Battle Frenzy
957 Wang Zhong“s Minor Heavenly Calamity
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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957 Wang Zhong“s Minor Heavenly Calamity

"If you compare the soul energy to stars and the rules to the sky, then when a star revolves, you will only see a certain star revolving in the sky. However, if there are countless stars dazzling in the sky and they were all rapidly moving in one direction at the same time, think about it. What would you feel?"

"I would feel the heaven and the earth revolving!"

Simba was working hard to rack his brains and describe everything he knew using various parallels and metaphors.

"…It is like fanning out from a point to an area. The soul energy is like a point, while the rule is like the entire area. When countless points spread over a large area rapidly activate the rule, they can cause the rules to come into effect."

In his excitement, Simba violently slapped his thigh. He felt that he had spoken very well and admired himself greatly. He had been able to use simple language to describe an obscure principle and draw a conclusion. Only gods were able to do this! As expected from the great Simba. "Thus, the stronger the judgment is, the more soul energy that is required, as the rule that it activates would be stronger…"

This was a simple theory, but the principles involved were obscure. Metaphors were all rather vague, but they provided a guide, and inspiration typically stemmed from such vague guidance. Wang Zhong had faintly achieved some comprehension.

One could talk about the path they took, but it would be different from everyone else. This saying from the Holy City was true. Only you could understand your own path. Others could not explain it in words, but they could use some metaphors and phenomena to enlighten and inspire you.

Wang Zhong now felt this inspiration. He would apply what he already knew on an even larger scale in order to activate the rules while walking on this path. This was not the right way to understand his path, but there was no doubt that it was a very effective way to imitate, or even make use of it.

He was only a Heroic Soul. What gave him the right to talk wildly about understanding his path? It was already good enough for him to reach Simba's level as a user. Furthermore, his objective was only to learn this technique.

"You are definitely a genius!"

He casually said this and left Simba, who was immensely proud and had an expression full of excitement, behind. Then, he entered the trial space once again. Now that he had a direction, he only lacked two things. Firstly, exactly what kind of energy should be used to activate his path and its rules? Furthermore, how was he supposed to apply what he knew on a larger scale?

Was it Soul Power? Spiritual energy? Or something else?

He had to experiment.

When Wang Zhong set foot in the trial space, the Nebula Sword immediately appeared before him. Then, to no one's surprise, it spun once again. The heaven and the earth immediately rotated along with it. As expected, the intense dizzying sensation infiltrated his mind. But this time, unlike in the past, he already had an objective. Thus, he was unusually steadfast.

Wang Zhong suppressed the gloomy and nauseating feeling he felt. He stretched out the Nebula Sword in his hand, and Soul Power was immediately released. However, instead of pouring into the sword, the Soul Power was released into the heaven and the earth, guiding all the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth that he could sense.

This was something only Heavenly Souls could do, but as a particularly powerful Semi-Heavenly Soul, Wang Zhong was faintly able to sense the presence of spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth. However, he was only able to utilize a trace of this spiritual influence.

In that instant, it was as if he had felt the heaven and the earth being activated. However, it was a pity that the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth that his Soul Power activated could not withstand the spinning heaven and earth, let alone cause the heaven and the earth to rotate. His sword body immediately crashed and exploded into many pieces.

Even though he had failed, Wang Zhong was indescribably excited. He felt as if he had grasped the main point, and there was a clear path in front of him. After quickly adjusting himself, Wang Zhong set foot into the trial space once again. This time, he was more well-prepared. The release of his Soul Power was much more aggressive, and the results were immediately apparent. The spinning sword in front of him slowed down slightly when he activated his Soul Power. Even though it still defeated him very quickly, these were the best results he had obtained for this month.

He adjusted himself again and entered the trial space once again…

He tried this a hundred times as if he did not know the concept of fatigue. Wang Zhong had found his direction and was completely immersed in cultivation. Not only did he use his Soul Power, he also tried to use his spiritual energy to mobilize the power of the heaven and the earth. However, the results were similar either way. Although he could slightly withstand and even slow down the spinning of the sword, in the end, he was still unable to withstand it.

In the end, Wang Zhong tried to use his Soul Power and spiritual energy at the same time. This was a courageous attempt as it was not easy to divert his attention and use both completely different kinds of power at the same time. Typically, he could not completely synchronize his Soul Power and spiritual energy. In fact, the results were even worse than using just one of them.

Perhaps others would give up on this path. They would switch to pursue a better singular path and walk to the end. However, Wang Zhong firmly believed in his own judgment.

