Battle Frenzy
962 Group Battle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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962 Group Battle

At the same time, under the influence of the vortex, the entire fragment world started to shrink rapidly. Everything in this space, other than Wang Zhong and Grai, was buried as the world rapidly shrunk. All the broken buildings and thousands of corpses became nourishment for the soil. They were absorbed and transformed by the soil that was rich in spiritual influence.

As the ground rapidly grew denser, the gravity also increased. Even the energy in this world became extremely heavy from this high pressure. Luckily, Wang Zhong was able to withstand this. Trying to absorb the rapidly shrinking spiritual influence in this world would be like pushing a soccer ball into one's nostrils. It might even be impossible.

When the fragment world shrunk to an area of several hundred meters, these massive changes slowly came to a stop. Wang Zhong finally sensed the existence of this world's Will in this peace.

When Wang Zhong clearly sensed the existence of this world's Will, he understood that the Will was not a living thing, nor was it a form of consciousness. It was a materialization of rules and order. It instinctively maintained the operations of this world. That was all there was to it.

The Will was the rules, and the rules made up the Will.

Thus, when the rules of this world were in a mess, the Will naturally no longer existed. The world was also rapidly "aging" and swelling, until the entire world eventually collapsed. However, when Wang Zhong stabilized and guided the energy in this world as the ruler of this territory, he guided the development of new rules in this world. Thus, the Will naturally appeared. This was also a display of Wang Zhong's consciousness. Furthermore, the remaining memories that remained in this world all entered Wang Zhong's mind, including the coordinates of the exit.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and an infinitely powerful energy spread into the surroundings. Dazzling divine light shot out of his eyes like two rays of bright light, forming two shallow holes in the ground that were even harder than iron after the world had shrunk.

It was said that looks could kill. This was an exaggerated metaphor, but Wang Zhong's gaze seemed as if it could really kill someone!

Beside him, Grai's eyes were full of admiration. He was also a Heavenly Soul, but it was precisely because he was a Heavenly Soul that he could understand how terrifying Wang Zhong was! Needless to say, just the frightening scenes that Senior had faced during the Tempering Soul Calamity would definitely make him the top Heavenly Soul in history!

"Congratulations, Senior!"

He had become a Heavenly Soul. There were too many things that Wang Zhong had to experience and solidify. However, he only took a quick glance at them. The longing and concern towards Scarlet in his heart had become stronger after he woke up. As a result, he was extremely anxious and uneasy.

If his state of mind was fluctuating like this, Scarlet had definitely encountered some danger. They had to quickly rush back!

Wang Zhong's expression was serious. He looked at Grai. "Scarlet is in danger. We must leave immediately!"


At the Warrendoor Mountains.

At that moment, the originally green mountains were littered with corpses, and blood flowed throughout the mountains…

Over the past two months, they had benefited from Uncle Zhang's safe strategy to advance. The north base had cleared up the sky, and the ban on flying had been cleared. With the human airforce and their absolute control of the air, the Holy City Army had been extremely successful in their battles at the Warrendoor Mountains. This morning, the humans still had several hundred thousand troops. They had occupied a majority of the mountain valleys and towered above their enemies. They were secretly planning to surround the remaining Octopus people troops.

However, an incident had happened this morning. The Octopus people, who did not have much military power left and looked like they were waiting for death, suddenly took the lead and attacked. They ambushed the Holy City Army troops that had been assigned to the middle of the mountains. These were also the core troops in this area.

There were not many Octopus people. There seemed to only be over 20,000 soldiers, but they were all aerial riders… Some rode griffins and Thunder Beasts, while a majority of them rode massive two-headed dragons and frost snakes! Including their riders who were absolutely terrifying to Heroic Souls, they could definitely match up against 100,000 elite soldiers. This was far too surprising. Ever since the humans from the north area had landed here, they had never seen so many aerial riders from the Octopus people!

Furthermore, they had seized the opportunity at the break of dawn to escape the Holy City Army's line of sight. They suddenly appeared behind the mountains in the east and launched a sneak attack. The human airforce that had been at an advantage did not even have the chance to board their airships before 80% of their airships were destroyed…

Their flexible strategies and tactics, as well as their ability to fight in midair, was now rendered completely useless to the Iron Soldiers from the Kelomia World, who the Holy City Army relied on most recently. Although their skin was rough and their flesh was thick, they moved very slowly and could not fly. Thus, they could not even touch their enemies and could only play chase with them. Meanwhile, ordinary Heroic Soul soldiers were no match for the army in the air. Even the typical formations faced great difficulty in facing the powerful aerial army. Furthermore, they were battling in haste. Several waves of guards were instantly killed, and their army was thrown into confusion.

