Battle Frenzy
966 Times Have Changed
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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966 Times Have Changed

The cold voice instantly spread throughout the entire campsite. Other than the people from the Wanderlust Team, who stared angrily at her and were ready to take action, the vast majority of the observers kept quiet out of fear. They thought about the fear they felt when Red Widow made her debut in her career.

Back then, Red Widow was not as low-key as she was after she became an exploration team leader. All those who offended Red Widow back then would have their arms, legs, or other even more important parts broken… If a man did not have "that", was he still considered a man?

Many people subconsciously retreated as they covered their crotch area. Mo Wen's face had been violently stepped on, and he only had the leeway to speak. However, he remained silent and did not speak. Instead, he chose to attack, fully prepared to take on the consequences. Begging, asking for mercy, or negotiating was not something Mo Wen did.

People rushed out from the Wanderlust Team once again. However, they did not even have the right to make Red Widow attack them. They were shocked by her terrifying aura, pressing Small Eyes and Feng firmly on the ground.

She was powerful! Tyrannical! Weaklings could only submit themselves to her!

The surroundings were silent. Some dimensional humans wanted to help, but even Wolf King had not said anything. They definitely did not have the right to speak. Thus, they could only watch and be anxious.

Needless to say, the Wanderlust Team was rather liked by the people in the Exploration Team Department. After all, it was said that Wang Zhong had invented the Soul Power Circuit. Thus, everyone had received material benefits from his great contributions and started to have a good impression of the Wanderlust Team. They started to try and understand them. Then, they were quickly attracted by these fellows, who were brave enough to break through various rules.

They had just come to watch for fun. They were in the base, and no one thought that the Red Widow would actually do anything. However, when she stepped on Mo Wen and severely injured three core members of the Wanderlust Team. When she used a harsh tone to ask Mo Wen which body part he did not want, everyone woke up to the reality.

Red Widow was daring. Was there anything that this crazy woman did not dare to do?

Where were the law-enforcement officers? Where were the patrol troops? Where were the Great Teachers? The fight between Mo Wen and Red Widow had been earthshaking. Why were the relevant authorities keeping silent and lying low?

But when they thought about this, they realized that the situation did not seem that simple.

Who were the law-enforcement officers on the base? They were the Phantom Squadron! The leader of the Phantom Squadron, Morad, was here. It was evident that he was in collusion with Red Widow. How would he suddenly come out and help the Wanderlust Team?

As for the Great Teachers, how many Great Teachers were left in the base? Other than a few professional researchers responsible for logistics who did not care about these Heroic Souls, the other Great Teachers had all been deployed to the frontlines. If they were not fighting at the Warrendoor mountains, they would be in charge of guarding the important branches in the north area.

There was only one Great Teacher who was still in the north base. It was Great Teacher Sophia!

But this could not be right. Officially, Great Teacher Sophia was in charge of the Exploration Team Department. With such an intense fight in the Exploration Team Department campsite, even if no one reported this to her, it was impossible that she would not send anyone here.

Personally, Great Teacher Sophia's disciple, Scarlet, was from the Wanderlust Team, right? Rationally, when the Wanderlust Team was being bullied at their home ground, she should have stood up for them. But where was she…

The Heroic Soul soldiers who were observing and the Wanderlust Team could not understand. Even the exploration team leaders, who had participated in leading this, actually did not quite understand.

In order to help Red Widow, Morad had reported to the higher-ups in advance that he would temporarily transfer jobs. He would be in charge of the small group from the Phantom Squadron who was originally in charge of patrolling the campsite and would embark on a mission. In reality, he did not have to report what jobs he would allocate to his subordinates to Sophia. Thus, the main purpose of this report was to see Sophia's attitude.

Great Teacher Sophia was very astute. This cheap trick, as well as the topic of Red Widow and the Wanderlust Team that had sustained for 10 days, how could she not know it? If she had decided to stop this, perhaps no one would have come today. It would have been empty talk, and they would wait to take their revenge later on. However, Morad was surprised that Sophia's official reply consisted of two simple words: "Exercise restraint."

