Battle Frenzy
969 Angel of Misfortune
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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969 Angel of Misfortune

Frankly speaking, this was a very foolish plan. Furthermore, once she lost her sanity, it was very likely that she would die before Sophia discovered her. Furthermore, Scarlet was very clear that even if she did not die, there was a 99.9% chance that Sophia would kill her to vent her anger. However, there was still the 0.01% chance that Sophia would pity her and let her go.

She felt that ever since she had formally become Sophia's disciple, she had always been respectful to her and always followed her advice. She also experienced genuine concern from her strict teacher. Although it seemed like this concern was born from selfish desire, since she had cared about Scarlet, there must have been some feelings involved.

Perhaps her Teacher would eventually let her go. Even if she could no longer train and would become disabled, it was not a big deal. As long as she was able to see him again, Scarlet was willing to do anything.

There was no difference between doing this and committing suicide. What she needed was courage. Scarlet had spent an entire night to overcome the fear in her heart. At the same time, she estimated when Sophia would return after she left yesterday.

This was a gamble that could cost her her life. Furthermore, the odds of success were not even 1 in 1,000.

Of course, she could continue to waste time with her teacher. But someone as intelligent as her could naturally see that her Teacher's patience was at its limit. Yesterday, she had even mentioned a few people close to Scarlet several times. Scarlet knew that if she continued to maintain this state of deadlock, Sophia would likely target Wang Zhong or her family members.

Scarlet had no choice. She closed her eyes and actively guided her Soul Power to collide in her body, forcing it to travel in the opposite direction in her meridians.

The intense pain caused her to sweat profusely. Her survival instincts urged her to stop her actions, but she dispersed this instinct by force. She overcame her instincts again and again until she slowly lost consciousness from the intense pain.

She hoped that she would still be able to wake up and that she would wake up to him.

Wang Zhong's speed had broken through the limits of his body and leaped over in one step. He did not have any leeway to think. A powerful force descended and instantly smashed the Dharma Idol into pieces, cutting off the connection between the Dharma Idol and Scarlet. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on her head. Rich spiritual influence surged out of his palm and flowed into Scarlet's meridians.

At that moment, his spiritual influence was simple but vigorous. Everywhere his spiritual influence went, the chaotic spiritual influence that had lost control as a result of her losing her mind was banished. Everything gradually calmed down. This girl was really brutal. She was traveling in the direction of death.

The chaotic Soul Power had been completely banished and cleaned. Wang Zhong carefully nursed Scarlet's severely injured meridians as he nervously looked at her expression. Over ten seconds later, he saw Scarlet's eyelashes move. Then, her eyelids opened with strenuous effort.

"Wang Zhong." A faint smile appeared on Scarlet's face. She knew that when she opened her eyes, she would definitely see him.

Wang Zhong hugged Scarlet tightly. At this moment, there was nothing more valuable than the smile in front of him. People often only knew how to treasure things when they were about to be lost.


Outside the Exploration Team Department, thousands of spectators took a long time before finally recovering from their daze.

Everything that had just happened had overturned their outlook of the world, no matter whether it was the terrifying strength that Wang Zhong had used to suppress Sophia or the conversation between them. Many Great Teachers in the Holy City had personal desires and motives when they took in disciples. But to be honest, very few wholeheartedly wanted to kill their disciples or maliciously curse them. Furthermore, this was a taboo in the Holy Land. Although practitioners were particular about the law of the jungle, the Holy Land had been inherited by the humans. Nothing could be accomplished without rules.

Murmurs and discussions started to break out among the crowd, but people only chatted in a low voice and did not dare to make noise without any restraint. Furthermore, in front of them, Lan Daier, Grai, and the rest were within several dozen steps away from Sophia.

They could see the dim ring that connected to the fragment world quietly lying on the ground. Meanwhile, Sophia was beside the ring, as if she had lost her soul. She had lived a pleasant life and did not want to die. She was always one step away from successfully conquering the Heavenly Calamity. Why? Did she not have enough talent? Did she not have enough talent?

This was not the case, but why was she the one who had failed every single time?

