Battle Frenzy
945 Body Seizing Is in Sigh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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945 Body Seizing Is in Sigh

Then, his dry face, and even his almost completely dried-up body, was rapidly nourished by the powerful energy in Wang Zhong's blood. There was still hope!

"Lao Wang, Lao Wang, control the flow of your blood. Don't die for his life!" Simba shouted loudly. Wang Zhong was truly a child that never grew up. He still had to remind Wang Zhong at times like this. With Wang Zhong's divine blood, as well as Grai's powerful physique as a member of the Blood Race, even a corpse might be able to revive, much more if he was still breathing.

Grai's body was about to return to almost normal conditions. The purple blood vessels that appeared on the surface of his body also started to disappear. However, his consciousness was still drifting, as if it was not willing to return…

"Grai! Wake up! Grai!"

Wang Zhong completely ignored Simba's complaints and continued to shout Grai's name. Beside him, the Headless Knight also started to sob. His sobbing echoed throughout the empty castle. It was extremely horrifying.


At that moment in another fragment world, Scarlet had reached another stage in her cultivation.

The results were not bad. It could be seen that her body had become clear and lustrous after soaking in the lake. Her aura had also completely changed from before she started her cultivation and became much more graceful. If someone from the Mo Family was here, they would definitely be very shocked. At that moment, Scarlet's aura was extremely similar to that of Mo Xingchen.

This was not a change that had occurred just because she had grown stronger. This graceful aura was natural and pure, as if she was a favorite of the heaven and the earth. Thus, putting everything else aside, this kind of person would not encounter any major bottlenecks during cultivation. Furthermore, her affinity with the heaven and the earth would be unparalleled among practitioners.

Sophia was satisfied, very satisfied. She was so satisfied that her entire face was filled with excitement. She could not help but blush slightly. She looked at this perfect body with incomparable admiration.

It seemed like Scarlet's endowments had exceeded her expectations. Her disciple was definitely a treasure. Furthermore, she was a late bloomer who would become even more amazing with time! Once she seized her body… Perhaps this would be the most hope she had in conquering the Heavenly Calamity in the past few hundred years!

Scarlet had just awakened from her meditation. Before she could bother sensing the changes in her body, she felt very uncomfortable at her teacher's obvious gaze. She could not help but stretch out her hands to cover her plump breasts. "Teacher…"

"Why are you still so embarrassed in front of your Teacher?" Sophia laughed. "How does it feel to have broken through your limits?"

Heavenly Souls defied the heavens and changed their fate. It was a state where the natural laws were violated. Thus, if a Heroic Soul wanted to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would first have to break through their own limits. If they were not even able to break through their own limits, how would they be able to break through the laws of nature? Furthermore, once you broke through the limits that nature had given you when you were born, only then would you attract the attention of the universe. You would be seen as a variation and a virus in the universe. Thus, they would send a Heavenly Calamity to punish or destroy you… You had to conquer the Heavenly Calamity. Only then would you truly become a Heavenly Soul expert who had surpassed the ordinary.

"…I feel very full, and very abundant…" Since her Teacher had asked her, Scarlet immediately calmed down and carefully examined the changes. "But I feel slightly uneasy, as if I have not integrated with the heaven and the earth. I feel like I am being pushed aside by the heaven and the earth, as if something unpleasant is going to happen…"

"Your body has not broken through its limits. That's why you feel like you are being pushed by the heaven and the earth…" Sophia maintained a gentle smile on her face. "This is a good sign. This is proof that your sixth sense is very sensitive. Don't worry. This is a feeling you will get before experiencing the Heavenly Calamity."

Everyone in the Holy Land knew that Heavenly Souls had to survive the Heavenly Calamity. But there were two kinds of Heavenly Calamities.

The first kind was the major Heavenly Calamity. This was also the kind of Heavenly Calamity that Heavenly Souls "failed to conquer" and returned to the Earth to retire, and the kind that people often talked about. But in reality, the large Heavenly Calamity was far more dangerous. If one actually failed to conquer it, one would definitely die and immediately be turned into ashes. Nothing would be left. How could one still go back to Earth to retire after failing? However, those who had returned to Earth to retire and said that they failed the Heavenly Calamity did not even have the right to conquer it. After all, they had never experienced the large Heavenly Calamity…

The other kind was the minor Heavenly Calamity, also called the "Professional Calamity", which had to be faced when one advanced from the Heroic Soul Stage to the Heavenly Soul Stage. Although it was not as fatal as the major Heavenly Calamity, once you failed, the risk of death was above 70%. The remaining 30% who had survived by luck would become almost completely handicapped. They did not even need to think about cultivation again. It would definitely be dangerous.

