Battle Frenzy
944 Mix of Blood
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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944 Mix of Blood


Wang Zhong heard a loud noise from the quiet waters. He could see a massive black shadow dozens of meters away. It moved slowly and produced a buzzing sound, which sounded like it was breathing underwater. Wang Zhong could sense the aura of a level-7 dimensional lifeform from this deep-sea creature. As it slowly swam above Wang Zhong, it seemed to pause slightly to observe this strange small object that could emit golden light. Luckily, this creature seemed to be good-tempered and had no animosity. It lingered for a short while before swimming away leisurely.

Wang Zhong silently heaved a sigh of relief. He was in deep waters. It was already inconvenient for him to move while faced with the terrifying water pressure and the massive buoyancy. If such a creature targeted him now, he would truly be in danger.

Gradually, the light at the bottom of the lake grew brighter and brighter. His surroundings also became much clearer. A topographical map of the bottom of the lake rapidly formed in his mind. As the map became clearer, an invisible shock rapidly seized his thoughts… Finally, as the image of the bottom of the lake was slowly pieced together and became complete, there was a hum. Just like the images that the Holy Saint Teacher had left behind in the phoenix remains, a complete image and a terrifying shock appeared in Wang Zhong's mind.

It was as if the charred marks of a massive pair of wings that had been scorched appeared at the mysterious and unpredictable bottom of the lake!

The shape of the wings was extremely unique. He could make out the shape of the wings even though only charred marks were left. It was different from the wings of ordinary flying beasts. This pair of wings did not seem to have the texture of feathers and seemed like a pair of muscular wings. It was exactly the same as the winged deities Wang Zhong had seen in the images that the Holy Saint Teacher had left behind!

However, there was one difference. The charred wing marks were massive beyond imagination and were 1,000 meters across. They were imprinted in a void but did not vanish. Even though the creature had been defeated, just its remaining power that had been dispersing over countless years managed to shock Wang Zhong's soul. He could not help but tremble.

What was this? Where was he? The dimensional secret realm? The dimensional crack? Or was he still at the bottom of the mysterious lake?

Suddenly, Wang Zhong realized something. His body shot up like a rocket. Not long after, he emerged at the surface of the water with a bang. He was still in a lake, but it was not the lake he had entered. He had unknowingly entered the fragment world and was inflicted by the remaining consciousness of the fragment world. If he continued, he would be asleep at the bottom of the lake forever.

Wang Zhong took a deep breath and calmed down. He would not care about how he would escape for now. At least, he had succeeded in coming here. The entire space was like a massive suction cup that silently absorbed his vitality and Soul Power. His divine cells formed a natural defense that confronted this strange situation. This was most likely a natural reaction of an ownerless fragment world in order to seek survival. One could well imagine how terrifying its previous owner was.

He looked into the distance. His surroundings were barren, but Wang Zhong quickly realized that there seemed to be a bright spot in the east. Even though it was extremely far away from him, he could still clearly see the light. He took a look at its outline and realized that it was unnatural. It seemed like a man-made building, and the center of this dimensional secret realm.

However, it was a pity that he did not know where exactly Grai had landed. There was no doubt that looking for a person in such a vast world would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Wang Zhong decided to go to the central building first. If Grai was still alive, perhaps he would discover that place and head there. Even if he did not, Wang Zhong could still use that place as a central point and look around in his surroundings. It would be much better than looking around without an aim.

This Dimensional World was extremely strange. Overhead, both the sun and moon were present at the same time. One was bright, while the other was dark, but they seemed constant in the sky. Wang Zhong had traveled for half a day, but the sun and the moon did not move at all. It was as if there was no alternation of day and night, and they did not take shifts. Furthermore, the sky was clear, but there would occasionally be strange flashes of lightning and sounds of thunder in the sky. The large thunderbolts were as wide as mountains and smashed into the ground like a sharp sword. In an instant, he saw sparks… He even saw a rampant spout sweeping past the ground in the distance. There were various strange phenomena. This entire world was chaotic and violent.