Grai stood there as his body released the aura of a Heavenly Soul that faintly terrorized everyone else there. This was a sign to everyone that they should not act rashly before Wang Zhong returned. After all, the Wanderlust Team had another Heavenly Soul…

Sophia seemed to have been awakened by this aura and looked at Grai. Even an unknown little bandit like him had become a Heavenly Soul. She could not help but mutter, "Why…?"

There was no expression on Grai's handsome face. However, he had seen through Sophia's soul. "When you think about a route of escape, you will never be able to succeed."

It was as if Sophia had been struck by lighting. She would seize bodies, regardless of whether she succeeded or failed. She did not dare to take risks because of this technique and wanted to prepare herself better. However, one would never be fully prepared to conquer the Heavenly Calamity. One needed the courage and resolution to live when they were in a fatal situation!

The crowd anxiously waited. After more than ten minutes, they saw the ring on the ground tremble slightly as spatial rules started to fluctuate. Then, two people appeared in front of everyone else.

Wang Zhong supported Scarlet. Although Scarlet looked listless, she was conscious and clear-headed, and her breathing was stable. She was able to walk when Wang Zhong supported her. Thus, the crowd silently heaved a sigh of relief.

When she saw Scarlet and Wang Zhong, the listless Sophia suddenly became lively. "Scarlet, you've always wanted to know why I took you in as my disciple, right? I will tell you now. The moment I saw you, I wanted to seize your body. However, that would depend on how suitable you are!"

Scarlet, who was in Wang Zhong's arms, trembled. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong was filled with murderous intent. When this woman was left to run her course, she actually dared to injure Scarlet. She did not know how much Scarlet cared about her teacher.

However, before Wang Zhong could attack, the incredibly weak Scarlet seemed to have sensed what he was thinking. She stretched out her hand with great fatigue and pressed against Wang Zhong's hand. "Wang Zhong, let me go."

Scarlet looked at the aged Sophia, and tears started to flow. During her darkest and most helpless times in the Holy Land, Sophia had helped her. She was able to persevere until Wang Zhong came because of Sophia. Sophia's encouragement gave her the courage to persevere and become a woman who was worthy of Wang Zhong.

"Teacher, I don't hate you, really. I was too weak." Scarlet tried her best to smile. "Wang Zhong, let's go. I want to go home."

Wang Zhong brought Scarlet and left. He did not care about Sophia. Furthermore, the Holy Land would definitely do something about this. This was not a personal matter, but something that affected the entire Holy Land. Furthermore, Scarlet was not weak. She was just too soft-hearted, but the world of practitioners was a cruel world.

He wanted to bring Scarlet home.

Wang Zhong and Sophia had shaken the entire base. Many imaginative guesses started to spread everywhere. The fact that a new Heavenly Soul was this powerful caught the attention of everyone, and no one cared about anything else. But before they could debate what the outcome of this situation would be, an even more brutal piece of news had appeared on Skylink.

It was a video of the battle at the Warrendoor Mountains that a frontline soldier had filmed with his Skylink. He had probably been in despair and wanted to make a final contribution by recording down their enemies. However, he did not expect to film the divine sword.

At the start of the video, 20 Sword Saints and Warlock Saints worked together to form a cage. Meanwhile, the six Great Teachers, including Alludor, had worked together to attack but were unable to even cause harm to the barrier. There were terrifying elemental auras in the sky as the imprisonment curse was in effect, while the ground continued to split as giant cracks were formed in the ground. The video also captured the Saint-leveled Octopus people in the surroundings that were engulfed in a dazzling golden light and extremely powerful auras, as well as the expressions of fear and despair on the Heroic Soul soldiers' faces… Although the footage was extremely shaky, all these scenes revealed the atmosphere of the hopeless situation.

Then, a figure who looked like a deity appeared out of thin air. The terrifying imprisonment curse that was out to kill them, as well as the barrier that Alludor and the other five Great Teachers could not even break through, was easily broken into pieces by the god-like young man with the hum of his sword. Then, the Sword Saints and Warlock Saints exploded with rage and attacked!

Everyone was very familiar with this young man. They had never seen such a crazy Holy Disciple. Wang Zhong was a young and extraordinary Holy Disciple.

There had been 17 Sword Saints and 3 Warlock Saints!

