Battle Frenzy
951 Conquering the Heavenly Calamity
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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951 Conquering the Heavenly Calamity

The connection between him and the divine sword seemed to grow closer. When his divine sense entered the divine sword, he could sense that the background of a vast universe and nebula had grown more realistic and clearer. Many dazzling stars gathered and formed a 'river' in the void. The river followed the laws of the universe and flowed endlessly in the vast universe.

In the span of two to three days, he completely quietened his heart and sensed the vastness of the imposing celestial bodies in the universe. He seemed tiny and low, and not even worth mentioning in comparison. In the face of such magnificent rules, everyone became like ants!

Wang Zhong became more and more immersed and invested. He forgot himself, as if he wanted to become a part of this Milky Way and continuously flow along it while following the rules of the universe… Furthermore, as this feeling grew clearer, his presence also grew fainter.


Suddenly, it was as if he sensed a mysterious call and something pulling his soul. The background of the Milky Way in the universe did not change, but his self had suddenly disappeared. He no longer had a body, but he did not become a star either. He felt as if a change had occurred in him. He became like… a sword!

Opposite him was a sword standing in between the heaven and the earth.

This was the Nebula Sword. Wang Zhong was far too familiar with the shape of this sword, including every single engraving and mark on the sword.

This was…

Wang Zhong was rather surprised. But before he could carefully experience these strange changes, the Nebula Sword suddenly released a terrifying and unique pressure!

With the help of Simba, Wang Zhong had a good understanding of techniques compared to ordinary people. However, after he stepped into the Heroic Soul Stage, he did not make any progress. To him, sword power was imposing, but it did not matter whether there was a sword. It was a suppression of one's absolute power.

However, the moment the Nebula Sword displayed its sword power, he knew that he had made a huge mistake. He was completely wrong in how he had used the sword in the past.

At that moment, the Nebula Sword emitted a brilliant heavenly might and the momentum of a king. It was unyielding. Simply said, its power had been given a soul, forming a form of… rule!

Wang Zhong did not dare to call it a law as he did not even know what exactly a law was. However, it had definitely reached the level of a rule. Heavenly Souls did not value technique. They valued its significance!


There was an extremely clear sound. Hum hum ~~~

There was a vibration. When the sound first resonated, Wang Zhong felt as if his body had been suppressed by the sword and could not move. He was dragged in by the aura and the rhythm of the rule and became passive. Wang Zhong immediately gathered his soul to resist this, but his power was immediately engulfed as if he was a stone that had been submerged underwater. Even the slight resistance that he put up was very weak.

He was lacking in his realm of control.

As the sound rang for the third and fourth time, cracks rapidly started to appear on the surface of Wang Zhong's body, which had turned into a sword. When the sound rang for the sixth time…

There was a clear crack. His sword body had broken into pieces from the terrifying rhythm!

Then, it was as if time flew past. The broken pieces of his divine sense were suddenly pulled back together. The images of the void and the sword vanished as he returned to reality.

Wang Zhong was sweating profusely. Evidently, this was only a trial. If not, that terrifying sword power made Wang Zhong feel as if his soul would break into pieces in a matter of minutes. His divine sense would not return to his body just like that either. But even then, he could sense slight cracks in his divine sense.

Others would have to rest quietly to recuperate from this kind of soul injury for a long time, but he was Wang Zhong!

His previous experience with his divine cells allowed his soul to disperse to all of his cells. They could also gather and restructure themselves. He did not even take this slight injury to heart. Furthermore, he also had the Fate Stone. Ever since Lao Wang had encountered his soul and knew the existence of souls, he had never been worried that his soul would break into pieces. If not, back when he entered the Fifth Dimension to train for the first time, he and Simba would have died several times over in the sea of flames… At that moment, he was extremely interested in the mysterious sword power trial.

