Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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This punch was much more powerful than when he had attacked the four blood souls. Grai had used 80% of his strength, but three of the blood souls did not break into pieces and simply fell to the ground. Although he had immediately sent them flying back into the pool of blood, he could clearly sense that the bodies of these eight blood souls were much stronger than the ones before. Droplets of blood flew everywhere, but the Tempering Soul Calamity was not over. Closely after, 16 figures had appeared from the pool of blood!

When these new blood souls appeared in the pool of blood, he could clearly sense the changes in their auras and the strength of their bodies. What appeared were not purely Blood Shadows, but seemed like humans with perfect appearances.

They all looked exactly the same, except that their bodies were completely red. However, their strength could not be compared to the blood souls that had appeared earlier. All the auras they emitted were faintly similar to that of a Semi-Heavenly Soul!

This Tempering Soul Calamity… seemed rather troublesome. Grai opened up his left hand, and his right fingers gently scratched his left palm. The sharp Soul Power opened up a wound in his palm.

Blood 'floated' out of the wound. However, it did not flow everywhere and was instead floating above his palm, gradually forming a red sword. This was a secret technique that had naturally appeared and that drew upon the recovery abilities of his bloodline. Why was the inheritance of such a powerful bloodline taboo in the Federation? It was because they did not need words to pass down their power.

When Grai felt that it was the time, he clearly knew that this was the power his seniors had given him. From then on, no one would be able to take it away from him!

Blood Ancestors' Secret Technique —— Blood Sword!

Although the sword looked bright red, a cold aura was emitted from the sword. It had the terrifying power to pierce into the depths of one's heart. It instantly filled the entire space with the aura of his ancestors!

The sea of blood in front of him seemed to have sensed something and was churning with excitement. Meanwhile, the blood souls that had just appeared instantly seemed indescribably excited. Their eyes were crimson red. As they were produced from Grai's thought, they were simply illusory existences, and not actual members of the Blood Race. They could sense the strength of the Blood Race and desired to be able to approach such power, even engulf this power. However, there was definitely no respect or submission to this power.

The 16 Blood Shadows anxiously charged at him.


The Blood Shadows had almost reached the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage. This seemed to be the limit of the enemies that Grai had to encounter during the Tempering Soul Calamity. After the 16 blood souls had been killed, 32 of them appeared, then 64. The level of the blood souls did not change; they simply increased in number. The number of blood souls that appeared next would be twice the number of blood souls he had just killed.

Grai could no longer remember just how many blood souls he had killed. Although his consciousness was immersed in this illusory world, his body was still connected to reality. Thus, he could absorb the spiritual influence from the heaven and the earth in the fragment world and continuously replenish what his body had consumed. As a result, he could maintain a powerful combat level and continue fighting for a long time. However, although his Soul Power was boundless in this special circumstance, his soul and consciousness were fatigued.

Grai already felt very tired. He continuously waved the blood sword in his hands and completely forgot about the passage of time.

These monsters seemed to come in an endless stream and could never be killed. It seemed as if it would never stop.

Fight! All he could do was fight!

The exhaustion in his mind exceeded his limits again and again, but Grai was still not afraid. He had been freed of his worries, and it was as if he had undergone a perfect transformation. He had experienced despair and death. Now that he had revived, he had unlimited passion and desire!

If he was to die in battle, he would have an enjoyable battle!

When he killed the last blood soul, new blood souls did not appear. In fact, he did not even see the existence of a pool of blood. Grai felt slightly uncomfortable. He felt as if he had fought here for several centuries.

The strong smell of blood that filled the space had disappeared. Grai felt as if his body was slowly rising. His tired mind had achieved perfect peace and relaxation. At this moment, he realized that he had overcome another barrier. His tense nerves suddenly relaxed. He felt drowsy and fainted…

Tianjing, the Academy…

"Grai!" Barran scratched his head as he ran out of the classroom. Every time, Grai waited outside the classroom for him, so he felt very bad. He smiled shyly. "Sorry for making you wait for me again."

"No worries." Grai smiled and said, "I heard that Senior has woken up. Let's go and take a look."

