Battle Frenzy
965 Extreme Bullying
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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965 Extreme Bullying

As he spoke, he hesitated. He actually wanted to talk about Wang Zhong's sword. He was not trying to spy upon his ultimate technique but sensed the existence of a domain in his attacks. A Heavenly Soul expert who understood the concept of domains was definitely completely different from a Sacred Teacher who understood the concept of domains as the Heavenly Soul would be able to understand the relationship between the power of the domain and a Heavenly Soul. Alludor had desired to master domains for far too long but had never made any progress. If Wang Zhong was willing him to guide him in this aspect, it would truly be… However, he was embarrassed to speak. It was not that he was not willing to put down his image. He just felt as if he was offending Wang Zhong.

However, Wang Zhong saw his uncertainty. In fact, domains referred to the rules and pathways in cultivation. He could not teach Alludor about this as he could only give some hints about his pathway but could not explain it in words. He had only comprehended Sword Two by accident. Guiding others on their paths and rules? Alludor was truly desperate. He was thinking too much…

He did not talk about this topic. In the end, Alludor did not have the face to directly ask him about this. They chatted leisurely before the subordinates Alludor had deployed brought back news.

They had captured Bolton. He seemed to have sensed that the higher-ups would capture him. Thus, he took the opportunity while everyone in the military camp was sorting out their losses and checking for injuries to secretly steal an airship from the mountains. He was prepared to fly, but the crystal energy system of the airship was spoiled, and he was unable to take off. Thus, the subordinates that rushed over managed to catch him.

Wang Zhong's eyes lit up. After all, this involved a few secrets. He looked at Alludor. "Great Teacher Alludor, I would like to talk to him one on one."

"Of course!" Alludor did not speak any more nonsense and gave in to his guest's request. When Bolton was brought in, he comfortably stood up and walked out of the headquarters at the same time. He had even allowed Wang Zhong to use the headquarters…

Bolton, who was pushed in, had an expression full of hopelessness.

He had already realized that Wang Zhong and Grai were not dead. Furthermore, Wang Zhong was like a deity. When he killed a dozen Saint-leveled experts with one slash, Bolton already sensed that he would eventually cause him some trouble. Although he was not sure whether the fact that he had trapped Grai and Wang Zhong was exposed, he did not dare to take a gamble. Thus, he immediately tried to run away. As for the mission that his Teacher had given him… Asking him to kill a weirdo who could kill a dozen Saint-leveled experts in one strike? What kind of joke was this?!

But he never expected that he would be this unlucky. The only complete airship that he saw could not take off. Furthermore, Great Teacher Alludor's subordinates had arrived far too quickly. Due to Bolton's identity, these subordinates all recognized him. They blocked him and immediately caught him.

However, he still felt lucky at that moment. After all, although he had harmed Grai and Wang Zhong, he had done so very cleanly. Even if they had a feeling that he was behind this, they definitely did not have any evidence. According to the laws of the Holy City, they had no right to do anything to him. Furthermore, this young man had just advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage and had just reached his twenties. He was probably not cruel and resolute… This was his hope for survival! However, the moment he entered, he saw how Great Teacher Alludor had given the entire headquarters to Wang Zhong for Wang Zhong's convenience. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong was calm and did not seem to have any psychological burdens. Bolton knew that the stupid rules would not give him any assurance in the face of this kind of person.

Killing Bolton was nothing to him! He did not doubt that even if Wang Zhong openly tortured him cruelly in the headquarters and his shrieks echoed throughout the entire military camp, there would definitely be no one who would take a look inside!

During times like this, nothing was more important than preserving his own life. He did not mind even if he had to betray his Teacher.

"Don't kill me!" Before Wang Zhong spoke, Bolton already shouted out of his own initiative. "I'll tell you everything! I can tell you many things, things that you don't know about but are extremely important to you! Just spare my life!"

Wang Zhong coldly glared at him. Just causing Grai to fall into the fragment world was enough for him to shred Bolton into thousands of pieces, but there were other things? His instincts told him that this definitely had something to do with Scarlet. This was also what he wanted to know most from Bolton.

