Battle Frenzy
972 Battle of Life and Death
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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972 Battle of Life and Death


He squatted down and landed on the ground with both legs. He had only fallen several dozen meters from the sky, but it was as if a very heavy object had landed on the ground. However, the ground was extremely tough and thick. It was made out of soil but was as hard as iron. Even though Wang Zhong had fallen from the heavy gravity, he was unable to make even a mark on the seemingly soft ground. There were only two light footprints.

Wang Zhong was very surprised.

Was this a manmade space with powerful gravity? No!

This was completely different from the high-gravity rooms he had trained in on Earth and in the Holy Land.

There would be mutual attraction between any objects, and the strength of this force would depend on the mass of the object. When this rule was applied to gravity, this meant that the higher the density of a celestial body, the greater its mass; thus, the gravity produced would be stronger. If someone was able to shrink the Earth by 10 times and maintain its original mass, then the gravity of the Earth would multiply by 10.

However, this was only a thought. Even with human technology and the strength of the Sacred Teachers, who represented the pinnacle of the human race, it was impossible for them to produce a high-gravity space. The high-gravity rooms that Wang Zhong had used on Earth or in the Holy City had been formed by increasing the pressure in the room or by creating waves of gravity in the room. It was an imitation of gravity by humans that allowed one to feel the weight of one's body and the pressure in one's surroundings to train one's body, but it was not an actual high-gravity environment.

However, the space he was in was an actual high-gravity space! He knew this when he sensed how tough the ground underneath his feet was. Wang Zhong felt that if he was unarmed, it would be very difficult for him to form a small hole in the ground, even if he used all his might. Besides the surface of the ground, even the flowers and grass were extremely hard. Wang Zhong casually pulled out a strand of grass from the ground, which felt as if it was as tough as a steel wire. A small wild flower that was not conspicuous and as large as his thumb seemed several kilograms heavy. Even a random leaf was as sharp as a blade…

The gravity here was about thirty times that of the Holy City. Of course, this was not enough to affect Wang Zhong's movements, but it felt as if there were chains on his body that made him feel very heavy. There was something else that was peculiar. The concentration of the spiritual influence in this place was around ten times that of the Holy City. It was much more powerful than the fragment world where Wang Zhong had achieved comprehension!

Too much spiritual influence was just as bad as not having enough spiritual influence. The biggest problem with the excessively rich spiritual influence was that it was hard to activate. The spiritual influence was too heavy, like thick and sticky quicksand. If he tried to absorb and use the spiritual influence in the heaven and the earth as before, the difficulty would be increased significantly. It was no wonder that he could not hover in midair just now. He needed some time to get used to this.

Wang Zhong stood where he was. He looked at his surroundings as he felt and got used to the peculiar rules in this space.

He had already noticed that when he was transported here, five pillars of light had shone in five different directions at the same time. Although they were several kilometers away, Wang Zhong managed to recognize them. There were four Octopus people and one human… According to what the Octopus Ceremonial God had said, the objective of this mission was to get rid of all those he deemed as enemies. Wang Zhong thought that he would face countless enemies, like in the Tempering Soul Calamity. However, there were only five people.

Including Wang Zhong, there were a total of six people here. After the pillar of light had disappeared, they seemed to have made the same decision. They chose to stay where they were and get used to the extremely powerful gravity in this space, as well as the rich spiritual influence. Then, they started to approach the large, empty space in the center. Everyone seemed to have received the same mission: to get rid of all those they deemed as enemies.

Wang Zhong also approached the empty space. After one or two minutes of adjusting, he felt as if he could control the spiritual influence in this space by force. It was just heavier-than-usual spiritual influence, and he needed to use greater spiritual energy to activate it. At the same time, his endurance had to be higher. Gravity that was 30 times heavier than usual might be unimaginable to an ordinary Heavenly Soul, but to Wang Zhong, it was not difficult for him to overcome this.

However, he was rather surprised. The other five people who had entered this space were all Heavenly Souls like him, but the speed at which they got used to this environment was much faster than him. They all adjusted to this place ahead of him. Then, they stepped out from where they had landed and rushed towards the center of this space.


