Battle Frenzy
956 Stars and Great Bear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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956 Stars and Great Bear

At first, she had accidentally sensed a few things. She sensed that there were emotions such as greed, jealousy, desire, and excitement in her Teacher's seemingly gentle gaze. With her gratitude towards her Teacher and her trust in her, Scarlet would not care much about it if it only happened once or twice.

But when this happened many times, and as her sixth sense gradually grew stronger, she could sense her Teacher's emotions more intensely. It was as if she could sometimes imagine a terrifying image. In an old house, illuminated by a dim candle, Sophia's face was full of wrinkles. She was ferociously and wildly laughing at her, like an old witch. The dim candlelight caused Sophia's shadow on the wall to extend endlessly, like a demon that was about to kidnap a girl…

Was this her inner demon? Or was this an illusion?

When she thought about what her Teacher had done for her, Scarlet comforted herself again. She had definitely been oversensitive. She even felt remorseful and uneasy about these thoughts that slandered her Teacher. However, she sensed this image in her mind every day. If she was uncertain about her Teacher, how could she quieten her heart for cultivation? As a result of her muddled thoughts, it was very difficult for her to execute the Soul Drawing Technique, and she experienced difficulties at every step. In addition, there seemed to be no upper limits on how much her Soul Sea could absorb. Thus, she was stuck at this key juncture before breaking through. She could not advance or retreat.

Deep down, Scarlet was too dedicated. She had rich emotions and was sentimental. Most importantly, she did not have a strong heart like Wang Zhong and Grai.

The image of the dim candle had appeared in her imagination once again. Scarlet furrowed her eyebrows and quietly pondered for a long time. Then, she drove this image out of her mind by force and sighed silently. She did not dare to tell Sophia about this. She could only continue to conclude the Soul Drawing Technique.

With peace of mind, her train of thought was unusually clear. But the clearer it was, the more problems she encountered.

Scarlet was not an ordinary Heroic Soul either. Besides the fact that she had extraordinary comprehension, this was also because she had achieved mutual understanding with Wang Zhong. Although Wang Zhong was not part of the Mystic Sect, he was an expert at soul cultivation. He was a powerful person who could disperse his soul to every single cell in his body. Even the strongest Great Teachers in the Mystic Sect who practiced soul cultivation might not even match up to Wang Zhong in this aspect. Of course, he did not hide anything from Scarlet. It could not be considered guidance, but when they typically shared their cultivation experiences, Wang Zhong would also explain his understanding of the soul and the basic concepts he had derived to Scarlet.

As a result, Scarlet had a rather wide outlook in terms of soul cultivation that ordinary Holy Disciples from the Mystic Sect couldn't compare themselves to. She could faintly see the final direction that the Soul Drawing Technique was pointing in. Her soul would integrate with the heaven and the earth, and she would be in agreement with nature. There would be harmony between nature and mankind…

If her soul was scattered, her path of cultivation would be severed!

Had she misunderstood?

"Teacher…" Scarlet finally opened her eyes. Earlier, she had faintly sensed this several times, but it had not felt this intense. She also knew that this question was very sudden as if she was doubting her Teacher's effort. Thus, she had never dared to raise this to her Teacher. But this time, she just could not hold it in. "I feel like I have… gotten the Soul Drawing Technique wrong."

She expressed her opinion in a superficial manner. Her tone was rather cautious, and she thought deeply about her choice of words as she was afraid that her Teacher would become anxious. At first, she thought that no matter whether she had misunderstood, or there were other reasons, her Teacher would help her to resolve them as usual. However, Scarlet had never expected that in that instant, she saw surprise and anger in Sophia's daze.

"Scum!" Sophia blurted out. Had this girl been unable to break through because she had sensed that something was strange? Furthermore, she had dared to directly mention this out loud?

She was close to achieving success, but suddenly, she had not been able to make any progress for countless days. She was stuck at where she was without being able to move. Sophia was already at the limit of her patience!

She had a ferocious face and red eyes. The boundless and terrifying aura of a Heavenly Soul was released from Sophia's body into the surroundings. It contained thunderous rage as if it was about to skin Scarlet alive! Just like the terrifying image that continued to repeat in Scarlet's sixth sense, in the dim candlelight, Sophia was just like a demon!

Scarlet trembled in fear. She could not control the fear that she felt as a result of the difference in their levels of power. Sophia was a Great Teacher who had reached the Peak Heavenly Soul Stage in soul cultivation. When she was furious, others would feel as if the apocalypse was arriving.