He did not agree or reject him. Instead, a boundless and terrifying pressure spread from his body. He was completely different from how harmonious and amiable he was with Great Teacher Alludor.

Then, a word coldly jumped out from the gaps between his teeth. "Speak!"


Unlike the soul-stirring frontlines, the north base was calm and happy.

Their recent battles had all been very successful. News of victories continued to stream in from the main forces who had advanced to the Warrendoor Mountains, allowing the logistics personnel in the distance to feel extremely relieved. The main forces had entered the final stages of the war, and the north area was now under their control. On the contrary, there was not much happening in the Exploration Team Department. Besides the fact that some small exploration teams were still accepting superficial missions, the other top exploration teams were either cultivating their Soul Power Circuit as usual or were so free that they started to grow anxious.

However, the Exploration Team Department was especially crowded today. People were crowding outside the campsite where the Wanderlust Team team was.

The Red Widow had spoken 10 days ago and wanted Vladimir from the Wanderlust Team to look for her after cleaning himself. Ten days had passed, but the Wanderlust Team maintained their stance. They wanted the Red Widow to come herself!

Frankly speaking, when the Wanderlust Team issued this harsh statement 10 days ago, a large group of people in the Exploration Team Department expected them to win. After all, the reputations of Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were widespread. Even though Wang Zhong was now missing, everyone in the Wanderlust Team seemed to be used to his incredibly impressive ability to appear at the right time and place. Ten days would be enough for the Wanderlust Team to contact their leader. Even if they could not, they still had Mu Zi, right?

But until now, Wang Zhong who was supposed to return had not arrived, and there had been no news from him. Even Mu Zi, who was supposed to be with the exploration team, had disappeared. He had been at the library in the Holy City and communicated with Feng over Skylink. He had passed her his receipts full of smiles. However, in the first few days after Red Widow issued her cruel statement, it was said that he had comprehended something from a book and went to the Fifth Dimension to conduct experiments. Till now, no one had been able to contact him. Skylink was also useless…

The Wanderlust Team had already gotten used to this god only checking his Skylink when submitting receipts or when he was in a rush. Although it was particularly untimely that this had happened, this was not how outsiders perceived the situation.

"The two experts of the Wanderlust Team are not here. This is too much of a coincidence."

"I don't believe that this is a coincidence. This is such a big affair among the exploration teams. As long as they are still alive and have their Skylink with them, how could they not know that this is happening? Are they afraid of the Red Widow?"

"Nonsense. Lao Wang challenged the Sword Saint on his own. Do you think that he is afraid of the Red Widow?"

"He is only a Semi-Heavenly Soul, and so is the Red Widow. Do you dare to say that the Red Widow does not dare to challenge a Sword Saint one on one? She just hasn't encountered one."

"That's right. Furthermore, the Red Spiders are deeply rooted in the Holy City, and she has been a Semi-Heavenly Soul for several years. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong and the rest have just stepped into this territory. It is normal for them to feel afraid."

"That doesn't make sense. With Wang Zhong's personality, even if he is not certain, he won't run away."

"Use your brain! If Wang Zhong really returns and loses to the Red Spiders, the Wanderlust Team will truly be done for…"

"Damn, you're talking as if the Wanderlust Team will be fine even if he doesn't return to deal with this."

"They will definitely be fine for the time being. After all, they are in the base. As long as the members of the Wanderlust Team don't go out, the Red Spiders can only speak ruthlessly. Would they really dare to kill people in the base? Furthermore, haven't you heard that someone is supporting the Wanderlust Team? The top-10 exploration teams wanted to mess with them, but someone from the higher-ups is always helping the Wanderlust Team to speak up. They might have looked for a great figure to help them out. In the end, the higher-ups will resolve this situation. It will just be a matter of time."

"Oh…" A spectator who was not involved in this widened his eyes. "According to you, does that mean that we have nothing to see today?"

"That might not be the case. Haven't you seen that the Wolf King is back?"

Wolf King Alexander was at the site but was not among the Wanderlust Team. Instead, he was in the nearby barracks where he waited with the dimensional humans. Needless to say, the Wolf King was rather decent when he did things. A few days ago, Hyde had looked for him to seek help. However, the Wolf King replied that he would not intervene in these affairs and appear on behalf of the Wanderlust Team.

