Battle Frenzy
950 Two Heroes
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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950 Two Heroes

The seven of them did not slow down while climbing up the mountain. In the blink of an eye, they could see the silhouette of the massive Phoenix Shrine.

The shrine was extremely magnificent. In order to build a foundation for the shrine, the top of Jiaozhi Mountain had been leveled. The shrine was very spacious and had a width of several kilometers. It was 100 meters tall and looked like a home where a great giant lived.

"These Octopus people live in small and worn-out dirt houses like beggars, but they are willing to build such shrines." Xiao Wu was still ridiculing them. All of a sudden, a terrifying aura suddenly landed in front of them.

It was a Saint-level expert!

Xiao Wu, Stark, and Holmdi immediately felt their bodies growing heavier and almost could not raise their legs. Although all three of them had high combat levels, they were still only peak Heroic Souls. It was difficult for them to even move when faced with targeted pressure from a Saint-level expert. Meanwhile, Enoch, Micah, and Solomon were much better off as they were Semi-Heavenly Souls. They had started to pry upon the existence of the natural order. The power of a Saint-level expert did not have much of an effect on them.

Meanwhile, Kai, who was standing beside Solomon, was not shocked by the power of this Saint-level expert. On the contrary, he calmly looked up into the sky.

He saw an Octopus person in a robe hovering in midair. The antennae on his head were crystalline, and he had a scroll in his hand that emitted a green light. It seemed to be his weapon. The scroll was bright and colorful, and a bone-chilling elemental aura seeped out of the scroll, cooling the air like ice.

"You have the audacity to trespass on this shrine, you lowly insects." The Warlock Saint spoke in human language. "Die!"

Just as he finished speaking, he waved his finger. A crystalline beam of energy shot out of his left hand and aimed at Solomon. Solomon had decided to take this attack. But before he could fight with the Warlock Saint, a figure swept past him.


A hand casually waved in the air, and the bone-chilling cold had been dispersed by his hand.

It was Kai!

Not only was Kai one of the Dandelions, he was also the instructor of the Dandelions. Even before Solomon stepped into the Holy Land, Kai was already a Heavenly Soul. Furthermore, he was not just an ordinary Heavenly Soul. Just after Kai had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, he defeated countless established Heavenly Soul experts in the Empire and was regarded as the top Heavenly Soul expert in the Kaiser Empire! If only Aiolos from the Pampas Empire had not appeared. He was evenly matched with Kai, even at a young age. Thus, Solomon was very apprehensive. If not, with Kai's power, he would have been able to unify several large Empires…

"I will deal with him," said Kai calmly.

Golden light flowed from his body, and he immediately displayed the aura of a Heavenly Soul expert. In an instant, he canceled out the pressure in the surroundings from the Warlock Saint. As a result, Xiao Wu and the rest, who had found it difficult to walk, immediately felt that the pressure on their bodies had been reduced.

Solomon smiled. It was as if he was not at all worried that Kai was facing a Warlock Saint who had the strength of three Sword Saints. He simply nodded his head. "Catch up as quickly as you can."

He did not stop walking. Instead, he hurriedly advanced in the direction of the shrine even as he was talking. Xiao Wu and the rest hurriedly followed behind him.

The Warlock Saint in the sky was slightly angry. Although he could sense that the human Heavenly Soul in front of him was very strong, did these humans dare to ignore his presence just because they had a Heavenly Soul with them?

"You presumptuous underling. You are very daring!"

He roared and waved his palms. Countless elements in his surroundings wildly gathered around him, and the temperature rapidly dropped. Dark clouds immediately formed in the sky, and a storm was brewing. He was about to bury all the rubbish here with this attack!

The speed at which the Warlock Saint activated his technique was very fast, but the human Heavenly Soul was even faster. In the blink of an eye, the Warlock Saint could no longer clearly see what the human Heavenly Soul was doing. However, a powerful kick with enough force to topple Mount Tai was rapidly closing in on his head.


There was a massive crashing sound, and the dark clouds that were gathering in the sky immediately dispersed. A massive electric barrier with a radius of two meters and was several centimeters thick appeared around the Warlock Saint. Although he had defended himself from Kai's attack, the frightening impact had caused him to crash into the ground like a shooting star, along with his barrier, which cracked like an eggshell. As a result, a large portion of the jade stairs was reduced to rubble, forming a large hole that was several dozen meters wide!

"Your opponent is me." Kai's voice faintly drifted from the sky.

"You're asking for death!" The Warlock Saint was furious. The barrier that he had activated in time allowed him to avoid being injured by that terrifying attack, but it had also dispersed the attack that he was accumulating energy for, allowing the humans to charge straight into the shrine.