That day, the Tianjing squadron had just returned from the Disorderly Burial Lake Region. In order to save everyone, Senior Wang Zhong had led the red spider away. However, as a result, he was severely injured. Although Teacher Grace had arrived in time, Senior was not in a good condition. He had been unconscious in the Tianjing Central Hospital for several days. Everyone was rather anxious for him.

Grai clearly remembered every detail of how he could not move because of his pollen allergy. Furthermore, he could never forget the sight of Wang Zhong's back as he drew away the red spider. He had seen this sight twice. Other than Wang Zhong, he remembered his elder brother, who had brought him to run away from their broken home. Back then, while they were running through the mountain forest to escape, he could not move because of his pollen allergy. Thus, his elder brother hid him in a cavern and led the soldiers from the Federation away. However, he had never heard anything from his brother since then.

The sight of his elder brother's back was exactly the same as Wang Zhong's.

Grai's mission included discovering the dimensional coordinates in Tianjing, as well as finding out about Wang Zhong, a super genius. He should have reported this accidental discovery to the higher-ups, but because of this image, Grai had decided to forget everything. He completely concealed all these. He convinced himself by saying that this was an accidental discovery he had made while hiding, and it was up to him whether to report this.

In the hospital ward, Wang Zhong had awakened. Scarlet, Ma Dong, Barran, Emily, Hymin, and the rest were all here. Everyone was gathered around Wang Zhong. Scarlet was peeling an apple for Wang Zhong, while Ma Dong was making a ruckus and cresting the atmosphere in the hospital ward. He cracked a few dirty jokes that were not too overboard, causing everyone to laugh out loud.

Grai did not participate in the chat. Telling dirty jokes and the like was what Ma Dong was good at, but Grai could not do such things. He simply stood behind everyone else and looked at their smiles. He heard their clear laughter and Ma Dong's various jokes, some of which were successful, and some of which fell through. Grai was also laughing. Unlike the standard gentlemanly laughter that typically appeared when he was training, this laughter was from his heart. When he saw that Wang Zhong was all right, it was as if a large stone in his heart had vanished.

The atmosphere in the hospital ward was very good. Everyone was very happy, until an alarm suddenly sounded from the instrument that was examining Wang Zhong's body…

Wang Zhong fainted once again. The doctor rushed in and chased everyone out. Then, he conducted emergency treatment and CPR on him.

Everyone anxiously waited outside. Ma Dong continuously walked up and down the corridor. Meanwhile, Grai silently looked at the door. It felt like years had passed.

Finally, the doctor walked out and shook his head slightly. Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. "Make the necessary funeral arrangements for him. We have done our best."

The corridor was silent. The doctor added on, "Who is Grai? The patient wants to see you for the last time."

When he walked into the hospital ward again, Grai was extremely solemn. Wang Zhong, who was on the hospital bed, was already on the verge of death. He looked at Grai's eyes and smiled. "I know your identity."

Grai's expression was unusually calm. It was not that his emotions had been stirred. Since a young age, he had experienced this many times. His tears had already dried up. He knew that sentimental emotions like this would not be useful at any time. "Is there anything that I can do for you?"

"You can save my life, because you are a member of the Blood Race." Although Wang Zhong's voice was weak, it was extremely resolute. There were desire and pleading in his eyes.

"How?" Grai asked instinctively.

"Your heart! The vitality of members of the Blood Race is much stronger than ordinary humans. Furthermore, your heart is the source of your power… I know that this might be very harsh to you. I'm sorry. I want to live!"

"Sure!" Grai looked at Wang Zhong's eyes. There was no hesitation in his voice.

There was a flash of surprise in Wang Zhong's eyes. He sat up on the bed, like the final radiance of the setting sun. There was exuberant vitality and greed in his eyes.

"Thank you. I will remember you and live for you. I will take revenge for you. I will—" As he spoke, claws grew out of his left hand and aimed at Grai's heart at the speed of lightning!

The hand was fast and speedy and contained a life-threatening danger! But before it could reach Grai's chest, another hand had grabbed the anxious hand.


Wang Zhong furrowed his eyebrows. "What's wrong? Did you forget who I got myself injured for? Are you this afraid to die? Are you trying to be ungrateful?"

"You are not Wang Zhong." Grai's fingers grabbed Wang Zhong's wrist like a metal shackle. A bright smile appeared on his face. "You are an inner demon."