They were about to cause trouble in the base. What did she mean by "exercise restraint"? It was equivalent to saying "do what you want" and "do as you see fit!"

Even though the exploration team leaders completely did not understand why Sophia had done so and did not help her disciple's exploration team, her intentions were very obvious.

She did not stop them. She even seemed to be encouraging them!

Thus, when they arrived today, they had no intention of being kind. Those who had thought that Red Widow would not dare to cause any trouble in the base were ignorant and narrow-minded. They completely did not understand the meaning of this, including Mo Wen, who was being stepped on. Luckily, he was a member of the Mo Family. If it had been someone else, Red Widow would have killed them straight away!

"Not answering? Heh heh…" Red Widow laughed coldly. Her voice grew even colder. "I see that you don't want all three parts!"

When she said that she would do something, she would do it. Beating up Mo Wen would definitely anger the Mo Family, but she had already given him a chance that he had not seized. As for the rage from the Mo Family… she had people supporting her, right? The Mo Family simply had special capabilities in the Holy City and was an ancient family. She only gave them some face because they were important people. However, in terms of strength, they were no match for her!

"Stop! Let him go!"

Someone from the Wanderlust Team roared in rage. Napier coughed up blood. Not only were the penetrative effects of her spider webs shocking, they also had powerful numbing effects. If someone else from the Wanderlust Team had not supported him, he would not have been able to stand up. Mo Wen was the person he respected most. When he saw that he was about to suffer from a violent beating, he could not help but roar in rage.

"Heh heh." A disdainful look flashed past Red Widow's face. Not only was this directed to Napier, it was also directed to the entire Wanderlust Team. She was determined to release the rage she felt from being treated unfairly by a newbie. However, the thrill of killing was not the reason she struck her blade. Instead, it was the process of enjoying the fear and terror that others felt. "I am going to cut him up. What can you do?"

Napier's entire body started to tremble. He could not even withstand her spider webs. What else could he do?

"If our leader was around…" Someone from the Wanderlust Team wailed pitifully.

That was right. Even though many people thought that there was not much difference between Wang Zhong and Red Widow, with the help of the other three exploration team leaders, even if Wang Zhong was around, he might not be able to do so. But at that moment, when they were in a hopeless situation, everyone thought about the legendary leader who had brought everyone countless miracles and single-handedly brought the Wanderlust Team from a rubbish exploration team to an exploration team who could look at the Exploration Team Department with disdain.

If Captain Wang and great god Mu Zi were here, this vile woman would not have the leeway to act wildly!

Countless people in the exploration team all desired this in their hearts. However, it was a pity that this desire was of no use. Wang Zhong did not come. If praying was of any use, then Mario would not have died back then. This world would not have so many tragedies either.

"Red Widow." Wolf King finally stood up. The situation had progressed to a stage that he was least willing to see. He took a step forward, and the powerful aura of a Semi-Heavenly Soul filled the air. "Stop here. It's too much!"

This was rather surprising. Red Widow was unflinching when faced with Wolf King, who had never lost to any Heroic Souls. Even though his exploration team was ranked lower than the Red Spiders, Red Widow would definitely not dare to be careless. However, it was a pity that the Red Spiders were not the only ones involved today.

She laughed. "What? Are you planning to come forward on behalf of them?"

"I don't mind." Wolf King smiled faintly. "I just want to remind you that this is the base. After all, you have not clashed with Wang Zhong. Before the true owner appears, why are you starting a great massacre?"

"I want to." Red Widow was unshaken by this. She laughed coldly. "If you are going to bring up the rules, aren't you aware? Do you think that I will be afraid of you?"

The moment she finished speaking, seven or eight figures appeared from the crowd. They were no match to the aura of the exploration team leaders, but they had a faint aura that was similar to that of a Semi-Heavenly Soul. They were the strongest elites from the Red Spiders!