He suddenly stretched out the scroll in his hand. It was as if the scroll supported his power and his body. The cool air in the surroundings spread as if it was about to freeze the sky. Closely after, there was a dazzling gleam in the hole that surrounded the Warlock Saint. He soared into the sky like a white shooting star and fiercely collided into Kai, who was dazzling with a golden light in midair…

Behind them, two Heavenly Souls were having an intense battle, but Solomon did not even look at them. He had his own things to settle. Furthermore, Kai had never disappointed him. They had made progress. Furthermore, Kai, who had extraordinary endowments, was like a fish in water in this world. There were countless experts for him to train with, and there was rich energy in the surroundings. This could be said to be Kai's heaven. Meanwhile, to Solomon, Kai was the wealth he had obtained from the Empire, and his guard.

Simply said, if someone like Aiolos was willing to be someone's guard and sacrifice his life at any time, it would be very frightening.

The shrine was right in front of their eyes. Evidently, the shrine had also heard the commotion from halfway up the hill. Other than the Warlock Saint who was on guard outside, there were also 1,000 Octopus people soldiers gathered in near formations outside the shrine. They were different from the hastily assembled troops they had encountered at the mountain gate campsite. They radiated a stern aura and kept a tight formation. The first few rows were purely made up of Great Swordsmen. Behind them, 100 Masters were accumulating various kinds of elemental energy. Their combat power was frightening as they kept guard outside the hall.

At that moment, they clashed. However, the first side to launch an attack was Solomon, who had many fewer people. They had just trampled on the Octopus people at the campsite as if they were crushing dry weeds. They were full of power.

The massive bow in Holmdi's hand flashed in succession. His fingers rapidly drew the bow back as if he was spasming. In an instant, countless shooting stars flashed past in the sky.

The Octopus people guards were not careless simply because they had few enemies. The fact that these people could arrive here meant that they had extraordinary capabilities. The Masters had already produced defensive barriers. One hundred masters worked together and covered almost the entire army of Octopus people. The rain of attacks landed on the barrier and produced a series of tapping sounds, but they could not break through.

However, at the same time, four figures had flashed past Solomon and charged into the formation of Octopus Great Swordsmen.

They were fighting at close quarters. The guards at the shrine were even more powerful than ordinary Octopus Great Swordsmen. They wore clothes from the Sword Faction and were disciples of the Sword Faction. However, the combat power of these four people was even higher. Xiao Wu was speedy and agile. She weaved in and out among the Octopus Great Swordsmen. Every time she swung her blade, someone would definitely die.

Stark was like a bloody beast that pushed his way through the formation of guards. Although the hard fur on his body could not completely defend him from the powerful divine swords of the Great Swordsman, they could offset most of the damage done. He attacked as if he was in a frenzy. However, there were no wounds on his body. He went all out in his attacks, and his sharp claws were bathed in blood.

However, Micah and Enoch were even more amazing. Enoch traveled at the speed of light and attacked the Masters at the back of the formation as if he was cutting grass. Meanwhile, Micah's body was dazzling with a black shine and attacked everything with little effort. No matter what, both of them were people that these disciples of the Sword Faction could not hold up against.

As for Solomon…

He had finally attacked. When he attacked then, the disciples from the Sword Faction, who had been terrified by how the five people had killed their comrades, finally experienced what true despair and terror were!

A mysterious light shined from his body and covered a radius of several meters around him. Although it was light, it was not bright, but you could still see its presence. Even the space around him was distorted as if space and time were in disorder.

Several dozen Great Swordsmen were attacking him and launching powerful Sword Qi at him.

However, when the Sword Qi entered the strange space around him, mysterious changes occurred. It was as if they had disintegrated and were being consumed. In the span of one to two seconds, all of the Sword Qi dispersed.

This feeling was extremely strange. They could not understand how in the world that had happened, but they were in the middle of an intense fight, and the Octopus people could not give this much thought. These people were attacking too quickly. In the blink of an eye, they were entangled in a fight with the Octopus people. As a result, the Masters at the back had turned into props. Their attacks and techniques were almost ignored. They could not differentiate between friend and foe in the chaos and could only provide strengthening techniques or barriers for the soldiers in front.

At that moment, the Sword Qi could not attack Solomon, and the Masters could not help them. And then!

The seven or eight Octopus people on the outskirts immediately charged at Solomon, but when they entered the space around Solomon, a frightening scene occurred. They saw rapid changes happening to their bodies as if an invisible force was drawing out flesh and blood. It was as if… They were rapidly aging!

Their crystalline antennae grew dim in the span of two to three seconds. Their powerful muscles started to withered. Their tight skin also immediately grew saggy. Wrinkles rapidly appeared on their faces at a visible speed. They were merely 10 meters way from Solomon, but before they could attack him, they had aged to the point that they were close to death. They became limp and fell on the ground. Then, they rapidly turned into skeletons!

