Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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967 Give You Satisfaction

Most importantly, Wang Zhong was as young as them. If he could reach this realm at this age, what heights would he be able to achieve in the future? Would he be able to control the Patriarch Society? Would he even be able to become the second Holy Saint Teacher? This was a goal that they did not even dare to hope to pursue!

Even if they called themselves the strongest elites of their generation, they paled in comparison to Wang Zhong! If they had not clearly understood the situation, it would no longer be a problem of strength. They would be fools, but fools would not have been able to live until today.

The faces of the exploration team leaders turned green, then white. Finally, they silently sighed. They allowed the people around them to excitedly speak without choosing their words and chose to shut their ears for some silence. Since Wang Zhong did not kill Red Widow just now, he would not kill her in the future as well. This time, they had not planned to kill people either. They only wanted to show off their strength. At first, they had their misgivings about the Sacred Teacher Leyson, but they seemed to have been spared. Once blood was shed, no one would be able to escape alive.

Mo Wen had gotten up from the ground. A wave of gentle Soul Power was surging into his body, easily healing the injuries that Red Widow had caused… It was thanks to Grai. However, Mo Wen did not pay much attention to his injuries. Instead, he looked up toward the figure that had quickly disappeared in the sky. This was the first time weakness and sorrow appeared in his eyes. He was a man who once thought that there was nothing he could not do and did not submit himself to Red Widow even when he was being stepped on. At that moment, his confidence started to waver.

He had done his best, but…

This feeling felt as if one had lost to someone in a car race by a few milliseconds. They desired victory, so they gave up their family fortune to prepare for a year. They went through various professional training and bought the best F1 race car in the world. Then, they would return to the arena with great ambition, only to realize that their opponent had a rocket! While you were desperately speeding ahead and trying to catch up, your opponent would already be in the air!

Wang Zhong…

The weakness in Mo Wen's eyes only lasted for a few seconds. Then, a calm smile appeared on his face. Since he was alive, he had to continue living!

"Where is Wang Zhong going?" Wolf King Alexander walked over. When he saw the friendly gaze that the entire Wanderlust Team looked at him with, he knew that he had definitely made the right bet today. Furthermore, he had bet on a treasure. Wang Zhong had utterly defeated them! He had been able to suppress several exploration team leaders easily, and Wolf King was very clear of the power he possessed. Was Wang Zhong an ordinary Heavenly Soul?! It was difficult to imagine that a man who he was almost on par with a few months ago was already miles ahead of him…

Grai had healed everyone in the exploration team who had been injured. However, he was rather worried on the inside. He knew everything about Wang Zhong and naturally knew what he was going to do. Although Grai now had absolute confidence in Wang Zhong —he was going to face Sophia! She was the peak expert in the Holy City, according to Bolton! Wang Zhong had just experienced a great war two hours ago and was rather exhausted. After interrogating Bolton, he did not take a break and immediately flew over. There was no time for him to rest and catch his breath.

Grai did not reply but could not help but look towards the command post in the Exploration Team Department.

Everyone followed his gaze and saw the command post. Was he about to look for Great Teacher Sophia? What was Wang Zhong going to do?

Not long after, there was an explosive shout in the air. "Sophia, get your ass out!"

There were no fools here. Phantom King Morad immediately thought about Sophia's two words when he reported to her: "exercise restraint". There was no doubt that Sophia was targeting the Wanderlust Team. There was definitely a conflict between the two of them. Furthermore, it was a conflict that could not be resolved!

Meanwhile, the people from the Wanderlust Team realized that many things were wrong. For example, Scarlet had disappeared for a few months. According to the higher-ups, she had gone to embark on a mission. From what they had heard previously, they simply felt there was nothing wrong and that this mission had just continued for too long… But until now, when they thought about what had happened today, Wang Zhong's actions, and how Wang Zhong had been full of murderous intentions…

It was evident that the murderous intentions were not directed at Red Widow. She simply did not have the right.

He was aiming for Sophia. Something major was about to happen!