He had heard from Tatamu that the Octopus people had many famous divine swords with unique methods of inheritance. Ordinary people were unable to pry upon the sword unless they were successors who had achieved agreement with the sword. Perhaps this was the process of truly inheriting the sword. His comprehension of the Milky Way was simply a threshold that adjusted the agreement between him and the Nebula Sword.

Just the sword power alone was this unique and tyrannical. If he could inherit this…

Lao Wang was already very excited and did not seem fatigued after his soul was broken. After just one minute of adjusting his breathing, he was ready to go again.


Just as Lao Wang was excited about discovering the inheritance of the Nebula Sword and continued to try, on the other side of the castle, Grai was also in the same state. He was attempting to comprehend his sword. However, he was not as lucky as Lao Wang.

Firstly, Wang Zhong had explored his divine sword for a longer time. Furthermore, unlike Wang Zhong, who had fought for his life with two Sword Saints, he did not understand the Octopus people and their swords as well as Wang Zhong did. More importantly, this divine sword gave him a strange feeling.

This divine sword gave off a very gloomy aura, but even among that darkness, there was a faint light that traveled among the sea of darkness. Heaven and earth blended, and yin and yang filled in for each other. It felt mellow and natural, where heaven and earth integrated and yin and yang were united.

Grai was a member of the Blood Race, but all members of the Blood Race had pale skin and preferred darkness. They were closer to the concept of yin. Furthermore, Grai was a male and was somewhat masculine. It could be said that he was in agreement with this divine sword. The first time he comprehended the divine sword, he felt as if he wanted to integrate with it.

However, this feeling lacked just a bit of meaning at crucial moments.

After all, he was only a Heroic Soul and had not reached his limits. As a result, his physique as a member of the Blood Race had not been perfected. Perhaps only after he advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage would his bloodline achieve perfection. Then, he would be in perfect agreement with the divine sword. However, there was a paradox. He had to use this divine sword to find a turning point and break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage. But he could only achieve agreement when he reached the Heavenly Soul Stage. What should he do?

Most people who encountered this would be at a loss and sigh incessantly. However, Grai would not. In reality, he was even simpler than Wang Zhong and had an equally clear train of thought. He was a complete perfectionist with an extreme personality, but he also had extreme stubbornness and confidence.

If he felt strongly about this, he would be able to achieve it.

He thought of a simple and crude method that many Heroic Souls would resort to if they had no choice. He would push the limits of his power repeatedly and break through the bottleneck of his body and his Soul Sea again and again. He would reach the limit of his limit. Then, the minor Heavenly Calamity would naturally arrive.

Although many people chose this path, it was a very difficult path to walk. Since they wanted to break through their limits, they would have to overcome many difficulties. Furthermore, they had to break through their limits again and again.

The heaven and the earth had its own rules. Gathering Soul Power, gradually improving, and breaking through the barriers of your limits bit by bit was a slow process. If he was at an ordinary cultivation ground, using this method to break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage would require too much time. Most people would eventually helplessly accept failure after exhausting their time.

But it was different here. There were no rules in a fragment world that was on the verge of collapse!

The restrictions that the heaven and the earth had on living things would not appear here. As long as your body was able to endure, you could absorb the spiritual influence here without any limits!

There was no doubt that the spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth here was extremely brutal. Ordinary Heroic Souls would not even think of absorbing this spiritual influence. Instead, when they saw this, they would run away. If this brutal spiritual influence entered their bodies, they would combust and die in a manner of minutes. This was the reason why Grai's body had been sucked away and why he did not absorb the spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth.

But now, it was different. Wang Zhong's divine cells were a brutal nemesis of this spiritual influence. When Wang Zhong fed Grai with divine blood, Grai's Blood Race characteristics allowed him to absorb a portion of its divine power. The power of the Blood Race came from blood, and they were the only race who could derive transformations from blood. He was also close to the pure bloodline of his Blood Race ancestors. Although his ability to resist the brutal spiritual influence could not surpass that of Wang Zhong's divine cells, it was definitely unique.