The uneasy feeling in Wang Zhong's heart grew even more intense. He did not dare to use his Soul Power and naturally, could not speed up. He had traveled non-stop for a few hours, but the outline of the building was still distant. However, on the way, he discovered more and more things.

The concentration of spiritual influence here was unnaturally high. Not only did it far surpass the Holy Land, even the Mizobudapi World, which Wang Zhong had been shocked by, could not compare to this. However, this high concentration of spiritual influence was not gentle. It was dense with rashness and violence as if boundless energy had lost control. The entire world could crash and collapse at any moment in this chaos. It would explode into pieces by this energy that had lost control.

At the same time, he realized that this seemed like a world where people had lived before. On more than one occasion, Wang Zhong had seen rather neat fields that had obviously been purposely laid out. Even though such a long time had passed and this place had completely overgrown and was charred, there were signs that humans had planted crops here before. Wang Zhong even saw a few dirt houses. Even though they were destroyed and only broken walls were left, they proved that people had lived here. Furthermore, these broken houses were very similar to the style of Octopus people buildings. Wang Zhong even saw a few Octopus people corpses.

Although the corpses had shriveled up and did not retain their humanoid shape, from what he had seen in Warlock Saint Sauron's laboratory, Wang Zhong had some knowledge about the bone structure of the Octopus people. At least, he could be sure that his judgment of these corpses was not wrong. However, he could not tell how old these corpses were.

The Octopus people had definitely conquered this secret realm world. Did this land have something to do with the massive charred wings of the deity he had seen before entering this place? Had this world been attacked by that winged deity? Had an unimaginable war broken out in this place and caused the chaos in the rules of this world? Wang Zhong felt that the images the Holy Saint Teacher had left behind were extremely unusual.

As he spent more time here, Wang Zhong had a strange feeling that was both foreign and familiar. After a lot of thought, he recalled that it was slightly similar to the lake at the Holy City where he had met Uncle Zhang…

Just as he talked about corpses, Wang Zhong saw a dozen more. Furthermore, they were definitely human…

They were a dozen soldiers dressed in the uniform of the Holy City Army. Their flesh and blood had already dried up, leaving a layer of skin covering their bones. They were scattered all over the ground. They were well-equipped and even had a few small instruments on hand. These instruments were dimensional GPSes and long-distance communication devices from the Holy City.

Needless to say, they were definitely the group of people who had been sent by the frontline base to explore this dimensional secret realm. All of them had landed nearby. It was evident that these ordinary Heroic Souls could not endure in this world for long. After traveling a few kilometers in this world, the suction power in this world had sucked away their Soul Power and even their flesh and blood.

Wang Zhong walked up and checked their GPSes and communication devices. They were specially used to determine their position in an unknown dimensional world. However, static flashed on their screens, and there was only rustling noise from their earphones. Just like what he had guessed, these devices had not broken down. However, they were restricted by the chaotic rules of this world. As a result, they could not receive any signals and could not send out any signals. It was equivalent to having a piece of scrap metal.

These military supplies were good. Since his space crystal was big enough, Wang Zhong conveniently kept them in his space crystal. He might have the chance to use them in the future.

He continued walking and saw many scattered human corpses. Just like the corpses he had just seen, they had been sucked dry by this world and turned into human jerky. Good news was, he had not seen Grai.

At that moment, he could already gradually see the exact outline of the central building clearly.

It looked like a rather ancient castle that was not surrounded by tall city walls. It seemed as if the Octopus people who had controlled the castle did not need such walls to protect them. There were many obelisks that were lofty and imposing, which was symbolic of the Octopus people's building style. Rubbish could be found everywhere outside the city. Some were dazzling and were unusually eye-catching. It looked like objects were in an awful mess everywhere. However, when he walked closer, he realized that it was not a pile of rubbish. Instead, there were countless Octopus people corpses…

It was as if all the Octopus people in this secret realm had gathered to die here. The pile of corpses around him was as tall as a small hill. Not only were there the corpses of Octopus people, there were also many corpses of massive creatures. Wang Zhong had seen massive two-headed dragons and large frost snakes outside the Imperial City. There were many corpses here, and they were considered relatively small. Wang Zhong had even seen a frighteningly large corpse of a creature in the east of the castle. It was several hundred meters long, and its corpse was so massive that it was like a lofty mountain. The aura of this terrifying creature still lingered on its white skeleton. It was unimaginably strong! Other than these massive corpses, the other corpses had been dried. When the wind blew, pieces of bone or ashes flew with the wind, filling the air with a smog made up of ash, and lingered in the air.

