Battle Frenzy
963 Lao Wang Will Reach the Battlefield in Three Seconds!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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963 Lao Wang Will Reach the Battlefield in Three Seconds!

When the massive golden fist was clenched, there was the sound of countless bubbles being popped. Blood flowed out from the gaps in the golden fist like a waterfall. When the massive golden fist disappeared, seven or eight two-headed flying dragons that had been crushed like biscuits, as well as the Octopus people on their backs, floated to the ground like pieces of paper.

Seven or eight two-headed flying dragons had been killed in a matter of seconds. The remaining power from the massive golden fist temporarily shocked the army of flying beasts, frightening the hundreds of griffins at the very front. The two-headed flying dragons were genuine level-7 dimensional lifeforms. Under normal circumstances, they could challenge an expert who had just advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage alone! Even though there were over 20,000 flying creatures, there were only 40 to 50 level-7 dimensional lifeforms. However, this human had killed seven or eight of them in one slap. This was too terrifying!

"Long live Great Teacher Alludor!"

"Kill! Kill that bunch of bastards!"

"Hold on! Don't run around recklessly! Pass me all the crystal cannons. We can win!"

"Lao San, brother will definitely avenge you!"

A powerful Great Teacher had attacked. He was faced with a sky full of enemies. Although he could not protect everyone for any period of time and could not kill all of his enemies, it was as if he finally allowed the soldiers on the ground, who were in a mess and on the verge of collapse, to see a ray of hope. They gathered their fighting spirit and roared wildly. They would avenge their fallen brothers!

They took the chance while their enemies' attacks were stopped to breathe. A soldier, whose eyes showed his berserk fury, completely did not care about the voices of his military supervisors. He simply stuffed his horse cannon with 20 crystals.


A terrifying blast of energy shot straight at a two-headed flying dragon. Even though the Master riding on the dragon immediately activated a protective barrier, it was broken through. The two-headed flying dragon was sent tumbling through the air as it spun 17 or 18 times. It was extremely dizzy but continued to flap its wings. Its body swayed and almost fell.

After all, it was a terrifying level-7 creature. It was able to endure after the wave of dizziness. However, there was more than one person in the human army that possessed a horse cannon…

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The Holy City Army, who had held their ground, adjusted themselves slightly. Soon after, thousands of cannons were fired. Needless to say, the combat power of the Holy City Army was greater than that of the Octopus people. The humans' biggest advantage was the level-6 civilization technology that they had inherited in the Holy City. Even though they did not have the support of their airships in the air, they had various powerful rune cannons and defensive arrays. These were enough for them to fight with the most exceptional and elite troops from the Octopus people!

There was the continuous sound of cannons as golden light swept past the sky. The aerial army of the Octopus people, who originally had the upper hand, was instantly injured severely.

They could win!

This thought popped up in everyone's minds at the same time. However, this excitement had not lasted for even one minute before boundless terror descended upon them.

Golden figures appeared in all directions around the mountain campsite. The antennae on their heads were clear and crystalline, while the golden armor on their bodies emitted a brilliant glow. There was mighty power in their gaze. It was as if deities had descended to the world!

There were 20 Octopus Saints!

Everyone had seen them. Their high morale fell to rock-bottom at that very moment. After such a long fight, the appearance of the nightmarish Octopus Saints had been deeply engraved in their minds.

The 20 Sword Saints and Warlock Saints from the Octopus people caused all the human soldiers to space out for a moment. According to the statistics before the war, there were only several dozen Saint figures among all the Octopus people in the world, right? Although they sensed that this number was not accurate later on, they had sent out 20 Saints to battle at the north battlefield, where the battle was not intense at all!

Did the Octopus people think that Saints were like cabbage that was sold along the streets?! Furthermore, the thousands of flying creatures that had suddenly appeared was completely different from what they understood about the Octopus people! This made absolutely no sense!

Fear and shudders spread uncontrollably among the army. Furthermore, these Saint experts did not just appear. They had cooperated to deploy some sort of sealed space with the Saints as the boundaries. Massive clouds started to churn in the sky as air currents surged. It was as if they were about to activate some kind of ancient restriction. Meanwhile, everyone in this space felt as if they were about to be sacrificed for no reason. On the other hand, the Octopus people on flying creatures quickly retreated the moment the Saint experts had appeared.