Law of Space and Time —— Vicissitudes in One Moment!

It would be the same result with one person, ten people, and even one hundred people!

Solomon did not carry out any unnecessary actions. He simply clasped his hands behind his back and walked straight forward, as if he was taking a stroll. Then, he left behind a ground full of corpses!

These disciples of the Sword Faction quickly collapsed. As guards who protected the shrine, they were elites who had been nurtured from a young age in the Sword Faction. They were not afraid of death. If they could die in battle while guarding the shrine, it would be extremely honorable. However, this way of dying felt meaningless and was very terrifying. They had not run away because of their existing beliefs, but their formation was utterly defeated. They had lost the belief that they could win. Even their combat power had started to rapidly decrease.

In the face of these terrifying six humans, there was no difference between the guards of the shrine who felt that they were a notch above the rest and the disciples of the Sword Faction.

In just over one minute, the guards defending the shrine had been completely defeated. Other than a few cowards who had run away, the other soldiers had endured the fear in their hearts until the very end. However, they all became ice-cold corpses and skeletons that were scattered everywhere in front of the majestic shrine.

The last few battle cries also rapidly faded. The mysterious aura around Solomon disappeared. Meanwhile, Micah, Enoch, Xiao Wu, Holmdi, and Stark gathered at the same time and caught up with him. They treated him like a king.

There was adoration in Xiao Wu's eyes. Although she did not show much respect to the Young Master when she talked to him, she felt that the Young Master was the most handsome in her heart. He was extremely elegant and unique when he killed people. He was completely different from her, who licked off blood from her blade.

If one wanted to survive and become stronger in such a chaotic world, it was very important to follow the right person.

The main hall of the shrine was miraculously quiet. They had imagined that countless guards would be inside, but after all, this was just one of the many Phoenix Shrines. While they had allocated a majority of their forces on the mountain, at the same time, they also had one Warlock Saint on guard, as well as 1,000 elites guarding the shrine. This number of soldiers was already unimaginable. The value that the Octopus people placed on the Phoenix Shrine was beyond imagination.

What was inside? Did the Octopus people guard this place with their lives just because of their beliefs?

The shrine was completely empty. Although the walls and the massive pillars were filled with marks of a phoenix, other than the particularly massive phoenix totem on the wall, there was not even a standard place for them to offer sacrifices. It truly seemed like a massive room.

Solomon furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

"Damn, is their shrine this poor?" Beside him, Xiao Wu was also dumbstruck.

They had taken the initiative to be the first one to arrive. Besides the achievement of being the first out of all the exploration teams to destroy the shrine, they thought that since this was an important place to the Octopus people, there would definitely be many valuable treasures. They had used up much of their ill-gotten wealth for this war. If not, no matter how rich the Empire was, they were only rich on Earth. Even the gold obsidian on Micah's body was definitely not something the Empire, who had just stepped into the Holy City, was capable of obtaining.

With the Phoenix Shrine, which was highly valued by the Octopus people, Solomon thought that he could equip another Micah! However, he did not expect to find nothing at all.


Solomon saw something strange. There was a fine crack that split the phoenix totem in the middle into two. It looked like… a door!

A treasure vault?

Solomon walked up, stretched out his hand, and pushed. However, the massive wall did not move. He could feel the texture of the massive wall. It was not made out of ordinary stone, but a strange and unusual metal. It seemed to contain attributes of living things. It was also an extremely hard whole that could not be split.

Could it be that this entire wall was made up of a kind of Bio-gold? This would mean that the value of this wall alone could not even be estimated. However, it was a pity that they could only look at it. Bio-gold was extremely hard, and without professional equipment, even people as strong as Kai would face great difficulty in splitting it in half. One could not bring it away either. But there was one benefit. As long as it was a living being, it would be affected by the laws of space and time.

Solomon placed his hands on the wall and did not move. However, the light that distorted space dazzled once again. It covered an even bigger radius than the battle just now. The speed at which time passed also grew faster!

Moss started to grow at a visible speed at the places where Solomon touched and stepped on. They were like green flowers that densely covered the area around the wall. Slight changes also occurred in the wall, which was made out of Bio-gold.

The lifespan of Bio-gold was extremely long and was counted in multiples of 10,000 years. Furthermore, the Bio-gold that this wall was made out of was outstanding. It seemed to have an infinitely long lifespan. While time passed extremely quickly, various slight distortions appeared in the massive wall, but it seemed like the Bio-gold had freed itself and fallen asleep. There were no signs of oxidation, unlike what happened typically…

Solomon furrowed his eyebrows tightly, and beads of sweat continued to fall from his forehead. After all, he had not reached the Heavenly Soul Stage and could not tap into the power of the heaven and the earth for help. He was limited in how much he could sustain the passing of time, and speed up the passing of time. He seemed somewhat helpless against this metal wall.

