Battle Frenzy
964 Top Heavenly Soul in History!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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964 Top Heavenly Soul in History!


An extremely wide crack in the ground opened up in the middle of the campsite, and terrifying lava spurted out from the crack in the ground. Several Heroic Soul soldiers bore the brunt of this attack. They were caught unaware and instantly turned into human torches. They burned into ashes amidst their frenzied and miserable wails. At the same time, clouds of fire churned in the sky, and electricity appeared. The spiritual energy in the world flowed in a frenzy, and a terrifying power was rapidly accumulating. At the bottom of the mountain, the mountains collapsed, and the earth cracked as the heaven and the earth shook. It was like a catastrophe that threatened to destroy the world!

"That is an imprisonment curse from the Octopus Warlock Saints!"

"They are going to kill all of us!"

Even if they could not sense the realm of the Heavenly Soul Stage, the reality that appeared in front of them instantly shocked all the human Heroic Soul soldiers. They realized that lofty aspirations, high ideas, avenging their comrades, and family feuds, all did not exist in the face of their fear of death. Even their desire to live was crushed and destroyed by the strong for no reason.

Could they run? But where could they run to? Twenty Saint-leveled experts surrounded them, and the crystal energy wall also surrounded them, like a prisoner's cage. Even if they could be as powerful as Great Teacher Alludor, it would be of no use as even he could not run. The others did not even stand a chance!

The ordinary soldiers shivered in fear, and their lips trembled. Even the men of steel who were typically very brutal could not help but kneel on the ground at that moment with expressions of fear. In the face of absolute power, their will was powerless.

Alludor's face also turned deathly pale. Meanwhile, the Great Teachers behind were not willing to give up. They launched a final attack on the crystal energy wall with anger. They combined their powers as Heavenly Souls and caused the crystal energy wall to shake continuously, but that was all. Furthermore, the wall had shaken from the impact but was otherwise unharmed. It did not shake because of their power!

They could see the Octopus Saint-level experts chanting something. Three Warlock Saints led this imprisonment curse, while the other Saints simply cooperated and provided power.

The aura of the end of the world was everywhere. The clouds in the sky looked as if they were immediately about to open up and reveal the sky's original, savage appearance.

Alludor sighed silently. This battle between the humans and the Octopus people was definitely not an ordinary one, where both parties killed each other. In fact, it felt as if this battle had nothing to do with hatred… The higher-ups from both parties had made major moves this time with intentions that were unknown. Achieving victory in this battle did not seem particularly important to the higher-ups on both sides. If not, with what the humans understood about the actual strength of the Octopus people, they would not possibly send such little manpower.

Thus, many Great Teachers in the Holy City Army felt that this battle would be very safe and treated this purely as a personal trial. However, Alludor never thought that he would become one of the sacrifices in this war.

During times like this, unless Sacred Teacher Leyson attacked, no one would be able to save them.

Downhill, the campsite where the Heroic Soul soldiers were at was in chaos as wails filled the air. The landslide, the cracks in the ground, and the spurts of lava had claimed the lives of many. Other than a few Heroic Soul soldiers who were scared stiff and were waiting for their deaths, the majority of the soldiers were pushing one another while they ran up the mountain. Although this was definitely useless in the face of great calamities on all sides, at least they would not immediately be engulfed by the lava. They would be able to live for one more second.

Meanwhile, in the air, the Great Teachers were finally resigned to their fate and stopped attacking. Not only had they attacked the crystal energy wall, they had also tried to rip this space apart. Even if they would end up in a void to face the unknown dangers of that vague, hollow space, it would be much better than staying here and being restricted by the Warlock Saints' imprisonment curse!

However, it was a pity that not only was the crystal energy wall around them extremely hard, it also had the effect of stabilizing this space. It was as if the rules had been banned. Thus, they could not break out of this space.

The several Great Teachers had already done their best. They had absorbed too much spiritual influence from the world and erupted with power. As a result, they were extremely fatigued. Wrinkles also started to rapidly appear on their faces as they panted heavily and gasped for breath. They were barely able to control their power and hover in midair. They realized that the eyes of their comrades were filled with despair and unwillingness, as well as helplessness and fear. When faced with so many Octopus Saints who had come prepared, they could not do anything even if they wanted to. They were powerless and did not even have the chance to run away!

Alludor closed his eyes. He had cultivated for his entire life and lived for 100 years. He was used to seeing death. Although he was not willing, he knew that there was no escape from misfortune.

It was over…


At that moment, a dazzling light suddenly shone in this space. Closely after, the space that was tightly sealed by the crystal energy wall was broken through by a wave of great power!

