wrote Cellular Cosmology?"

"Make a guess." When Uncle Zhang was with Wang Zhong, he was unusually relaxed. He was even slightly naughty.

"It couldn't be… the Holy Saint Teacher?"

"That's right. How smart. Your Soul Power Circuit was also developed from there, right?" Uncle Zhang said. In an instant, the dense fog dispersed. At first, Wang Zhong had thought that Cellular Cosmology was the result of someone letting their imagination run wild. However, how could such a book be found in the Holy Land library? Furthermore, it was free to read. What did this mean?

Even Teachers did not dare to make arbitrary definitions. There was only one person like him in the Holy Land.

Wang Zhong felt extremely comfortable and refreshed. He was right. "Uncle Zhang, what about your lake? Is that an illusion or a secret realm?"

Wang Zhong was not confused about his Soul Power Circuit. Once he reached a certain level, he would naturally have a certain outlook, and power would determine everything. This was what Uncle Zhang admired about Wang Zhong. Eight or nine in ten people would have complained tearfully to him.

"That is my fragment world. Once you advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, you can have your own fragment world," said Uncle Zhang, "where you can train and nurture Soul Beasts."

Wang Zhong nodded. This was a problem that concerned his realm.

"Wang Zhong, conquering is but a means. The true essence of the Dimensional World is a mystery. Go, make good use of this opportunity," said Uncle Zhang. He did not have an answer regarding the Golden Stone Slab and the winged figure. To Wang Zhong, knowing about these was not necessarily a good thing.

At the same time, Uncle Zhang did not ask Wang Zhong why he was able to enter his fragment world.

After Wang Zhong left, the holographic image gradually vanished, but there was a sigh in the distance…

He had seen Uncle Zhang again and had relayed the information about the Octopus people to the higher-ups. As a result, Wang Zhong was in a good mood. However, there was a surprising person waiting for him outside the hall.

Wolf King Alexander.

The handsome and resolute man was smiling. His short, golden hair was extremely dazzling. Every single strand emitted a golden light, making him seem like a deity. To be honest, Wolf King was shocked. A mere Heroic Soul had taken up so much of the Sacred Teacher's time. This was simply a miracle.

Outside the base…

The ruins of the battlefield had been completely cleaned up so that they could easily supervise and control their surroundings. Even the trees on the surrounding mountains were all chopped down. However, although the surroundings were clean and tidy, it felt bare and bleak. There was a desolate and harsh atmosphere.

The essence of war might not be to destroy, but in war, destruction was still the most important melody.

Even in such a barren land, one could still feel the dense dimensional energy that could only be found in the Mizobudapi World. The aura of the heaven and the earth could be felt extremely clearly here. Right now, the base was promoting Soul Power Circuit training that allowed many people to break through in a short period of time. The Three Circuits were not too complex, but the rich vitality that was present in the Mizobudapi World was the main reason why everyone could progress so quickly.

Two people were standing facing each other on the empty land. Alexander had brought them here. He had deliberately brought Wang Zhong to a barren place that was far away from the base. Evidently, he did not just want to have a quiet chat with Wang Zhong.

They were silent throughout the entire journey here, and the atmosphere was rather imposing. An invisible aura radiated from their bodies. This was definitely not a sign of friendliness. However, to Alexander's surprise, Wang Zhong's expression was the same. He had become famous at a young age and was the youngest among the Semi-Heavenly Souls. Alexander thought that he would be particularly arrogant, but he was surprisingly composed.

Alexander smiled. He had just arrived in the Mizobudapi World, and the rich energy in his surroundings made him feel very comfortable. It was superior to the Holy Land.

"You have crossed the boundary. I would like to determine your identity," said Alexander with a smile. The politeness and happiness on his face, that was unique to the dimensional humans, also concealed murderous intent. "At first, I wanted to kill you immediately, but it seems like Sacred Teacher Leyson values you. I want to give you a chance."

He paused and slowly said, "Let Hyde and the others leave the Wanderlust Team, and I will spare your life."

"What gives you the right?" Wang Zhong laughed. When he was following Alexander here, he felt that something was wrong. Hyde had wanted to join, but he might have unintentionally messed up Alexander's deployment. Either that, or Alexander looked down upon Wang Zhong.