Oscar and the rest immediately reacted. They did not know just how powerful Wang Zhong was now. They only knew that he had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. He could probably crush several Heroic Soul exploration team leaders, but when he faced Great Teacher Sophia, who was powerful even among the Great Teachers… Frankly speaking, no one was confident. Furthermore, they were in the base. Was Wang Zhong going to rebel?

"Let's go and take a look!"

The sound of the wind howled beside his ear. Wang Zhong's figure was as quick as lightning. In a flash, he was already hovering outside the massive barrack that housed the command post.

He did not report anything, nor did he treat her politely. Wang Zhong had learned everything from Bolton. He was burning with anger. He had only one thought in his heart!


The aura of a Heavenly Soul expert instantly filled the area. Dark clouds started to churn in the sky, and the spiritual influence of the world started to churn. A powerful might had started to spread throughout the Exploration Team Department. Meanwhile, his furious roar had echoed across the entire north base!

Wang Zhong, who was standing straight in midair, was like an enraged deity. The heaven and the earth contained great resentment, and everything rumbled from his might!

"Come out!"

The entire north base — no matter whether it was the Holy Disciples who were traveling towards the Exploration Team Department, the guards and soldiers, the Teachers in various places around the campsite, or the Food Department and the command post in the core area — they could all hear the boundless rage that seemed to come from a deity. They trembled in fear, as if the deity was about to burn and destroy the entire world!

"Is that… Wang Zhong's voice?!" Ella was carrying a large pile of ingredients that she had carefully picked out when she suddenly heard the voice. She felt the terrifying might and could not help but tremble. Goosebumps appeared on the surface of her skin. However, she immediately recognized who this voice belonged to.

Even though the aura that this voice possessed was completely different from the person she once "hated", there were times that the more one hated someone, the more one would be familiar with that person.

Beside her, Lan Daier had stopped conducting experiments. Of course, she recognized this voice and was even more familiar with it than Ella. She could also sense the earth-shattering changes that had occurred to the owner of this voice.

She had already realized a few problems early on but did not have any proof. Furthermore, her relationship with Wang Zhong was very complicated, causing her to hesitate to speak. In the end, she did not raise this to Wang Zhong. Later on, she tried her best to find out the truth of the situation. She wanted to use the resources she possessed to learn more about Sophia's secrets from some great figures. However, it was a pity that even to the great figures she knew, Sophia was a taboo that could not be touched. She did not have the right to find out.

Later on, Wang Zhong disappeared for several months, and Scarlet was also missing for several months. Lan Daier was deeply troubled by this. She wanted to help, but before she could produce any results, the situation had already progressed to the point where she could not do anything. Thus, there was remorse and uneasiness in her heart. She felt as if she was too ashamed to face the convoluted relationship and feelings between her and Wang Zhong…

But now, Wang Zhong had suddenly returned and immediately went to find Sophia. Furthermore, he had used this method.

Lan Daier felt a tug on her heart. He was going to face Sophia! Even though Lan Daier's efforts had not allowed her to uncover any secrets, she at least knew that according to the great figures she had talked to, Sophia was a dangerous person who absolutely could not be provoked!

The materials that were so valuable that they could not be reproduced were left on the table, but Lan Daier did not even look at them. She simply threw away everything on her hands and stormed out of the door like a gust of wind.

"Teacher! Teacher! Wait for me. Oh, what about these materials?" Ella panicked and stamped her foot. Then, her brain heated up, and she threw everything aside. She chased after Lan Daier.

At that moment, the north base was swarming with people. People everywhere were heading towards the command post of the Exploration Team Department. Some people had even glided over. These people were the remaining Great Teachers in the north base who were not adept at combat. But no matter whether they were running on the ground or flying in the sky, although there were many people, not a single person actually dared to approach the command post. No matter what kind of person the man who had called for Sophia was, this was a conflict that they definitely did not want to interfere with.