Two dazzling figures who looked like gods stepped out from the broken void. The entire battlefield seemed to have frozen. There was disbelief in the eyes of the Octopus Saint experts. Even the imprisonment chant that was accumulating power in the air seemed to have stopped.

They knew more than anyone how powerful the crystal energy wall that was made up of the combined power of everyone was. They were also very clear of exactly how difficult it was to break out from this space. It was not something that Saint experts could do, unless they were a god who had conquered the major Heavenly Calamity!

Was that Sacred Teacher Leyson from the human race?

How could it be! The lowly humans might not know this, but the Octopus Saint experts were extremely clear that no matter how far this battle progressed, people of that level would definitely not personally attack! Furthermore, they knew what Sacred Teacher Leyson looked like. However, the two figures that had stepped out did not look like him at all!

Alludor had also sensed this mysterious change in atmosphere. The power of the imprisonment curse in the air suddenly stopped, allowing him to immediately open his eyes. Then he saw the two dazzling figures.

There was no doubt that they were human. Furthermore, they were extremely young… Wait. That person looked like…

Alludor suddenly focused his gaze. He had recognized Wang Zhong. Everyone knew who Wang Zhong was, no matter whether they were human or Octopus people. He was a new Holy Disciple, but he had caused great waves. Furthermore, he… had actually advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage???

Hadn't he entered the hopeless fragment world, a place where Great Teachers could not even escape? But so what? His luck was just too good!

However, this was a hopeless situation that even he and the other five Heavenly Souls could not break through, even after working together. Wang Zhong had escaped from the fragment world with much difficulty but landed in this place where death was inevitable. This luck was really… Alludor's thoughts were in a mess when he was forced to face death. Wang Zhong and his comrade were able to break through the void that he and the five Heavenly Souls could not break through even though they had used all their might. He did not think about what this meant!

Needless to say, Lao Wang was rather well-known in the north battlefield. Not only had Alludor recognized him, even the Saint-leveled experts that surrounded them had recognized him. He had no choice as his reputation was just too big. Arrest warrants for Lao Wang were pasted everywhere in the world of the Octopus people. It was difficult not to know him!

It was actually him!

Typically, the Saint-leveled experts would have come up with strange ideas and want to capture him alive. However, it was not possible today.

This was a major move from the Octopus people. They had taken great pains to gather 100,000 elite humans and had the chance to kill and sacrifice them. How could they easily give up just because of one human?

Greed did not shine in the eyes of the Octopus Saint-leveled experts. Instead, there was anger in their eyes. Not only were they annoyed that they had lost the chance to capture this massive treasure, they were even more furious that Wang Zhong had trampled the Phoenix Shrine of the Octopus people.


It sounded as if this voice had been squeezed out from the gaps in one's teeth. The 20 Saint-level experts looked at Wang Zhong as if they had an irreconcilable grudge against him. The crystal energy wall dazzled: the imprisonment curse in the air had completed its preparations!

There were surging clouds of fire and thunderbolts in the sky. The catastrophe that would lead to the end of the world had started!

Everything seemed to have frozen at this moment, no matter whether they were Heroic Soul soldiers who were running for their lives, the two people who had just appeared, or the six Heavenly Souls whose attention had been captured by these two people.

Everyone sensed the massive and terrifying power overhead. It was as if it would engulf and destroy everything!

Imprisonment Curse —— Ultimate Destruction of Living Beings!

Boundless fear descended and caused every human that was engulfed in it to tremble in fear. Their mouths were wide open in fear, but thick phlegm was stuck in their throats. They could only murmur and could not wail before meeting their deaths.

However, amidst this boundless fear and frozen silence, the young man who had just stepped out of the void waved his left hand. A divine sword appeared in his hands.

He did not accumulate any sword techniques or do any preparations. He simply positioned the divine sword in front of his chest.

"Sword One."

There was a faint and light voice. However, this voice seemed to have sliced across the frozen sky, as if it was guiding the vast darkness to light up. This shocked everyone who was waiting for their deaths in fear and pulled back their terror-struck souls, lighting up their dim eyes!


It was as if the sword was trembling slightly and humming. It also seemed as if the entire world was breathing and beating…

The entire world seemed to be shocked. Even the clouds that were surging violently and looked as if they were about to shoot magma and lightning at the ground seemed to have been stunned. The energy that had been flowing smoothly was cut off from this shock. The powerful attack that was supposed to pour down on everyone only produced a few sparks after a long time…


Closely after this trembling, a second trembling sound silently crept up on them.

If the first trembling sound had entered powerfully, then at that moment, the second trembling sound seemed to have controlled the heaven and the earth, guiding the entire space.