Meanwhile, before the resting soldiers in the thousands of barracks could run out, countless piles of frost fell on the barracks and froze them. The cold was shocking. The barracks instantly froze and turned into crystals! Meanwhile, countless bursts of flames that threatened to carpet everything else wreaked havoc and set everything on fire. The place was turned into a sea of fire!

There were countless burning shadows shouting on the ground as they scattered in a frenzy like headless snakes. The campsite was in chaos. It was filled with angry shouts and messy commands. Flames soared from the mountain where the Holy City Army airships were parked. One hundred scattered small airships managed to take off. However, it was very difficult for them to support themselves. They used cannons to attack their enemies but were quickly crushed by the army of flying creatures that covered the land and the skies. None of them were spared.

"Those bastards deserve to die!" A Great Teacher from the Holy City Army was furious. Not only were these soldiers an important channel for them to obtain achievements, they were also the most precious treasures of the human race. If they had died in battle, then it would be fine. Experts were only born from blood, and their deaths would be of value. However, they could not stand the fact that the Octopus people had killed their soldiers as if they were cutting grass!

Three figures from the campsite suddenly soared into the sky. At the same time, reinforcements who were stationed on the neighboring mountain had come to help. Three or four Great Teachers quickly flew in from all directions. This time, there were six Heavenly Soul Great Teachers commanding the frontlines of the Warrendoor Mountains! Sophia was supposed to be here, but she seemed to be busy. Thus, she sent her disciple to settle these military affairs on her behalf.

At that moment, the Heavenly Soul Great Teachers emitted a dazzling golden light. When they breathed, the aura in the heaven and the earth flowed like an air current. The army of flying beasts had left, but soldiers were still killing one another in the large campsite as they advanced towards the main tent. The Heavenly Soul Great Teachers immediately formed a line of defense and got into a massive fan-shaped formation. They did not kill their enemies first. Instead, they did their best to preserve all the living manpower in the Holy City Army. They had to hold their ground without disorder. If not, even if they fought their enemies and won, the results would still be tragic.

Many terrifying Heavenly Soul experts flew everywhere in the sky. The attacks from the army of flying creatures were instantly obstructed. A golden shadow flew past the sky like a flash of lightning. Everywhere the shadow flew, besides the powerful level-7 two-headed flying dragons, the ordinary griffin riders fell to the ground like dumplings being tossed into a pot. However, just over ten seconds later, his attack was stopped. Four or five two-headed flying dragons were glaring at him and surrounded him in midair.

These two-headed flying dragons were all level-7 dimensional lifeforms. They were on the same level as the human Heavenly Soul Great Teachers. However, the golden flying shadow was only an ordinary Initial Phase Heavenly Soul Great Teacher. When the several two-headed flying dragons glared at him, he could not shake them off by force. He could only continue traveling, but the speed at which he killed enemies had decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, at the front of the formation, there was a dazzling halo in a Great Teacher's hand. He stretched out his palm. This was an ancient combat technique from the Mo Family. His small palm turned into a massive palm that was as large as a mountain and fiercely swept past the Octopus army in the sky. The large griffins were like weak mosquitoes in the face of this massive palm and were easily killed, leaving behind only the seven or eight massive two-headed flying dragons. They were level-7 dimensional lifeforms and were on par with human Heavenly Souls. Although there was a gap between them and these Great Teachers who had rich resources, they were not killed in one strike.

They neatly shot flames at the illusory palm. The sky full of flames and the massive fist violently clashed in the air, and countless waves of fire spread along the contour of the palm. However, this was not enough to break apart the massive illusory palm. Two waves of power were at a stalemate in the air.

"Fall!" The Great Teacher roared. Spiritual energy from the world flowed and accumulated around his body. Meanwhile, it was as if powerful energy had suddenly flowed into the massive hand in front of them. It instantly broke through the flames. The massive hand pushed forward and squeezed the dragons tightly!

Bang bang bang bang bang!!

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    《Battle Frenzy》