Battle Frenzy
941 People of Talent Appreciate One Another
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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941 People of Talent Appreciate One Another

With the powerful flaming aura and the impact, Alexander could feel the threat coming from behind him. He used the Nine-Rune Tempering Soul Claw technique, and claw images filled the sky. Even before he turned around, two massive palms appeared behind him, leaving his back fully protected!

Bang~ Bang~~

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven forcibly cleared the way and clashed with the massive palm shadows. But these palm shadows had been formed in a haste. Fiery beams of light soared into the sky, and the massive impact caused the two hands to tremble slightly, forming a gap in his defense. Immediately after, a figure slipped through the defense.

A white glow flickered across Wang Zhong's eyes. With the support of the Domination Constitution, his Soul Power was violent and fierce. Energy shot out of his palms like a surging wave, cutting through the gap in Alexander's defenses and aggressively crashing into Alexander's back.

The terrifying momentum surged, closely followed by a barrage of attacks without any pauses.

Bang bang bang bang bang!!

The moment the first crack appeared in the palm shield, Alexander did not even have time to think about closing it up again. A series of terrifying explosions could be heard as if a deity was beating a drum in the sky. Every single attack crashed into Alexander's back, sending him aggressively flying forward like a shooting star.


The shooting star landed on the ground, forming a terrifying hole in the ground. This kicked up a giant cloud of dust that spread everywhere and looked like it could block out the sky. However, Wang Zhong did not sense his enemy's aura grow weaker.


Without any pauses, Alexander had flown out of the giant hole in the ground. As a fellow Semi-Heavenly Soul, he definitely had the ability to fly. It seemed very easy for him. The giant dust cloud that filled the surroundings concealed him. Wang Zhong could only see a blurry figure hovering in the sky. In an instant, the dust was blown away.

A copper-colored light shone on the surface of his body. A dazzling light had appeared on the surface of his skin and then slowly faded away. Wang Zhong could not see any injuries on his body.

Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit!

Wang Zhong had seen Hyde use the dazzling rune combat technique of the dimensional humans. He had used the Nine-Spins Heavenly Domination Rune. This was a unique melting technique that allowed dimensional humans to completely integrate their rune energy with their bodies, becoming a part of their body. This was an extremely practical technique that could even be said to be better than the Soul Power Circuit in strengthening one's body. Of course, the difficulty of training was completely different from the Soul Power Circuit.

The Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit was the next step of the Nine-Spins Heavenly Domination Rune and was the developed version of the technique. Not only had the power of the technique reached its peak, it could even be stored naturally, allowing the user to react to emergencies more quickly and with great power during battles. There seemed to be no flaws in this technique. When Wang Zhong used the 3rd Drive 10 times in a row, the attacks had been resisted by the Nine-Rune Heavenly Abstruse Domination Spirit that Alexander automatically activated, and they did not injure Alexander at all. On the contrary, Wang Zhong felt that his palms were tingling from this impact. Such immediate reaction was probably because of the automatic defense mechanism activated by this technique. This was rather interesting. This meant that this technique was largely responsible for defense.

Although he only activated the Domination Constitution, the 3rd Drive could produce over 40,000 Grassos of power to injure the opponent. However, the 10 attacks in succession seemed to be of no use. This level of defense was even higher than Heinrich's Sword Defense.

The cloud of dust gradually settled, and the figure hovering in the air became clearer. His clothes were tattered, but there were no injuries on his exquisite bronze-colored muscles. In fact, there were no marks on his skin at all. He was as perfect as a piece of art.

"If that's all that you have," said Alexander with a sense of belittlement in his tone while ripping off his tattered clothes, "then I suspect that you were not the one who killed the Sword Saint."

Wang Zhong smiled but did not refute him. Luck had played a big part in killing the two Sword Saints, but there was no need for him to explain to outsiders. He clenched his fist, and explosive cracking sounds could be heard from his joints. The Three Circuits immediately appeared on his body.

Domination Constitution, Light Spirit, Zoom Shadow!

These were the three Soul Power Circuits that were held in high esteem within the Holy City. Even if Alexander did not train in the Three Circuits, he had a deep understanding of them and had even done in-depth research on them. When he saw Wang Zhong activate the Three Circuits, there was a hint of disappointment on his face. He felt as if he had overestimated this young man. This was an acceptable level for a Holy Disciple, but they were beyond this level!

Very quickly, his gaze changed from disappointment to interest.

The Three Circuits looked simple on the surface. With Alexander's vision, he could sense the Three Circuits producing an intriguing change in Wang Zhong's body. It was different from the version that was spread in the Holy City. It was even more exquisite and natural, and more mysteriously, the circuits could merge with one another.

Golden light replaced the silver Soul Power Circuit. Wang Zhong's aura also became completely different from before.