Everyone who was involved was very clear that the Red Widow asking for Vladimir to accompany her was just an excuse. The Red Widow was representing the top-10 exploration teams to give a wake-up call to the Wanderlust Team. If the Wanderlust Team was strong enough, they could continue, but if they had no power, then they had to admit to their fear. These were the rules. Appearing on behalf of someone else? That was completely irrational. After all, the Wolf King was still in this circle, and there were some rules he could not break. However, he was afraid that this would affect his relationship with the Wanderlust Team. He could not completely ignore them and had to keep them within a certain distance. Thus, he did not come together with the Red Widow, who had warmly invited him yesterday, and did not enter the Wanderlust Team's campsite. Instead, he observed from the side. As long as Red Widow did not go overboard, he would not say anything.

It was noon and the bright sun was high overhead. Some spectators were rather impatient after waiting for such a long time. When they finally thought that Red Widow might not have the courage to do things in the base, four figures appeared at the entrance of the Wanderlust Team campsite.

Red Widow Faith Kelly was in the lead. The bewitching woman wore a sexy off-shoulder top. The shoulders that swayed as she walked could seize the souls of all men.

Three other people had come along with her. They were Phantom King Morad, Blue Fatty Adaman, and Strongest on Earth 135 Small Felix… They were the strongest exploration team leaders in the north base.

"My small prince." Red Widow was still far away, but her laughter had floated over. "Have you cleaned yourself? I don't want to smell sweat when I am happy…"

Countless people poked their heads out of the surrounding barracks. Those who were slightly braver had even stood nearby and were ready to watch. As the Red Widow's voice drifted through, several people from the Wanderlust Team walked out from their barracks.

Oscar, Feng, Napier, Small Eyes, Hyde, and Vladimir had appeared… Other than Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, the two most important people, the remaining elites in the Wanderlust Team were all here. Their expressions were not as relaxed and pleased as Red Widow's. The people outside had not guessed wrongly. Although Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were not around, there were still strict rules in the north base. As long as the Wanderlust Team did not accept missions and go out, they would not be afraid that Red Widow would cause trouble in the base.

They expected that they would simply speak some nonsense and deliver a harsh statement, but the fact that three exploration team leaders had been invited was rather unexpected. With this kind of formation, they were afraid that today would not turn out well.

But since the situation had reached this stage, they could only muster up their courage and accept this. They could not lose out in terms of aura.

Vladimir was directly involved in this. He immediately took a step forward but did not reply to Red Widow. Instead, he stood steadily, and the aura of a peak Heroic Soul was released naturally. Cold air gathered around his body. He said in a cold tone, "If you want to fight, then fight. Vladimir is willing to experience this!"

The former Ice Prince of Earth was in high spirits, but recently, he had suffered from too many shocks. He was rather pitiful. Over the past few days, he had contacted his former family about the situation with Red Widow and hoped that his seniors could appear on behalf of him. He did not want to cause trouble for the Wanderlust Team because of him. However, he never expected that his seniors were mysteriously excited. Not only did they not give him any support, his father even implied that Vladimir should use his body to "conquer" Red Widow…

The reason was very simple. The Red Widow had the support of a mysterious and strong power in the Holy City. Furthermore, her potential was shocking. In the future, she was destined to be a powerful Great Teacher or even Sacred Teacher! Yes, this woman was unrestrained and did not have good rumors about her, but if Vladimir was able to use his masculinity as a member of the Vasilyevich Family and make her surrender to him, there was no doubt that this would allow the family's power and position in the Holy City to rise rapidly! Furthermore, even if he was not successful, it was not a bad thing to have a one-night stand with such a person. Although Red Widow was unrestrained, she was well-known for her beauty in the Holy City. Furthermore, Vladimir was a man. Why was he vexed over this? Why was he being so unreasonable over this romance?! This senior was old, but if he was young and in his thirties, he would have gone to look for her out of his own initiative! In terms of this, the men from the Vasilyevich Family thought that they were the strongest and had the highest stamina!

When the Ice Prince heard this, he was dumbfounded. Was this really his father? Where had the ruthless Vasilyevich family gone? Was the ruthlessness of the Vasilyevich Family only used to face weaklings on Earth?

