Battle Frenzy
970 Winners Are Kings
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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970 Winners Are Kings

What was cultivation for?

Some wanted to pursue a long life, while some simply desired power. Some wanted to obtain riches, status, women, and other luxurious enjoyments. However, others were rather simple. They just wanted the people by their side to live more happily.

Wang Zhong had always thought that he had undergone cultivation because he loved cultivation and the feeling of understanding the unknown. However, when he saw the sickly and sullen Scarlet, he realized that he was the latter. His concern for the people by his side far surpassed his desire for cultivation.

For a full month, Lao Wang did not seriously carry out cultivation. This was unprecedented. Consolidating the Heavenly Soul realm, understanding his sword techniques, or even further developing the three sword techniques had been completely thrown out of the window. Even Wang Zhong himself felt that this was rather unthinkable. To someone who once felt uneasy if he did not train for one day, this was as unthinkable as a smoker who had smoked two packets a day for 30 years saying that he felt nauseous when he smelled the smell of smoke.

Every day, he thought about what amusing jokes he would tell Scarlet for the day. When he saw Scarlet laugh until she could not close her mouth, there was an abundant sense of satisfaction in Lao Wang's heart. It was even more satisfying than comprehending Sword Two.

The change had occurred very naturally. Wang Zhong even felt that it was more relaxing to live this way. It was as if he had returned to the Tianjing Academy and the house where Aunt Shea and Uncle Wang lived. He had no power and no responsibilities. He lived simply and with great freedom. Simba was caught unprepared and felt as if he was about to collapse. To him, Lao Wang was like a 14-year-old boy.

However, Simba had no opinion on this. After all, he was always by Teacher Lan Daier's side and could meet his treasured goddess every day. Furthermore, it seemed as if Wang Zhong had suddenly let him go. His strength and status had increased. Thus, he did not have to conceal Simba. Simba seemed to have an infinite amount of free time. Other than when he had to return to Lao Wang's Soul Sea to "take a nap" or to play until his spirit was fatigued, he was almost always at the kitchen where Lan Daier was. He was over the moon.

"Teacher Daier! Your food is very delicious! You have completely conquered my stomach! Please allow me to kneel down to you!"

"Sister Daier, you are even prettier than this dish!"

"Dai! Even though I am very ugly, I am very gentle!"

Lan Daier's love extended even to Simba, and she tolerated him. However, Simba was insatiable and became more and more indecent. Occasionally, the lustful Simba was slapped and sent flying by Ella on behalf of her teacher, causing Simba to loathe this obstacle that was in the way of him and Lan Daier. She was a serious hindrance to pursuing his true love! She was not just a little chili pepper. She was simply an evil witch!

With Lan Daier and Wang Zhong's devoted care, Scarlet's injuries quickly stabilized and even showed faint signs of recovering. However, according to Lan Daier's predictions, it would still be very difficult to recover her path of cultivation. However, no matter whether it was Wang Zhong or Scarlet, they were able to get over it. It was fine as long as Scarlet was fine. Cultivation did not matter much… After spending a happy month together, they had understood this and would not be troubled by this. To these two people who truly had each other, calmly accompanying each other every day was happiness. Furthermore, compared to many other ordinary people, what they had was more than enough.

As for the war in the Mizobudapi World, it was not that Wang Zhong was not willing to put forward his strength for the human race. However, he felt somewhat conflicted and could not quite understand. The more he understood, the more he felt that the objectives of the war had strayed away from the direction that the Holy Land had announced at first. No one was willing to work for an objective that they did not understand, no matter whether it was Wang Zhong or anyone else. Thus, Wang Zhong's main thought was to bring Scarlet back to Earth and accompany her through calm but happy days. He had also submitted his request to the higher-ups to be transferred, but there was no news from the higher-ups. As a Great Teacher, he definitely had the right to travel freely. However, he could not bring away Scarlet, who was working at the frontlines. If the higher-ups did not say anything, the transmission array would definitely not allow Scarlet to go through.