The clouds made out of elemental auras that were gathering in the sky suddenly stopped surging and exploding with power. The expressions of the three Warlock Saints who led the imprisonment curse changed greatly. They felt as if the imprisonment curse was suddenly no longer under their control. The elemental auras that had been accumulated were forced to follow the rhythm of the terrifying trembling sound.

Furthermore, even the crystal energy wall that several dozen Saint-leveled experts had cooperated to produce started to shake from the trembling noise. Then, it violently shook from the strange humming of the sword!

Closely after, there was a continuous and terrifying trembling sound from the sword!

Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum~~


The energy cloud in the sky swelled from this rapid trembling sound. The east of the cloud swelled, while the west of the cloud sank. The back-and-forth pulling caused the entire energy cloud to be on the verge of collapse. It exploded with a bang in the air, causing brutal elemental auras to flow into the surroundings. As a result, the sky was dyed red, before bursting into myriad colors.

Everyone was stunned by this. Not only were the Heroic Soul soldiers shocked, even Alludor and the other Great Teachers were dumbfounded at this moment. Their eyes were about to fall out.

What the hell?! What was this? Just now, it was as if they had sensed a power filling their surroundings and beating. Closely after, the entire world was moved by this power and followed its beat… It was just a wave of power, but it was able to influence the heaven and the earth. Could it be, could it be…?

"A do—domain…" Alludor simply felt his heart heating up. Even his voice trembled when he spoke.

This was what he had been pursuing all his life. He desired it even in his sleep! This was a sign that one had reached the peak of the Heavenly Soul Stage and symbolized the greatest achievement a Heavenly Soul could achieve. Although not everyone who could conquer a major Heavenly Calamity could control a domain, Heavenly Souls who could control a domain and its power would definitely be able to conquer the major Heavenly Calamity and become Sacred Teachers. There was no exception.

Was… was that Wang Zhong? It had only been a short span of two or three months since he had entered the fragment world. Furthermore, he had only been a Semi-Heavenly Soul when he entered. How… how was this possible?! Was he still human?!

Before waiting for Alludor to recover from his shock, a second victory occurred.

The crystal energy wall that surrounded the entire mountain range was something that Alludor and the rest could not shake, even after they had exerted all their might. At that moment, the wall shook constantly from the sword power and trembled. It was affected by the rhythm of the sword power and moved more and more quickly. The extent to which the wall shook also increased. Even the 20 Saint-leveled experts were unable to stabilize it, even with all their strength, and the wall only persevered for over ten more seconds.

Crack crack crack crack!

The sound of glass cracking could be heard from the crystal energy wall. Countless cracks appeared on the wall and rapidly spread throughout the wall. Then…

Rumble rumble!!

The entire crystal energy wall crashed and broke into pieces. It turned into spiritual influence that filled the air and eventually vanished. The entire world instantly turned silent. The site with earth-shattering destruction that looked like the end of the world was now extremely quiet. The feeling of being sacrificed that hovered overhead disappeared, and the mountains stopped trembling. Other than several massive cracks that had opened up and reminded everyone of what had happened, the entire world seemed to have gone back to normal.

But now, they did not care about the environment around them at all… All of them had their mouths wide open. No matter whether they were humans or the Sword and Warlock Saints of the Octopus people, their minds were in a mess. They did not dare to believe this. Their eyes were drawn to the figure that was holding a divine sword in his hands while hovering in midair. They could not take their eyes off him.

This… What had happened? He had single-handedly broken through the great technique that 20 Sword and Warlock Saints had worked together to produce? Was their vision blurry?

After a full seven or eight seconds, the Octopus Sword Saints and Warlock Saints finally recovered from their shock. Their heavenly effort had been destroyed by this young human!

Several Sword Saints from the Sword Faction immediately recognized that this was an inheritance of the Nebula Sacred Sword! It was an ultimate technique from the Sword Faction! Only the owner of the sword would be able to practice these divine techniques, which came from a powerful world that they greatly desired. —Just this technique was enough to provoke them!

"Kill him!" A furious Sword Saint roared with anger. "Take back the treasure of our Sword Faction!"

This command immediately ignited the desire of all the Sword Saints. That's right. They would take back their divine sword. There were signs of the heaven and the earth on all of their bodies. Every single move they made was in complete agreement with the heavens. They spurred on the flow of spiritual influence that filled the heaven and the earth. Even though they were simply moving forward, they moved brilliantly with the might of the heaven and the earth!