He opened his heart and absorbed the brutal spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth.

At first, he was testing it out. He carefully absorbed the spiritual influence and was worried that his body would not be able to bear it. However, as his body adapted, the power of his bloodline surged, and his endurance increased rapidly. Grai's movements became bigger and bigger as if he had no limits.

If someone was outside the castle at that moment, they would be able to see air currents surging in the area around the house where Grai was staying in. This was unusual and attention-grabbing compared to the peaceful castle.

The speed at which he absorbed the spiritual influence was simply unimaginable! If this was compared to a normal world, even a Heavenly Soul expert would not be able to reach this speed, not simply because their bodies were unable to handle it, but also because the heaven and the earth would restrict and stop them. The Will of the universe would not allow a low-leveled creature to pollute the resources in the heaven and the earth. However, in this independent world where rules had been broken, there was no interference in this aspect… Perhaps, in the long run, this would not be good news. This meant that the Will of the fragment world had indeed disappeared.

But at least to Grai, who wanted to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage more than anything, this was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Even he felt that this was unthinkable. Throughout the process of rapidly absorbing spiritual influence, there was no bloating in the bloodline of his ancestors. On the contrary, he was like a fish in water. All the spiritual influence that he absorbed within his body rapidly became a part of his body. He could sense the limits of his Soul Power rapidly increasing at a visible speed.

What a frenzied speed! Various things within him were achieving perfection as if he made massive progress with every second and every minute.

They had no sense of the passage of time in the fragment world. After god knows how long, Grai suddenly felt a flame burning in his heart. The blazing temperature appeared the moment he grew conscious of the flame. It was clear and realistic as if it was about to burn through his internal organs.


Grai's eyes were suddenly wide open. He knew about the minor Heavenly Calamity.

He was about to conquer the Heavenly Calamity!

The first to encounter the Heavenly Calamity was his heart. Hellfire was produced in the heart and happened naturally. This was an internal form of energy. Grai felt as if his heart was about to dry up in that instant due to the high heat as his blood was boiling. Without the flow of blood, the dried-up heart instantly lost its ability to beat.

This Hellfire had occurred too suddenly and too vigorously, much faster than how quickly an ordinary Heroic Soul whose Soul Sea had reached its limit could react. Boundless Soul Power surged in and protected his heart. However, the Hellfire was in his body. It could be said that he was fighting himself, and one could not defeat themselves.

The most important thing was not to defeat the Hellfire; Grai was very clear of this. He became more open, and his serious attitude from the beginning gradually relaxed. Although the Hellfire had murderous intentions, it was also a purification of the body. He had to endure it.

Needless to say, if he was an ordinary member of the Blood Race, the results would have been tragic. He would have experienced the pain that ordinary people experienced dozens of times over. The more special their race was, the more difficult it was for their members to advance. Grai had the bloodline of his ancestors. It was said that one drop of blood could last forever and that one drop of blood could defeat almighty beings in the world!

In terms of recovery and regeneration ability, even Wang Zhong's divine cells were no match for the bloodline of his ancestors! They were professionals at this, professionals!

With the aid of his Soul Power, which helped him to overcome the sudden burst of strength in the beginning, his blood that had been boiled away because of the Hellfire began to replenish continuously. Furthermore, the rebound force grew stronger and stronger!

His suffering heart constantly switched between being dried-up and being full while the Hellfire burned even stronger. It grew more threatening but never exceeded the limits of his ancestor's bloodline.

This continued for about thirty minutes. The flaming blaze was all talk but no action. It traveled from his heart to his lungs and spleen. It traveled through all his internal organs but was helpless against the terrifying recovery abilities of his bloodline. In the end, it slowly dispersed with great unwillingness. His body was peaceful once again. Grai slowly heaved a sigh.

The Hellfire was a calamity, but also a source of fortune. The fiercer the flames were, the greater the tempering effects on your internal organs.

