Battle Frenzy
961 Great Success
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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961 Great Success

The aftermaths were also incredibly massive. This was the first time Wang Zhong had used this technique outside the trial space. Unlike how he had completely ignored the illusory swords he used up when learning and understanding this attack, in reality, he had to guide the rules. Furthermore, he had to increase his power to deal with 40 peak Heavenly Souls. Even Wang Zhong, who had just been reborn, wanted to shout that he could not bear it.

Even with this body, he felt as if it had been drained. Even his muscles started to spasm.

But the terrifying part was after this!

It was as if the might from this attack was too powerful, and the intense collision of power had caused the rules of the Tempering Soul world to fall into chaos. Countless dark clouds gathered in the sky, and countless lightning clouds were churning. The aura in the heaven and the earth was chaotic, and the spiritual influence increased in the frenzy. Just like the fragment world outside that was on the verge of collapse, the spiritual influence was crazy and brutal. Meanwhile, the ground in front of them violently started to tremble. Black shadows started to appear rapidly from thousands of black and white squares.

All of them had an incredibly powerful aura that was much more powerful than the peak Heavenly Souls. They even felt stronger than Wang Zhong!

In an instant, the number of strong enemies that appeared had multiplied by several thousand times. They were also much stronger this time.

"Damn!" Simba could not help but swear. Lao Wang was reaching his limit when he faced the 40 Heavenly Souls. This simply did not give Lao Wang a way out!

Wang Zhong's expression sank slightly. This was not a Tempering Soul Calamity. This was a Dodging Soul Calamity.

Even if his condition was perfect, he would be helpless if he wanted to face these enemies, let alone when his body had been drained. Just the Sword Two technique would not be able to deal with this number of enemies, and Sword Three would be useless against such experts.

This had completely surpassed the normal range of a Heavenly Calamity. It was just out to kill him.


The Tempering Soul Calamity was born within the body. What did this have to do with the heavens? This occurred within his own Soul Sea and was his territory. Why would the heavens be the ruler?

He was the ruler of the heaven and the earth!

This thought reached his soul. The soul, which was already incredibly powerful, violently freed itself from the restraints of his body, or more accurately, the minor Heavenly Calamity. Wang Zhong felt as if his consciousness had seeped out of this space and was observing the entire situation. The massive chessboard that had produced countless enemies was all within view.

This was his former Dharma Idol. He did not make much use of it during the Heroic Soul Stage. Other than the somewhat useless law of equity when he met higher-leveled experts, he did not sense much from his Dharma Idol. But at that moment, when he used the vision of a Heavenly Soul to look at the chessboard and the countless Heavenly Soul phantoms that appeared from the squares on the board, it was as if he saw a glimmer of hope. Suddenly, there was a very different feeling in his heart.

It was as if those Heavenly Soul phantoms were chess pieces, while he was the chess player who had jumped out!

The heaven and the earth was the chessboard, and the Heavenly Souls were the pawns. He controlled the Heaven and Earth Chessboard.

With this, the Tempering Soul Calamity was no more than a game!

This comprehension in his heart immediately guided his soul back to its original place. Countless individuals that were even more powerful than him surged out in a frenzy all around him, but Wang Zhong was full of excitement and pride. The rules of the heaven and the earth were simply weakly following him and submitting to his power!

He did not raise his hand but took a step forward. A shocking thought instantly filled the entire Tempering Soul world.

What was a Dharma Idol? It was not something for a Heroic Soul to show off. At the same time, it was also not for Heroic Souls to use in combat.

Dharma Idols were a display of one's endowments and a rudimentary form of one's ability. When one advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, those who had powerful Dharma Idols had the potential to condense their Dharma Idols into their own power! This was also the best shortcut to understanding one's path.

Thus, the Great Teachers in the Holy City valued the Dharma Idols of Heroic Souls, particularly the Dharma Idols who had powers of the natural laws. Only practitioners who had Dharma Idols with powers of the natural laws had the greatest potential to understand their rules when they advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage.

At that moment, the thousands of black and white squares all shone individually. A monstrous power was being born.

The world was a chessboard, and everyone was a pawn!

This was the ruler's territory!

He could give life and destroy it all in one moment!

Hua hua hua…

The shocking power disappeared, and the murderous puppets fell to the ground one by one…

The trembling from the countless squares had disappeared, and the chaotic air currents in the surroundings calmed down. Even the brutal dark clouds and lightning instantly disintegrated. The thousands of peak Heavenly Souls rapidly disappeared one by one and turned into rich spiritual influence, nourishing this world.

The chaotic rules gradually turned calm, and the brutal spiritual influence rapidly returned to natural levels. Even the vast world was rapidly shrinking. In the blink of an eye, only an area of a few square meters remained in Wang Zhong's senses. It had shrunk into an actual chessboard and hovered in Wang Zhong's consciousness.

Even Wang Zhong, who was usually calm, felt a different sense of pride. He was the ruler of this world, and this was a completely different experience. This world started to become more amiable. It was like a human breathing in air, yet being unable to see the existence of air. Heroic Souls continuously absorbed this power, but only Heavenly Souls could completely understand what this power was about!