Beside the transmission array in the phoenix remains, several God-leveled experts were watching all of this. Uncle Zhang furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Frankly speaking, he did not quite understand this. He had seen the footage of Wang Zhong fighting at the Warrendoor Mountains and felt that Wang Zhong was definitely the most powerful Heavenly Soul. However, the Saint-leveled Mizobudapi had adapted to this high gravity space faster than Wang Zhong did! In particular, there was a Warlock Saint who was not skilled in terms of physical capabilities… Was the strength that the Octopus people had concealed this terrifying?

He could not help but glance at Dhomiguer and Dhomuta beside him. However, they did not look pleased. On the contrary, they were slightly astonished.

Dhomiguer was very surprised. This was a space that the Mizobudapi had built, and the Saint-leveled experts they had sent had entered this space to feel what it was like. They were used to this testing ground, and it was natural for them to adapt quickly. However, it was evident that it was the first time these humans had entered this space. How were they able to adapt so quickly? They could understand how Wang Zhong had managed to do it, as everyone who had seen his attack knew just how strong he was. However, the human called Solomon was not well-known. In fact, he had never personally fought with any Saint-leveled experts. How was he able to adjust even faster than Wang Zhong?

Wang Zhong was on his guard. The other five people had stronger adaptability and were definitely not ordinary people. As the distance between them shrank, Wang Zhong saw two very familiar faces.

One of them was the Octopus Warlock Saint Sauron, who rushed over from the south. Evidently, he had already recognized Wang Zhong. After all, as he was rushing over, he stared straight at Wang Zhong with excitement and ferocity on his face. The other person he recognized was a human, Solomon. He had also advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. His Soul Power was implicit, and his body was crystalline. Furthermore, he had gotten used to this space much faster than a Warlock Saint. His strength was probably unfathomable.

Their speeds did not differ much. They arrived at the empty space in the middle one after another, forming a circle. One could clearly see that the four Octopus people were standing slightly closer to one another. It was evident that they had intended to work together from the very beginning. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong and Solomon were both human, but they stood on two sides, as if they were from two opposing camps. It was evident that they were planning to kill each other.

"Heh heh. Human, we meet again. I knew that you would die by my hands. This is fate!"

The first to speak was Warlock Saint Sauron. His expression was ferocious and extremely excited!

Back then, Wang Zhong had caused him too much trouble in the Imperial City. Only Sauron himself knew how severe his losses were. In particular, when he returned to the laboratory and realized that the valuable medicinal ingredients in the laboratory had been completely wiped out by that human, he was so angry that he almost went mad! That was the fruit of his effort over a few hundred years. However, this was not much. What was even more abominable was the fact that he was blacklisted by the imperial family afterward. According to the imperial family, if Sauron had not been driven just by his personal desire and did not negotiate and waste time with the imperial family, Wang Zhong would not have had the opportunity to run away, and the shrine would not have been violated by a human. The Sword Saint in charge of guarding the sacred mountain would not have died, and the treasure of the Sword Faction would not have gone missing once again… All of this had been Sauron's fault!

The imperial family was enraged by this. If they had not taken into consideration that Sauron had some connections to the Phoenix Shrine, they would have issued an arrest warrant for him. As a result, Sauron's days were tragic. Nothing went his way, and even the Phoenix Shrine stopped being fond of him. However, it was because of these stimuli that caused Sauron to build up his rage and resentment towards Wang Zhong, and this allowed him to grow one step closer to breaking through the limits of his realm. Now, he was a God-leveled candidate who could conquer the major Heavenly Calamity at any time. However, he had suppressed his realm and prevented the Heavenly Calamity from occurring just for this test. At the same time, the Phoenix Shrine started to value him once again.

It could be said that he derived gain from misfortune, but Sauron would not be grateful to Wang Zhong. On the contrary, the increase in his strength caused his resentment towards Wang Zhong to grow even stronger. What he desired most now was to cut this damned human into pieces with his own hands!