He could overcome difficulties as long as he chose the right path…

He had completely forgotten about the time and exactly how many times he had been defeated by the revolving heaven and earth. He only remembered that there seemed to be several times when he simply could not resist his anger. Even Grai could hear his stomach growling. Only then did he take a short break to eat.

Throughout this process, Wang Zhong had seen Grai twice. Of course, Wang Zhong was pleasantly surprised as Grai had gotten ahead of him and advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. As the spiritual influence in this world was unusually rich, Grai was able to rather rapidly consolidate what he needed to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage. Now, he was a standard Initial Phase Heavenly Soul.

Grai had confirmed the disappearance of the world's Will and was finding an exit to the void. He had also seen where the light was, but it was too far away. Thus, Grai could not approach it with the current strength of his soul. However, Wang Zhong was not anxious about this. Through Grai, he could determine that the exit was not particularly distant. If not, they would not have been able to see it. As for using his soul to explore… Although Grai could not do it, Wang Zhong could. This was not just because of the strength of his soul, but also the Fate Stone.

Releasing their soul in this way was different from scattering their soul within their bodies. Their Soul Core could only work within their bodies and did not have any external effects. However, as long as he had the Fate Stone, he did not have to worry that his soul would travel too far and be unable to return. He had released his soul far enough back when he trained in the Fifth Dimension, right? His soul had traveled far and wide, but after his soul broke into pieces, it was still pulled back together by the Fate Stone within minutes. However, he had to wait until he advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage before doing all these. After all, he had a direction and a path to travel on, but traveling in the void was definitely something he could only do after advancing to the Heavenly Soul Stage. Thus, he did not have to be anxious for now.

Besides, Grai had also started to comprehend the divine sword from the Octopus people. He had given a rather ancient-sounding name to it: the Yin-Yang Two Poles Sword. There did not seem to be any technique to be inherited from the sword, unlike the Nebula Sword. In fact, Wang Zhong could also faintly sense how special the Nebula Sword was. Even in the world of the Octopus people, it seemed to be unique. Perhaps the initial objective of the royal family that had ordered for him to be arrested was not to avenge Heinrich, but to find this divine sword.

Of course, although the Yin-Yang Two Poles Sword did not have any sword techniques to be inherited, it contained some vague comprehension of the way of the sword that had been left behind by successive generations of divine sword owners among the Octopus people. Grai had attempted to comprehend the sword several times. He smiled and said that after Wang Zhong advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, they could learn from each other by exchanging views and battling.

This… Although he did not know what technique Grai had attempted to understand, Wang Zhong still had incredible self-confidence. Of course, he did not look down upon Grai, but once he truly comprehended the obscure way of the sword that allowed the heaven and the earth to spin, he would advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage. He was just afraid that he would defeat Grai, who would be the same level as him then. This really had nothing to do with their realm…

Meanwhile, two swords faced each other in a starry sky.

Even though he had turned into a sword, Wang Zhong still subconsciously shut off his five senses. This was similar to how Mo Wen had undergone sight-severing meditation. Shutting off his five senses could allow his consciousness to be freer and clearer. He needed to sense and activate his path in the heaven and the earth, not to counter every move from his opponent.

Furthermore, with this clear state of mind, the operation of his Soul Power and the utilization of his spiritual energy were perfectly synchronized for the first time. He could sense that his outlook was much broader in his sixth sense. When he released the Soul Power and the spiritual energy that he dispersed into the heaven and the earth, it was as if he was throwing countless "nails" into the heaven and the earth. These nails were firmly hurled into the heaven and the earth and flew with the spiritual influence in the air. They complemented one another and integrated into one.

Opposite him, the sword had started to spin. But in this realm, where he forgot about himself and became the heaven and the earth, it was very difficult for his enemy to make him dizzy. Wang Zhong was very calm, and the Nebula Sword suddenly started to spin in the opposite direction from the other sword.

The sword had disappeared from his vision. It felt like a collision between two worlds. The activation of rules and paths brought about vast power that could not be resisted.

This was the feeling!

Lao Wang understood. He felt as if he had mastered the heaven and the earth. He was like the father of the heaven and the earth, and the founder of the universe!


Two waves of energy violently collided with each other.


In a flash, the heavens fell and the earth cracked.

The entire universe distorted under the terrifying clash of power and exploded as if the universe had been destroyed and everything had died.

Collapse! Shatter!

Even with Wang Zhong's incredibly powerful consciousness, he was unable to withstand the collapse of the universe. He crashed and broke into many pieces along with the universe, pulling him back to reality.