With the Soul Core as its axis, the Divine Circuit penetrated into the compound layers of his cells!

"This seems rather interesting," Alexander said. A bright rune started to shine dazzlingly from Wang Zhong's body. However, it was no longer hidden in his subconscious but spontaneously flowed on the surface of his body, making him seem like a deity who was engulfed by multiple layers of halos. "I hope that it is not a misconception on my end."

"Be careful." Wang Zhong had no intention to refute and simply smiled calmly. Then, there was a faint bang as if he had activated some mysterious secret technique. Then, he disappeared into thin air!

He did not disappear. Instead, he was extremely fast!

Once Alexander activated the Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit, no matter whether it was his four limbs, his vision, or his reaction speed, they had all advanced significantly. Any minute flows in the air could not escape his senses. He could clearly sense that Wang Zhong was moving rapidly and could even clearly see Wang Zhong's position. Wang Zhong was simply too fast. They were originally several dozen meters apart, but he conquered this distance in an instant as if he had been right in front of Alexander's eyes from the very beginning!

There was a terrifying explosion. Even if one were able to see it and realize that it had occurred, no one would be able to thoroughly counter this move. However, the Wolf King had his own ways.

Claws grew out of his left hand. He did not care how Wang Zhong attacked and simply swept his hand violently in the direction where Wang Zhong was coming from.

The sky was not filled with claw images; instead, a terrifying energy surged in Wang Zhong's direction like a hurricane.

In an instant, sand flew about; stones hurtled through the air, and even the wind pressure was formidable. Wang Zhong, who was charging forward, could not help but stop in the face of this terrifying momentum and came to a halt. Closely after, he saw Alexander's hands aggressively attempt to grab him.

Even though the sharp claws were still a distance away, Wang Zhong could still feel the sharpness of the claws that could cut and pierce through everything. However, this time, Wang Zhong did not choose to dodge. Instead, he clenched his fist and launched a punch. It was as if a golden ray of light was charging through the air, and it clashed with the claw images in an instant.

3rd Drive versus Nine-Rune Tempering Soul Claw!


There was a terrifying explosion as the two powers clashed. This time, neither of them held back when they attacked. Both sides could sense the sharp increase in the combat level of their enemy. However, they were still evenly matched. No matter whether it was in terms of power, speed, or the number of techniques, neither of them was superior.

Alexander's Nine-Rune Tempering Soul Claw was more powerful, but Wang Zhong's 3rd Drive was faster. These simple attacks exploded with massive power.

Wang Zhong switched techniques very quickly. Fist shades appeared in that instant and charged at Alexander, and it was like a sky full of shooting stars.

Da Da Da Da Da!

Alexander's claw images were also very fast. They stopped the palm shades that filled the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was the continuous sound of explosions. The spew of power produced a massive air current that spread throughout the surroundings and formed an expanding field. As they fought in the sky, even the ground underneath them started to sink continuously from the massive waves of force that were formed when the terrifying power from both sides collided!

However, this stalemate did not last for very long. Both of them knew that they would not be able to determine victory or defeat from a fight like this. They were both looking for the opportunity to switch their techniques. Eventually, Alexander was the first to find this opportunity. He used the Nine-Rune Tempering Soul Claw to launch the offensive and ward off Wang Zhong's fists. At the same time, he found the right opportunity to cut through.

His pupils rapidly contracted, and two claw images appeared. In an instant, the claws stretched out, but this time, they did not look quite like claws. Instead, they looked like a ferocious nine-headed snake!

The tip of each finger looked like the head of a ferocious snake. Its blood-red maw was wide open, revealing its sharp fangs. The snakes seemed to be one integrated whole, but also seemed to be independent. They rumbled and charged at Wang Zhong's chest with the force akin to a mountain collapsing on him!

—— Nine-Headed Dragon Slaughter!

Although Wang Zhong's attack had been warded off, there was only a momentary pause, but Alexander had activated a Soul Domination combat technique. Wang Zhong silently praised him. The speed at which he activated this attack was not any slower than his Divine Circuit. However, Wang Zhong was already on the alert. When his body was pushed back slightly, this also gave him the space to launch another attack. The perfect 3rd Drive attack caused dozens of palm shades to appear in an instant. He would counter offense with offense!

The explosive power of the 3rd Drive was not any weaker compared to Alexander's powerful attack, allowing it to resist the impact of the attack.

However, Alexander did not stop his powerful attack because of this. In an instant, Wang Zhong could sense that the ferocious nine-headed-snake attack did not just have a powerful impact force. Not only was the attack powerful, it also had a penetrative effect. It was oppressive, piercing, scorching, and had corrosive effects, resulting in a compound power!

The 3rd Drive had blocked the impact of the attack, but the penetrative power charged through. This was the killing move of the nine-headed snake!