Meanwhile, he was much more powerful and was unparalleled!

Lao Wang was not an arrogant person, but at this moment, this feeling started to spread. It spread continuously, and he could not even hear Simba's excited chattering. The images in his consciousness started to disappear and were replaced with a hollow world…

There was an extremely massive sacred mountain that stood alone with a bright destiny. He could not see the peak or the foot of the mountain. Its size was simply beyond imagination. Meanwhile, the massive Milky Way was flowing from the peak of the mountain. The golden Milky Way made even him, who had the power of a Heavenly Soul, tremble in fear. The enormous power of the heaven and the earth he sensed when he first advanced was simply weak in the face of this Milky Way. It was as if the Milky Way had been formed from boundless energy that had materialized and condensed several times. Wang Zhong simply could not understand this.

Wang Zhong felt as if his consciousness had been attached to the sacred mountain. He could not voluntarily think and did not know who he was. He subconsciously climbed up the massive mountain rapidly. But even though he traveled at the speed of light, he only saw the top after his consciousness had traveled for god knew how long.

There was a massive shrine on the peak of the mountain. The Phoenix Shrine of the Octopus people was simply backward compared to this shrine. Even though Wang Zhong could not understand it, he could sense the power that was contained in the material. What left a deep impression on him was the dragon that was engraved on the wall… It was a totem in ancient Tianjing. The S-shaped eight-clawed dragon emitted a boundless and noble aura.

Right in front of the shrine, a woman was quickly walking after something. She seemed very casual as she walked, but she was light and graceful. Furthermore, she caused flowers to bloom as she walked. With every step that she took, a lotus flower, formed from the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth, would bloom. It was as if the flowers were keeping dust away from her, preventing her feet from getting dirty. She was youthful and exceptional. She was not bewitching or seductive, but her beauty was simple and elegant. There were even two cute and colorful small horns on her head.

"Must you be this way?" She shouted impatiently, as if she was chasing someone.

Right in front of her, a man was waiting for her outside the shrine. He seemed rather young, but he had an air of arrogance as if he showed disdain to everything else and saw everyone else as ants. However, even with his tyrannical appearance, his gaze towards this woman was extremely gentle.

"You are already number one on this star, and you can look forward to understanding the natural order. I will definitely help you to cross the river, but do you have to use such a dangerous method?!" The woman sounded as if she was full of doubt and could not hide the concern and anxiety in her heart.

The man smiled slightly. "Look forward to understanding the natural order? Hai'er, do you not understand? The fabled ideal realm stands aloof from worldly success. However, I might not succeed, and I could fail."

"But everyone thinks that—" The woman was slightly dumbfounded and wanted to argue with him.

But before she could finish speaking, the man smiled slightly and said, "Hai'er, you and I are not everyone. I know that you have some doubts, but someone has to do what has never been done before. Why shouldn't it be me?"

"Even then, you don't have to…" The woman gritted her teeth as crystalline tears filled her eyes. Her tears looked like blue gems moving in her eyes. "You know that there is no assurance for this kind of thing. Even you might disappear forever!"

"Man has but one life, and grass sees but one spring. Even if your man cannot become a hero, he will not be scared by death. I will definitely come back. I will definitely remember you!" The man stretched out his hand and wiped the tears away from the corners of the woman's eyes. There was a faint smile on his face. "This is a game, a game with the heavens. Hai'er, sorry… Thank you!"

As he spoke, his body gradually faded away as if it was eroding. This was the most frightening way to die for a living being in the Fifth Dimension.

Wang Zhong only felt his body rapidly falling. He only sensed his consciousness at this moment.

He felt as if he had seen and heard some things, but no matter what, he could not recall the detailed process and images. However, there was a deep sorrow that seemed to have been stamped on his heart, as well as tears from a woman. The tears dripped on the seal and never stopped…


The only woman who could make him feel such sorrow was Scarlet. Had she encountered danger?

The feeling of falling forever instantly vanished. The massive mountain that was as vast as the Milky Way also disappeared. Wang Zhong suddenly woke from the dream-like imagination in shock.

The moment his soul returned to his body, Wang Zhong immediately felt as if boundless and vast energy was surging towards him. A massive vortex that had a radius of over ten kilometers surrounded Wang Zhong as its core and hovered overhead. It was about to bring together the entire fragment world!

Meanwhile, the fragment world, where rules had disappeared and spiritual influence was chaotic, returned to normal in a matter of seconds under the guidance of this massive vortex.

The chaotic spiritual influence was directed and naturally flowed into the ground, which had been dry for god knew how long. Massive changes occurred in the ground that was nourished with spiritual energy in an extremely short period of time. The massive cracks on the surface of the ground healed, and the ditches were filled. The colorful clouds in the sky became clear and transparent. The moon that was in a fixed position started to move, and the sun grew even brighter, concealing the glimmer from the moon.

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    《Battle Frenzy》