Wang Zhong did not fly into a rage or panic from this impolite house arrest. It was evident that the higher-ups were using Scarlet to bind him.

The greater one's abilities were, the greater one's responsibilities would be. Since he was involved in the situation, it would not be easy for him to leave. He could sense that the higher-ups definitely had some requirements for him. Thus, he could only wait quietly while accompanying Scarlet. Perhaps Uncle Zhang would be the one who eventually issued the requirements to him. However, it had been over one month, but Uncle Zhang had not appeared.

The north base was undergoing reorganization. This was also what the people who had been calling for war most desired. The video where Wang Zhong had dealt with 20 Saints in one strike seemed very satisfying and made them surge with excitement, but this also informed everyone of a terrifying piece of news: the Octopus people were very strong! This war would not be simple.

Thus, even though they had won the battle, the entire north area was in a negative mood. The rewards for missions in the Exploration Team Department had been increased, but unless the mission was situated in a territory that the north base controlled, no one dared to accept the mission, not even the top 10 exploration teams. The soldiers on the frontlines complained in secret and showed their hate for the war in other ways.

What kind of joke was this? The Mizobudapi was a civilization who could easily send out 20 Saints. This was no longer a level-3 Holy Battle. Even if they fought, they could not fight like they had in the past. Furthermore, even the soldiers on the lowest levels were afraid of death. No one was a fool. If they were being sent to their deaths for no reason, a majority of the soldiers would run away. Various guesses and ill intentions towards the war and the higher-ups started to spread uncontrollably in the army. Morale was low. The higher-ups in the north base seemed to have complied to the thoughts of these soldiers.

The frontline armies had started to move back. However, almost all of their airships had been destroyed. Thus, it would take some time for them to travel the long distance of several thousand kilometers back to the base. Furthermore, they had completely stopped advancing. They had even started to slowly withdraw from the territories they had once occupied. It was as if they were ready to pull back their line of defense to the Black Boulder Mountains.

They had thought that this mass retreat would cause the Octopus people to chase after them, but mysteriously, it seemed as if the Octopus people had also stopped fighting. They hesitated to proceed, as if both sides had agreed to do so. Other than the territories that they recognized and occupied once again, they did not start any more fights. Not only was this the case in the north area, even the south area, where the war was intense, experienced the same thing. All the attacks at the frontlines suddenly ceased. Not only had the Holy City Army stopped advancing, they had even gradually started to retreat from the territories they occupied in a neat fashion.

The soldiers at the frontlines silently cheered. Of course, it was important to obtain military merits, but when they saw too many of their comrades die and when they suddenly found out that their enemies were much stronger than they had expected, even if they had lofty aspirations and high ideals, they would gradually fade away. Their emotions sank as the days passed.

Meanwhile, at the back, particularly in the Holy City, various unhappy, angry, confused, and resisting voices started to spread in a frenzy.

In particular, the 10 Great Families who had invested 200,000 troops were upset. The war at the south area had been especially intense, causing their 200,000 troops to be heavily reduced in number. If they were able to conquer the Mizobudapi World, they would definitely have rich rewards to make up for their losses. But now, they were retreating? They would not get even a strand of hair back! They had given all they had but received nothing in return. This was driving the 10 Great Families to their deaths. They started to stir up trouble in secret as they expressed their great sorrow and anger. There was no lack of actors among them.

Typically, these cheap tricks from the 10 Great Families would be of some use. They occupied the middle levels in the Holy City. After all, they were indispensable. Furthermore, the complaints from almost all of the 10 Great Families was not something that even the Patriarch Society could completely ignore. They had indeed suffered heavy losses this time and should be offered an explanation. However, this time, the Patriarch Society was unusually unyielding. Not only did they not offer any explanation, they simply captured the family members who had spread information and created publicity on Skylink. Although they were peripheral family members who were not very important, their resolute attitude was a rather clear warning.