Rules in the base? Prohibitions in the military? These were all determined by the strong. If the owner wanted to smash a table, who would be able to manage them? If the Sacred Teacher did not say anything, this would mean that he had given his tacit agreement.

Everyone stopped a distance away and looked over in astonishment. Wang Zhong did not care about those who were watching the situation. Instead, his gaze was coldly fixed on the barracks that looked dirty and ugly in his eyes. He did not call her name again. He knew Sophia was inside and could sense her presence. He also knew that she had heard his voice. She had to come out and face him.

A figure slowly emerged from the dim barracks. The silver strands of hair on her head flew upwards!

However, there was no trace of anger on her face. Instead, there was boundless gloom in her expression…

Yesterday, she had gone to the fragment world. However, the slut's condition was even worse than she had imagined. Not only had she not made any progress, she even showed signs of decline! She felt like she was about to lose her mind!

This slut was a hypocrite. She had definitely seen something! She was resisting cultivation! She wanted to rebel against Sophia!

At that moment, Sophia felt the impulse to rip Scarlet's body into thousands of pieces. But she also knew that she had spent too much effort and resources on her. Furthermore, with her current body condition, she would not have 10, 20, or 30 years to find and nurture a new body. She would not be able to find such an excellent body like Scarlet's!

She forcibly suppressed the rage in her heart and started to console and guide Scarlet with kind words. However, when she saw the slut's obedient expression, she knew that it would be of no use. But she could not fly into a rage or simply beat Scarlet up. It would be equivalent to extinguishing her last faint ray of hope!

This was simply as disgusting as eating a bucket of flies!

For now, she had no other choice. While she endured her age, she used a gentle and amiable voice that disgusted even herself and told Scarlet to continue working hard. At the same time, she had left the fragment world. For the past day, she did not care about her Skylink, which continued to ring nonstop, or the affairs in the base. She continued to look through various books and wanted to find a more effective way to force Scarlet's body to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage. However, if it had been this easy, she would not have needed to act in front of Scarlet.

Her hair had turned white in the span of a day. When she looked at herself in the mirror just now, Sophia almost went crazy, wanting to kill her subordinates who were chattering in the barracks. Before she could finish releasing the anger in her chest, she heard this arrogant and courageous roar.

Come out! Come out, come out…

It was Wang Zhong.

Sophia immediately recognized this voice. It was not because she was familiar with this voice. Instead, after pondering about the possible reasons and connections, she felt that Scarlet was using her intelligence and had been "inspired" because of this man who deserved to die.

If she said that she badly wanted to kill Scarlet to vent her anger, then she was dying to eat Wang Zhong's flesh, wear his skin, and drink his blood!

She even wanted to make Wang Zhong beg for his life with her own hands. However, she had never expected him to find her by himself. Furthermore, he had dared to act impolite and impudent outside her door. She was boiling with rage and immediately wanted to go out and deal with this naive bastard. However, she was an old demon who had lived for several hundred years. When she got up, she sensed that something was wrong.

The aura of a Heavenly Soul? Had that bastard advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage?

A fellow who had three or four soul companions was able to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage?

In an instant, Sophia's irritable emotions had calmed down.

She understood the method and strength behind this. There were only three people in the history of the Holy City who had conquered the Tempering Soul Calamity that was three times more powerful than usual. Furthermore, all three of them became invincible Heavenly Souls right after conquering the Heavenly Calamity. Meanwhile, the bastard outside…

Sophia's rash and raging aura quickly calmed down. She suppressed the rage in her heart and slowly walked out. Then, she coldly looked up into the sky.

Their eyes sought each other. Not only was it a clear day, there also seemed to be sparks when their eyes met. Thus, everyone could see this scene clearly.

Wang Zhong did not speak any nonsense or chat with her. He did not have the patience to do so, and Sophia was definitely not the type to be affected by talking. During times like this, thousands of words were not enough to express the truths that he had understood.

He casually waved his hand. Bolton's head, with his eyes widened in fright, was hurled on the ground and tumbled to Sophia's feet.