"My god, a gang attack?"

"We dimensional humans have never been afraid of death."

Wolf King did not even need to speak. Countless dimensional humans behind him roared. The several hundred of them could not bear to continue watching this. The dimensional humans had never been fond of the nonsense rules that the humans in the Federation established. If not, they would not have needed to establish an exploration team. Now, they had just been waiting for Wolf King to speak!

However, Red Widow was not alone in this. Although the voices of the dimensional humans were loud, they were not murderous enough. Although they had many people, they lacked in quality.

Extremely powerful auras spread into the surroundings, and vast might filled the air, blocking out the sounds of the dimensional humans in an instant.

Phantom King Morad silently stood beside Red Widow. The dwarf Small Felix had also appeared. Meanwhile, Blue Fatty Adaman laughed cheerily as he looked at Wolf King. "Brothers, looking at this situation. I think we should let them resolve this. However, if you are itching to train, heh heh, us brothers will accompany you. We have not learned from one another for a long time, right?"

They were the three most powerful Semi-Heavenly Souls! All their auras were at least on par with Red Widow and Wolf King. At that moment, when they stood in a line, the aura they released made everyone feel as if an incredibly powerful Heavenly Soul Great Teacher was standing in front of them! They made people tremble in fear and submit themselves to them. No one could speak!

Wolf King Alexander's expression was not as relaxed as before. Facing an opponent of this level was fine, but facing three of them at the same time… Wolf King knew that he might not even have the chance to attack!

The dimensional humans were instantly silenced by the powerful aura. Panic and despair started to appear on the faces of the Wanderlust Team members.

They were actually ready to fight. Even Wolf King Alexander and the dimensional humans could not scare these crazy people. Instead, they felt oppressed. Was today's situation beyond repair?

"Are you not going to complain?"

Only Red Widow's voice was left. Her voice was clear and sharp, and contained a sadistic excitement and delight. "Then I am going to start. Where should I start cutting from? I will start with the best part. I will cut off your penis!"

Her tyrannical and arrogant voice caused everyone in the Wanderlust Team to feel grief and indignation. They could not bear to look.

Mo Wen calmly closed his eyes. A red blade made out of Soul Power had appeared in Red Widow's hands. She raised her blade and charged at him!




The series of actions shocked everyone. The members of the Wanderlust Team, who had closed their eyes, could not help but hurriedly open their eyes. They expected to see Red Widow holding a bloody part. However, unlike what they had imagined, they were faced with a completely different scene.

Mo Wen was unharmed, but Red Widow had flown several dozen meters away. There was a red palm-shaped mark on her delicate and pale face. It was as if someone had violently slapped her, making her dizzy and causing her to become disoriented. She almost collapsed at where she had landed and swayed for a long time. In the end, she sat on the floor. Her eyes were in a daze, as if she had been dumbfounded by the slap. She could not even think of getting up.

This… what had happened?

A large group of people were dumbfounded. Not only did those who had closed their eyes not know what had happened, even those who had widened their eyes to watch, including Wolf King Alexander, Phantom King Morad, and the other experts, were completely blinded. They did not know what had just happened!

It was dead silent. Then, someone realized that there were two figures hovering in the air.

Even powerful Semi-Heavenly Souls could fly and hover. However, this was on the condition that they had to use their powerful Semi-Heavenly Soul. Thus, when Semi-Heavenly Souls flew or hovered in the air, they would cause a great commotion. Only when one advanced to the Heavenly Soul realm and could communicate with the heaven and the earth would they be able to easily borrow the power of the world. Then, they could easily fly quietly.

At the same time, an incredibly powerful aura violently spread from the sky.

The might of a Heavenly Soul!

There was no doubt that there were two Heavenly Soul experts.

Who were they?! It could not be Great Teacher Sophia. Their physiques were completely different as the two people were men.

"Captain, Captain Wang?!" A sharp-eyed member of the Wanderlust Team finally recognized him.