At that moment, Grai could sense that after his internal organs had experienced the trial of the Hellfire, it was as if steel had been thoroughly tempered. There was a faint golden light that was extremely dazzling. Every time he breathed in and out, it was as if his internal organs, that dazzled in gold, also responded to his breathing. It was as if they had a life and were one united whole.

However, this was a slight feeling. Grai did not put too much energy and time into this. After all, the minor Heavenly Calamity was not just made up of the Hellfire.

He quickly adjusted his body. He had exhausted a lot of his Soul Power as the Hellfire blazed, especially in the last 15 minutes. Ordinary Heroic Soul experts would desperately need all-natural treasures to replenish their Soul Power, but Grai did not need these. The spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth was extremely rich here and did not seem to be heavily restricted. He only had to take a few deep breaths. This was even better at replenishing his Soul Power than the most expensive treasures in the Holy City.

His state was extremely good. Grai was very confident.

Tempering Soul Calamity!

This was a challenge from his Soul Sea. If he wanted to break through the rules of nature and become an expert of the heaven and the earth, the limits of his body were only one aspect. The strength of his soul was the most important.

The Tempering Soul Calamity targeted this aspect. Unlike the Hellfire, it was produced from one's thoughts. When Grai closed his eyes, he felt his body rapidly dropping as if there was a distance between his soul and his body. When he opened his eyes, he was in an illusory and independent space.

It was rather similar to his Soul Sea that he had seen before. In front of him was a boundless and massive sea of blood. The sea of blood churned continuously as if the blood was boiling, producing large bubbles. Closely after, humanoid creatures appeared in the sea of blood. They were made up of blood, and their bodies were completely red. They had a strange, red glow, but their eyes were pitch black. They all emitted the aura of a peak Heroic Soul. The moment they appeared, they rushed out of the sea of blood and charged towards Grai!

Was this the Tempering Soul Calamity?

A sparkle of brilliance flashed across Grai's eyes.


Grai disappeared from where he was standing. The blood souls that were charging at him from all directions froze momentarily. Closely after, they crashed and collapsed, causing a rain of blood to fall to the ground.

He had killed them in one strike!

However, the world of the Tempering Soul Calamity did not disappear. In fact, Grai sensed an invisible force gathering in the darkness.

He glanced at the blood marks that had just fallen to the floor. It was as if the blood had a life of its own and started to flow towards him. The figure of a blood soul appeared, but this time, there were not only four of them. Instead, eight of them had appeared, and their bodies were evidently much tougher than the four blood souls who had just been defeated. Their anger was also much stronger. There was a strange red glint in their eyes as if they could look into your soul.

There was no change in Grai's expression. He calmly looked at the eight figures and clenched his left fist.

Crack crack!

There was the sound of his knuckles cracking. A faint bloody glow appeared on his fist.


The eight blood souls had fully appeared and charged at Grai. There were sharp claws on their hands that were covered in a black light and emitted a strong stench. There was evidently poison in their claws. The angle at which they approached him was very cunning as if they had gone through countless perfect coordination practices and blocked off any space that their enemies could dodge.

Blood Shadow!

Countless attacks charged at him. In that instant, Grai's body atomized and formed a blood fog. The attacks from the blood souls passed through his 'body' as if they had hit a void. There was no contact at all.

When he used Blood Shadow in the past, he could only maintain a state of fog for about one minute. But now, he felt as if his limit had increased to about ten minutes. Thus, Grai could carefully sense the entire process. Nothingness and material existences consulted each other. To these blood souls, Grai had atomized and did not have a material body. But to Grai, the blood souls had atomized instead and passed through his body. They did not have any actual contact.

Nothingness and the material world both had their own laws. This detailed experience felt very good. He felt as if everything was within his control. It was completely different from what he had felt when he used this technique to protect his life.

He released these thoughts. When the blood souls passed through his body, the blood fog condensed and formed a material body. Then, a fist glowing with blood smashed into the backs of the blood souls.

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