Battle Frenzy
949 Super Battle Array
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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949 Super Battle Array

Stark was the only person from his family to have pure werewolf blood. As one of the Top 10 Dandelions, he was supposed to be sent to the Federation on a mission. However, he hated the Federation immensely and had a rather impulsive personality. Thus, Solomon had no choice but to change his original plans and send Grai…

Stark stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. The blood from the neck of the Master was still at the corners of his mouth. The blood of Octopus Masters was unusually delicious. They had benefited from their long periods of training in this world with rich spiritual influence. A thick mane grew on Stark's face, while his fingernails were long and sharp.

"You stole another one from me!" Xiao Wu was very unhappy. While she had just killed a Master, Stark had already killed two others. As expected of someone with pure werewolf blood. He was above her in terms of physical speed alone.

The three Master towers instantly stopped firing. However, 30 to 40 Great Swordsmen surged out from the entrance of the campsite. They were the nearest group to the campsite. However, before they could come to a stop and get into their formations, a massive black shadow fell from the sky.



He was extremely violent and boorish. He was twice as large as a human, and most of his body was covered in gold obsidian and black stripes. The gold obsidian covered over 80% of his body!

Gold obsidian came from the Kelomia World, which was the hometown of the iron race and the territory of the Tyrants. The Bio-gold which could be used by the Tyrants' refined bodies were all produced there. Furthermore, gold obsidian was an expensive high-grade product, even among the many types of Bio-gold. Not only did ordinary students want it, even the Teachers among the Tyrants who had refined their bodies would be considered tycoons if they had seven or eight kilograms of gold obsidian. However, over 80% of Micah's body was covered in pure gold obsidian. His wealth was unimaginable and terrifying. Of course, he was also extraordinarily powerful!

When he landed, there was a massive crash. The 30 to 40 Octopus Great Swordsmen swayed like a group of ants. Meanwhile, the two Great Swordsmen Micah had landed on instantly had their skulls smashed.

A terrifying aura was emitted from this black body. Even his eyes dazzled with a pitch-black light.

Rumble rumble rumble…! Roar roar roar!!

One of the Octopus people, who seemed like their leader, was infuriated. He was not afraid and was shouting loudly as if he was shouting at everyone to kill this strange black human.

These Octopus people were on guard on the outskirts of the shrine and did not leave even though the war had gotten extremely intense. They were all Great Swordsmen and were much stronger than ordinary soldiers. The Octopus Great Swordsmen, who had swayed from the impact of the landing, rapidly launched a counterattack. They slashed or swung or stabbed the swords in their hands at their enemies. In an instant, countless bone-chilling Sword Qi appeared in the air. The frightening sounds produced were sharp and ear-piercing. They were about to slice Micah into pieces!

Dozens of people attacked at the same time and surrounded him in all directions. The Sword Qi was extremely dense, and there was nowhere for Micah to hide. But he did not need to hide. He clenched his fists tightly. Then, a black aura dissipated from his body.

Dazzling Black Defense! Semi-Heavenly Soul!

Only Tyrants who had advanced to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage could truly display the power of the gold on their refined bodies. This meant that the refined Bio-gold had achieved complete integration with their bodies, both physically and spiritually. Furthermore, they did not just rely on the toughness of the Bio-gold to defend themselves from their enemies.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

This dazzling black aura could be compared with the Sword Defense of Sword Saints.

There was a series of clashes and the piercing sound of metals rubbing against each other. Countless Sword Qi that was enough to break through iron and gold attacked Micah's body, but they did not cause any injury to him at all. In fact, they did not even leave a mark on him! Micah completely ignored them. He conveniently lifted the corpses of the two Octopus people he had stepped on. Whoosh! He aggressively threw them into the air.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

The Great Swordsmen, who were crowded around Micah, instantly dispersed like fireworks being attacked by the rebounded Sword Qi. They crashed into the barracks around them, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process. Mournful wails filled the skies.

At the same time, the two half-rotten corpses in Micah's hands were flung into the distance.


Overhead, massive flames from a dragon were shooting right down at him.

The flames were extremely fiery and hot and traveled with powerful momentum. However, Micah felt that the terrifying momentum had only caused his body to sink slightly. His left leg bent slightly, but his right leg was straight as if he was lunging. However, his back was very straight! He looked up at the fiery and terrifying air current charging at him.