Alludor and the other Great Teachers finally recovered from their shock. The shock that Wang Zhong had brought to them had been too much, and they were in disbelief. But at that moment, countless Saint-leveled experts surrounded them. They also knew that they had to work as one with Wang Zhong. If their enemies did not die, they would!

However, before they could rush up to face their enemies, they saw Wang Zhong holding the Nebula Sword with both hands in midair. A vast wave of power was released from his body into his surroundings the moment he gripped the sword. It spread over a radius of several thousand meters, as if it was about to freeze everything within the radius.

At that moment, even the powerful Alludor felt as if he could not move. It was as if time had stopped, but his consciousness still remained.

Not only did Alludor feel this way, the Sword and Warlock Saints that surrounded the humans felt the same way at the same time. They felt an intense shock in their hearts as an unpleasant premonition engulfed them.

Then, they saw the figure, who seemed to be the center of the world, move slightly. The sword that he held with both hands moved slowly and dragged the entire world along with it. Everyone felt as if the world was rotating and the stars were shifting at that moment. Their consciousness was vague, but their souls suffered from acute shocks. It was as if they had been frozen in time and space. As time and space flowed, a sharp sword slashed across their bodies, but they could not move at all and could only panic!

"Sword Two."

The faint voice sounded once again. It sounded like a deity who looked at the masses with disdain and was removed from reality. His tone sounded as if he was holding a court trial to determine the deaths of the Sword Saints and the Warlock Saints.

The sword shadow moved, and the world returned to its original state. Everyone felt as if they had experienced a moment of illusion and did not know what had happened. But very quickly, everyone saw that the Sword Saints and the Warlock Saints that surrounded them seemed to have been fixed in place. There were fear and terror on their faces, and their eyes were wide open. Their bodies were slowly sliding… That was right, they were sliding. The upper and lower halves of their bodies were severed.


There was an explosion, and blood started raining down. Other than the seven or eight powerful Warlock Saints who were able to dodge the attack by force, the other Warlock Saints and Sword Saints in the air were all killed in one strike!

Even the Warlock Saints who had managed to avoid the attack were wounded in action. The defense technique that they were once proud of was as weak as paper in the face of this sword attack. They had relied on their proficiency in rules and their powerful sixth sense to avoid the attack by force. However, it had been difficult for them to avoid being injured…

At that moment, their faces were filled with fright and panic.

They could not imagine that a human Heavenly Soul could be this powerful. Even if they compared this to… No. Even if they compared the most powerful Saint-leveled expert in the history of the Octopus people, they would definitely not be able to achieve this terrifying level of power.

How was this a Heavenly Soul? He was simply a god!

Wang Zhong's aura was calm. This was truly the ultimate sword technique. He had no choice if they wanted to run away, but his enemies had charged at him without any preparation. They were just asking for their deaths. This was the best!

He had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. Unlike when he had conquered the Tempering Soul Calamity and had to stop after using Sword Two once, Wang Zhong now felt as if he could launch at least two attacks.

As expected of Octopus Warlock Saints who were unusually sensitive to the rules. They had avoided the judgment rules in a split second and could thus dodge the attack by force. Meanwhile, the Sword Saints who did not understand these rules could only take on the attack, and they were definitely no match for Sword Two… There were still some gaps in this technique. Most importantly, he was still not familiar enough with it.

But the overall situation had been decided. Although the seven or eight Warlock Saints had high combat levels, their courage had shattered. Furthermore, although Wang Zhong was rather exhausted, he could launch at least one more attack. He also had Grai, Great Teacher Alludor, and the rest with him, as well as the Headless Knight, Alice, and the other Soul Guards, who had all leveled up after conquering the Heavenly Calamity.

Wang Zhong's gaze shifted to the Warlock Saint who was nearest to him.

The Warlock Saint was someone who was used to standing high above. However, when Wang Zhong glared at him, he felt as if he was a mouse that was being glared at by a tiger.

His body involuntarily started to tremble. His lips quivered violently, and his face turned deathly pale. The Warlock Saint was about to collapse from a second of being gazed at. His glory as a Mizobudapi Warlock Saint, his sacrifices and achievements, and the bounty rewards of the Sword Faction… these would only be significant if he was still alive!

He violently looked back, and a golden light was emitting from his body. The space around him folded. He had even resorted to using teleportation in a desperate attempt to flee! Furthermore, this escape seemed to have roused the emotions of all the Warlock Saints there…

Why were you stunned? Run!

The 20 Saint-leveled experts had arrived in a menacing manner and were insufferably arrogant. However, when they left, they were just like desperate kittens who had fled. They left dejected and depressed.

Alludor had lived for a long time, but he felt as if tears were welling up in his eyes. These tears were because of his joy and excitement. He was so moved that he could not speak.