Shock flashed across 'Wang Zhong's' face. Closely after.


The hospital ward collapsed. Then, the entire world broke into pieces!

Inner Demon Calamity…

In the beginning, the illusion had caused him to be intoxicated and lose his way. However, Wang Zhong would never say such things. Grai firmly believed in this.

He trusted Wang Zhong too much. His inner demon would also think this way and think that this was Grai's weakness. However, his inner demon did not know that his trust towards Wang Zhong was beyond description. This was because Wang Zhong would rather sacrifice himself than be a burden to someone else. Wang Zhong was his light, his idol, and his elder brother!

Frankly speaking, Grai was slightly disappointed. His inner demon was truly foolish to think that this was his weakness!

Grai slowly opened his eyes. A faint smile appeared on his face.

At that moment, the spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth in his surroundings that had felt brutal now felt much more gentle. However, Grai knew that this was not because a change had occurred in the spiritual influence. Instead, there was a change in his understanding.

When a three-year-old child saw a poodle barking, they would think that it was very frightening and dangerous. They would even cry from shock. However, an adult would walk up and kick the poodle without much care.

He was a Heavenly Soul expert!

Grai carefully experienced the changes in his body.

Huff huff…

There was the slight sound of the wind that could be clearly heard, even thousands of meters away from the castle.

When one looked out of the window, many colors had appeared in the gray sky. This was the outline of the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth. Even though it was still very messy, many faint colors took turns to appear in the sky.

Simply said, when one reached the Heavenly Soul Stage, their senses towards everything had increased and became more delicate in all aspects.

His blood vessels were relaxed, and he was at peace. Grai could even sense the process of every single pore on his body opening while he was comfortable and refreshed. His mind and body had completely integrated into a unified whole and communicated with the heaven and the earth. It was extremely natural.

Just by sitting here and using his divine sense, his ability to sense everything in his surroundings rapidly improved. He could even observe what was happening on the other side of the castle and check on Wang Zhong's situation, who was thousands of meters away from him. Wang Zhong seemed to be deep in meditation while sitting in a room. There were beads of sweat on his forehead, and his eyebrows were tightly furrowed, as if a reasonable difficulty had appeared in his thoughts.

Grai did not intend to help Wang Zhong. Throughout the process of cultivation, if one encountered a difficulty, they would have to resolve it themselves. Others would not be able to help them. If others casually tried to get involved, it would only result in unnecessary and terrible consequences.

He decided to strengthen his body first.

If the rate at which Wang Zhong cultivated was fast, Grai was lightning fast. A few days ago, he was still a peak Heroic Soul. However, due to the changes in his blood thanks to Wang Zhong's divine cells, more changes had occurred in his awakened bloodline, allowing him to advance to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage. Although he imagined that breaking through after this would be difficult, in reality, the distance between him and the next stage was paper-thin. Once he had accumulated the spiritual influence from the heaven and the earth, it only took him a few days, including the minor Heavenly Calamity afterward. Although it felt as if several hundred centuries had passed during the Tempering Soul Calamity, it had only lasted for one moment in reality.

This kind of growth was far too fast, so fast that Grai felt that the power in his body was both familiar and foreign. Frankly speaking, he still had a lot to catch up on.

Of course, breaking through to the Heavenly Soul Stage was definitely not the end of cultivation. If he wanted to help Wang Zhong break through the world barrier, the strength he had just displayed when breaking through was definitely not enough. He had to master his power as quickly as he could. Of course, he also had the sword which gave him a peculiar feeling. Whatever his Senior gave him would usually be good.

Grai observed Wang Zhong once again and sensed that he was not in any particular danger. Thus, Grai closed his eyes once again. He breathed in. The scale at which he absorbed spiritual influence was completely different from the past. The brutal spiritual influence in his surroundings flowed into him as if he was a whale that was taking in water. In an instant, a whirlpool of spiritual influence that was over a dozen meters wide appeared at the rooftop of the house where he was in!

His body greedily absorbed all the energy he could absorb. Then, the energy was rapidly transformed and accumulated. Throughout the process of accumulating energy, he felt extremely full…

There was only one word to describe this: comfortable!

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    《Battle Frenzy》