Perhaps she had seen her disciple's trembling body. Thus, Sophia immediately regained her senses.

This was still not the time to turn hostile. The more she acted this way, the more Scarlet would doubt her. If Scarlet was unable to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, she would not be able to endure Sophia's powerful soul. Killing Scarlet was useless too. She would waste countless all-natural treasures she had used and, more importantly, the chance to seize her body.

She buried the violence and rage in her heart and took a deep breath. The aura that was released disappeared, and the surroundings gradually grew calm.

"Do you think that your Teacher will harm you?" Sophia regained her arrogant and cold appearance. She coldly asked, "I have spent countless effort and resources on you, but what I get is not gratitude, but doubt?"

Scarlet was silent and did not speak.

Sophia even wished that she could rip apart this slut, who had suddenly gotten some insight, with her own hands. She had come up with this useless wisdom at the final stage, causing Sophia to be even more upset. She was a mere Heroic Soul, so could she have this outlook? How was this possible?!

But no matter how furious she was on the inside, she could only suppress her rage for now. Even her voice had regained its gentle tone. "There are countless changes in the path of cultivation. Different realms have different kinds of understanding. How can you accurately use your outlook as a mere Heroic Soul to view the affairs of the Heavenly Soul Stage?"

"Spreading your soul doesn't mean scattering your soul, but it is the best way to integrate with the heaven and the earth and to communicate with nature. Heavenly Souls are powerful because they can borrow the power of the heaven and the earth. Thus, the higher your level of intimacy with the heaven and the earth, the stronger you are as a Heavenly Soul. I don't know where your ideas and doubts have come from. If you were influenced by those Heroic Souls in the Mystic Sect, then I can only say that you have disappointed me greatly! What do they understand? They are good-for-nothing Heroic Souls and have no right to have absurd discussions about cultivation! When you advance into the Heavenly Soul Stage, you will understand how childish and laughable your question is!"

With this, she seemed to have finally appeased her disciple slightly.

"Yes." Scarlet nodded her head solemnly.

Sophia could not tell whether this girl had actually obeyed her. However, she only felt even more frustrated. "I have a few things I have to settle at the base, so I will leave for a few days. You should think about it and quickly comprehend the final step of the Soul Drawing Technique. Remember, you should choose your own path. You will only be able to fulfill your dreams once you achieve the Heavenly Soul Stage!"

As the owner of the fragment world, she could enter and exit at will.

As Sophia spoke, she waved her hand and disappeared into thin air, only leaving behind a pair of bright eyes dazzling in this isolated island world. The eyes were clear and determined. Scarlet was kind, but she was not foolish. At that instant, she clearly knew that there was a problem and could even faintly sense what the problem was. If her soul disappeared, only an ownerless body would be left. At this moment, Scarlet's face was extremely pale.

Frankly speaking, Scarlet was someone who was not afraid to sacrifice herself. She had thought about living forever and never growing old. At the same time, other than Wang Zhong, Sophia was the person she cared most about. Scarlet would sacrifice her life to save her teacher. However, what if her Teacher had other intentions from the very beginning?

This truly hurt Scarlet's heart. It was very obvious that she did not have the leeway to resist. She could only delay this, but if she delayed for too long, Sophia would definitely not allow her to escape.

Wang Zhong, where are you…?


Scarlet was not the only one who encountered problems in cultivation and comprehension. Lao Wang had even more problems. Typically, Wang Zhong might feel slightly impeded. However, in this fragment world, this feeling was completely blocked off.

This time, it was much more difficult than understanding sword power. It was a powerful technique that caused the heaven and the earth to rotate. No matter how he sensed or tried to understand it, he could not make sense of it. Not only was this power different from Soul Power, but it also did not have any rhythm. It was simply an obscure rule that was forced and existed for no reason. It was invisible and intangible, but its power was boundless. As a result, no one could wrap their heads around it. It could be said that this subverted all his previous understanding of combat techniques, but he felt that this was the true path to embark on.

In the past, Wang Zhong had never encountered any major difficulties in cultivation. Even Cellular Cosmology, which was obscure and hard to understand for countless heroes in the Holy City, Lao Wang only needed to spend some time on it. However, this attack that the Nebula Sword had unleashed possessed a difficulty that far exceeded what Wang Zhong had learned before.

He could already faintly sense that if he could comprehend this attack, this might be his breakthrough to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage! However, where would the inspiration for this comprehension come from?