Carolyn, who was in the south area, acted very quickly. She led a large group of young core members from the 10 Great Families and actively responded to the Patriarch Society's orders to retreat. Although she was not considered powerful, this signaled the course of events to come. Thus, the 10 Great Families also stopped. Even though there were still many people on Skylink who paid attention to this and felt that it was unreasonable for the humans to retreat, they did not dare to make their opinions public… Everyone was uneasy and uncertain as they waited. After all, there had been no direct orders for the armies to retreat and return to the Holy Land. They had only been asked to draw back their line of defense. It was evident that this was not the right time. The Patriarch Society would definitely explain this later on.

In a quiet room, Solomon closed his eyes tightly. This room was completely sealed, and no outside light could come in. There were various runes engraved on the walls and the ceiling to prevent any external auras from flowing in. Heavenly Soul experts were particular about communicating with the heaven and the earth and absorbing the power of the heaven and the earth. This kind of quiet room was not a place where a Heavenly Soul expert should go to for cultivation, but Solomon had been sitting here for three whole days.

The nine-headed snake sword was resting on his knees. Rich and pure spiritual influence from the heaven and the earth flowed in an endless stream from the sword. Unlike the typical spiritual influence of the heaven and the earth, this spiritual influence could be seen clearly with the naked eye. It was evidently much richer. No matter whether it was in terms of density or purity, it was much higher than ordinary spiritual influence. Every time Solomon took a breath, he could see a layer of crystalline energy spreading from his head to his toes. It was as if he had been cleansed by the energy. The Soul Power on his body had turned from the gold that was seen in typical Heavenly Souls to a crystalline jade color. He could absorb and release this Soul Power at will. It could be implicit and lusterless, but it could also be extremely bright and resplendent!

Hurried footsteps could be heard outside the door. However, when they reached the door, they stopped. Evidently, they did not dare to disturb him.

However, Solomon heard this. He lightly pressed on his sword with both hands, and the spiritual influence from the nine-headed snake sword retreated. He opened his eyes. "Come in."

The person outside was Kai. There had been some worry on his face as he had a serious issue. However, the moment he opened the door under Solomon's orders, he was dumbfounded.

The power that surged from the room was too powerful, so powerful that he did not dare to believe this. Three days ago, when Solomon had stepped into the quiet room, he was an ordinary Heavenly Soul who had just stabilized his Heavenly Soul realm. He had been full of vigor but was still rather young and immature. But at that moment, Kai felt a steady and implicit, yet vast and boundless aura. It was as if his aura was as vast as the heaven and the earth! It was like… the man that Kai would be afraid of for the rest of his life —— Aiolos!

His eyes lit up, and he started to pour praises. "Experts from other territories are indeed amazing. Three days of closed-door cultivation has achieved such efficiency. In a few days, Young Master might become the top Heavenly Soul in history!"

"Pure strength is nothing. The inheritance and sword intent that is hidden in the nine-headed snake sword is truly powerful." Solomon smiled. "I'm starting to understand the attack that Wang Zhong had unleashed in the Warrendoor Mountains. It is vast and impressive, but… it is not invincible. Our swords have the same origins!"

"Congratulations, Young Master!" Kai could not help but smile. The worry and hesitation he felt before he entered had dispersed.

In the battle at the Warrendoor Mountains that had caused both the north and south areas to stop fighting, Wang Zhong's shocking attack had left an extremely deep impression on many people. He was already silently acknowledged as the top Heavenly Soul in the Holy Land. With a sudden expert suddenly hovering overhead, as well as his relationship with Grai, Wang Zhong and Solomon would definitely be enemies. Even Solomon felt great pressure.

Kai knew that Solomon was not someone who made big talk. From what he had sensed, Solomon definitely had the right to say this. Furthermore, he could relax and inform Solomon of the reason he had come.

"The spies from the Mo Family have reported that the Heaven's Fate Master has decided on two candidates for the Holy Battle. They are reporting this to the Patriarch Society." There was a bright flash in Kai's eyes. "They are Young Master and Wang Zhong from the north base. However, within the next few days, Sacred Teacher Timo might want to talk with Young Master."