Vladimir was not fond of this, and his expression sunk. No matter whether he was strong enough to challenge Red Widow, he would fight!

The Ice Prince was full of fighting spirit. However, the moment her beautiful eyes that were charming and affectionate landed on Vladimir, she pulled in his gaze. It was as if her eyes contained a peculiar magic that caused Vladimir to be immediately dumbfounded.

Red Widow's chuckle sounded throughout the campsite. "Beloved, you are so cute. But save some of your strength. We will have the time to learn from each other in a while… Come, come to me…"

Vladimir's eyes struggled for a few seconds before slackening. The fighting spirit as a peak Heroic Soul that he had gathered was gone, while the cold air that surged around his body also dispersed. He felt dazed, as if he was in darkness. He saw a source of light in front of him, and his body subconsciously walked towards that light…

Not only was Vladimir affected, other than Phantom King Morad and a few other people, everyone who was standing nearby also seemed to be attracted by Red Widow's magical laughter. Their eyes were dull. They seemed relaxed and absentminded.


A terrifying roar violently sounded from the dazed crowd. It was like a sharp warning from an angry lion's roar. In an instant, everyone who was in a daze came to with a start and broke through the hallucinatory magic.

Closely after, a massive palm descended from the sky with the force of a thunderbolt and violently attacked!

The massive fist arrived in a menacing manner and was aimed at Red Widow, who was executing the hallucination. Red Widow furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Her body was like a light bird that floated away.


The massive palm slapped the ground, leaving behind a palm-shaped hole that was several meters wide. A figure descended from the sky and stood in front of Vladimir. He cupped his fist in the other hand as a greeting and had no fear in his eyes. He was not someone who liked to poke his nose into the business of others, but since he had promised Wang Zhong to join the Wanderlust Team, he would have to appear on behalf of the Wanderlust Team when Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were not around. "Mo Wen from the Wanderlust Team would like to talk!"

"That's Mo Wen from the Mo Family, a family of ancient martial arts practitioners!"

"He is the third great god from the Wanderlust Team. I heard that he challenged a Sword Saint one on one and returned in one piece."

"Was I hit by magic just now? Damn, I feel a bit dizzy. This Red Widow is too cruel, starting off with a group attack…"

"Hurry up. Get away. My god, these deities are fighting, but don't make us suffer!"

Those who had awoken with a start from the hallucination felt a lingering fear. The audience, who had left a large empty space, hurriedly stepped back and provided an even larger area for battle. Meanwhile, Vladimir, who was behind Mo Wen, was rather dejected. He had wanted to fight Red Widow with all his might, but he never expected that he did not even have the right to attack… Loneliness appeared on the Ice Prince's face as he silently retreated.

Meanwhile Red Widow Faith Kelly chuckled. "Someone from the Mo Family? Heh heh, you are somewhat ugly, but your physique is not bad. I heard that you are a member of the Wanderlust Team, but only in name. Are you sure that you want to come out on behalf of the Wanderlust Team? If you retreat now, I will not make a fuss about this since you are from the Mo Family."

Although she said that she would not make a fuss, as she spoke, a bewitching red light flashed past her eyes. This hallucinatory eye technique was one of Red Widow's best skills. If she made eye contact with someone, as long as they were of a lower level, they would not be spared.

However, she was now facing Mo Wen. The moment Red Widow used her eye techniques, Mo Wen had closed his eyes.

"You actually dare to close your eyes when facing me. Are you asking for death?" Red Widow chuckled. Even her laughter had a piercing and hallucinatory magic. At the same time, her finger lightly touched the air.

A thread-like ray of silver light instantly shot out and silently aimed for the middle of Mo Wen's eyebrows!

This silver thread was extremely thin and was hard to locate. There was not even a whizzing sound. Furthermore, Mo Wen's eyes were closed. He would definitely not be able to avoid this attack.

But Mo Wen, whose eyes were closed, seemed to have cheated. He could clearly see the attack that people could not even see with their eyes open. His body moved slightly to the side, and his posture was elegant and relaxed. It was as if he was taking a stroll in a peaceful courtyard. At the same time, his left hand stretched out slightly, and he clenched his fist. Then, a massive hand violently charged towards Red Widow.