This was not simply a problem of quantity. When many powers with different attributes integrated together, this penetrative power could manifest itself in many ways. It could destroy your body, rip you apart, shoot you in many places, burn you to ashes, and corrode you into broken bits!

To be honest, it felt as if even a Heavenly Soul Stage expert would be troubled by this kind of power. However, it was a pity that he was facing Wang Zhong.


The multi-layered power pierced through Wang Zhong's body, and Wang Zhong's body emitted a bright light. The layer of Soul Power defense on the surface of his body did not manage to protect him. The piercing compound power could not be resisted by external defenses. However, Wang Zhong had divine cells.

The power had only pierced through his body for an instant, but Wang Zhong's body felt as if it had experienced a grand war. Many divine cells were broken into pieces and destroyed by this compound power, but even more divine cells reproduced and revived in that instant. They even rapidly offset and engulfed the compound power! Wang Zhong's powerful recovery abilities, as well as the powerful individual defense capabilities of the divine cells, allowed every part of his body to be defended!

This was simply unthinkable.

If the Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit could automatically activate an external layer of defense, then the divine cells were an invincible defense system that was deeply embedded in the body. He truly had an indestructible body.

Wang Zhong's body briefly stopped in midair, but he did not show any sign of weakness that was typically seen after one was attacked. In fact, his body did not even move back. On the contrary, his eyes were clear, and boundless power immediately surged forth!

His powerful attack, which had always worked, proved to be ineffective. As a result, Alexander, who was experienced and knowledgeable, could not help but be slightly dumbfounded. The next second, he saw Wang Zhong's dazzling golden fist charging at his chest.

Wang Zhong's gaze was like that of a fierce tiger. His divine cells, which had exploded when their defenses were activated, were rotating rapidly, forming a fatal attack!

—— The Dragon Raises Its Head!

The power from his divine cells was much greater than the power of the 3rd Drive that had been derived from ordinary Soul Power. It definitely had at least 100,000 Grassos of power! Furthermore, after Alexander's full-powered attack fell short, his body was in the process of changing its power. Wang Zhong, then, delivered a punch straight at Alexander's chest!


There was the terrifying sound of a massive collision, causing Alexander to explosively fly backward. At the same time, the sound of rune explosions burst in the sky.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Wang Zhong could see the Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit exploding like pieces of broken glass.


Alexander landed with both legs on the ground. The ground sank under the impact of his landing like cotton candy and helped him to absorb the terrifying impact. Furthermore, seven out of nine layers of his Abstruse Dominating Spirit exploded into pieces, leaving only two layers of his crystalline rune defense visible.

However, he managed to endure the attack. He breathed and took a break as his power recovered. The seven shattered layers of Abstruse Dominating Spirit immediately formed back, causing his body to dazzle and shine. He was extremely lustrous.

A powerful gaze shot out of Alexander's eyes and charged straight at Wang Zhong, who was still in midair. Wang Zhong silently looked at him. Two powerful auras were colliding and interacting as they glared at each other, producing intense sparks and a crackling sound from the friction. However, no one attacked.

Huff huff…

A belated cooling breeze blew past, and a slight chill passed through their bodies. It was as if the heaven and the earth had been shocked by their intense conflict and finally sighed softly after a long time.

Meanwhile, the murderous intent and confrontation between the two of them suddenly vanished with the cooling wind.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" There was a peal of hearty laughter. "No wonder you were able to cause earth-shaking chaos among the Octopus people. As expected, you live up to your reputation!"

Alexander laughed out loud. The animosity that filled his face just a moment ago was replaced with admiration and appreciation for Wang Zhong. "I hope that Captain Wang does not mind. I was thrilled when I saw someone as powerful as me. Your Soul Power Circuit has been very famous for a long time."

"Same here." Alexander was probing him, but so was Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong had looked forward to facing legendary figures among the Holy Disciples like him. He had defeated Alexander at his own game without exposing all his techniques. Wang Zhong had not gone all out, so why would Alexander? People like them had to risk victory and defeat, life and death. However, in terms of combat ability, Wolf King was even stronger than a Great Warlock. "As expected of Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit, one of the top-ten secret techniques in the Holy Land. It lives up to its reputation."

This was definitely not flattery. Not everyone had the opportunity to witness secret techniques from the Holy Land. Not only would they have to pay a heavy price, they would also have to advance to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage and receive the approval of a Sacred Teacher. Even secret techniques like the Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit that was unique to the dimensional humans could not be learned by just anyone, even if that person was a dimensional human. Only those who had entered the core of the Holy Land could learn this technique. Wang Zhong had heard from Hyde that not many people among the dimensional humans could learn this combat technique. In the entire history of the dimensional humans, Wolf King Alexander was one of the few people who had achieved this combat level while they were still Heroic Souls.

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    《Battle Frenzy》