"They were able to accurately decrease their scope to just two people… No wonder the Mo Family has been able to prosper in the Holy City for hundreds of years. Their Heaven's Fate Master is capable." Solomon smiled and did not seem to be surprised. "What is supposed to come will eventually come. One will be called a king if one succeeds and will be called bandit if defeated. Winners are kings. This will be the end of Wang Zhong and the Patriarch Society, but the beginning of me, Solomon!"



Wang Zhong and Simba lowered their heads at the same time and gobbled up the two plates of delicacies on the table. Simba said that he wanted to steal Lao Wang's job and become Lan Daier's professional taster. Thus, a new eating contest had started in this small house in front of the three women.

Frankly speaking, their physiques were completely different, and the results would also be completely different. Did he still want to compete? Ella widened his eyes. She had looked down upon Simba, who was full of confidence, but when the competition started, she had completely changed her view.

Lao Wang ate very quickly, but he still had to go through the normal process of stuffing the food into his mouth, chewing the food, swallowing and gulping down the food, but Simba was different. Although his body was small, when he brutally opened his mouth, his mouth stretched like a piece of rubber and was even wider than Lao Wang's mouth! Furthermore, he did not have to chew and swallow his food. His small stomach was like a bottomless pit, and he immediately dumped everything on his plate into his stomach. His speed was simply ridiculous!

Less than ten seconds later, Simba could see the bottom of his plate, but Wang Zhong had not even eaten half of his food.

"Wah!" While Simba swallowed his food, he did not forget to provoke Lao Wang. He displayed his powerful strength as he finished his food skillfully and easily. "Lao Wang, it's fine even if you start off with only half your food!"


"Hey! Hey!" Simba felt his body suddenly hovering in the air. A giant hand grabbed his back and pulled him away from his plate. When he saw that there were only three pieces of meat left on his plate that he could not eat, he started to panic. His hands and legs shook wildly in midair, but it was of no use. He said angrily, "Lao Wang, what are you doing?"

Beside him, Wang Zhong wiped his mouth with one hand as he raised Simba with the other. He did not gulp down his food either. He even had time to swallow his saliva. "I just didn't want you to eat so hurriedly. It's not good for your stomach."

"I don't even have a stomach, okay!" Simba shouted in rage. He could not even break free of Wang Zhong's control and could only struggle. He looked at Lan Daier as if he was asking for help.

However, the beautiful Teacher waved her hand and calmly said, "I only care about the results. I will not intervene in the process of the competition…"

"I am just watching." Scarlet held back her laughter.

"You deserve this for all your boasting just now!" Ella laughed and added on. She was now a loyal fan of Wang Zhong. After all, she was just an ordinary woman in the Holy City. Deep inside, she would definitely admire an expert.

Damn, what was this?! Witch Ella was actually supporting Lao Wang. As expected, they were on the same side! Simba was dumbstruck.

"You're cheating! You unreasonable brat! Put me down!" He continued to move his arms and legs, but Lao Wang turned a deaf ear to him and slowly cleared everything else on his plate. Then, he put Simba down and looked at his plate in shock. "Huh, you still have three pieces of meat? You eat too slowly, Simba. I'm sorry, I won."

"You won?! Obviously, I won! Do laws still exist? Do principles still exist? Does justice still exist?"

"Yes," Wang Zhong said in a serious tone, "the three of them can testify."

The three women had laughed until they were trembling. At that moment, they all nodded their heads at the same time.

Madam, this was group bullying!

Simba was in a daze and was so angry that he could not speak. After a long time, he finally roared with rage and jumped on Wang Zhong's body, kicking and stamping on him. Everyone in the room laughed out loud.

Although they were still in the north base, these respected figures paid no attention to what was happening outside. They spent a leisurely month together. No matter whether it was Wang Zhong, Scarlet, or even Lan Daier, they felt a sense of relaxation they had never felt before. Furthermore, with the wacky Simba around, they could not stop laughing every single day. At that moment, the atmosphere in the room was very good. Suddenly, someone shouted from outside the door. "Great Teacher Wang Zhong, Sacred Teacher Leyson has requested to see you!"

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