He saw a two-headed dragon that was over a dozen meters long. It was being controlled by several Octopus people as it hovered over ten meters above ground with its powerful and massive wings. The flames had shot out from its mouth. It exerted massive pressure from its entire body. It was a level-7 dimensional lifeform and could definitely crush ordinary human Heroic Soul soldiers. It was one of the creatures that gave human soldiers the worst headaches.

Even its eyes shone with red flames. Ever since the war began, about 800 to 1,000 humans had died from its flames. Furthermore, it was now only facing one human. However, it was a pity that this human was Micah.

The burning flames with powerful momentum did not seem to have any effect on Micah. Even though his body sank slightly, he was not harmed in the slightest. At that moment, he locked onto his target. Micah's legs bent slightly, and his body that was covered in gold obsidian pierced through the darkness that seemed to come from hell.

He was accumulating and generating power!


The surface of the ground beneath Micah's feet flew into the air from this terrifying power, and a hole appeared in the ground. Meanwhile, Micah endured the powerful flames and soared into the sky like a cannon!

In that instant, the two-headed dragon overhead sensed a life-threatening danger and tried to fly into the sky. However, its large legs had been tightly gripped by two black hands. A terrifying power was binding it like an iron shackle. It was so painful that it started to roar violently and flap its massive wings aggressively. But closely after, a massive force that could not be resisted flowed from the black hands.


The two-headed dragon that was over a dozen meters long was fiercely flung to the ground by the overlord in the sky. When it landed on the ground, a massive crack formed in the ground, while the dragon started bleeding all over. The two-headed dragon was in immense pain, but before it could launch a counterattack before it died, two massive fists that looked like earthenware pots slammed into its two heads without any gaudiness. This pitiful level-7 dimensional lifeform which could sweep past the earth instantly had its heads smashed. It did not even get the chance to wail mournfully.

There were originally several Griffins and another two-headed dragon overhead. However, when they saw this situation, even the griffins, who were typically well-trained, and the two-headed dragon, which was charged with intimidating the enemy, were rather terrified by this. Even the feathers on their bodies started trembling. In an instant, they subconsciously flew into the sky. Meanwhile, the Great Swordsmen and Masters on them used their altitude to violently fire Sword Qi or unleash elemental spells and attacks.

In an instant, there was a rain of sword attacks. Fireballs filled the skies, and dragon flames swept past like a wild storm that did not even spare the grass. They were using these violent, long-range attacks to tear the human on the ground into pieces!

In an instant, it was as if rain was falling on the muddy ground. Potholes were formed everywhere on the ground from the dense attacks, and countless barracks collapsed. The massive black monster could not jump several dozen meters into the air to fight. Instead, he raised his arms and defended himself from the attacks from the air.

The army in the air seemed to be in an invincible position.

However, were they truly invincible?

Amidst the cloud of dust, a golden shadow dashed back and forth on the ground. With just a few moves, he climbed up a tall and sharp Master tower and used its height to jump into the sky.


The figure accurately jumped on the back of a hesitating griffin flawlessly.

It was Enoch!

He moved at the speed of light and was superior above all. With this speed, he could fly short distances even during the Heroic Soul Stage.

When he first fought with Wang Zhong, although he did not deliberately want to give way to him, Enoch still held back. Now that he had joined the Holy Battle, the large amount of resources that the Kaiser Corps had obtained allowed him to rapidly advance in his cultivation. Now, he was the second Semi-Heavenly Soul among the Top 10 Dandelions after Micah!

However, unlike the aura of a Semi-Heavenly Soul that Micah emitted, Enoch's aura was extremely implicit. It could not even be felt, even when he attacked. More accurately, he was so fast that it was hard for you to see where he was, let alone sense his aura that traveled at the speed of light.

At that moment, the Great Swordsman on the back of the griffin did not even sense that there was someone behind him. He did not even feel anything when the silver sword silently slashed through his neck!

A golden light flashed and then disappeared. The figure did not stay on the back of the griffin for long. It used the griffin as a springboard and jumped to a second griffin in a flash.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

The Octopus army in the air had been very enthusiastic, but suddenly, it felt as if the flames in the air had reduced rapidly. In the short span of a few seconds, they stopped attacking completely.