"Sight-severing meditation!" A comrade from the Federation shouted excitedly from among the crowd. When others closed their eyes, their combat power and judgment might be affected, but this was definitely not the case for Mo Wen!

The sudden palm attack was extremely powerful, and its might was shocking. The moment it appeared, the Heroic Souls nearby felt a suffocating sense of pressure. This was a super genius who could force the All-Mouthy King to a hopeless situation with his eyes closed. Other than Wang Zhong, Mo Wen was one of the prides of the newbies who had come from Earth. Even though he was not well-known in the Holy City as he had only recently arrived, none of the newbies from Earth would forget the fear they felt from this invincible god of war.

He was a Semi-Heavenly Soul!

However, even when faced with an attack that could cause peak Heroic Souls to panic, there was no fear on the Red Widow's face. She was simply slightly surprised. He was a fellow who was not famous. Although he was from the Mo Family, he had reached this combat level only one year after advancing to the Heroic Soul Stage.

"You're not too bad. I'll accompany you to play!" Her body floated, and she soared into the sky. Not only had she easily dodged the attack, she also stopped and hovered in midair.

Flying was something that only Heavenly Soul experts could achieve. She looked down from the sky and realized that this would not fully continue as she had wanted it to.

But before Red Widow could stabilize herself in midair, seven or eight shadows had appeared around her at the same time.

Golden light flashed from Mo Wen's body. He jumped into the air and produced shadows that surrounded Red Widow.

Secret Technique —— Eight Moving Buddhas!

Seven or eight massive palms attacked from all directions at the same time. Red Widow's expression changed slightly. There was an explosion in the sky as the palms violently collided with one another, producing a massive crash and a terrifying quake. Half of the base started to shake. It was as if the palms were about to squeeze Red Widow between them and turn her into minced meat!

Had the attack landed?!

The two of them changed attacks very quickly, and there was too much for everyone to take in. In fact, the spectators were rather slow. They only heard the sound of an explosion in midair but could not keep up with their actions. Even Phantom King Morad, Blue Fatty, Small Felix, and the rest could not help but be surprised. Mo Wen was only third in the Wanderlust Team but had such power! The Wanderlust Team seemed to have people with unusual and unrecognized talents.

However, the red shadow was even faster than the massive palm. In the blink of an eye, she charged out and soared high into the sky.

However, Red Widow's moves seemed to have been calculated. A figure that shone with golden light appeared out of thin air high in the sky.

The golden figure was extremely bright, being even more dazzling than the golden Soul Power of many Heavenly Soul Great Teachers. Was that Mo Wen?

No! Those with sharp eyes already realized that the figure was completely made out of gold.

"A Soul Guard!"

"A Golden Soul Guard from the Kelomia World!"

It was as if the Golden Soul Guard had been waiting for this moment. It swung the giant golden staff in its hand at Red Widow's head.


Red Widow could not dodge this attack. Two dainty, jade-like hands were raised into the air. She felt as if a massive power that could topple mountains and overturn oceans had landed with a crash. She was not good at withstanding pure power. At that moment, it felt as if her arms were numb. She could not control her body and rapidly fell to the ground. However, just as she was falling, the fellow from the Mo Family had prepared an attack with terrifying power!

There was no expression on Mo Wen's face. The aura of a Semi-Heavenly Soul had been fully displayed. The rich Soul Power that was released caused his clothes to flutter even though there was no wind. An air current continued to revolve as it spread into his surroundings.

"Mo School —— 1,000 Buddha Hands!"

This was the combat technique he had used to fight Wang Zhong during the CHF. After stepping into the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage, this technique had transformed into a Soul Domination Combat Technique with terrifying might. The golden palm shades that filled the sky instantly blocked Red Widow, who was falling from the sky and could not control her body. At that moment, she could not dodge. Meanwhile, the Golden Soul Guard charged at her overhead.

The heaven and the earth were like two tracks. Attacks came from both sides!