"For a Heroic Soul to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, you have to break through yourself. Thus, the Calamity will also be produced by the self." Recently, as long as Sophia had the time, she would talk to Scarlet about the Professional Calamity to strengthen her understanding of it. She would not tolerate any losses in this aspect. "Ordinary practitioners will face three paths during their Professional Calamity — Hellfire, Tempering Soul, and Inner Demons.

"The strength of these three calamities differs between people. Hellfire is born from the heart and has to do with your relationships in the world. The more involvements you have, the more misgivings and karma you will have. Thus, the Hellfire will become stronger. It will scorch your internal organs and cannot be extinguished. Furthermore, your internal organs are the places that are hardest to train as a Heroic Soul, and also the weakest places. They are only protected by your Soul Power, which will hold on until it is destroyed by the Hellfire. Many Heroic Souls will prepare for what will come after their death before they attempt the Heavenly Calamity. Some will even fake their own death to release themselves from their identity, so that they have as few connections as possible…"

Scarlet listened carefully. In the past, she knew that Heroic Souls had to encounter the Heavenly Calamity in order to become Heavenly Souls, but she did not know exactly what calamities she had to overcome. This was her first time hearing all this.

Hellfire? She had to cut off relations with her loved ones? Then what was the point of cultivation?

Scarlet did not refute, but she had her own internal judgments. She was always worried about her parents and her grandfather on Earth. Furthermore, she definitely could not cut off her relations with Wang Zhong. Her teacher was definitely telling her about the most reliable methods, but people were all different. Perhaps there were many people who did not care about the price they had to pay in their pursuit of power, but there were also many people who had chosen to cultivate to protect their loved ones.

In this aspect, there was no confusion in Scarlet's eyes. Her eyes were clear and pure. There was even a sense of yearning in her gaze.

She had chosen the difficult path of cultivation so that her loved ones on Earth could lead better lives, as well as to help Wang Zhong and catch up with him. She would not even think of putting the cart before the horse.

Evidently, Sophia understood her thoughts and did not bring this up. She simply continued, "Tempering Soul involves applying the Tempering Method to your soul. You will feel that you have entered an illusion and are facing countless enemies. You will either kill all the enemies and emerge from the illusion or be killed by the phantom enemies. If the latter happens, your soul will disperse, and you will enter a vegetative state. This has to do with your own strength. The stronger you are, the stronger your enemies will be. Under normal circumstances, this is not very difficult. Do you remember your weak Soul Guard? The Soul Guard is bound to your soul. Thus, it will enter the illusion of the Tempering Soul Calamity along with you. Heh heh, that is equivalent to having two selves. Thus, you will face twice as many enemies and difficulties!"

Having said that, Sophia seemed to have thought about something amusing. The corners of her lips slowly formed a smile.

She thought about Scarlet's boyfriend, Wang Zhong. She had heard that he had a summoned beast when he was on Earth. However, when he went to the Holy Land, he had mysteriously earned two Soul Guards… Heh heh. This seemed very impressive and allowed him to show off at the Holy Land competition, but Soul Guards and summoned beasts would bring about the same effects. They would increase the danger one faced in the Tempering Soul Calamity. If you had three, the difficulty would be multiplied by three. No one in the history of the Holy Land had survived such a Tempering Soul Calamity.

Sophia did not have a favorable impression of Wang Zhong, but she was slightly curious. She wanted to see just how badly he would die when he encountered the Tempering Soul Calamity. It was a pity that she could not wait.

She would seize Scarlet's body very soon. If Wang Zhong did not die before this, he would definitely cause her trouble. However, Sophia did not care about a mere Heroic Soul. Even though he had killed a Sword Saint, it did not matter. However, Sophia had her misgivings about Sacred Teacher Leyson, who supported him. She would have to get rid of Wang Zhong first… She did not know how Bolton was doing.