Sophia simply glanced at this head. There was no movement in her eyes.

She was very clear on what kind of personality her disciple had. He had definitely betrayed her for an uncertain chance at survival. Quibbling or concealing the truth would be useless during times like this.

"What do you want?" She asked calmly. It was as if she completely did not care about Wang Zhong's silent interrogation of her, let alone the death of her disciple.

Wang Zhong looked at her insidious eyes. It was as if his voice was covered in frost. "Hand over Scarlet. I will give you satisfaction!"

That was right. Sophia had to die! The rage and resentment in Wang Zhong's heart could no longer be resolved just by saving Scarlet.

Drawing Soul Technique? What was that? That was to sever Scarlet's path of cultivation! Once she mastered this kind of technique, it would be impossible for her to turn back! With Scarlet's natural endowments, he would have been able to accompany her to pursue an eternal life and spend many romantic years together. That was the future that both he and Scarlet were looking forward to! But now, even if he saved Scarlet, he would not have the chance to do so!

Wang Zhong was furious. The moment he learned all these from Bolton, he had issued Sophia a death sentence in his heart!

At that moment, although his voice was not loud, it was extremely piercing. Everyone in the surroundings could hear him clearly. Besides Grai, who already knew the details of the situation, and Lan Daier, who had a faint understanding of the problem, everyone else could not believe their ears.

They thought that it was extremely unthinkable for someone to dare to call Sophia out in the base, but what had they just heard? He wanted Sophia dead? Furthermore, it was as if killing Sophia was a favor for her! Was he crazy?!

Just now, there were a few Holy Disciples in the Exploration Team Department who thought that Wang Zhong was rude and unreasonable. At that moment, it was as if their outlook on the world had changed completely. Was bullying Red Widow and a few exploration team leaders considered rude and unreasonable? This was much more than that. He was simply ten times more tyrannical and arrogant!

The surroundings were quiet. There was unprecedented peace in the north base.

"Heh, heh heh heh…" Sophia was also dumbfounded. Then, it was as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world. Give her satisfaction? Was this how a bastard with messy hair negotiated? He simply did not know what life and death meant!

"Haha, ha ha ha ha ha!" She could not help but laugh wildly. Her frenzied laugher spread throughout the entire Exploration Team Department. Then, the laughter instantly came to a cold stop.

"You're asking for death!"

It was impossible to have any negotiation or reconciliation. When they reached this level and encountered this kind of conflict, they would have to decide who lived and who died. The weak would shed blood, while the strong would live forever!

Although her tone was scornful, she took this very seriously.

She understood how terrifying was a Heavenly Soul who had conquered a Tempering Soul Calamity that was three times more powerful than usual. Even though this bastard had just conquered the Heavenly Calamity and had not stabilized his domain, he was not someone she could look down upon. She had to use all her strength in one shot!

A terrifying might instantly spread from Sophia's body! The powerful aura that a top Heavenly Soul expert released at full might when she was enraged instantly caused the spectators in the distance to shiver in fear! Even the Heavenly Soul Teachers that had been hovering in midair were forced to retreat by Sophia's frenzied aura. They could no longer continue to hover in the air. Instead, they landed on the ceiling of a nearby building with panic-stricken faces!

They had always known that Sophia was very strong, but they never expected that she was this strong!

The silver strands of hair on her head started to stand on their ends as the spiritual influence from the heaven and the earth wildly surged into her body. At the same time, the wrinkles on her face rapidly accumulated!

The wild surging of spiritual influence had accelerated the speed at which her body aged. However, at that moment, she did not care about this at all. This body was already useless. As long as she got rid of this hindrance, she could focus on Scarlet and grasp the 1-in-10,000 chance of success.

As expected of the top Heavenly Soul Great Teacher in the Mystic Sect. The moment, she attacked, powerful rules had started to take effect. Her aura alone far surpassed that of ordinary Heavenly Soul experts. The world changed in color. Darkness descended and surged everywhere. A boundary was formed, trapping the world within it!

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