The dozens of griffins were still there, and none of them were missing. However, the Great Swordsmen and Masters on their backs fell from the sky one by one, like how dumplings were placed into a pot.

One minute!

Out of the seven people, two of them had not attacked. But in just one minute, they had eliminated all the forces that had gathered outside the campsite to fight back. The remaining survivors were not even worth mentioning. As a result, the entire campsite fell into complete chaos.

Du du! Du du! Du du!

The alarm in the campsite had changed. It was no longer an internal alarm. Instead, after the campsite had been broken through, a cry for help sounded throughout the surroundings. There was more than one campsite halfway up the mountain. Instead, there were 100 campsites on the mountain. They formed a circle around the mountain and were important checkpoints in protecting the Phoenix Shrine. This was the 31st Mountain Gate Campsite. The cry for help instantly sounded throughout the entire Jiaozhi Mountains.

"The 31st Mountain Gate Campsite has been broken through?!"

"Damn, what? What are the guards at the 31st Mountain Gate doing?"

The campsites nearby were also under great pressure. They had also suffered from attacks of varying degrees and could not send people to help. Evidently, humans did not just launch sneak attacks on the shrine just where Solomon was. Instead, dozens of exploration teams from the south battlefield had attacked at the same time! The flames of war blazed across the entire mountain.

Of course, these exploration teams included the top-10 exploration teams that were ranked highly among the exploration teams. The first-ranked Storm Listeners, the second-ranked Imperial Court, as well as other exploration teams like the Circus and Captivating Dream Team — all sent their elite teams. Carolyn had also brought a group of elites to attack the nearby campsite. However, even the strongest and most successful groups had only just taken their enemies by surprise. They had entered the campsite and were facing off against a large group of guards. However, they heard cries of help from the campsite that had been broken through.

Was that where Solomon had attacked?

Some exploration teams felt fired up; many even more ambitious and prouder human exploration teams were shocked. Even Carolyn, who was not shocked by anything, could not help but shake slightly.

How long had it been since they started attacking? One minute? Two minutes? Even if they had taken their enemies by complete surprise, it was impossible that the campsite had been completely unguarded, but they had broken through! Had they broken through an empty campsite?!

That was evidently impossible. There was only one reason: Solomon and his team were too strong! Before she set out, she had even vowed sincerely to Divian that she would compete with Solomon in destroying the shrine. But now, when she compared the speed at which Solomon had attacked and broken through to how she was still stuck here, it was simply shocking. Solomon was truly invincible. She was no match for him!

Carolyn had always felt that among their batch of students, she and Solomon were candidates of the same level. They were both valued by the higher-ups and had similar endowments and strength. Even though Solomon had the support of the Empire, she was also able to gather the strength of the 10 Great Families to attack. Previously, she had taken the lead to gather 200,000 troops from the 10 Great Families. This was because she wanted to share the glory and power evenly with Solomon. But at this moment, while she was leading her comrades to fight a tough battle, news of victory had come from the other side. Carolyn knew that the difference between Solomon and her was no longer like in the past.

She could not help but sigh silently. Beside her, Divian seemed to understand her thoughts. "Don't be dejected. There will definitely be guards at the shrine too. Solomon and the others will not have an easy time. Meanwhile, we have to hurry!"

Compared to how the human exploration teams were fighting a tough and bloody battle in the surrounding campsites, Solomon did not even look at the campsite.

He knew that the people with him could endure the fight. Furthermore, a majority of the elites in the campsite had been sent downhill to fight. There were only several hundred people guarding each mountain gate. To the seven of them, they could defeat this kind of defense in one hit.

He slowly walked forward. However, this only meant that he seemed very relaxed as he walked. His steps were light, but he walked quickly. Meanwhile, Kai followed closely behind him without a word.

Today, they had only one objective: the massive Phoenix Shrine at the peak of the mountain. Solomon had already prepared enough 'Kenso detonators' to blow up the Phoenix Shrine, the emblem of the Octopus people, into pieces!

Several figures that had gone on a rampage rapidly wiped out the campsite and caught up with Solomon once again. Xiao Wu was still excitedly chattering about how many people she had killed… She was simply crazy for blood. She would be more excited than anyone else if she saw blood.

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    《Battle Frenzy》