Speak of the devil. Just as Sophia was talking, her Skylink sounded. She did not evade Scarlet and opened her Skylink. It was a message from Bolton with just six words.

"He has gone to that place."

Sophia knew what "that place" referred to. Bolton had already told her about his plans before setting off.

It was an ownerless fragment world that had once belonged to a god-tier expert. It was a food place. Perhaps the treasures that once belonged to that expert were still left behind there. It was very eye-catching, but it was a pity that one could not escape once they entered that world.

Every fragment world had a one-way pathway that one could not escape from. If one wanted to escape after entering, they would have to recapture the Will of the fragment world and completely control it. Then, they would be able to enter and exit at will.

However, just like how space crystals had to be replenished with energy in order to maintain their stability, the fragment world had very high energy needs. Its owner had to continuously use their Soul Power in order to maintain it. The fragment world of a god-tier expert would definitely be vast and boundless. Thus, the Soul Power needed to maintain it would also be very high. This was good, but as a mere Great Teacher, she was afraid that she would not be able to bear the terrifying Soul Power consumption. Furthermore, from the information that Bolton had submitted to her, it was a fragment world that was on the verge of total destruction. It had probably lacked an owner for far too long and did not receive any energy replenishment from its owner. As a result, the energy within the world was in a mess, and it was about to collapse.

In this kind of fragment world, the laws within it would definitely be chaotic. She could not even imagine the situation within that world. The Will of the world might have vanished completely. Even the last bit of its Will might be gone. Then, it would definitely lead to death. Putting Wang Zhong aside, if she were to enter that world, there was a 99.99% chance that she would not be able to get out.

"Not a bad grave." Sophia was in a good mood. Another inconvenience had been dealt with. All the news she had heard today were good news. She could not help but smile contentedly.

"Is that Senior Bolton?" Beside her, Scarlet was rather uncertain. Since her teacher was happy, she should also be happy. But for some reason, her heart sank, and she could not smile. Perhaps it was because her Teacher had mentioned the word "grave", and Scarlet was blaming herself. Perhaps it was the fact that she was about to encounter a minor Heavenly Calamity, which caused her to be overly sensitive.

"Yes." Sophia smiled and nodded. "Don't care about him. Let us continue…"


At the same time, Scarlet was not the only person breaking through. Wang Zhong was pleasantly surprised that Grai's body was rapidly breaking through.

It seemed like drinking the divine blood had caused some changes in Grai's blood vessels. Not only was his body rapidly recovering to a normal state, his various bodily functions were also rapidly improving.

The purple blood vessels that had disappeared could faintly be seen on his body once again. However, unlike the blood vessels that appeared on the surface of his skin, these blood vessels were deep inside his body. His body had become clearer and more lustrous, and his blood had become colorful. Thus, his body became unusually eye-catching.

Wang Zhong could clearly feel the recovery and change in Grai's blood. Unlike the Grai of the past, this body was growing larger and larger. It also radiated an aura that caused even Wang Zhong to feel danger. It was as if his ancient bloodline had been awakened. It was as if his Blood Race ancestors had personally come to pay a visit!

His Soul Power was also rapidly increasing. A natural Soul Power defense formed on the surface of his body, producing a rebound force. Even Wang Zhong, who was simply carrying him, felt that his arms were slightly numb. But strangely, even though so many changes had occurred in his body, Grai had still not awakened.

Physical changes continued to occur. Wang Zhong simply placed Grai down and sat by the side. As he waited, he adjusted his divine cells and Soul Power to recover.

The sun and the moon in the sky did not move. The laws of nature around him were in a mess. He could not sense the flow of time at all. After god knows how long, Wang Zhong felt that his body had fully recovered. He suddenly heard a slight noise and opened his eyes.

The changes in Grai's body had stopped. His body was no longer clear and lustrous like before. It was as if he had regained his usual appearance, yet the aura that his body radiated was completely different from before. Wang Zhong could sense a clear and satisfactory aura that was powerful but implicit.

Semi-Heavenly Soul!

When the changes in his body completely stopped, Grai moved his hand slightly. Then, he slowly opened his eyes.

Grai was awake. He seemed to be at a loss as he had lost consciousness for too long.

Where was this?

He had not lost his memory. He was simply fazed. It was just like waking up from a dream. Some snippets of his memory flashed past in his mind.

Seven or eight days ago…

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