Powerful Saint-leveled enemies were all around them. The Great Teachers did not dare to rashly chase and attack them. Meanwhile, a majority of the airships in the Holy City Army had been destroyed, while ordinary soldiers could not fly. They could only wait where they were and tremble in fear.

They had been deceived.

Not only did the ordinary Holy City Army soldiers feel this way, even the most powerful commander, Great Teacher Alludor, was suddenly shocked. On top of the terrifying aura from the 20 Saint experts, there was the feeling of being sacrificed. He was not sure what this feeling meant, but after all, he was not an ordinary Great Teacher. Alludor did not panic. At least, he was rather clear of the situation he was in.

He would not hope that reinforcements would come. After all, almost all the military power in the north area was here. Only a group of non-combat members from the exploration teams were in the base, where the Trust aircraft carrier was. Although there were several thousand people lined up along the long battlefront, even if they gathered all their troops along with the Great Teachers in the base, it would be very difficult for them to challenge several dozen Saint experts. The enemy had enough strength to sweep through the entire north base. Why had things turned out this way???

Alludor was not foolish. The Octopus people had definitely not gone crazy. This only meant that they had been concealing their strength. The power of the Octopus people exceeded that of the humans. So why had humans started this Holy Battle?

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. The remaining Octopus people troops at the Warrendoor Mountains were a bait. What the Octopus people wanted was to eliminate all the manpower that the Holy City Army had at the north battlefield. Furthermore, they had used a rather strange matter…

During times like these, he could only rely on himself. What were several dozen Saints to him? He was already a peak Heavenly Soul. Furthermore, he had an extremely high combat level that was considered one of the best in the Holy City. Furthermore, he had five Heavenly Soul comrades with him, as well as countless cannons that employed advanced human refining technology. He might have the chance to kill his way through!

There was an explosive light from his body as he charged towards the nearest Sword Saint. He clenched his left fist, and fist intent was blasted out. This attack contained the power of the heaven and the earth. It pulled on the space, producing countless electric currents. It was as if divine lightning had descended from the heavens, threatening to destroy the entire world!

He attacked with all his might. He had to threaten and frighten the enemy. He had to smash his enemy into pieces and turn him into minced meat!

He would kill them one by one!

However, the Sword Saint did not seem to care and hovered where he was. In the face of such a terrifying attack, he did not move or draw his sword. He even looked at Alludor with a mocking gaze.


The fist that had turned into lightning exploded in front of the Sword Saint. However, it did not injure the Sword Saint at all. Instead, a massive crystal energy wall appeared in front of the Sword Saint and blocked this attack. The terrifying attack did not even manage to shake the crystal energy wall. It dazzled with energy but was unharmed. Furthermore, it did not disperse even after a long time. It was not a defensive technique that had been activated in haste.

All the human soldiers on the ground were shocked by this. Not only were they shocked, even the other five Great Teachers who closely followed after Alludor were instantly stunned. They stopped, and the attacks gathered in their hands were put away. Even Alludor's most powerful punch could not break through their defenses. With their power, they would simply be wasting their energy.

Several pairs of eyes immediately looked around as they tried to find the boundary of the crystal energy wall. However, after taking a look, they all gasped in shock. The crystal energy wall in front of the Sword Saint surrounded the entire Holy City Army campsite, forming a complete circle.

They clung to their last bit of hope and anxiously looked up. However, the crystal energy wall was still above their heads. It was like a cover that was transparent and did not have any gaps. It had contained all the humans here!

The 20 Octopus Saint experts seemed to be the creators of this energy wall and had attacked at the same time. Thus, it was no wonder that they were not afraid of Great Teacher Alludor's all-out attack. The wall had been created from the energy of 20 Saint experts. No matter whether they were individually strong or weak. they were all able to communicate with the heaven and the earth, as well as absorb their power. Thus, they could provide this crystal wall with an endless supply of energy. No one would be able to break through this kind of defense other than the Sacred Teachers.

The cooperation between the Sword Saints and the Warlock Saints had crushed the Holy Land.

The hearts of the six Great Teachers rapidly sank. Meanwhile, the ordinary Heroic Soul soldiers on the ground still did not understand what this meant. However, they instinctively felt fear and observed the transparent wall in terror.

The clouds in the sky started to violently churn as a terrifying energy started to accumulate within them. Meanwhile, underneath everyone's feet, the mountain suddenly started to move slowly.

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    《Battle Frenzy》