"Lao Wang, Lao Wang, I think that it is this way…"

"No, no. I was wrong just now. Right now, I think that it is this way…"

In his Soul Sea, Simba actively helped to give him advice, but it was a pity that none of them were useful. He did not manage to give Wang Zhong any inspiration, let alone help Wang Zhong to understand. On the contrary, Simba's messy and unconstrained thoughts caused Wang Zhong to stray away from his initial rhythm. This feeling…

It was as if you were faintly singing "the stars in the sky don't speak" when someone suddenly appeared and shouted "the stars in the sky look like Great Bear"[1]… What in the world were you talking about? You would definitely be momentarily dumbfounded, and you would not be able to get back in tune for a while.

"Be quiet for a while…" Lao Wang finally could not stand it and looked at Simba faintly.

Simba pouted. He looked hurt as if he had been wronged.

The Xiao Wang of the past was much better. Simba's words were always true, and he had a serious student who respected him as an idol. Now, his student had grown up into Lao Wang, and his wings had grown stiffer. Everything Simba said was wrong; he could not even think of guiding Lao Wang.

When he saw that Lao Wang furrowed his eyebrows in deep thought, Simba felt extremely bored. He spoke to the idiot in the Soul Sea, but it was lazy and lifeless. It looked like a simple idiot and did not speak the same language as him, a great and wise creature. When Simba looked at it, he was extremely frustrated.

Overcome with boredom, Simba took out the Fate Needle and spun the needle on the Fate Needle as if he was cursing. He silently swore in his heart, "Spin, spin, spin, does the person who trapped us in this sh*tty world have a d*ck?"

The needle on the black and white crosswheel spun and eventually landed in the black region. Simba was excited as if he had discovered a new continent. He muttered to himself, "The great Simba has confirmed! The person who harmed us is a female!"

Just as he was entertaining himself out of boredom, Simba realized that Wang Zhong was glaring at him and the Fate Roulette.

"Damn! I wasn't talking to you. Can't I speak to myself?" Simba thought that he had disrupted Wang Zhong's inspiration once again. If Lao Wang could not break through, he might be stuck here and die alone. He did not want that to happen. Of course, he still had some emotions. "Comprehend what you need to. Why are you looking at me? After all, I am useless now. I can't even guide you…"

"The Fate Roulette…" Wang Zhong felt as if he had gained some inspiration.

Wang Zhong had seen the Fate Roulette countless times. No matter whether it was spinning to decide something, or whether Simba had casually spun it when he was bored, he had seen all of these before. In the past, he did not discover anything different, but now, it was as if the Fate Roulette had evoked a train of thought and another way of thinking.

There seemed to be no difference when the needle spun to make a judgment and when Simba casually spun the needle, but the results were different, as well as the expectations and feelings in his heart as the needle spun…

"I remember that to spin the Fate Roulette, some kind of soul energy must be absorbed. I wonder what kind of energy that is?" Wang Zhong quickly pondered and faintly captured this important point.

"Who knows?" said Simba unkindly. "This is a great rule, and I am just a user, not the creator! Someone weak and lowly like me is useless…"

"No, you are the great Simba!"

"…Oh?" Simba was dumbfounded.

"The wise Simba!"

"Oh, oh?!" Simba's eyes lit up, and his breathing grew hurried.

"The invincible Simba!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Simba was very proud, and his nose was high in the sky. "Although you say that…"

"I believe that you can overcome any difficulties that I tell you about! There are no secrets in this world to the great Simba!"


It was a pentakill!

"Let me think about it!" At this moment, Simba had reached the greatest achievement in his life. He felt as if he had completely become the spokesperson of wisdom. His entire body was shining from inside out.

Frankly speaking, it would be very difficult for Simba to come up with a theory. Not only was there a difference in levels between the creator and the user, they were also completely different kinds of people. Take, for example, the soldiers who flew airships all day in the base. No matter how good these pilots were, if one wanted them to explain exactly how the airships were built, including every single principle in every aspect… they would only be able to speak nonsense! If they were this impressive, why were they soldiers? They should have gone into research instead.

However, after flying airships for a long time, one would inevitably encounter various obstacles with their airships and would be involved in various repair and maintenance works. They would definitely have some superficial knowledge through inference…

Simba was now in this state. He could not explain the principles of the Fate Roulette in detail to Wang Zhong, but he could at least know every detail and process of using the Fate Roulette. He could even clearly sense the soul energy that was being absorbed and every minor action that occurred when the Fate Roulette spun.

[1] these are lyrics from two different songs

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