"G—Grai?!" Feng widened her eyes. She could not believe this.

They could not be blamed for their slow reactions. There had been a complete change in their auras since they became Heavenly Souls. At that moment, they were dumbfounded as they did not dare to think that they had appeared. When they had disappeared, they were still Heroic Souls. Who would have thought that they would suddenly become Heavenly Souls and return?

While everyone was staring at them idly, they floated and landed on the ground.

Meanwhile, Red Widow seemed to have finally recovered from the giddy feeling. However, before she could see the situation before her clearly, she was met with another slap on the face, sending her flying high into the sky and rotating 270 degrees. She felt faint from this massive power and could not even see who had attacked her clearly!

"You are—" The three exploration team leaders, Morad, Small Felix, and Adaman, had seen Wang Zhong before and had a lasting impression of him. Their expressions changed slightly at that moment.

But before they could finish speaking, the terrifying pressure had landed on them like a mountain.

Badump, badump, badump…

There were three loud and clear sounds. The three of them all fell to their knees at the same time!

Observers might have thought that they were frightened by the Heavenly Souls. However, the three exploration team leaders were very clear that the pressure was too terrifying and too powerful! Typically, when they met ordinary Great Teachers, the pressure did not cause them to kneel down. In fact, they even had the right to sit as equals at the same table as them. However, in the face of this terrifying and vast pressure, they could not even attempt to resist.

Everyone was dumbfounded and dumbstruck… If Red Widow had been tyrannical, at that moment, Wang Zhong was unreasonably strong!

Wang Zhong did not even look at them.

He had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage and was the top Heavenly Soul in history. His outlook and attacks were on a completely different level from these Heroic Souls. Moreover, he had more important and urgent things to attend to. He was racing against the clock! If he had not seen Mo Wen in distress from the airship, he would not have specially come here even if it meant letting the Wanderlust Team suffer for a while.

At that moment, he casually waved his hand and instantly dispersed the Soul Power spider webs on Mo Wen's body. At the same time, he unintentionally tangled up the exploration team leaders, who were now trembling from shock. Then, he instantly soared into the sky. "Grai, help me finish up. I will be right back!"

The figure soared into the sky and left, leaving behind the famous Red Widow — whose eyes were widened and whose drool spilled all over the ground — to face the rising star of the Holy Land. Although Wang Zhong was very strong, he left half of the work to Grai. No one expected that Wang Zhong did not even view Red Widow as an appetizer.

"…Damn, am I dreaming? Did he become a Heavenly Soul just like that?"

"He is from the same generation as us, right? Grai has also advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage!"

"He's too awesome! Did you see how Red Widow was slapped just now?" Someone was so excited that he could not control himself. "She flew three meters into the air and turned 720 degrees in the air… Tsk tsk tsk tsk! What a legendary Devourer!"

"What Devourer? He is on a completely different level! But Lao Wang can really attack. Red Widow is so pretty, but her face is hideous now…"

"Nonsense, haven't you heard? One would rather provoke the poisonous Red Widow than anger Lao Wang next door!"

"When was this saying invented?"

"Just now!"

After a long period of silence, there was an uproar in the campsite. Not only were the people from the Wanderlust Team extremely excited, the observers who were watching the fight also commented without choosing their words carefully. In their excitement, no one noticed the three exploration team leaders, who looked extremely dejected. They had once been high above the masses. Since when were they looked down on like this? Since when did people dare to not pay attention to them?

But now, it was as if everyone in the Exploration Team Department had suddenly become a group of supporting roles and invisible characters…

But so what? Ever since Wang Zhong had used just his might to press them to the ground, they understood that from this day onwards, everywhere the Wanderlust Team was, you had to keep a low profile even if you were the leader of a top-10 exploration team! Acting like a pretentious prick and putting on airs? Did you have the right to do so?

Ever since he had entered the Holy Land, Wang Zhong had created miracles time and time again. Even if he did not have a good background, so what?

What was happening today?

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    《Battle Frenzy》