Wang Zhong had determined the outcome of the situation in a short time. They would not allow this chance to slip by so easily. He pointed the tip of the Nebula Sword at the fleeing enemies. "Humans must win. Kill them!"

Sword Three!

Thousands of swords appeared in the sky. Saints could run very quickly, but what about the rest?

At this moment, the human soldiers had suddenly awakened. Their bodies were filled with power. This was the time to pay back the injustice and humiliation they had suffered.

Kill them~~~~~~~~~~

Countless soldiers from the Holy Land followed the sacred sword in the air and chased after the Octopus people…

The Teachers and commanders of the armies tabulated their losses and found a suitable place for the wounded to rest.

Wang Zhong did not immediately rush back to the north base. Firstly, the restriction on flying had been restored in the north area. He would wait for the command headquarters to sort out the destroyed airships. After all, no matter how severe the losses were, they would definitely be able to gather one or two airships that could be used immediately. This was the southernmost area of the Warrendoor mountains that stretched over thousands of kilometers. They were very far from the base. Traveling on an airship would definitely be much faster than flying as a Heavenly Soul.

Furthermore, before he left, he wanted to see one person. This was perfect timing as this person was in the frontline campsite.

It was Bolton, Sophia's great disciple and Scarlet's senior… He had been following the army for over three months. Wang Zhong and Grai had talked about how he had fallen into the fragment world. After sorting out some of the details, it was not difficult to suspect that Bolton was involved in this. Furthermore, Wang Zhong sensed that Scarlet was in danger and that this involved Sophia. Before he went to confront and fall out with her, he wanted to obtain some clues about this situation from Bolton. This was definitely beneficial and would not bring him any harm. At least, he would be able to better understand the situation instead of running around like a headless snake, which might end up backfiring.

He talked about this with Alludor, and Alludor immediately agreed. However, it was a pity that the campsite was in a mess. The usually orderly departments were in complete chaos. They temporarily did not have any information on whether Bolton was alive and whether he was still in the campsite.

Thus, Alludor sent his strongest comrades and asked them to bring their subordinates to personally find a person called Bolton in the campsite. He also told them to be careful in their actions to prevent alerting Bolton and letting him run away… Alludor had lived for a long time. He was good at discerning what others thought from their voice and body language. Just from Wang Zhong's tone, he could tell that him looking for Bolton would not end up well.

At the same time, he personally invited Wang Zhong and Grai to the temporary commander headquarters, full of gratitude.

He could not help but be touched. He had just experienced a near-death experience and personally witnessed the birth of the top Heavenly Soul expert in history. Furthermore, this super Heavenly Soul had even saved countless lives, including his. Although Alludor was typically able to keep his composure, he could not calm down now.

He had obtained such achievements at such a young age. He was also the young man who had saved the entire frontline army. He should definitely be extremely arrogant, but Alludor felt rather comfortable that this young man did not put on airs in front of him. When he spoke, he was very respectful, like the excellent juniors that typically approached Alludor. Thus, Alludor was happy and was fond of him.

Alludor knew that there were some things he should not ask about. He did not ask Wang Zhong and Grai about their experiences in the fragment world. He only asked how they had suddenly appeared from that world.

They had to talk about this.

The entrance and exit of the fragment world were north of the Warrendoor Mountains. This was also the place where Wang Zhong and Grai had fallen in when the humans had just invaded the mountains. Perhaps this fragment world reflected the position where it had been in real life. Furthermore, the collapse of the fragment world caused the rules to be in chaos. Thus, the gateway to the fragment world shifted and opened up arbitrarily.

But later on, since the fragment world was recaptured by Wang Zhong, the original gateway lost its original function. Wang Zhong sensed the position of where the fragment world connected to the outside world and used this position to open up a pathway. Thus, although he was still near the Warrendoor Mountains, it was inevitable that there would be a great distance between where they appeared and where the original gateway was.

As for the fact that they had appeared in the middle of the imprisoned space, this was definitely not a coincidence.

The display of the imprisonment curse was a result of 20 Saint-leveled experts activating the power of the heaven and the earth. Thus, an abnormal phenomenon would definitely occur in that space. In reality, Wang Zhong was able to accurately determine the position of the Mizobudapi World due to the light from the imprisonment curse. The void had been attracted by its great power…

Alludor understood. He also had a fragment world and definitely knew what exactly it was about. He was just slightly sentimental. "You have just advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. It's fine if you have such great power, but your soul perception is also powerful. You could determine where the outer world was from a distant void… You can be considered the top Heavenly Soul in the entire history of the human race!"

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