Furthermore, the dazzling items he had seen were broken divine swords. It seemed like even these divine swords could not escape the wild thirst that this world had for energy. All the energy had been drained from the divine swords. Although the swords were still slightly gleaming, the light came from the special materials that the swords were made from. They would not regain their bright shine, like the divine swords in the Mizobudapi World.

The entire world was violent and brazen. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, while hurricanes swept past. However, the area surrounding the castle was the only place that was unaffected by the abominable weather.

It was quiet and desolate here. The wind was cooling and contained a gloomy aura of death.

Wu wu wu wu…

The wind flew. It was as if one could hear a low, angry whimper in this silent space.

It was as if it was narrating and cursing. It was filled with boundless despair and sadness, as well as fear.

Others might be scared by this deathly silent atmosphere, but Wang Zhong did not feel anything. The number of corpses he had seen in the Headless World was much higher than in this place. The aura of death and hatred was stronger there as well. But Wang Zhong did not care there, much less here. He was more worried about Grai's safety. Since he had reached his destination, he released the Headless Knight. He was very fast on his horse, but more importantly, his body was strong enough. He was not scared of the strange suction force in this world. If he summoned Salamander or someone of a similar level, he might just be wasting his energy. They would be sucked dry by this world in no time.

Even in this world where the aura of death filled the surroundings, the Headless Knight was like a fish in water. He was able to absorb the aura of death and resentment that filled the air and turned it into his own energy. He was also able to balance out the suction force in this world.

With this, Wang Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. It would be much faster with someone to help. They immediately split up and looked around. It was time to get to work!

He thought that this would be a long and vexing process of searching. Where Grai had landed in this world and whether he had discovered this castle were all mysteries. This slow search without a clear aim was no doubt like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thus, Wang Zhong did not have much confidence that he would be able to find Grai like this. However, he did not expect to see Grai just after he started searching outside the castle.

Although he did not know how Grai had found this castle, he was indeed outside the castle. He was lying on the ground and did not move. He was found by the Headless Knight. Wang Zhong immediately rushed over and used his Soul Power. Then he heaved a sigh of relief. Grai was not dead!

However, even though he was not dead, he was not far from death. At this moment, Grai's body was dried and was almost colorless. Many purple blood vessels appeared on the surface of his skin, spreading over his entire body. His skin was unusually dry. It was like a dry shell that was about to crack into pieces. If Wang Zhong wasn't still sensing his faint aura, Grai would be no different from a dead person.

Wang Zhong was somewhat at a loss. He was not a gourmet. How would he heal such severe wounds?

"Lao Wang, you can try feeding him blood," said Simba suddenly from the Soul Sea. He had been holding back in the Soul Sea to the point of annoyance. They had taken great pains to arrive in a place without any outsiders, but he did not dare to come out for fresh air. The strange suction force in this world was far too terrifying. Simba did not want to become clown jerky. "Isn't Grai from the Blood Race? His vitality is much stronger than ordinary people."

Wang Zhong was very happy and could not help but gasp with admiration. Simba was still reliable at crucial times. He used his finger to cut his wrist and drip blood into Grai's mouth. Brother, you have to hang on!

After four to five seconds, a miracle occurred.

Wang Zhong could see Grai's dried lips rapidly growing plump with the nutrition from his blood. Then, his lips moved slightly. Wang Zhong saw two short but sharp teeth rapidly growing out from Grai's slightly opened mouth. Wang Zhong rapidly moved his wrist closer so that it was easier for Grai to feed.

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    《Battle Frenzy》