"Heh, newbies think that they know everything. You think that you are invincible just because you killed two low-leveled Heavenly Souls." Alexander's eyes lit up. "Oh well. Since you don't know how to appreciate favors, allow me to let you experience your own Soul Power Circuit!"

Just as he finished speaking, Alexander raised his left hand into the sky, and a claw materialized out of thin air.

There were no other signs. His hand was still in the air, but Wang Zhong instantly felt as if he had been thrown into a compressor. The pressure around him instantly surged violently as if it was about to flatten and mash him up!

The glittering Soul Power Circuit instantly surrounded his body. Soul Domination!

He had already mastered the activation of the Speed Circuit. When he felt the pressure in his surroundings, it automatically activated almost at the same time. However, even though it was already this fast, it still felt slightly slow. Alexander had activated his attack far too quickly. Wang Zhong had lost sight of Alexander's body. He could only see the image of a claw forming in the sky.

How fast.

One's basic power, speed, defense, and so on were no more than the most basic conditions when judging a soldier. If you wanted to engage in the best, high-leveled confrontation, just having these basics was not enough. One's fighting experience and skills were even more important.

With this level of speed, Wang Zhong could not keep up with his actions just by using his eyes. He had to sense the subtle flow in the air and rely on his senses, as well as his fighting instincts. Wang Zhong did not even think. He fought back with his 3rd Drive to his right.


There was a powerful and heavy crash, producing a terrifying air current that exploded into the surroundings. They both took a step back.

With just one clash, it was very obvious that Wolf King Alexander did not use Wang Zhong's Soul Power Circuit. Although the Soul Power Circuit was very well-known, this did not mean that it was definitely the most powerful ultimate technique. It exploded with such popularity in the Holy City, more so because of characteristics such as the low threshold for training and the ease of mastery. Evidently, Alexander had his own training methods. Although he did not use the Soul Power Circuit, his control of his Soul Power was equally exquisite and did not lose out to Wang Zhong. His Soul Power did not circulate slowly, unlike what a majority of the Heroic Souls in the Holy City experienced.

In reality, all the Semi-Heavenly Souls who had reached Alexander's level had integrated their realm with their control of their Soul Power. The Three Circuits were simply superficial knowledge that Wang Zhong had publicized. Although the threshold was low, it was only suitable for Heroic Souls in their early stages or Heroic Souls who particularly tallied with this method.

Their eyes met for a brief moment while they were in the air. This basic exploration did not even count as a warm-up, but they could already sense the basic combat level of their enemy. Their enemy was definitely someone they could endure a battle with.

"Quite interesting!" Alexander's eyes lit up. There was a brief pause. Then, the tips of his toes touched the ground slightly, but he soared into the sky among the cloud of dust like a cannon.

Opposite him, Wang Zhong was already at full attention. In front of him was a super Holy Disciple and a Heroic Soul who had never lost a battle. Even though he had defeated a Heavenly Soul, Wang Zhong definitely did not dare to be careless. They had been evenly matched just now, but that was just the tip of the surface. The real battle was about to begin.

The tips of his toes also touched the ground slightly. His muscles swelled slightly as a result of the Domination Constitution. He faced his opponent, who was charging at him like a cannon, and crossed his arms above his head.


There was another terrifying air current. The dull collision caused the entire mountain valley to tremble slightly. However, Wang Zhong had actually resisted the heavy impact by force.

His crossed arms sank slightly, causing the terrifying momentum to spin in his arms. Then, he pushed forward and sent the force flying back to Alexander. He borrowed Alexander's power to fight him. However, Alexander did not intend to endure this counterattack. His body was extremely flexible. When the force was stopped, his body had already flipped over without much trouble. Not only had he dodged Wang Zhong's counterattack, he violently swept his left leg through the air like a whip, delivering a side kick.

Wang Zhong's reflexes were also very fast, and he was very skillful. He immediately stopped his counterattack and stretched out his arms in defense. He attacked and defended himself at the same time. Before Alexander's leg could touch him, he also swept out his left leg at the same time.

They immediately switched from defense to attack. They carried out the same actions, and attacked and defended in the same way. Miraculously, they made the same decisions. There was the sound of an explosion in the air. However, this time, the two of them were not sent flying from each other's power. They faced a formidable opponent, but if they could launch an offensive attack, they would be able to get ahead of their opponent step by step. Their powerful Soul Power protected their bodies. They endured the power from their opponent at the same time and launched heavy punches.