At that moment, when he saw that his personal enemy was in the same space as him, Sauron's eyes grew red with anger. His face even turned slightly red from excitement. He did not care about the others and simply glared at Wang Zhong. He gnashed his teeth as he said, "You little bastard, I know that you are best at sneaking off. Let's see where you can sneak off to this time!"

The excitement and brutality that seeped through Sauron's bones could be clearly felt even in the outside world. Everyone could not help but feel a chill down their spine. However, it was a pity that the current Wang Zhong was not the Wang Zhong of the past. He simply looked at Sauron calmly, as if he was observing a boring one-man show. He observed the protagonist who was blowing his own trumpet and showed no intention of joining in.

Wang Zhong did not reply. Sauron laughed coldly. "Bawar, you and I will deal with this human. You two, deal with the other one!"

Although Sauron had not personally seen the attack that Wang Zhong had unleashed in the Warrendoor Mountains, according to what he had heard from the Warlock Saints who had escaped from the battle, the power of Wang Zhong's attack had left a deep impression on them. Even though he was a limitless and perfect Semi-God, he definitely did not dare to be careless.

On his left was a Sword Saint who was wearing the clothes of the Sword Faction. He seemed rather young, and the divine sword that he carried was not ordinary. When he heard Sauron's words, he took a step forward. This was a casual action, but it brought about a powerful sense of oppression. He had the faint demeanor of a Grand Master. "I am willing to assist you."

Those who were able to come here were evidently outstanding figures among the Octopus people. Just like Wang Zhong and Solomon, they had recently made advances. This was the case for both Sauron and Bawar.

Three months ago, Bawar had invented the Devouring Sword Intention. Although it was still under the Sword Faction in name, in reality, this genius had the right to create his own sect! But even someone like this, who had seen Wang Zhong's attack, definitely did not dare to say that he would 100% be able to defeat Wang Zhong. Typically, this kind of ambitious and proud genius would choose to challenge Wang Zhong one-on-one out of pride, but this was not the time for that.

…Because they knew much more than Wang Zhong and Solomon. The war had just been to create massacres and sacrifice souls in order to draw out the Angel of Misfortune. Now, the Angel of Misfortune was hiding among the six of them. As long as they stood in this special prescribed place, someone in the distant Star Alliance would definitely see this battle through the Angel of Misfortune and watch one of them defeat everyone around them within the rules. This would prove that no matter whether it was in terms of hardware and facilities, or social stratum and strength, their civilization had achieved the standards of the civilization assessment and would pass the test. If not, they would have to wait for the next time the Angel of Misfortune descended. No matter whether it was the Octopus people or the humans, they would have to be soul slaves for another 300 years.

They definitely had to pass!

The Mizobudapi civilization had prepared for this for a very long time. Joining the Star Alliance as a level-4 civilization would result in rapid advancements for the entire civilization! They would be freed of their identity as slaves in the Fifth Dimension. That was right. Unless they were part of the Star Alliance, the civilizations in the Fifth Dimension would be seen as uncivilized slaves that could be conquered at any time.

Otherwise, if a high-leveled civilization from the Star Alliance attacked, extinguishing the Mizobudapi or the humans, civilizations that could barely make it to level-4, would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Thus, for the development of their entire civilization, the safety of their races, individuality was rubbish. They were willing to give up everything.

The auras of the other two Sword Saints were slightly weaker than Bawar, but they did not yield to their opponent. A swift and fierce force surged from their bodies as they turned to look at Solomon.

However, Solomon smiled and did not face the two Sword Saints. Instead, he took a step back. "The four of you can deal with him first. I promise that I will not interfere. You should be able to sense my sincerity."

The four Octopus people were slightly dumbfounded. Although the Angel of Misfortune might be hiding in any one of their bodies and they might eventually need to kill their own kind to emerge as the last one standing, if they had to kill, they would start by killing the alien race!

The four Octopus people had the same thoughts and assumed that the two humans would think in the same way. However, they never expected that… there was internal strife between the humans?