In the present war, this was a formation that everyone would give way to. The group of Sword Saints and Warlock Saints from the Octopus people had proven that they had surpassed the humans. Humans were truly lacking in their knowledge of the Mizobudapi civilization. At this moment, almost all the soldiers from the Holy Land were in despair. However, they faintly felt that something was wrong. The victories they had achieved at the frontlines should not have been fake news.

But the next scene caused everyone to stare dumbstruck. All those who had doubt, dissatisfaction, or unhappiness in their hearts all kept quiet at this moment.

One strike of the sword was enough to kill 13 and drive away seven Octopus Saints. The Octopus people were scared out of their wits. Furthermore, the sky full of swords at the end made people feel as if they were looking at a Sacred Teacher!

This was Wang Zhong, the strongest in the north area!

Red Widow only saw this footage later on, but this was not important. When she saw Sophia being suppressed, Red Widow obediently waited for the authorities to deal with her. Run? Where could she run to?

As a Semi-Heavenly Soul, she understood the rules of the game in the Holy Land better than anyone else. She could see the route to becoming a Great Teacher, but people like Wang Zhong completely crushed her. He was someone who could become a Sacred Teacher and even enter the Patriarch Society.

Those who were supposed to lower their heads had to lower their heads. They had to rectify their attitude.

It seemed very difficult to use ordinary rewards to weigh a massive military contribution like this. There had never been any public reports of Wang Zhong being issued any rewards. Furthermore, in reality, Wang Zhong definitely had his own plans at this stage. Wang Zhong was all right, but Sophia was not. Although she was a Great Teacher, she could not protect her own life. Not long after she was brought away, her Soul Sea dried up. It was said that she said "sorry" right before she died, but no one knew who she was apologizing to.

Wang Zhong did not care what the outside world thought. To be honest, he doubted the objectives of the Holy Battle. He felt as if there were problems with both the humans and Octopus people. The humans did not use all their power, and neither did the Octopus people. However, both sides were continuously increasing the scale of the war, right?

Why were they sending people to their deaths?

Previously, Uncle Zhang had wanted to speak but stopped. Wang Zhong did not force him to speak as he still had some decency. For now, protecting Scarlet was more important.

"Sister Daier, her Soul Sea and meridians have been severely injured. I will have to trouble you," said Wang Zhong sincerely. After all, he was not a professional gourmet. He had just ensured that her injuries did not worsen, but it would be very difficult to heal her injuries.

"Relax. Leave it to me." Lan Daier nodded her head. Ella, who was at the side, wanted to speak but stopped. Wang Zhong was the same as before, but she knew that this newbie had become an impressive figure.


Imperial City, Mizobudapi civilization…

The Phoenix Shrine had a highly revered position in the Mizobudapi World. While the Sword Faction had used military force to help the Octopus people to found their empire, the Phoenix Shrine had used wisdom to help the Octopus people rule. The domains they were in charge of were very vast. The higher-ups were responsible for reading the stars and making prophecies, offering sacrifices to their ancestors, and passing on their civilization, while the lower levels were responsible for biology research, soul research, and so on…

Of course, one should not assume that the Phoenix Shrine did not have any military might. This was the cradle of the Warlock Saints and Warlock Gods. The Sword Faction, the people, and even the schools established by the Mizobudapi Empire — all taught subjects related to the elements and had nurtured many Warlock Saint experts. However, the best and strongest were definitely from the Phoenix Shrine. At the same time, almost all the Ceremonial Gods in the Phoenix Shrine were acknowledged as the strongest Warlock Gods in the entire Mizobudapi World!

Dhomiguer was the 366th Ceremonial God in the Mizobudapi Phoenix Shrine. He was currently acknowledged as the top expert in the Mizobudapi World. The crystalline antennae on his head were extremely bright and long. Even though it was tied up by a jade belt, it was so long that it almost touched the ground.

Typically, he was a god-like being wherever he went. At that moment, he closed his eyes and rested quietly as he waited outside the temple hall. An Octopus guard passed on a message in a loud voice. "The Ceremonial Guard requests to meet Your Majesty."

The guard repeated himself three times. Then, a gentle aura was emitted from the temple hall.