Had he succeeded? Or had he failed?

When Wang Zhong awoke, he immediately knew that he had mastered this technique. Back then, the feeling of controlling the heaven and the earth was an improvement in all aspects. At that moment, he even felt the presence of a minor Heavenly Calamity in his body. It was stirring and could explode at any moment!

The feeling of understanding his path felt as if the smog that had gathered over his head for countless years had suddenly dispersed. It was now clear and bright. This kind of feeling…

This was simply amazing. This was 10,000 times more comfortable than having sex. As a result, Wang Zhong could not help but feel contented.

"The sword power earlier can be called 'Sword One'. This technique shall be called 'Sword Two' then!"

In his Soul Sea, Simba rolled his eyes and weakly complained about Wang Zhong's poor technique-naming skills. However, even Wang Zhong himself could not determine whether he had defeated the other divine sword or they had perished together.

He rapidly adjusted himself and healed his soul injuries. Then, he hastily entered the trial space once again. He had truly comprehended "Sword Two" and had mastered the power. Even if he had not successfully overcome the previous stage, as long as he gave himself more time, he could definitely do better.

When he entered, he found out that the divine sword was still in the trial space. However, it did not cause the heaven and the earth to rotate as usual.

When he entered the space, the divine sword displayed its sword power, and thousands of swords appeared.

One, two, three…

The sky was filled with divine sword clones. This was not an illusion or a trick on the eyes. None of them felt fake to Wang Zhong.

The next second, the sky full of swords started to surge.

Nebula Sword Storm!

He watched as the countless divine swords in the air violently charged at him.

It looked like he had passed the second stage. This was the third stage.

He felt as if he had reached the end of what he could inherit from the sword. After all, although the Nebula Sword Storm seemed extremely radiant, in reality, it was a rather superficial usage of energy. It could compare to Sword Two, no matter whether it was in terms of attack power, the depth of its rules, or in other aspects.

"This is probably a complement to the inheritance of the Nebula Sword." Wang Zhong was looking forward to witnessing an even higher level at the third stage, but he did not expect to see this.

He was slightly disappointed, but at the same time, he felt a sense of freedom after finally reaching the end. The Nebula Sword he had turned into rotated slightly and unleashed Sword Two!

It was only a few seconds of fighting, where the swords in the sky distorted and rules clashed. Then, the seemingly countless divine swords were all broken into pieces. Reality proved that the might of Sword Two was much more powerful than this attack.

Of course, Wang Zhong did not give up on learning this technique. After all, it was complementary to the inheritance of the sword. Furthermore, this attack had one advantage. It was a group attack, and compared to Sword Two, it was easier to use and consumed less power. It also took less time for him to unleash this attack.

After Sword Two destroyed the divine swords that filled the sky, there were no changes in the space he was in. A new Nebula Sword appeared once again and unleashed the same technique. The sky was filled with sword images, as if it was repeating itself…

To the current Wang Zhong, there was nothing about this technique that was obscure or hard to understand. After attempting several times, he gradually grasped the key points of the technique. He also discovered something else about this technique.

Although the divine sword clones that filled the sky were the highlights of this group attack, at the same time, this was a complementary technique. Once he mastered how to disperse this power, who said that he definitely had to display and use the Nebula Sword Storm in this manner?

After a long time…

Countless divine sword clones faced one another in this space. In that instant, they attacked and contested one another.

It was tip of sword versus tip of sword. Both sides were not prepared to back off.

When the final divine sword clone was completely destroyed by Wang Zhong, the entire inheritance world crashed and collapsed.

Among the rubble, Wang Zhong seemed to see a broken image of another race…

He saw a vast and boundless void with a large core. Countless stars had formed a design similar to the Milky Way. He was pulled closer. Wang Zhong could faintly see that the stars were extremely prosperous. Various races lived together. There was an unusually tall humanoid creature with long, red horns. He emitted a powerful aura and was crafting a divine sword. This divine sword looked exactly the same as the Nebula Sword…

What was this? Where was he?

Wang Zhong was puzzled. Wasn't the Nebula Sword born from the phoenix remains of the Octopus people? Why did it seem like a humanoid creature had produced it in that crumbling image?

After all, he had only seen a few broken and scattered images. Thus, he could not see more. It was as if these images had lasted for just a moment and left a vague impression in his mind. Closely after, Wang Zhong felt as if he had returned to his original body. A flame was stirring at the bottom of his heart and started to burn violently.

The minor Heavenly Calamity had arrived!

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    《Battle Frenzy》