Red Widow was furious…

She had just wanted to play with this newbie, who had just advanced to the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage. She wanted to see what stuff a member of the Mo Family, one of the three ancient families in the Holy City, had to show. But she never expected that this careless exploration would force her into an awkward position. A scarlet red light shot from Red Widow's eyes. She had been playing with Mo Wen on the basis that she was much stronger than him, but when faced with an enemy like Mo Wen, which Heroic Soul could say that they were much stronger than him? She should not have been careless when dealing with this kind of expert. She should have gone all out from the very beginning!

Her red hair immediately stood on its end. A boundless and vast power spread violently into the surroundings. The figure that was falling rapidly from the sky brutally stopped.


Her bewitching and gentle voice had turned as ferocious and terrifying as a demon at that moment. This terrifying power could be compared to that of a Heavenly Soul Great Teacher. As a result, the countless Heroic Souls on the ground could not help but kneel on the ground! Even Mo Wen's powerful palm attack stopped in the face of this vast power. Closely after, red light dazzled in the sky.

The sky was filled with dense silk shadows that spread from Red Widow's body in an instant. They blocked out the clouds and seemed to cover the entire sky!

The Golden Soul Guard that attacked overhead had the combat level of a Semi-Heavenly Soul, but it was instantly caught in the countless spider webs. As a result, it was tightly bound by the webs and could not move its limbs.


At the same time, thousands of spider webs instantly exploded.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

The thousands of golden palm shades in the sky were instantly pierced through by the countless spider webs! The webs were as thin as needles but were extremely dense. They seemed to be specially designed to break through this attack!

Mo Wen's expression suddenly changed. This attack had been too smooth. Even he had the misconception that this was all there was to Red Widow. While the experts were battling, even though he had not been careless, this moment of misconception was enough to overturn the situation and determine life or death.

There was no space to dodge from the dense spider webs. They passed through the palm shades and instantly attacked, nailing Mo Wen to the ground!

One hundred spider webs pierced through his body, hands, feet, and legs…

Mo Wen immediately thought about accumulating Soul Power to get rid of the spider webs that tied him up. However, when he activated his Soul Power, he realized that the spider webs had not tied him up at random. In that instantaneous attack, she had accurately tied up all the meridians on his body. He could not activate his Soul Power at all!

Mo Wen sighed silently. It was not that he had been lucky and managed to escape harm. Instead, his enemy had done this on purpose. Perhaps it was because they were in the base, or because she had misgivings about his identity as a member of the Mo Family… But no matter what, the Red Widow was definitely stronger than him. From what he understood about the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage, he still could not challenge these exploration team leaders.

The fight ended far too quickly. It was as if it had suddenly stopped after reaching a climax. As a result, many people who were ready to applaud and cheer Mo Wen on widened their mouths. However, they were so dumbfounded that they could not shout.

The red figure gradually descended. Her bewitching and sexy off-shoulder top had become tattered from the battle, exposing some parts that should not be exposed. Red Widow's expression was gloomy. Obviously, she was not concerned about giving a glimpse of her intimate parts. However, she cared about how her carelessness had landed her in a dangerous situation with a young and inexperienced fool. If she did not recognize that Mo Family had special capabilities in the Holy City, she would have killed this joker a long time ago!

She looked at the fellow she had nailed down, full of disgust. She stepped on Mo Wen's face.


"Mo Wen!"

The people from the Wanderlust Team had recovered from their shock. When they saw Red Widow stepping on Mo Wen's face, without waiting for her to make another move, Napier, Vladimir, and Oscar attacked in rage at the same time.

"Go away!"

Red Widow's cold voice did not have any emotion. She was even too lazy to use her magic. She simply stretched out her left hand and spider webs shot out like needles! If even Mo Wen could not avoid this attack, how would these three people be able to resist it? The spider webs instantly pierced through their bodies. All of them fell from the sky while vomiting blood.

Red Widow was too lazy to even look at them. She was glaring at Mo Wen, who she was stepping on. This fellow was from the Mo Family, and she would definitely not be able to kill him. However, this did not mean that she could not teach him a lesson that he would never forget!

Her voice was cold and cruel. At the same time, it contained an indisputable aura. "Do you not want your hands, or do you not want your legs. Or, do you not want your d*ck?"

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