In an instant, it was fist versus fist, and leg versus leg!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!.

The massive explosions sounded like muffled thunder and continued to echo throughout the air. There was a violent storm of dust on the ground. The two figures shuttled back and forth in the cloud of dust. They had only clashed a few times, but they could both feel that their enemy had rich battle experience.

It was as if Alexander could predict every single action that Wang Zhong was about to take, but at the same time, Wang Zhong could predict every single action that Alexander was about to take. Their exquisite fighting techniques had integrated with their basic instincts. Their attacks were like the most rational moves that had been calculated by a computer, and there were no mistakes.

Wang Zhong was not surprised. After all, his enemy was a true first-rate expert who had made a name for himself in the Holy City for a very long time. Wang Zhong did not know how many large and small life-and-death battles he had experienced. There were many legends of his dazzling military achievements that spread in the Holy City.

However, Alexander was slightly shocking. Even though it was good that Wang Zhong could invent the Soul Power Circuit and rapidly advance to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage, he had achieved all these because of his powerful endowments and various strokes of good luck. However, battle experience was something that could not be formed from endowments. One had to actually undertake dangerous battles to accumulate experience. His enemy was very young and had not even been in the Holy City for one year. Where had he accumulated such rich battle experience?

But this surprise only lasted for an instant. Both of them could feel that relying on their techniques to defeat their enemy was no doubt wishful thinking. If only they were faster and stronger than their enemy!

Alexander's gaze changed and became even more ferocious. When he attacked, he unfolded his fingers which he had been clenching. Claws extended from his hand.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

The moment their fists and legs clashed, a unique black Soul Power immediately started to condense on his pale and long fingers as if he had grown long, sharp black claws. In a close-combat fight, every single clash involved extreme calculations and control of speed and distance. The claws that suddenly grew out was a hidden loss for Wang Zhong, as there had been errors in his calculations. Although he managed to avoid the sharpest points of the claws, the claws could rip through space. The wind generated by the claws was shocking and created a wound on Wang Zhong's chest, producing two long rips in Wang Zhong's clothes. Luckily, his Soul Power defense immediately activated at his chest, resisting the attack from the claws. Wang Zhong was not injured, but he felt a burning pain at his chest. He retreated back explosively.

This was a battle between experts. Once one of them fell short, they would continue to be at a disadvantage. At first, they had taken turns attacking and defending. But now, Alexander suddenly soared into the sky. The claws that grew from his fingernails produced a sharp storm. In an instant, the sky was filled with claw images that rapidly closed in on Wang Zhong.

Nine-Run Tempering Soul Claw!

There was a distance of several meters between Wang Zhong and Alexander, but the claw images seemed to be able to ignore this obstacle. While Wang Zhong was retreating back, the claw images flashed past and attacked him like a series of chaotic explosions. Occasionally, a sword image would crash into the ground, instantly forming a massive five-clawed imprint. It was as if five deep holes had been formed in the ground!

Even the shadows formed when Wang Zhong retreated backwards could not confuse the claw images that filled the sky. Furthermore, when the claw images scratched his shadows, Wang Zhong could sense his body turning sluggish for an instant as if he had been locked onto and pulled back.

Wang Zhong did not use the sword. When he reached this level, his sensitivity towards danger was extremely high. He could completely sense how amazing these claw images were. They contained a strange power that could break through illusions, attack material objects, and hit shadows. The energy was not simply powerful and sharp. He definitely could not confront this energy head-on without understanding the details of it. Furthermore, his Ghostly Steps did not seem to be very effective.

Zoom Shadow —— Shadow Dance!

With the support of his Speed Circuit, his retreating figure suddenly sped up. However, instead of going backwards, he advanced forward. His body became very swift, but his shadows also started to disappear. His body was like a bright spot that maneuvered through the illusory claw images, and he relied on his speed to avoid every single attack by force!

Unlike the slow Ghostly Steps, the true Shadow Dance was famous for its swiftness. His speed exploded in that instant.

Bang Bang Bang!

All the claw images missed at that moment and crashed into the ground, forming multiple holes. On the other hand, Wang Zhong was like a shining spot. He took advantage of this moment and used his explosive speed to appear behind Alexander.

This was definitely the best opportunity. Two fire sparks appeared in his palms and shot out, forming two phantoms of fire phoenixes. They charged at Alexander with the might of a prairie fire.

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven!

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