It looked like they would go back empty-handed. Although it was a pity, at least the reward for destroying the shrine would be generous.

However, just as Solomon was about to give up, a mysterious aura seeped out from the crack in the wall. This was closely followed by a cracking sound as the massive wall slowly split into two from the crack.


A terrifying and incomparably powerful aura was transmitted from the darkness. Behind Solomon, Micah and the rest instantly felt a pair of invisible hands from the sky pressing down on them. They fell to the floor and could not even move!

The boundless power was terrifying and beyond their imagination. The power that Sacred Teacher Leyson had unleashed when he went full out outside the Mizobudapi World was nothing compared to this! They were extremely shocked.

What was this?!

Solomon's heart sank. This did not feel like a treasure vault. Instead, as they sensed the power, a terrifying suction force had grasped him and was about to drag him into the boundless darkness!


At that moment, in the fragment world.

There was a house to the east of the dilapidated castle. The house had been extremely dirty and messy, but it was now clean and tidy. Even the corpses that filled the ground outside had been taken away by the Headless Knight with Wang Zhong's guidance. This was not particularly reasonable. Cultivation strove for a state of mind. If all he saw outside his house were corpses, he would not be in the right state of mind.

At that moment, Wang Zhong sat cross-legged on the floor.

In order to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, there were two basic requirements.

On one hand, his accumulation of experiences, power, and realm had to be perfect. He even had to surpass his individual limits. He would also have to achieve an enlightenment through luck. It would be a turning point in breaking through to the Heavenly Soul Stage. It could be an accidental enlightenment in terms of strength, allowing one's combat level to rise rapidly. One would be able to prove themselves with their strength. It could also be a change in your state of mind. Whether it was extreme happiness or extreme sadness, these were all a result of luck. When these accidents occurred, only then would you be able to break through the barrier of the Heroic Soul Stage. It would trigger the Hellfire and Inner Demons in one's body. Then, one would complete the minor Heavenly Calamity.

Accumulation was only a form of preparation. A turning point was the key to advancing to the Heavenly Soul Stage.

Wang Zhong's train of thought was very clear. He did not lack in terms of accumulation. The appearance of the divine cells was proof that he had surpassed the realm. He had already broken the limits of the Heroic Soul Stage and only lacked an enlightenment. It was very difficult to achieve a change in his emotions. He could not just become extremely happy or extremely sad. After all, he knew himself well. With his steadfast will, it was unlikely that there would be anything in this world that would affect his emotions and help him to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage.

Thus, he could only pursue an enlightenment in his strength and prove himself with his power.

To be honest, even without this, Wang Zhong already felt that he was faking when he fought as a Heroic Soul. This was proven during the battle with Wolf King Alexander. No matter whether it was in terms of his physical strength or his comprehension of his realm, he was stronger than Alexander. No matter how powerful the Nine-Rune Abstruse Domination Spirit was, it could not defeat his divine cells. But even then, he could not use his 3rd Drive, his strongest close-combat technique, to break through Alexander's defenses. Meanwhile, while his Heroic Crosswheel Slash and Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven were powerful, they were somewhat lacking when he faced an extremely powerful opponent.

Others might think that he was very powerful, but this was what the weak thought. Only Wang Zhong knew that he was the classic example of someone whose combat level exceeded his realm. However, he was unable to display the full combat level of his divine cells. This was the greatest difference between him and true Saint-leveled experts. However, he had no choice. He had benefited from the special effects he had derived from Cellular Cosmology. This path was full of adventures. His body and realm advanced too quickly, but he had passively followed along with these advancements among the various sudden events that had happened. This was unlike when he was in the Holy City, where he had plenty of free time to invent his own techniques and circuits…

He should quieten his heart. Since he had stepped into a space he could not get out from, this might be his opportunity.

At that moment, Wang Zhong was extremely calm. He did not show even a slight sign of anxiety because he was in a dangerous place. He placed his hands on his knees and carefully sought to comprehend the Nebula Sword.

Ever since he had obtained this divine sword, Wang Zhong had tried to comprehend it many times. No matter whether it was an observation of its outer structure, its weight, or its length, he had carefully carried out measurements. He had also used his divine sense to explore and feel the illusory nebula.

To be honest, in the past, other than the fact that he could faintly sense the existence of some rules of the universe, Wang Zhong was unable to experience much more. Perhaps it was because he was in a deadly place where he had to break through. Perhaps it was because he had experienced the evolution of his divine cells in the Shadow Moon Fortress. Thus, his soul had achieved great improvements. At that moment, he carefully sought to comprehend the Nebula Sword. He sensed that something was different from before.

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