The Sword Saint, who was dressed in golden robes, respectfully said, "Your Excellency Ceremonial God, you may go in."

Dhomiguer opened his eyes and took a deep breath, as if he was adjusting his condition of his spirit and ensuring that it was as perfect as possible. Then, he took large strides and stepped into the hall.

It was a massive and empty imperial hall. A man who had an imperial crown on his head and was dressed in phoenix robes was seated on the throne. He was only over two meters tall, similar to that of ordinary Octopus people, but when he sat on the lofty throne, he seemed incredibly big and tall. There was a hazy feeling in the hall. If one stood in front of him, one would see that he was about two to three meters tall and occupied one's entire field of vision. At the same time, if one stood several hundred, or even several thousand, meters away, it would still seem like he was right in front of one's eyes. He would occupy their entire field of vision and you could not see anything else.

Even the top Warlock God in the Mizobudapi World, Dhomiguer, felt as if he was being looked down upon when faced with this man. He was like a three-year-old child in front of a terrifying god of war! He respectfully kneeled on the ground.

"I am here to meet Your Majesty."

"What's the matter?" The man did not open his mouth or eyes. He was like an actual sculpture, but an awe-inspiring voice resounded in the hall.

"The Angel of Misfortune has appeared."

The emperor did not reply. The hall was silent for about ten seconds. Then, Dhomiguer felt an imposing aura that was more terrifying than before returning from the heavens. A frightening and powerful aura that could not be resisted violently filled the hall.

"Tell me the date, place, and level." The emperor opened his eyes, and a dazzling light shot out from his pupils. His eyes were like two blazing suns. "Who was chosen?"

Dhomiguer did not dare to raise his head, not that he could. He could only kneel and respectfully reply to him. "It should have happened two or three months ago. We cannot determine the accurate coordinates of where it appeared, but we know that it should have occurred on the battlefield. However, it was not because the sacrifice had been successful. It seems as if someone had accidentally touched it… Thus, we still do not know who has been chosen. However, we can sense the level of their wings, level 4. According to all these, the chosen one should be a Saint-leveled soldier."

"You can't even tell whether it is a human or a Mizobudapi? This happened two or three months ago, so why are you only telling me now?"

Dhomiguer broke out into a cold sweat. There was dissatisfaction in the emperor's voice. Meanwhile, there was the terrifying sound and tremble of thunder in the hall. It was like the angry roar of a deity, causing even the top Warlock God among the Octopus people to tremble in fear. He could not help but kneel even lower, raising his buttocks into the air while his face was plastered to the ground. There was a clear disparity between this and the powerful and graceful Warlock God that was normally seen.

"Your subordinate did not do his best in this matter. Your Majesty, please forgive my sins."

The aura of the emperor weakened slightly. The configurations of the stars were hard to predict. After all, reading the stars and making prophecies were involved in the discipline of calculating the natural laws. Even if the answer was right in front of one's eyes, one still needed a large amount of calculations and proof. It was inevitable that there would be some delay in time. Furthermore, this was the first time the Mizobudapi had voluntarily gone to search for the wings. Thus, they did not have any past experiences that they could tap on. He knew that it was not easy for the Phoenix Shrine to make such a certain judgment.

"Level 4? Heh heh, the Mizobudapi civilization has paid such a heavy price, but we have fallen to the point where we are being led by a level-4 civilization?" The faint sounds of thunder in the hall disappeared, and the emperor's voice turned calm again. "What about the humans? Do they have any definite information?"

"No, their prophets have also come up with a similar judgment." Dhomiguer hesitated and then said, "Your Majesty, should we continue waiting?"

"No. Guidance from a level-4 civilization is still guidance. Although we are starting off at a lower level, in the end, it is still much better than being trapped in this world and looking at the sky from the bottom of the well." The emperor's voice was dignified. "Contact the human Patriarch Society and find the wings. We shall complete the examination and missions."

"I will leave this to you to lead. You can determine what direction you are going to proceed in, but remember, do not commit the same mistakes as last time! Even if we have to wait for three hundred years, you cannot break the vile rules of the game that those advanced civilizations have established. This is our last chance!"


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