Sauron laughed out loud. "Interesting, interesting. He is telling the truth. There are no fluctuations in his soul!"

When faced with soul masters like Sauron, lies would not work. No matter what these two humans were planning, they were definitely doing this for their own benefit. During times like this, morals did not matter. They would first work together to get rid of their opponents. If the Angel of Misfortune was not with the two humans, they would deal with it among themselves!

Solomon smiled. He was definitely being genuine about this, and the feeling of watching this was excellent. Wang Zhong, the pawn that he did not care much about, had created some trouble for him. This would be a good outcome that would solve his problem and not incur any losses for him.

When he sensed that all four pairs of eyes were focused on him, Wang Zhong was not shaken. He simply turned to look at Solomon.

Solomon shrugged his shoulders and flashed a bright smile. "Don't blame me. You were a hindrance to me. But since we are both humans, I will not personally attack. Don't worry. After you die, I will take revenge for you."

Solomon was still the same old Solomon. This had been too harsh. Even if Wang Zhong made the same offer, it would be useless as the four Octopus people had already determined their target. To the four Octopus people, it did not matter no matter which human they got rid of first.

Solomon leaned back slightly as amusement crawled on his face. No matter what level of power he had achieved, he liked to use his intelligence to crush his opponents.

"Take revenge for him? Heh heh!" There was disdain all over Sauron's face. Although this was directed at Solomon, his gaze had never broken away from Wang Zhong. "I'll give you satisfaction in a bit!"

Sauron stretched out his hands, and the rich energy that filled the air seemed to have responded to his calling. It surged towards Sauron in excitement, as if it had come back to life. Shortly, power that was enough to destroy the heavens and decimate the earth gathered around Sauron.

Sauron knew that his technique was too slow, but after all, he was facing Wang Zhong, who had killed 13 Saints in one strike. An ordinary technique would be useless against him. It would be better to get rid of him in one strike, no matter how slow it was. After all, this was not a solo battle.

His outstretched hands continued to pull on and activate the power of the heaven and the earth. He saw that Wang Zhong had taken a step forward. He shouted in a loud voice, "Everyone, give me thirty seconds. Stop him for me!"

Even if Sauron had not said anything, the three Sword Saints would have blocked Wang Zhong. Their expressions were stern and unyielding. Their breathing was in sync. Although they had not drawn their swords, their bodies started to emit a golden light.

Sword power!

"Human, prepare to die!" Bawar, who was in the lead, shouted coldly. This was a battle between experts. A change in aura and a waver in confidence were enough to determine victory and defeat, life and death. He would demoralize his opponent with a show of strength!

With the combined power of three Sword Saints, the golden sword power was extremely sharp. Every single ray of light was like a sharp sword. Luckily, this space was unusually stable. In another world, this golden light would probably have been enough to rip through space. This was not an illusion. Even Wang Zhong instantly felt as if thousands of swords were poking him. Every single inch of his skin was in pain from the golden light. Dense, raised spots appeared on his powerful body. With Wang Zhong's current powerful body, even if ordinary Heroic Souls slashed him with their swords, there would not be any effect on him. However, the light that these three Sword Saints emitted was shockingly threatening!

This was the same sword power technique as Sword One! After all, the Nebula Sacred Sword was from the Sword Faction, and the Sword Faction had definitely passed down these techniques to them. At the very least, they had definitely mastered Sword One. However, as their understanding of the sword was different, the power that was produced was also different. Wang Zhong's sword displayed rhythm and rules, while the swords of these three Sword Saints were sharp and bright.

As expected, they were all experts.

Wang Zhong's narrowed eyes lit up. A bright light flashed.


The Nebula Sword had been unsheathed!

He had not trained in swordplay for over a month, but his moral mind was pure, and his intentions were clear. On the contrary, holding the divine sword once again gave Wang Zhong a different feeling. It was as if his connection with the Nebula Sword had grown even closer. He could clearly sense every inch of this sword. It was as if he had truly integrated with the Nebula Sword the moment he held it.

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    《Battle Frenzy》